Minor/Repaint: My $20 Arm Solution 4 FP's Diesel 2 An M3 Complete Figure

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    I didn't fancy paying $300 for the FP's Stunticons when the Diesel figure is so close to being a complete combiner on it's own, I'm also not very impressed with how the other figures are incorporated into the combiner. I found these Transformguns at Sirtoys for £8 each and initialy just bought one as I liked the novelty of a 1/6 minigun turning into a robot and was just going to add it to my 1/6 collection. When I ordered Diesel I pondered the idea of making the Transformgun an arm for him and it progressed from there, doing slight mods to the cheap figure only but still allowing it to complete all its alt modes. The pics are are sort of a WIP in reverse, I'll probably replace the black elastic bands with something more aesthetically pleasing and might even get around to painting the gun/arm parts. In his bio, Diesel becomes an arms dealer so it makes sense to me that he'd have even more guns rather than vehicles plus there's always the cheesy pun that an arms dealer has "arms" for arms! Sorry couldn't resist! :wink: 

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