My incredible story meeting Peter Cullen (with video).

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    Hello guys,
    My name's David and here's my incredible story of my meeting with Peter Cullen.

    I've been lurking on TFW for years. I come here almost everyday looking for new exciting toys coming up but never took the time to actually create an account because I never thought I had something interesting to add to the conversation.
    Until today.

    Peter Cullen is one of my childhood heroes and I had the incredible chance to meet him a few days ago.
    I live in France and the Transformers community ain't like what it is in the US and Canada.
    I always wanted to meet the man but started to think it he would probably never come near where I live.

    So you can only imagine how I felt when I knew he was coming to the UK for Liverpool Comic Con. This was MY chance!

    As a paper designer, I wanted to make a paper sculpture to symbolize my love for Optimus Prime and the man behind him. I wanted to give him something truly special so he would remember that day instead of beeing just one of the 100's of faces he was going to see at the Con.
    I made a paper and 23 karats gold sculpture and I think it moved him quite a bit.


    The sculpture stands about 15cm tall and took about a week to make (I finished it the day before we had to leave, didn't sleep a lot this week haha..).
    As we know, his brother Larry was a massive influence on his portrayal of Optimus so I wanted to include him in my homage piece too.
    I added 2 purples hearts and a bronze medal, which were the decorations he received as a war veteran.

    I recorded the whole process and made a YouTube video, including his reaction.
    This moment was truly special and I wanted to share that with you guys because as fans, I think you'll probably find it somewhat interesting :) 
    If you guys are interested in seeing more pics, you can check out my Insta/Facebook page : DT WORKSHOP.
    Do you have a story about meeting the man too ? I'd be really curious to hear about that.

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