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    While this fiction fits in the same timeline as my other Multi-Versal stories, I felt it could work as a stand-alone storyline.

    The other Multi-Versal stories can be found here:

    EDIT: Character models can be found here:

    Multi-Versal: Transformers Animated

    Episode 1: Driven to Destruction

    Location: An asteroid in the Delta Quadrant.

    “No…No…NO! Please, don’t leave me!” The purple and black Starscream clone shrieked to his companion.

    Another clone, whose armor was various shades of blue, didn’t even glance back at him. “You are an inferior template! There is no way I’m going to waste my precious time helping you!” he spat back to his sniveling fellow clone.

    “But I’m still in these stasis cuffs! I’ll be trapped here forever! I’ll run out of Energon! I’ll be captured by pirates! I’ll get cosmic rust!”

    “You’re in a vacuum.” The blue plane ‘Con slowly said, not even bothering to look back at him.

    The purple and black clone processed this for a moment before realizing the other clone was flying off into space. “No, PLEASE! DON’T LEAVE MEEEEEEE-”. The clone’s cry of dismay was cut short by a field of blue energy that surrounded him, engulfing him the field grew stronger and stronger-

    Until he disappeared completely-

    The purple clone suddenly reappeared in front of his blue brother. Both clones looked at each other in surprise, and the purple clone could see something strange about the blue Starscream

    “Uh... why is there a huge scrape on your face?” he asked.

    “IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!” the blue clone screamed, sending pure fear into the coward’s optics, forcing him to shrink back. “Hey, how did you move with the stasis cuffs still on?” the blue clone continued. Simultaneously, their eyes lowered to the stasis cuffs and saw that they were deactivated. “How...convenient, you can teleport and deactivate stasis cuffs... perhaps I have a use for you after all, but you’re going to need a name.” The clone thought a moment, scratching his chin as he did so. “My superior intellect has come up with a perfect name; Skywarp.”

    The purple clone didn’t dare defy the other, so he nodded, agreeing to the new name.

    “Good. Now transform, Skywarp.” The blue clone commanded as both clones changed into their vehicle modes and flew off into the depths of space.

    “I-I-if you don’t mind me asking, master, where are we going?” Skywarp asked nervously.

    “I’m picking up a signal from some Allspark fragments,” the blue clone replied. That was all he needed to say.


    Location: Earth.
    Detroit, Michigan
    Cybertronian ship Omnibot

    “Any luck?” Over-Drive asked. The tall, green and black Autobot with a sports car alternate mode looked over at his companion who just shook her head, not turning her gaze from the computer screen.

    “These new signal dampeners are much more intricate than the old ones,” Glyph said. She was an Autobot of the same protoform mold as Bumblebee, but in blue and gold hues. Her optics turned toward Isaac Sumdac. “No offense...” she added.

    “None taken,” green-labcoat-clad man replied.

    “How ‘bout you?” Over-Drive asked, turning to Legatron.

    “Nothing new on the media,” the small human sized, green and black, robot replied.

    Over-Drive sighed. He turned back to look at Isaac and Glyph. The old robotics genius and the blue female Autobot were hard at work, trying to upgrade the signal damper override device.

    “Got something!” Legatron exclaimed.

    Over-Drive stared at the display screen. It showed security camera footage of an oddly colored Harrier jet...

    “It’s a Starscream clone!” Legatron exclaimed, he paused the video, studying it closely. “I think it’s the female. Hard to tell, the color quality isn’t the greatest.”

    Over-Drive’s right optic raised, ina gesture that was the equivalent to cocking an eyebrow. “A female clone? I thought the clones were parts of Starscream’s personality. What part-”

    “Don’t ask,” Legatron interrupted.

    Over-Drive shrugged. “Where’s the video from?”

    Legatron scrolled down the page. “Downtown, by the arcade.”

    Over-Drive turned from the screen and started heading for the door. Before he reached it, he transformed into his green and black sports car mode.

    “You’re gonna go by yourself?!” Legatron shouted after him.

    “I think I can handle a single Starscream clone!” Over-Drive hollered back.

    “Wait! I want in on this action!” Legatron ran after him and jumped into the driver’s seat. “Alright, let’s get the show on the road!”


    Location: Downtown Detroit

    “Slag, where is she?” Legatron kept surveying the area, but there was no sign of the Starscream clone.

    Up ahead, a black and red muscle car ran a red light, nearly causing a collision between the oncoming traffic.

    “It’s Wildrider!” Over-Drive shouted before taking off after the ‘Con.

    The two robots started to catch up with him, until the ‘Con made a hard right turn. Almost losing control as he went around the corner, Over-Drive ended up losing speed. He struggled to accelerate enough to catch up to Wildrider, but lost him in a grove of trees just outside city limits. Slowing down, he inched along the path until he finally stopped at a fork in the road. Legatron hopped out to let Over-Drive transform.

    “There’ tire tracks...” Legatron observed. “Which means he didn’t keep driving…?” Out of nowhere, Wildrider- appeared in robot mode and slammed into Over-Drive.

    The Autobot recovered quickly, extending his arm-blades to block Wildrider’s Katana-like sword.

    Legatron heard footsteps and whirled to face the newcomer. A yellow and purple-striped robot, holding a yellow and orange laser sword in one hand, and a black blaster in the other; Dragstrip.

    Small, green and black handles shot out of each of Legatron’s palms. The ends of the handles split open, light blue laser blades activating as he caught them. Before he could attack Dragstrip, he saw two more robots appear. A blocky, white and black robot with a round head, whom he recognized as the Decepticon Circuit Board, and the female Starscream clone.

    “Excellent work, Wildrider. They fell right into our little trap,” Circuit Board spat.

    The black and red mouth-plated Decepticon backed off, leaving Over-Drive and Legatron surrounded by the four Decepticons. Legatron crouched down, then in a flash, activated his jetpack and half jumped, half flew into Dragstrip’s face, sinking his swords deep into the Decepticon’s optics. All the other bots looked in surprise as Legatron jumped off Dragstrip.

    “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!!!!!!” Dragstrip screamed out in pain, starting to wildly fire his blaster at Legatron...which was essentially useless, since he couldn’t see. All the gathered robots had to dodge his frenzied attacks.

