My first fan created Robot

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    Chrome Crusher
    Primary Function:Guard
    Unit: Unreliables


    From the data tracks of Prowl: The unreliable known as Chrome Crusher from what we can garner out of this simple robot was he worked security at some dive in the Kaon district. What we do know is on a failed decepticon attack on Praxus when he was encircled and saw no chance of getting out the soldier known as Chrome Crusher Surrendered. Upon interrogations it was learned he only joined up with the decepticons when the revolt started so that he could continue to function. He didn't even understand why he had to shoot at "redheads." It was also learned that the decepticons altered his transformation from one of an armoured car to the tank we see today. Upon release he has been put into a unit with other unreliable bots till as such high command finds a place for them in other units. One odd thing noted is his defense of smaller bots when it is both warranted and unwarranted. Far too many reports of horse play involving larger robots and smaller robots have ended in the larger having to be treated by the medics.

    Weapons and abilities
    In robot mode he uses a decepticon variant scrapmaker cannon, and his left arm has a piston driven punch that has forced both autobots and decepticons to lose the ability to talk till amedic has seen them. In his vehicle mode he uses a proton cannon. As well as sporting compartments to hold various things.

    Subject is incredibly dim-witted. Which has caused battlefield confusion. It is best to give him simple directives and hope he doesn't get confused. Of course there is also the lack of trust his fellow autobots have for him knowing he was once a decepticon. Hopefully through service that obstacle can be overcome.

    So this is my first fan made bot. Unfortunatly I cannot draw so I can't draw. So if anyone feels inspired by the text and wants to draw him and submit him to the thread thats cool. But otherwise I hope you like him.