My Crazy Campaign Changes

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    These are just some changes i think would have made campaign mode even more enjoyable:

    All special abilities can only be used once before needing to recharge (except for Jazz)

    Chapter 1 (Exodus) BumbleBee
    Starting with this chapter, all levels should be atleast 15 to 20 minutes long. Even though this was a tutorial level, Bee still should've had an ability. Maybe a Flash Bomb (just think of what Ratchet did at the opening of this level).

    Chapter 2 (Defend The Ark) Warpath
    I know Prime was the playable bot in this mission but i think variety is the key. Warpath's ability could have been a Homing Missle from his chest (using sniper sights) to locate & fire at far away targets. More focus would be given to Warpath maturing & leading his own squad.

    Chapter 3 (Heavy Metal War) IronHide
    IronHide's fleet was under some heavy fire when Prime came to the rescue with that gigantic gun turret. I thought it would be cool to see what was happening down on the ground before prime reached the turret. IronHide's ability could have been indestructable Chrome Armor (got this idea from TF-Animated).

    Chapter 4 (Metroplex Heads The Call) Optimus Prime
    This level would play out as usual, just alittle longer because i'd add Prime assisting IronHide with the big gun turret & then awakening Metroplex as his ability.

    Chapter 5 (Eye Of The Storm) Mirage
    Never thought this mission was suited for Cliffjumper. Plus... how cool would it have been to see a FOC design for the original Cloaker... and the execution moves would have looked badass.

    Chapter 6 (Cut & Run... i'd rename it to Hit & Run) Jazz
    Jazz being a popular style of music (is why i say Hit)... (Cut) makes me think of swords & Sideswipe. The chapter & Jazz's ability would all stay the same, the only thing i'd alter is... when you locate Sludge's parts, they'd unlock in MP (Yes, i would have made him playable in MP).

    Chapter 7 (Death From Above) Vortex
    The only thing i'd change is Vortex's ability... he'd have Whirlwind (the titan melee attack)... it just seems to fit a helicopter. The Shockwave Blast would go to Shockwave in a later level.

    Chapter 8 (Belly Of The Beast) Onslaught
    Not that i have anything against Swindle but i would have rather played with the leader of the Combaticons. Besides, Swindle's ability was a re-hash of Jazz's grappling hook. I would have given Onslaught a Tremor ability (stomping his foot and making a quake... kinda like Jax's ground punch in MK).

    Chapter 9 (Combaticons Combine) Bruticus
    You'd play the entire level as Bruticus. I'd rename Pain Wave to Ultimate Pain Wave & add a boss fight with Defensor at the end of the chapter (his appearance would only be a cameo).

    Chapter 10 (The Rebirth/Megatron Returns... yes i'd add that) Soundwave
    Again, variety is the key. I'd make Soundwave playable not Megatron through the entire chapter with him retrieving Meg's body parts from Autobot HQ & rebuilding him at the end of the level. I wouldn't change Soundwaves ability.

    Chapter 11 (The Final Countdown) Megatron
    I'd add all the coronation play & cutscenes to the early parts of this level. Meg's would retain his Hover Slam ability & Megatron's Arcade would now unlock Galvatron in MP (choosing the toys in the arcade machine in a certain order).

    Chapter 12 (Flashback/Divided We Fall) Shockwave
    This is me adding a new chapter. This level would show the Dinobots being captured by Shockwave & various other decepticons... Thundercracker, Skywarp & the Stunticons (all shown mostly during cutscene's). Shockwave would have the Shockwave Blast as his ability as i stated before.

    Chapter 13 (Starscream's Revenge) Starscream
    I'd have Slipstream playable at the beginning of Screams level instead of some random bot. Starscream's ability would be the Nullifier (a homage to his null ray from the G1 series... now it's a radius blast that stuns enemies).

    Chapter 14 (Grimlock Smash) Grimlock
    Wouldn't change a thing.

    Chapter 15 (Till All Are One) You'd choose faction
    AUTOBOTS: Jetfire, Jazz, IronHide & Optimus Prime
    Jazz & Jetfire would function normally, i'd change nothing with these two. Prime would fight Meg's with his axe & Stan Bush - The Touch playing in the background. IronHide would have a boss battle with Soundwave aboard The Ark & the ending credits would now play Stan Bush - Dare.
    (Ending: BumbleBee leaps in front of Prime & is killed by Megatron firing his enormous weapon. The Ark spins out of control along with the Nemesis attached & everything goes black... the next scene, were looking through a very fuzzy Teletran 1 spyglass of Autobot/Decepticon wreckage, when the computer launches a flying drone that repeats the word REPAIR, REPAIR!!!

    DECEPTICONS: Soundwave, Bruticus, Sunstorm & Megatron
    Soundwave & Bruticus roles would be the same... i'd change nothing. Sunstorm would have an epic space battle with Jetfire (resulting in Jetfire loosing control & going through the portal ahead of The Nemesis & Ark... crashing in the artic on earth). Meg's would fight Prime with his mace & Starscream would be shown sabotaging The Nemesis.
    (Ending: BumbleBee leaps on Megatron, Meg's subdue's him & uses this distraction to fire on & fatally wound Optimus Prime (whole scene & audio lifted from the '86 movie). It's over Prime... The Ark spins out of control, Optimus manages to punch Meg's off the ship with him crashing aboard The Nemesis. As Prime dies, an injured Megatron rallies his troops in speech with the fall of the last Prime as both ships go through the portal.

    Beating the game with the Autobots unlocks: Prime's G1 Blaster (All modes), Wheeljack / Sideswipe / Hound (MP parts, as seen through Teletran's spyglass during Autobot ending... there wreckage) & 20, 000 energon shards.

    Beating the game with the Decepticons unlocks: Megatron's G1 Blaster (All modes... no longer DLC), Motor Master / Ramjet / Wildrider (MP parts, these guys can be seen during Megatron's fall of the last Prime speech during the Decepticon ending) & 20, 000 energon shards.
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    Sounds cool! The only things in it I would change is keep the last level the same, except for the last boss fight. It would be better if it was like you were fighting a Titan with double the health and no drones, but a different weapon for the boss. Also, the shockwave level seems like its out of place. Maybe it should have been the tutorial?