    “Dragstrip, stop! STOP!” At Circuit board’s command, Dragstrip ceased firing and turned toward circuit Board’s general direction. All the robots stood in silence for a moment.

    Before erupting into chaotic attacks.

    Over-Drive resumed his struggle with Wildrider, while Legatron did another “power-jump”, this time directed towards the female Starscream clone. Fortunately, the lavender clone didn’t see him flying at her through the air.

    Unfortunately, Circuit Board did.

    “Slipstream! Duck!” he shouted. She did- and just in time. Legatron went sailing over her, luckily managing to stick the landing, and spun to face the Decepticons.

    “‘Slipstream? How did you come up with that name?” He laughed.

    Circuit Board grinned, “She has a natural, built in signal dampener, so if you manage to crack the code for the ones we have, we’ll still have at least one operative who will remain undetectable,”

    Legatron rolled his optics. “I’m gonna go out on a limb here,” the small green robot chided, “She’ll slip through our defenses, hence the name?”

    Circuit Board nodded in assurance.

    Legatron opened his mouth to say something else, but instead did yet another “power-jump” onto the black and white Decepticon.


    Glyph was still hard at work on the signal override device when she heard a car drive up behind her. She turned her head to see a very beat-up Over-Drive. Legatron hopped out his driver door, completely unscratched.

    “What happened to you?” Glyph asked as Over-Drive transformed.

    “We fought four Decepticons and won and it was AWESOME!!!” Legatron half shouted. Everyone stared at him in a ‘what-the-slag-was-that?’ kind of way. “What?” he asked innocently, glancing around.

    Over-Drive rolled his optics. “How’s the device coming?”

    “It’s coming along just fine,” Isaac replied. “However, we can’t seem to get a good scan of the area to know if it’s working.”

    “Well, doesn’t this ship have a signal dampener of its own?” Legatron asked. “That could be what’s interfering with the signal.”

    “No, that can’t be it,” Over-Drive said, shaking his head. “The ship’s signal dampener is for external scanners. You’d be able to track signals from outside-” He abruptly stopped, realizing that the others had gone outside.

    He walked out and found them trying to get a signal. As soon as they had stepped out of the ship’s signal dampener field, the override device sprang to life. Legatron smiled at Over-Drive.

    Over-Drive sighed. “Fine, ya told me so.”

    “What the...” Glyph didn’t finish her sentence; instead she studied the scanner more closely.

    “What is it?” Isaac asked.

    Glyph pointed to the screen. “I have three signals here...”

    “The Stuntrons,” Legatron stated, keeping in mind that Slipstream wouldn’t be detectable.

    Glyph nodded. “But that doesn’t explain the five signals I’m getting over here.” She finished, pointing at another part of the screen.


    Location: Lower atmosphere of Earth.

    Swindle watched the readouts on the escape pod he stole from the Autobot ship Steelhaven. His “bodyguards”; Thrust and Dirge, were flying alongside the pod, as well as Skywarp and a blue clone, who had found them during their voyage to Earth. Swindle gladly let them tag along.

    The olive green and purple robot had set out for Earth as soon as he heard that the Autobots had left. He had been even more excited when he heard that some of his regular customers, the Stuntrons, had arrived on the planet. Being the bot he is, he planned to help them beat the Autobots that had followed them to Earth and collect a large “reward” for it. Secretly, the only reason he had let the two new clones tag along was because he though it increased his chance of success.

    Swindle smiled to himself as the human city known as Detroit came into view. This was going to be a most profitable mission indeed.


    Location: Cybertron.
    Cyberninja Dojo (or what’s left of it...)

    Jazz and Ratchet watched as the reconstruction of the Dojo continued. The plans were to completely restore it, and add a new feature: A statue of Prowl.

    “‘Seems like just yesterday I was training’ in this thing...” Jazz trailed off.

    “I bet you have a lot of memories here.” Ratchet stated.

    “Yeah...” Jazz replied. Suddenly a large clang rang out.

    “Watch it, Dai Atlas! You have to be a little more careful if you wanna continue working on this project!” A small, orange Autobot yelled.

    “Well, sorr-REE. I can’t help it if these beams are hard to lug around,” Dai Atlas complained.

    Ratchet laughed. “Can’t find decent help these days, can ya, Wedge?” he half-yelled.

    “Well, it’d help if I could find a few more construction workers!” the orange and gray robot shouted back before turning to face his colleagues. “Grindcore, you’re 10 degrees off with that beam! Hightower, you need a 20 mega-bit welding torch for that, not a 30! Heavy Load...” he looked around. “Heavy Load?” He continued scanning until he finally saw the bot, lounging against a discarded I-beam. “Heavy Load! Break’s over! Get back to work!”

    Jazz chuckled to himself. “It certainly seems like he can get the job done.”

    “If there’s one thing Wedge knows, it’s building,” Ratchet replied. Suddenly his commlink flared to life.

    “Ratchet, come in!” Optimus Prime said hurriedly.

    “I’m here, Prime. What’s up?”

    “Get to the Space Bridge Network, now! We have to get to Earth!” Prime shouted into the comlink.

    “Earth? Wh-” Ratchet asked

    “There’s Autobots there that need our help! HURRY!”

    The signal went dead, and Ratchet just stood there for a moment.

    “What?” Jazz asked, staring at the unmoving medic.

    “Did you want to go back to Earth?” Ratchet inquired.

    Jazz thought for a moment, “Sounds cool to me.” He said, giving two thumbs up.

    Ratchet sighed, “COOOOOME on,” the old bot said as he turned to leave.

    “Wait, NOW?” Jazz shouted after him, but the old bot had already turned into his ambulance mode and started to drive off. “Well, at least wait for me!” He hollered, transforming into his sports car mode and taking off at full speed after Ratchet.


    Over-Drive hid behind a large semi. The truck nicely blocking anything the attacking Decepticons had to throw at him-

    Except for lasers.

    Laser blasts suddenly tore through the trailer of the truck and out the other side. Over-Drive quickly transformed into car mode and drove off at top speed. He could hear the Starscream clones transforming and flying after him. He thought he could out drive them, until he was struck by a sonic boom. The sound scrambled his circuits, causing him to lose control. He spun out and crashed into a street light.

