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    Okay everyone here is my list of what I am selling. If interested drop me a msg. Can accept pmt thru paypal or we can do local pick up if you want to drive up to my house.

    SDCC JLU Green Lantern Origins 3 Pack
    POC Cobra Trooper
    SDCC Cobra Commander (Black Jacket)
    Captain America Crossbones
    Target Exclusive Transformers Movie Starscream G1 Repaint
    Transformers 25th G1 Starscream
    Transformers Generations Thrust
    The Batman Superman figure
    Transformers Universe Optimus Prime (Special Edition Black Box)
    SDCC Exclusive Combat Heroes Snake Eyes & Timber
    Star Wars The Fett Legacy 3 (Pack)
    The Clone Wars Pre Vizsla
    Star Wars 30th Animated Debut Boba Fett UGG Gold Edition
    Star Wars Kmart Exclusive Jodo Kast
    Star Wars 30th R. McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett UGG Gold Edition
    Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett Silver Foil
    Star Wars Revenge of the Sith General Grievous Silver Foil

    I also have sealed, but on possible hold:
    Marvel Universe Thanos
    Captain America Hydra Soldier Movie Series

    Heroes of Cybertron Starscream
    Heroes of Cybertron King Starscream
    POC Alley Viper
    25th Mutt
    POC Low Light
    Hall of Heroes Firefly
    25th Barbecue
    POC Beachhead
    POC Firefly
    25th Specialist Tracker
    25th Beachhead
    ROC Charbroil
    POC Blowtorch
    POC Cobra Viper
    12 inch Justice League Superman (Justice Lord)

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