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    Hello fellow Transformers Fans! As of recently I have decided to sell the majority of my collection in hopes to raise some fund for my next college bill. In 3 weeks time I will be able to sell the majority of my collection, however right now I do have a few on hand. For the transformers that I will be selling soon, go Here.

    So for now, here are the transformers that I'm selling. These prices are negotiable and also do not include shipping and handling (After all going from NYS, where I am, to PA is a lot lot cheaper than NYS to Hawaii.) When I do find out that cost, I will let you know. As far as payment goes, Paypal works as well as checks through the mail or other means.

    That being said, here are the transformers I have to offer! Note: If you DO want the instructions for these guys, you'll have to wait until I go home then. All my instruction booklets are at home.

    Also, these are all out-of-box. All of the ones I'm putting up here are undamaged and in perfect condition.
    Deluxes - Generations, ROTF, HFTD

    Generations Drift - $5 - SOLD
    Generations Cybertronian Bumblebee - $5 - SOLD
    Generations Optimus Prime - $5 - SOLD
    ROTF Sideswipe - $5 - SOLD
    ROTF Sideways - $5 - SOLD
    HFTD Battle Blade Bumblebee - $5 - SOLD
    HFTD Ironhide - $5
    ROTF Lockedown - $5 - SALE PENDING
    ROTF Ratchet - $5
    ROTF Skids/Mudflap - $5 - SOLD
    ROTF Arcee - $5 - SOLD

    Human Alliance - ROTF/HFTD

    Human Alliance Skids- $20
    Human Alliance Barricade- $20 - SOLD
    Note: Barricade has been given a Hip Joint Mod and Waist Mod for better articulation as well as stability.
    Human Alliance Jazz- $20 - SOLD? Still waiting on the guy who wanted it to reply
    Human Alliance Sideswipe- $20 - SOLD
    Note: Sideswipe has been given a Backpack Mod for better stability/Aesthetics.
    Human Alliance Bumblebee- $20

    Beast Wars Figures:

    Cheetor - I think this was a re-issue. Perfect condition.
    Dinobot - Same as Cheetor
    Rhinox - same as Cheetor and Dinobot. Dunno if it's original or a re-release.
    Waspinator - Same as above.
    B'Boom - Perfect Condition.
    Magnaboss - I have all 3 parts, all in perfect Condition. Sword has all its parts as well. - SOLD
    Transquito - Perfect Condition. LOVE this mold too.
    Retrax - Odd odd odd mold. Perfect condition
    Inferno - Missing his head, so probably not gonna sell him at all. Loved him though :< Hope I can find said head though.
    Tripredacus - All 3 figures are in perfect condition. He may be missing a wing for the gun though... Can't recall.

    Transmetal Figures:

    Cheetor - Pretty much near-perfect condition. No flaking or anything.
    Rhinox(?) - I don't think this is the original Transmetal. He' Perfect Condition, but really odd.
    Primal - He has everything, including the odd blaster....thing. If I recall correctly he's got some shiney paint flaking issues.
    Rattrap - Has everything, but suffers from the flaking massively. I may not put him up due to that.
    Rampage - Perfect condition. Hardly touched the guy due to his stupid treads.
    Megatron - Snapped in half at the torso. Happened recently. Not selling unless I can fix that.
    Terrasaur - Good condition. Can't remember if he has flaking or not.
    Airrazor - Perfect Condition.
    Waspinator - Perfect Condition, surprisingly. Loved him the most as a kid.
    Depth Charge - Good condition.... but missing his tail. I still wonder where the heck that thing went...
    Scavenger - AWESOME mold. Also good condition. Legs fell off a lot, but I think he has them all.
    Optimal Optimus - Batteries are dead, but other than that perfect condition. Still have all his missiles and everything. I REALLY hope to sell this dude off at a decent price. Cost an arm and a leg after all...


    Air Hammer - Perfect Condition
    Bantor - Perfect Condition
    QuickStrike - Perfect Condition
    Silverbolt - Perfect Condition
    Noctorro - Perfect Condition
    Torca - Perfect Condition (And creepy)
    Buzzclaw - Perfect Condition ( Also my favorite Fuzor)
    Terragator - Perfect Condition, annoying shell and all.
    Injector - Creepy and in perfect condition

    Transmetal IIs:

    NightGlider - Perfect condition
    Optimus Minor - Perfect Condition (Also perfectly odd)
    Sonar - Perfect Condition
    Stinkbomb - Awesome alt-form and also perfect condition
    Cheetor - Perfect Condition (Hated this mold)
    Dinobot2 - Good Condition. I think he had some paint flakes. Other than that, awesome condition - SOLD
    Jawbreaker - Awesome mold and in perfect condition
    Prowl - Perfect Condition. Hated this one...
    Ramulus - Perfect Condition. Awesome alt, evil mold.
    BlackArachnia - Perfect Condition. - SOLD
    CyberShark - Perfect Condition. Panelly hateful though.
    Cybershark(AGAIN) - This one is in an unopened box. I doubt it'd sell well though still due to being a very dusty box and also being a very stupid mold, but hey. Still gotta try.
    Tigerhawk - Favorite TMII ever. Purely awesome mold. It's in perfect condition with all its missiles and weapons and the like. Hoping to sell this one at a decent price.
    Scarem - Awesome pun. Also great condition.
    Spittor - Awesome mold. Also perfect condition. Tongue falls off a lot, but that's due to mold issues.
    Iguanus - I have the complete frill for this one. It falls off a lot due to mold issues though..... Other than that, perfect condition.
    Scourge - Odd and in perfect condition. Liked him though.
    Megatron - Dragon formed dude in his glory. He's in pretty good shape too... I lost one of his missiles though. The other thing is he does have a cracked wing - it's not broken off or anything, so it is easily repairable. I hope to sell him off at a decent price too.

    Icebird - perfect condition - Sale Pending
    Poison Bite - Perfect condition. Also my favorite of the four. - Sale Pending
    Razor Claw - Perfect Condition - Sale Pending
    Soundwave - Perfect Conditon. Also very un-Soundwave like. - Sale Pending

    Beast Machines (UGH):
    Optimus Primal - First mold of this guy, the very blue transparent one. Perfect Condition due to hate.
    Mirage - Perfect Condition
    Obsidian - Love the character, hate the toy. Perfect Condition (He should've been in animated :<)
    Scavenger - Perfect Condition
    Snarl - Original mold. Awesome too. Perfect Condition
    Tank Drone - Perfect Condition.

    Robots in Disguise:
    Rapid Run - Only train dude I have and I wish I had all three. However I'd prefer selling him than buy 2 more. Perfect Condition for anyone needing him.


    Voyager Starscream <- suffers a manufacture defect. Hand pops off easily. Can be fixed though.
    Voyager Lugnut
    Voyager Cybertronian Megatron
    Voyager Soundwave
    Voyager Blitzwing
    Deluxe BlackArachnia
    Deluxe Lockedown <- minor damage to one wrist due to pushing it out too far once. It's still attached and functional, but it does have a fracture.
    Deluxe Ratchet <- one of the originals. Lockedown's engine doesn't fit well due to this.
    Deluxe Blurr
    Deluxe Sentinel Prime/Minor
    Deluxe Soundwave
    Deluxe OilSlick <- original mold and colors.
    Samurai Prowl

    Edit: BWs and TFA list is now up. Price depends on which toys that you want. I'll take pictures per request - more practical with the time I have free right now :< I have more ROTF toys too but I need to sort through them to give you a list on them. I pretty much have like... every deluxe and most voyagers XD
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    Bump for the day
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    Let me know if you still have Human Alliance Skids, Jazz, and Barricade. I am ready to buy
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    Hello all! This is a news update for my impending sale of my collection.

    First and foremost I am currently at my home, with the collection I didn't bring to college (Including instruction manuals). That said, starting this week I will contact those interested in buying portions of my collection and send out their respective toys this week. Expect PMs about monday night for mailing information and to discuss payments (Via Paypal).

    Second of all, the rest of my collection will be up for sale in a few more weeks. Unfortunately school decided to land me three major projects this week, the same week I can start sending boxes out as well as pick up Halo Reach. Busy busy week.

    In summary, my main goal for this upcoming week is to take care of those who have been patiently waiting for the last couple of weeks. After I take care of school and gain a few minutes to breathe, I'll put up the rest of the toys for sale. I do thank you all for your interest in my collection and I do also apologize for these long gaps of waiting. Turns out your last year of college is as busy as its made out to be on paper.
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    Dang, these are some crazy deals...
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    Probably most likely due to me being a.) new to selling online. and b.) I really just want to get rid of them.

    Update: School decided to make every project ever due this week, so I've had no free time to work on sorting my toys and updating the list. However, the first post has now been updated with all my BWs and TFAs that are available now. Send me PMs about which ones you're interested in. Pricing's going to be based off which ones you want and shipping of course.
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    im interested in buying some toys, but i need shipping costs to Tijuana