    The blue clone flew by first, looking down at the wrecked Autobot.

    “So, my specialty is sonic booms. I guess I should call myself Thundercracker,” the egotistical clone laughed. By then the other clones had caught up and transformed back into their robot modes. On the ground, Over-Drive was still regaining composure when his com-link flared to life.

    “Over-Drive, do you read me?” the com-link blared.

    “LooUd aNd CLeaAr...” Over-drive half mumbled, half whispered, slowly regaining his composure.

    “Wrong sports car...” he heard Legatron mumble over his commlink. Over-Drive didn’t understand the “joke”.

    “The Autobots from Cybertron are responding!” Glyph said enthusiastically. “They’re coming as soon as they can! We have to fire up the Space Bridge!”

    “Got it, be right there,” Over-Drive replied, looking over at the Starscream clones who were arguing about who should get to finish him off.

    “I am superior! I should!”

    “I never get to do anything!”

    “I want more guns!”

    “You’re an idiot, Dirge.”

    “Guys, he’s staring at me!”

    Over-Drive took advantage of their infighting and broke through their defensive line at full speed.

    “Hey! What-?” One of the clones shouted.

    “ARGH! MY SUPERIOR FOOT!” Thundercracker roared as his foot crumpled under the Autobot’s tires.

    “Why do the Autobots always get to go so fast? It’s not fair!” a maroon colored clone whined, ignoring his fellow blue clone’s pain.

    “He almost ran me over! I...think I’m gonna...spring an oil leak...” Skywarp cried, passing out and falling onto the blue and yellow clone’s arms.

    “I WANT MORE GUNS!” Dirge barked, dropping the cowardly clone to the hard asphalt street.

    Flying through Detroit’s roadways Over-Drive soon realized he was being tailed. He made a hard right, followed by a hard left. The vehicles were still bearing down on him, forcing him to sharply turn and spin around, coming bumper to bumper with Dragstrip and Wildrider. The two Stuntrons swerved to avoid hitting him, allowing Over-Drive to race off at full speed, passing in-between them.


    “Oh, dear, where is he?” Isaac mumbled to himself. He surveyed the roadways beneath Sumdec Tower. Behind him, he heard Glyph and Legatron working on the Space Bridge.

    “For the last time, dude, I got this taken care of. Over-Drive should be distracting the Decepticons, not racing here,” Legatron said, with an accusatory glance at Glyph, who just shrugged at his stare.

    “I know, I’m just...worried,” Isaac replied, eyes still fixed on the roadways.

    “Over-Drive can take care of himself,” Legatron stated. “After all, he is a cyber-ninja.”

    “Yes, I’m sure he’ll be fine.” a voice behind the group sounded, spinning around the two robots came face to face with Swindle, standing in the elevator doorway. “You, on the other hand...” Swindle laughed, extending his right arm toward them, his Scatter Blaster loaded. Before anyone could react his hand turned into a dual-laser blaster, a Gatling gun extended from his stomach, and twin prism-shaped blasters rose out of his back.

    Legatron pulled out his right hand sword while his left hand retracted into his arm, transforming into a cannon. Likewise, Glyph retracted both of her hands, revealing her electro-stingers.

    “How did you get up her without us noticing?” Legatron questioned as the two halves of his mouthplate covered his face.

    “Sonic Jammer 3000,” Swindle replied as he pulled out a sphere-shaped device with purple circles on certain points. “It deactivates any and all alarm systems you may have.” He announced, using his best salesmen voice, and with that, he fired all his weapons at his opponents, forcing them to scramble for cover as multiple laser blasts streaked passed them. Swindle advanced towards them, blasters pointed every which way. He made his way slowly, keeping a careful eye out for anything that could pose a threat.

    Two small, silver shurikens flew through the air and sank their blades into Swindle’s Scatter Blaster. “What th-” he yelped in surprise as he whirled around to face his assailant. A laser blast struck him in the back, forcing him to spin around, aiming his Scatter Blaster at Glyph, expecting the shot she was about to make. The blue femme’s expression changed to a mixture of shock and fear. “Saw it commin’,” Swindle bragged, as he fired his Scatter Blaster...

    But nothing happened. Swindle’s smile dropped like it was made of lead. He tried to fire again, but to no avail. He tried twice more, before realizing the two shurikens were still stuck in in the plating of his cannon. Thinking they had caused a jam in some of the internal mechanics of the weapon, he tried to remove them. The small weapons shocked his purple fingers as he tried to pry them loose. He noticed the same energy was being transferred to his cannon, causing the failure. Swindle swore by the fourth moon of Gigantion before looking up, only to see his opponents had again gone into hiding. Once more cursing under his breath, he began searching for them again.


    Optimus looked at the assembled Autobots. Several he had fought alongside before such as Bulkhead, Sari, Arcee, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Jazz, but there were several new ones as well; an orange ‘bot named Ironhide, a red and white female medic named Red Alert, a stubby, green robot named Brawn, and Hot Shot, a young, blue and yellow mech.

    “Are you sure we need this many Autobots on Earth?” Optimus asked Sentinel, raising an eyebrow.

    “Hey, I’ve noticed Earth to be a primary target for Decepticons. I want to make sure the job gets done.” the blue, big chinned commander replied.

    “Alright, if you’re sure you know what you’re doing...”

    “Are you questioning my decisions?” Sentinel barked.

    “No, no, I just...” Optimus began, raising his hands in defense.

    “The Space Bridge is ready, sir.” Powerflash reported. “Any soon-to-be transported ‘Bots should get ready to make the jump.”
    “Alright,” Sentinel replied, his mood suddenly cheerful, “You heard him! Get in position!”

    “No hurry. The Space Bridge on Earth still hasn’t been set,” Powerflash stated.

    “Then what’re they doing?” Optimus mumbled to himself. He made sure Sentinel wasn’t looking before activating his commlink.


    Legatron’s commlink beeped. “Eh, what’s up, Doc?” he answered.

    “This is Optimus Prime.” The Autobot on the other end of the line stated.

    “Oh, hey. I was wonderin’ when I would get to talk to you.” The little robot replied.

