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    They're bios for my versions of characters in the Armada/Energon/Cybertron universe. I plan on doing a fan fic at some point too.

    NAME: Optimus Prime
    FUNCTION: Supreme Commander of the Cybertronian Army
    "Some decisions aren't popular, but they have to be made."
    One of the oldest Primes in recorded history, Optimus Prime strives to be a role model for the citizens of Cybertron, as well as a strong, authoritarian figure to the soldiers that look up to him. Some of his troops look down upon him for his short temper, and his reluctance to back down from a fight. Most speculate that the only reason the High Council hasn't removed him from the mantle of Prime, is because despite his brash, impulsive nature, Optimus is quite possibly the most ferocious warrior Cybertron has ever seen.
    In alternate mode, subject is a six-wheeled Cybertronian combat vehicle, also capable of extending wings for a short range flight mode. Subject also has access to short range flight in robot mode. In both robot and vehicle mode, subject has access to to two main weapons systems. On his right side, subject has missile launchers of unknown specifications. On his left side, subject has high intensity laser weapon. In robot mode, both weapons can be stored on subject's back, and flipped down to become hand held at any time. In robot mode, subject has two missile launchers of unknown specifications mounted on the outside of each leg.
    Subject is extremely over confident. Subject tends to leave himself open to attack from blindsides.

    NAME: Magnus/Ultra Magnus
    FUNCTION: Infantry Commander
    "The wars we rage on the outside, pale to the ones that can be raged on the inside."
    Seemingly Optimus Prime's "left hand man", Magnus is actually one of his most outspoken opposers. Magnus believes that Optimus' actions being unaccounted for is completely unacceptable, and he won't hesitate to tell you. Very outspoken, and also very torn most of the time. Magnus has extremely low self-esteem, and tends to question his own motives, and weather or not what he does or thinks is correct. All of this leads to an individual that has a very easily over powered personality. Is he disagrees with something someone says, he may protest momentarily, but if the other individual persists, he'll tend to simply back out of the conversation all together.
    As the subject was promoted to status of "Infantry Commander", he was given a major upgrade. Now, whenever he heads to battle, instead of transforming to robot mode, subject transforms in to the head of a much larger mech he controls. Whenever in this mode, subject dubs himself "Ultra Magnus", taking a crack at the name upgrade you get when you become Prime.

    In regular "Magnus" mode, subject has no special abilities. However as Ultra Magnus, subject gains incredible boost in strength, becoming the second strongest Cybertronian on the planet.
    Because of subject's vulnerability, he could easily be taken out by about any one above average strength (for a Cybertronian) or anyone that's a good aim with a blaster. However, in Ultra Magnus mode, subject is a far more formidable opponent. Subject's only possible weakness is a concussion or blast strong enough to disconnect the head from the rest of the body, causing the body to be disabled, and causing the probable death of subject.

    NAME: Omega/Omega Supreme
    FUNCTION: Field Commander
    "Following orders is your first priority as a solider. If you survive your orders, then you may be permitted to ask questions."
    Omega is commonly known throughout the ranks as Optimus Prime's lap dog. An authoritatian, no non-sense political force to be reckoned with. Rumors abound that Omega's has his hands in all kinds of dirt, some would go so far to say that he tries to pull Prime and the High Councel's strings; others would even say that he has a hand in drug importing and exporting, as well as giving intergalactic criminals hiding spots on Cybertron, all for the right price of course.
    Like Magnus, subject was given a monstrous upgrade when he was promoted to Field Commander. While not in battle, subject has a simple robot mode; bus as soon as battle begins, subject can transform in to a head and link to a giant mechanized body. Subject calls this mode "Omega Supreme". The behemoth is a fearsome machine, truly a force to be reckoned with. Nearly twice as strong as Ultra Magnus, and at least a head taller, "Omega Supreme" has numerous weapons in battle.

    The first of these weapons are small group of laser guns on his left shoulder. Each gun is an extremely large, incredibly intense laser that very well could destroy a whole city. His second group of weapons are a group of missiles stored in the subject's left hand. Other lasers are mounted on other parts of subject's body. Other notable weapon is subject's ability to extend subject's claw-like right hand.
    Subject is incredibly slow moving, making him an easy target. Like, Ultra Magnus, a good blow to the subject's head could leave him temporarily disabled or dead. Subject can also run out of energy quicker than most.

