Customs: Mushroom pegs on tlk Bee keep popping off?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by stephenotes88, Dec 7, 2019.

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    Aug 23, 2017
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    Just bought a TLK Bumblebee (the one from the studio series 2 pack with a VW bee) and the forearms keep popping off everytime I rotate them in the slightest manner. They attach via mushroom pegs. The gun arm actually stays in place with no problem.
    20191207_191818.jpg 20191207_191752.jpg
    I also notice that on both shoulders, there's a stress mark that's formed. I'm pretty sure that has something to do with the mushroom pegs not clicking into place.

    Should I put a small dab of superglue on the inside "ridges" of the shoulder where the mushroom pegs are supposed to click into place or should I file down the mushroom peg? I'm not really sure what the problem is since the mushroom pegs on the gun arm look exactly the same as the forearms.