    “Uh... who is this?” Prime queried.

    “Name’s Legatron. I’m an Autobot. Well, actually, I’m not exactly an Autobot, technology wise, but I’m on your side.”

    “Okayyyyy... what’s the hold up with the Space Bridge?”

    Legatron dodged a blast from Swindle’s back cannons. He looked up and noticed that the Transwarp field hadn’t materialized in the Space Bridge “That’s weird. The Transwarp field…” looking down he noticed a computer screen with a message blinking on it. He zoomed in, sighting the message. “Oh, I see the problem. It’s on ‘Standby’. Hang on, Prime. I’ll have you over here in a nano-klik.”
    Legatron knew he was too far away from the bridge to make it over and not be seen by Swindle. But that was OK. He aimed his right fist at the control panel. The blue design on the top of his arm extended up an inch, and a grappler shot out. The grapple tool arced toward the controls. Sure enough, Swindle noticed, but by the time he did, it was too late. The tool slammed into a button, and the Space Bridge hummed to life.

    “Slag...” Swindle muttered.


    “We are connected with the Space Bridge on Earth,” Powerflash announced. The soon-to-be-transported Autobots stood ready. “OK...NOW!” the space bridge technician shouted as the assembled Autobots leapt through the Transwarp field, and disappeared from sight.


    Back on Earth, the Space Bridge crackled with energy as the horde of Autobots came through, taking the elevator down from the high-up receiving platform. They then came face-to-face with Swindle.

    “Swindle,” Optimus started, “I hereby place you under arrest.”

    The Decepticon laughed as, all the Autobots pointed their weapons toward him. “Nice try, but fat chance.” Swindle quickly turned away. His arms clamped onto his sides, his head retracted, and his legs folded behind his back, turning him into an SUV. The Autobots opened fire, but Swindle was already driving off at top speed toward the edge of the tower. Before anyone could react, he drove straight over the edge.

    Everyone hurried to the edge, and watched as halfway down the tower, Swindle unfolded back into his robot mode. He landed hard, crunching the street below him. Cars went every which way, trying to avoid him as Swindle resumed his vehicle mode once again, and drove off.

    “We should chase after him!” Hot Shot practically shouted.

    “Bad idea.” The Autobots turned to face the voice; a green, five-and-a-half foot tall robot. “You’ll need Earth modes if you’re gonna drive around. Besides,” he watched Swindle disappear into traffic, and smiled, “He can’t go many places without us knowing.”

    “ who’re you?” Ironhide asked.

    Legatron sighed to himself.


    Ironhide watched Legatron work on the cannons he was attaching to the red country bot’s arm.

    “Are ya’ sure these things are ness’sary?” Ironhide asked in his thick southern drawl.

    “Positive,” Legatron replied. “There. Now you can scan your Earth mode with no problems.”

    “So why do I need these again?” the red Autobot queried.

    “Your shielding power gives you great defense, so I’m making you stronger with a good offence.” The little green robot sighed in annoyance.

    Ironhide stood up and walked out of the Autobot’s base with Legatron in tow. Standing outside the base, Ironhide watched as the traffic buzzed by in a hurry to get to who knows where.

    “Woah!” Ironhide exclaimed. “Now there’s somethin’ I like!”

    Legatron followed his gaze to a large, powerful pickup and smiled as Ironhide scanned it. Immediately, Legatron could see Ironhide begin to change. The window on his chest turned into a rectangle, and his treads changed to wheels. The headlights on his stomach changed design, and he gained a grill. After a few more changes, his new robot mode was complete.

    “Well, what are you waiting for?” Legatron questioned. “Try it out!”

    Ironhide nodded. His head retracted as his stomach folded out. His arm folded underneath him, and his legs clamped together and relocated, finishing his transformation.

    “So, how’s it feel?” Legatron asked as Ironhide revved his engine.

    “Pretty cool!” Ironhide replied, driving donuts for a bit, testing out his new vehicle form.

    “Ironhide, is that you?” A yellow, blue and red sports car rolled up, followed by an ambulance, a small off road vehicle, and Over-Drive.

    “Hot Shot, Red Alert, Brawn?” Ironhide asked, looking his friends alt modes over.

    Sari got out of the yellow car. Sure enough, the car transformed into Hot Shot, the ambulance into Red Alert, and the off road vehicle to Brawn.

    “The gang’s all together!” Sari said as Ironhide transformed back into robot mode, a sad expression on his face.

    “Uh, Sari?” Legatron whispered. “Their leader was infected with cosmic rust.”

    “OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH...” Sari said.

    “He’s recovering, last I heard,” Red Alert stated.

    “Oh, uh...that’s good...” Sari stuttered, unsure of what else to say.

    “So, we gonna go ‘Con hunting or what?” Brawn asked, gesturing to his team.

    Legatron shook his head. “Better to get you guys familiar with Detroit first. Ya wanna take it from here, Over-Drive?” he asked.

    “Sure. Follow me!” Over-Drive shouted, revving his engine and peeling away from the base.

    The four remaining robots shifted back into their vehicle modes and drove off, following Over-Drive out into the heavy traffic, leaving Legatron and Sari alone in front of the base.

    “Well,” Legatron activated his jetpack, “I’m outta here.”

    “What? Where are you going?!” Sari shouted after him.

    “To take care of… business.” He replied, lifting off the ground.


    “I swear there were ten Autobots at least!” Swindle exclaimed.

    Circuit Board and the other Decepticons looked at him in disbelief.

    “This is getting serious,” the round-headed robot mumbled. He turned his gaze toward Dragstrip. “Dragstrip, round up the clones. It’s time to initiate Operation: Allspark extraction.”

    The End... For Now.
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    This is fucking awsome
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    Glad you like to the point of profanity. :D 

    Multi-Versal: Transformers Animated

    Episode 2: Rain, Rain, Go Offline

    Location: Decepticon ship Lemuria, stationed on planet Earth.
    Time: 30 Minutes after the events of Driven to Destruction.

