my idea on transformers 4

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by jmc2915, Nov 16, 2012.

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    i know this isn't going to happen but i wanted to throw this out there.

    what if transformers 4 was an inspired by the idea of a G.I.JOE vs Transformers storyline?

    here is what i was thinking...

    1. mark wahlberg could a soldier in a daring, highly trained special mission force.
    if they don't call the special mission force g.i.joe atleast it would be the same idea.

    2. a majority of the decepticons have been destroyed and are in need of a new leader. m.a.r.s. industries was able to salvage enough parts after the events from dark of the moon, to construct a decepticon (maybe galvatron). i was think something similar to what cobra did with megatron in the marvel run when the upgraded him into the gen 2 tank.

    3. if this was to happen it would the merger that the joe/transformer fans have been looking for.

    i look forward to you thoughts and comments on this idea
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    Think you got the wrong forum, pal. ;) 

    Plus, we already have a thread discussing plot ideas.

    As for your idea, as much as I, personally, would love to see a live-action Joe/Transformers crossover, it's an idea that I think would work best not in live-action. A Joe/Bayformers comic, direct-to-video animated movie or even in the form of a G.I. Joe: Renegades/TFP crossover would work better, in my opinion.