    NAME: Rodimus
    FUNCTION: Second in Command
    "'Having fun' or 'going fast' should be my primary function!"
    Rodimus is known for his jovial nature. Generally light hearted and kind, Rodimus is a breath of fresh air to the normally thick skinned Cybertronian army. Rodimus genuinely cares about what's right and good in the world. Known as one of the fastest being on Cybertron, Rodimus has a special chip set installed in to his main processing unit that would allow him to over-clock his reflex preceptors. Rodimus has already been named heir to the title of Prime, much to his fellow commander Omega's dismay.
    Subject has a special, light-weight hide, allowing for maximum speed in either mode. Subject carries standard Cybertronian blaster pistol.
    Due to subject's lighter than average Cybertronian steel skin, subject is more susceptible to wounds or breakage of joints than most. Subject suffers from mild paranoia, which is believe to be a side-effect of subject's special circuitry modifications.

    NAME: Jetfire
    FUNCTION: Aerial Commander
    "The skies are what my spark call paradise."
    Jetfire is known as a daydreamer and unusually absent-minded. Often known to simply sit a top buildings and simply gaze in to the distance, as if he were looking for something. However, when duty calls, Jetfire can be a no non-sense bad ass. Known for trying to knock troops out of the skies when they don't follow his orders to the "T".
    In alternate mode, subject can carry an average of 16 civilians inside his cargo bay. Subject carries standard blaster rifle in robot mode. In alternate mode, subject can drop high-intensity "bang bombs" that temporarily short out all targets' senses within a 5 mile radius.
    Subject is not very fast, and because of this, can be easily targeted. On rare occasions, subject may even be caught off guard during a battle.

    TEAM VANGUARD - An elite Cybertronian special ops force. Lead by Tracks, the trio is only awakened from stasis lock when their service is needed. It has been said that the Vanguard Team has been around since the beginning of time, answering only to the Cybertronian High Council.

    NAME: Tracks
    FUNCTION: Vanguard Team Leader; Civillian Protection
    "I fear that one day, I shall not be able to protect the innocent."
    Tracks is an ancient Cybertronian, a part of the legendary Vanguard Team. Tracks feels the need to protect all innocent life. He feels that no form of life, no matter how big or small, should be willingly sacrificed. Tracks has a great love of organic environments, and wishes that one day, maybe he could be some sort of organic creature. He has always longed to have an alternate mode capable of flight, but through all his many upgrades over the years, he has never came close.
    Subject has access to over 85 individual missiles in robot mode. In APC mode, subject can safely carry up to twenty civilian Cybertronians in his back storage area. Unlike most Cybertronians with alternate modes, subject has no regular passenger space. Subject has two machine guns mounted by each side of subject's head. Subject is deceivingly fast for his size. Subject is also around three to four times stronger than average military Cybertronian.
    Often times subject feels disconnected from the world, because of how often subject is put in to stasis lock. Outside of that, subject has no known weaknesses.

    NAME: Scattorshot
    FUNCTION: Heavy Ordnance
    "I wish I could live a regular life."
    Scattorshot is one of the most neurotic Cybertronians you'll find. He's constantly suspicious of everyone's actions around him. Scattorshot is secretly very afraid of going back in to stasis lock after he is summoned. He's tossed around the idea of escaping during one of Team Vanguard's missions and hopping to another planet in the galaxy. He constantly wishes to be downgraded to the size of a regular Cybertronian.
    Subject has two large missile pods attached to his shoulders, which can slide down and manually aimed. Subject also has a group of missiles in each shin.
    Subject constantly questions orders. Subject does not have state of the art missile guidance systems, so shots fired by subject are often times off by a great distance.

    NAME: Marauder
    FUNCTION: Warfare
    "I exist to destroy."
    Marauder is the most violent, sadistic Cybertronian to ever exist. Period. He has often been physically subdued by his fellow Vanguards for stepping over his mission boundaries. Marauder despises organic life, but even finds his own mechanical existence to be 'unnatural'. Doesn't necessarily want to rule or have power, just wishes to gain more physical strength and firepower. Loves to torment and psychologically mess with others minds.
    Subject has laser cannon on right shoulder that must be re-powered after every shot. Subject is much stronger than average. Subject has retractable energon blade on left arm.
    Subject has no obvious weaknesses.