    “Are you guys sure about this?” Skywarp asked, he lay bolted down on an operating table, a worried look on his face.
    “Uh, yeah...” Dragstrip replied, being sure to not look the clone in the eye. “I’m sure...” Sure this will get us an AllSpark fragment, that is, Dragstrip thought; I’m not so sure you’ll survive. Dragstrip activated an electromagnet pulse that temporarily shut down Skywarp’s consciousness systems. Not too far away from the restrained jet, Circuit Board pressed a button on a control panel, sending a bolt of energy into Skywarp, opening his cockpit. Circuit Board carefully reached in and went to work.

    5 Minutes later...

    “Well?” Dragstrip asked.
    “I got good news, and bad news,” Circuit Board replied. “Good news, we successfully got the fragment.” He held up a small, blue crystal. “Bad news, Skywarp didn’t make it.”
    Dragstrip’s goateed face twisted into a sinister smile. “Pity.”
    Circuit Board nodded. “But I know what went wrong, so we can do it differently next time.” He smiled. “This may just work out after all.” He said, turning to Wildrider. “Put Skywarp’s body in storage. We might have some use for it later.”
    After the task was done, Wildrider locked the door to the storage room and left.

    Location: Earth’s moon. Crash site of Decepticon ship Nemesis.

    Deep within the Nemesis, a computer flared to life. A timer had just reached Zero, setting several robot arms into motion. Three Starscream clones were activated as robot arms put tiny AllSpark fragments in their Spark Chambers. As their processors came online, their primary programming took over, and they knew of their mission: Destroy all Autobots on Earth.

    Location: Autobot HQ.

    A security alarm blared as Legatron and Bulkhead rushed to a nearby computer screen. They were quickly joined by Ratchet, Arcee, and Jazz.
    “Dude, what’s happenin’?” Jazz asked.
    Ratchet scanned the screen. “Three Decepticon energy signatures heading straight for base. New ones,” he added.
    “When will they get here?” Bulkhead asked.
    Ratchet studied a stream of numbers. “Oh, in about-” he said, just as a massive explosion rocked the base. "Now.” Rushing outside the Autobots saw three Harrier jets- one green, one white, and one yellow, circling high above the base. The green one suddenly swung around to face them, cannons firing. The Autobots dodged expertly as the blasts flew past, searing through the nearby cement sidewalk, almost seeming to melt it.
    Legatron’s optics went wide as he realized the color schemes and the acid blast were familiar…
    “Rainmakers...” he whispered, the sounds of screaming jet engines, snapping him out of his trance just in time to see the yellow jet barreling toward him. He dodged a laser blast from the jet, noting that looked an awful lot like a bolt of lightning. The wayward shot struck an air conditioner on the outside of the base, overloading it, causing the machine to explode. The jet quickly dodged out of the way as Jazz leapt towards it, energy-nunchaku flailing.
    The green jet laughed, transforming in mid-air. “They stand no chance against us!” He growled, pointing his arm cannons at Ratchet. “Rainmakers, DESTROY THEM!” he bellowed as Ratchet barely dodged the acid blast he sent bolting towards the old medic.
    The other two jets transformed as well. “What are you talking about?” the white and light blue one complained. “The Decepticons couldn’t win the Great War, much less this tiny battle!”
    “Shut it down, Snowblind!” the yellow clone barked, "We can too win this! The Decepticons had many a victory during the Great War!”
    “You BOTH need to shut it down and fight!” The green clone barked.
    “Then why don’t you just melt them, and save us the time Acid Storm!?” The yellow clone barked back.
    “I said, SHUT IT DOWN AND FIGHT, BOLTFLASH!!!” Acid Storm screamed, turning back to the Autobots, furiously firing wildly at them. The other two quickly followed his example.
    The robots below scurried into the base while the rainmakers responded by blowing a hole in the roof.
    “Ok... bad idea.” Bulkhead stated.
    The ‘Bots quickly ran back outside, shifting into their vehicle modes, Legatron hopped into Jazz’s driver seat before rocketing down the streets of Detroit at top speed as the Rainmakers transformed and followed.
    “Where are we going?” Bulkhead shouted from the back of the group.
    Legatron grabbed a hold of Jazz’s steering wheel. Jazz allowed him to drive. “We’re going for help,” Legatron said.


    “So why’re we doing this again?” Bumblebee complained. He and Optimus were hard at work...doing nothing.
    Optimus surveyed a bird carefully constructing a nest. “You need to relax a little more, Bumblebee. Prowl was right in saying no one takes time to appreciate nature.”
    “Yeah, well,” the little yellow robot stared off into the distance. He and Optimus were on a large hill just outside the city. It gave them a great view of Detroit and Lake Erie. “I just feel like I need some action, y’know?”
    At that moment, Jazz, Bulkhead, and Ratchet roared by a street at the bottom of the hill. “Be careful what you wish for,” Optimus advised. Bumblebee followed his gaze to three oddly-colored jets that looked exactly like-
    “More Starscream clones?” Bumblebee sighed, watching as Prime nodded, before transforming. He still had his wing backpack, dubbed “Apex Armor” by Legatron, so his truck mode now had added wings, allowing him to fly.
    He thundered after the clones, blasters firing.
    “What in the name of the ALLSPARK?!” Acid Storm cried, desperately trying to avoid the laser blasts, and forcing the Rainmakers to break out of formation.
    Optimus’ commlink beeped. “Prime!” Over-Drive’s voice sounded, “What the heck is going on over there?!.”
    “A bit of trouble…” Prime replied, glancing at the Autobots being pursued by the clones; Jazz, Bumblebee, Arcee, Ratchet, and Bulkhead. “I think we can handle these guys though-” He responded barely having time to avoid a shot from the green jet. As the clone streaked by, Optimus watched the blast collide with the pavement below him. The green shot quickly melted the road. “On second thought, we might need a little help.”


    Down below, Jazz skidded to a stop, breaking off from the others. Legatron swung his door open and leapt out, cautiously approaching the acid burn in the street.
    A quick scan revealed a ray of hope. “If we can get the right materials, we may be able to build armor that’ll properly shield us against this acid. We need to get Over-Drive, Red Alert, and Ratchet to the Omnibot, stat.”
    “On it!” Jazz said as he started to make the necessary communications.
    “Oh, and we’ll need Bumblebee, too,” Legatron added.
    Legatron smiled. “You’ll see.”


