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    Oct 17, 2005
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    For Sale
    MIB alt wheeljack (but he is lacking a head because i used it for a kitbash)
    £15 or best offer
    the second is deadend, he is in sealed boxed and in perfect condition except for one thing. when i got him one of his legs had been semi bashed, so i had to restored it to its orignal colour.
    £15 or best offer
    i also have an bta sunstreaker head, and alt silverstreak and a junko thing to sell or trade.

    anything here is either up for a direct trade or just some cash off
    g1 swoop loose
    BT Skids
    20th aniverery beast wars figures (anyone except transmetal ratrap)
    Rhinox's chaingun of doom
    PM me or e-mail me at [email protected]