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    Starting in the new year I am going to try my fan fiction project.
    Basically a new 22 episode "season" dump every 3 months including a season finale.
    First few seasons will be a setup, as it starts on a Cybertron and its colonies pre-Autobot/Decepticon. Cybertron is divided into countries/kingdoms with their own space faring colonies.
    Cybertron is a Jupiter sized terrestrial planet orbiting a red dwarf star in a globular cluster in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
    Alpha Trion is a main character, the last remaining of the original Primes who exists behind the scenes. He manipulates both Orion Pax/Optimus Prime and Rushcut/Megatron to this end.
    Perceptor and Rhinox both work with Tarantulas under Megatron.
    Hot Rod is an explorer working with Skids.
    Bumblebee is a freedom fighter leading a group that includes Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, and Bulkhead.
    Deadlock is the primary antagonist in Season 1.
    Optimus isn't a soldier or politician, he is just a farmer who is given the Matrix by Mirage who was it's guard.

    So on and on.