multiple Universe PREDACON Bruticus 26.99 shipped

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    Don't get too excited before you remember that this is the Cybertron Scourge repaint. (I put PREDACON in capitals to try to stave off anyone thinking I was talking about the Combiner.) Now that that's out of the way:

    link to Predacon Bruticus

    As I understand it, these never reached store shelves in a large portion of the U.S. Now someone in California is selling a bunch ("more than 10 available") for $23.99 Buy It Now + $3.00 Priority Mail shipping.

    I ordered one a few days ago when they had it for about 7% off ($22.24) with free shipping, and decided to wait until it arrived to post this. Since then, the price has gone up a bit. (Sorry, but I wanted to make sure it got here in one piece before recommending it.)


    • It is bilingual packaging, which does not match the picture in the listing.
    • It was packed in a large plastic mailer (instead of a box) with bubble wrap, and the packaging got a bit smushed. (It was still MISB, but the B itself was nothing resembling M.)
    • The toy itself is ugly as sin, to homage RID Bruticus.

    But it makes an interesting contrast to the eye-pleasing decos of Scourge and Cryo Scourge, and none of the three versions is a straight "palette swap" -- all of them have different detailing highlights (although most of the detail on Pred. Bruticus is confined to the robot head).