    “Sir, you might want to look at this,” Wildrider said as Circuit Board walked over to the display screen, only taking him a minute to realize…
    “More Starscream clones?” he asked surprisingly, looking at the three jets on the screen
    “Yes, sir,” Wildrider replied. “Which probably means-”
    “AllSpark fragments,” Circuit Board finished, grinning darkly.
    Wildrider nodded in agreement. “Should I send an assault team to retrieve the clones?”
    “No,” Circuit Board replied, “We already have enough online clones. We’ll let the Autobots do the dirty work for us. Then we’ll take the fragments.”


    1 hour later...

    “Remind me again why I have to do this?” Bumblebee whined.
    “Because you’re the smallest Autobot, and we have limited resources,” Legatron replied without looking up from his work.
    “That’s not true!” Bumblebee exclaimed as Ratchet made some modifications to his arms. “Brawn’s a lot shorter than me!”
    “Yeah, but your alternate mode is much more suitable for this operation. Besides,” He smiled and looked at the yellow bot, “Don’t you want to fly?”
    Bumblebee’s optics went wide. “Fly?!” he asked, breaking into a big grin as Legatron nodded. “Why didn’t you say so?”


    “Man, I’m exhausted,” Hot Shot complained. “We been fightin’ these guys for, what, a whole megacycle?”
    “Quit yer’ whinin’!” Brawn snapped in his deep voice.”I’ve fought longer than this an’ been rarin’ fer more, so shut up and take it like a bot!”
    “...’Rarin’?” Hot Shot questioned. “Whatever. Anyway, the others said they had some brilliant plan to help us out. Whatever happened to that?” Before he could get an answer, something roared by overhead. “Woah! What in the name of the AllSpark was that?!”
    “Wait, I know that voice!” Bulkhead exclaimed. “It’s Bumblebee!”
    “Bumblebee?” Hot Shot, Ironhide, and Brawn cried in surprise.
    Bulkhead nodded, watching his diminutive friend sail through the air.
    Ironhide looked on as Bumblebee shot toward the Rainmakers. “Whoever thought a’ that is a’fficially insane,” he murmured.


    Bumblebee flew through the air at top speed. His vehicle mode was now attached to a blue pod-like jetpack that covered most of his car mode. Due to his new armor plating his body glowed with a medium gold hue in the sunlight.
    Finally sighting the rainmakers up ahead, two blasters extended out of the underside of his flight pack and started firing laser bolts with amazing accuracy. The white seeker hardly knew what hit him before he was sent plummeting toward the ground.
    Unfortunately for Bumblebee, the other two weren’t so ignorant. Acid storm turned his attention from a nearby Optimus to the little gold robot, and fired his Hyprion-3 acid cannons.
    To his surprise, the green acid slid off Bumblebee’s jet-pod without so much as marking his paint.
    Bumblebee shifted to robot mode, the “pod” transforming into a jetpack-armor combination. “Now I got ya!” the little robot shouted.
    “Think again!” Boltflash shouted from behind as he shot multiple lightning bolts at the attacker, having no effect on the small robot. “Oh, slag,” he murmured.
    “Now, I’m gonna-” Bumblebee was cut off as he was suddenly encased in ice.
    Down Below, Snowblind hooted with victory, but his laughter was cut short as the ice encasing Bumblebee suddenly shattered.
    “Can’t get me that easily!” the Autobot shouted. “We thought of EVERYTHING!”
    “Nice work, Bumblebee!” Optimus shouted to him. “Now, try to lure-”
    Prime’s advice was cut short by all three Rainmakers suddenly shooting at Bumblebee simultaneously.
    “Oh, slag! HELP!!!” Bumblebee cried. The armor couldn’t take the stress of all three Rainmakers’ blasts at the same time; it slowly started to corrode away...


    Ratchet tuned his Optical Tele/Microscope eyepiece to Bumblebee’s location. “It’s not working!” He shouted. “The armor can’t take all three of their powers at once!”
    “Tell Bumblebee to get out of there!” Over-Drive said over his commlink, “I have another plan!”
    “Why can’t you contact him?” Ratchet shouted back angrily.
    “‘Cause I’m busy, that’s why!” Over-Drive shouted back before cutting the connection.
    “Rassa-fraggin’ kids…” Ratchet muttered as he opened a channel to Optimus. “Prime, get Bumblebee outta there! We have some sort of plan!”
    “I’m way ahead of you, Ratchet! ...What do you mean ‘some sort’?”
    “They haven’t told me what it is yet.” The medibot complained.
    “...Fantastic.” Optimus sighed as he swooped by the Rainmakers, pelting them with laser fire. Like all the other times he had tried this tactic, they hardly flinched. “OK, time for plan B,” He said as he pulled his battle axe out of his back compartment, ready for close combat.
    Optimus charged the three clones.
    The three suddenly froze, looking at him in surprise, not realizing it was just a bluff. Bumblebee shot away at full speed. By the time the clones realized their target had gotten away, it was too late.


    “Bumblebee’s away from the Rainmakers!” Ratchet shouted into his commlink, “WHATEVER YER GONNA DO, DO IT NOW!”
    There was a sudden creak of heave machinery, followed by the continual sound of moving parts. He looked to the top of the Omnibot and stepped back in surprise as he realized what was once a large protrusion on the ship’s hull was now a large cannon...
    A fully charged laser cannon...
    Pointed directly at the battle in the distance.


    “It’s some kind of trap!” Acid Storm shouted, “RETREAT!”
    Boltflash swooped low to the ground, grabbing onto Snowblind’s wings, hoisting him into the air.
    As he transformed, Acid Storm was vaguely aware of a rumble in the distance...that he quickly realized was a huge laser blast. “WATCH OUT!” He shouted towards the others.
    The attempt was, ultimately, futile. In jet mode, Acid Storm was able to avoid most of the blast, sustaining only damage to his wings, but Snowblind and Boltflash were almost completely obliterated.


    “Target hit,” Over-Drive reported, “Well done, bots.”
    Just then, Bumblebee walked in, still wearing his pod armor.
    “Man, this thing is great!” Bumblebee bragged. “I mean, maybe you could work out the bugs, like, y’know, it almost melting, but still, it’s awesome! I mean, while flying, I felt just like...” Bumblebee continued to babble on and on about his armor.
    Legatron shook his head. If he becomes mute like those other Bumblebees, he thought, life would be a lot easier.


    Epilogue 1

    Acid Storm ran through the trees as fast as his stabilizing servos could carry him. His right wing was half blown off, completely neutralizing his flying capabilities. He burst into a clearing-
    -and nearly ran into a grinning white and black Decepticon. “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” the other ‘Con said, “A Starscream clone that can’t fly. That will not do at all. Come with me, and I’ll fix you right up.”
    Acid Storm didn’t see any reason not to, and followed Circuit Board into the woods.


    Epilogue 2

    The smoldering remains of Snowblind and Boltflash lay in a heap just outside Detroit. There were very few remaining parts of the robots, only their torsos and limbs were recognizable.
    Three lime green and purple construction vehicles, a cement mixer, an excavator, and a forklift- drove up to the scraped clones. They quietly transformed into towering robots, revealing themselves to be the Constructicons. The forklift, Dirt Boss, approached the wreckage. He dug around in the piles for a moment, before smiling to himself as he withdrew two small of AllSpark slivers.
    “Alright, we’s done here,” he called to the others as they all shifted back to their vehicle modes and drove away...
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    Wings of Horror
    Part 1

    Location: Space Bridge 126-207

    “You’ll never get away with this!” Tap-Out roared in his deep voice, struggling with the ties that bound him. The two Decepticons guarding him, a large green brute named Brawl, and a skinny creep named Vortex, just glared at him while he stole a glance at his team; Flash, Flak, Landshark, and their leader, Thunderclash Major.
    A brown and purple Decepticon, BlastOff, was hard at work on the nearby space bridge while a bulky, dark-blue ‘Con, Onslaught, looked over his shoulder.
    “Alright,” BlastOff said, “Swindle has the device placed on the Autobot’s Space Bridge. All we have to do now is wait for them to activate it and we’re good to go.”
    Straining to hear the two Decepticons Tap-Out knew whatever they were planning couldn’t be good.


    Location: Earth. Detroit, Michigan. Sumdec Tower Space Bridge.

    “No, no, no!” Bulkhead said to Ratchet, “You input the datatrax code BEFORE the trans-dimensional stream info!”
    “‘Trans-dimensional stream info’?” Ratchet questioned, “We’re trying to get this thing working, not teleport ourselves to a different universe!” At his feet, Sari and Legatron exchanged annoyed glances.
    “When do you think they’ll get this sorted out?” Sari asked.
    “Well, first we have to find out the problem,” Legatron replied, looking at the techno-organic life form beside him.
    Sari let out an exasperated sigh.
    “...all I’m sayin’ is we should just turn the thing on and see what happens!” Bulkhead stated.
    “Alright! FINE!” Ratchet replied. “But if anything happens, it’s your problem!”
    Bulkhead nodded, then started to boot up the Space Bridge...
    And it all went straight to the Pit from there.


    “OK, it’s on; let’s go!” BlastOff shouted as a Transwarp field materialized in the Space Bridge. The four Decepticons quickly transformed into their vehicle modes before shooting through the portal.
    “OK, Bots, listen up! Thunderclash said, trying to loosen his bonds, “We’re gonna-” Before he could continue with the order, the Space Bridge exploded, enveloping whole asteroid in a ball of fire.


    As soon as the Transwarp field appeared, Ratchet knew something was wrong. The way the Space Bridge began wildly crackling with energy was a good clue.
    Four vehicles suddenly shot out of the bridge; a green tank, a dark blue truck with huge roof cannons, a gray helicopter, and a brown miniature space shuttle. As the shuttle rocketed into the distance, the ground vehicles plummeted to the street below, transformed into robots, and landed in the same spot on the street Swindle had days before. They quickly transformed back into their vehicle modes, and drove off.
    As he watched the vehicles speed off Ratchet heard a scream, turning around he could see Sari being pulled in by the still-active Space Bridge. Legatron instantly shot one of his grappling devices to her, but he too began to be pulled in.
    “Oh, slag,” Legatron murmured.
    “Guys! Hang on!” Bulkhead shouted. He tried firing his wrecking ball at them to grab on to, but the two small robots had already been sucked through the Transwarp field by the time the metal orb arrived.
    The field wavered a moment before pulling Bulkhead through. With a metallic groan, it suddenly shut down. Ratchet stared a moment at the deactivated Space Bridge. He knew that, wherever the others had been teleported to, there was no way he would be able to find them. “Great. Now what am I gonna tell Prime?”
    “AHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Out of nowhere, the helicopter swooped down and started wildly firing at Ratchet. The Autobot barely sidestepped the laser blasts that tore through the roof of the tower. The attack, the helicopter’s color scheme, its voice, it all seemed so familiar...
    The copter made a quick 180 and continued its barrage. Ratchet ducked behind metal crate-
    That was full of laser shot holes in seconds.


    Vortex was about to totally annihilate that stupid old medi-bot when his commlink crackled. “Vortex!” Onslaught yelled, “Forget the Autobot and get over here!”
    “Alright, alright, chill out.” Vortex ceased his attack and flew away.
    After flying towards the source of the commlink signal he came upon Lake Erie. He flew over the deep blue water until he came to the remains of an island. Taking up most of the island was what looked like a purple Omega Sentinel with Lugnut’s head.
    Vortex landed with astounding grace and stealth or, so he thought after having crashed through numerous tree canopies on the way down. His tail section split into his legs, his guns into arms, his rotor blades shifted to his back, and his head popped up out of the top of his cockpit.
    He spotted an opening in the Sentinel’s armor and stepped inside. After some navigating, he found the others. They were sitting around a very official-looking conference table... but the effect was lost considering the whole room was sideways, due to the massive robot being on its back.
    Seated in what looked like the leader’s chair was Swindle. On either side of him stood a Starscream clone with drill-tipped helmets. One was blue and gold, the other maroon and black.
    “Glad you could join us, Vortex.” Swindle motioned to an empty seat.
    Vortex plopped down in it. “Since when are you the head nacho?”
    Swindle cocked an eyebrow. “Uh... I think you mean head honcho...” he threw a glance at Onslaught.
    “Ever since he scanned the human Internet for an Earth mode he’s been more confused than ever,” Onslaught explained.
    “‘Fused’?” Vortex said. “I’m not fused to anything.”
    “And with any luck,” Onslaught murmured, “You won’t be.”
    “And by the way, the seating arrangement was issued on a first come, first serve basis,” Swindle explained.
    Brawl leaned closer to Vortex. “That means you got the worst seat in the-” abruptly, the chair Brawl was sitting on broke, sending him crashing to the floor, which was, technically the wall, seeing how the room was still sideways. The others burst out into resounding laughter.
    “Still, I wouldn’t expect you to pick the best seat,” BlastOff said, referring to the heavy green tank sprawled out on his back.
    “Alright, we’ve had our reunion,” Onslaught said, turning back to Swindle. “Now back to business. Are you familiar with the story of Abominus?”
    Swindle processed a moment. “Yeah, I’ve heard of that. Some nutcase ’Cons tried to make five robots that could combine into one huge robot called Abominus. It failed, though.”
    “You’re half right,” Onslaught started, “It did fail, but not right away. Abominus fought many battles in the Great War. Eventually, the release valves on the separate robots’ combination ports overheated and fused together, preventing them from separating.”
    Swindle nodded slowly. “Yeeeahhhhhh... that sounds kinda familiar... but why bring it up?”
    “What would you say if I told you that I had rediscovered Abominus’ technology?”
    “What do you-” Suddenly, it all clicked. The story of Abominus’s components being fused, Onslaught’s comment that he hoped Vortex wouldn’t be fused to anything, and that they needed him for the operation.
    “Are you saying what I THINK you’re saying?” Swindle half squeaked.
    Onslaught nodded.
    “I dunno...” Swindle replied nervously.
    “The new tech will let you store even more weapons on your frame,” Onslaught promised.
    Swindle’s face lit up. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get some upgrades!”


    Autobot Base

    “They’re sayin’ WHAT?!” Jazz shouted. Behind him, the other Autobots stared at Arcee in surprise.
    “See for yourself,” Arcee said. She turned to the computer behind her and clicked a button. A news report started playing.
    “This is Lester Black, reporting to you live from downtown Sumdec Tower where an odd predicament has started. It according to witnesses, the Autobots have used their large teleportation device on Sumdec Tower to teleport four robots to earth. A close examination...” The screen cut to some camera footage of the robots falling from Sumdec tower. The video paused and zoomed in on the largest robot’s chestplate, which sported a Decepticon insignia. “...reveals that the robots are Decepticons. What makes this worse is that each one of them appears to be heavily armed and destructive. Local businessman Porter C. Powell has this to say on the matter.”
    “Powell?!” Optimus said in shock.
    “Powell?” Hot Shot asked, “Who’s Powell?”
    A short man with gray hair and a white suit came on the screen. “My fellow Detroit citizens: Today I bring you evidence of what we have feared all along; the Autobots are not what they seem.”
    “That’s Powell,” Prime stated with a growl.
    Powell continued to rant on and on about how he thought the Autobots must be allied with the Decepticons.
    “Watta bunch a’ slag,” Ironhide stated, “I doubt this could get much worse.”
    “Ironhide,” Prime started, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that things can always get worse.”
    Ratchet, meanwhile, was staring at the image of the Decepticon from before that the news feed showed. There was something familiar about him. Something that turned up an old memory…

    Location: Planet Cybertron. 8 million Stellar Cycles ago during the Great War.

    Ratchet surveyed the battleground. There was nothing but destruction as far as his optic sensors could see. He heard someone walk up behind him. Glancing back, he saw his friend, Chromedome.
    “It’s really something, isn’t it?” Chromedome said, “The destructive capabilities of the Decepticon’s new weapon, whatever it is, are greater than anything I've ever seen. Ever since they destroyed The Institute of Higher Programming...” He trailed off. He often brought up his old workplace for no reason other than the present situation reminded him of it- or rather, its smoldering remains.
    “Yeah...” Ratchet replied absentmindedly. A few more ‘Bots approached- Hardhead, Siren, and the makeshift group’s leader, Pyro.
    “OK, ‘Bots,” Pyro said, “I know things look bad, but this mission is of high priority. We have to find-AUGH!” A large blaster bolt slammed into his back, sending him flying forward. The others took defensive positions.
    On top of the pile of rubble behind Pyro stood a large, bulky robot. Two huge cannons were slung over his shoulders. His chest bore the purple insignia of a Decepticon.


    “Ratchet? Are you OK?” Optimus said.
    “...Huh? Oh, yeah. I’m...fine...” Ratchet replied. “C-c’mon, let’s go see what we can do about maintaining our public image.
    Optimus nodded. “Alright, Ratchet will come with me, and we’ll see what we can do about calming the humans. The rest of you will go out on patrol. Keep a special eye out for any unusual military vehicles.”
    “Aw, sweet- does this mean I get to fly some more?” Bumblebee asked enthusiastically.
    Optimus rolled his eyes. “Yes, Bumblebee, you can use your jetpack…”


    Onslaught slowly came online. As his optic sensors focused, he saw BlastOff’s grinning face.
    “It worked, I take it?” the blue robot muttered.
    BlastOff nodded enthusiastically. “All systems are functioning normally- and in some cases, BETTER than normal!”
    Onslaught sat up. “Good.”
    Blastoff handed him a large gray piece of metal with a Decepticon insignia on it. “Your shield, sir.”
    “Shield? I don’t have-” Onslaught paused as he recalled the shield was in the blueprints for the operation. “Oh, right.” He accepted the defensive tool. “Sorry, my processor’s goin’ a little slow...”
    “The other said the same,” BlastOff replied. “Even I felt a little woozy at first.”
    Onslaught rested his head on his hands. “Alright. We’ll wait to regain our composure, then test out our new upgrades.”


    Optimus looked into the news camera. Beside him, Ratchet fidgeted impatiently. The camera-bot motioned the news reporter to begin.
    “This is Lester Black, reporting to you once again live from Sumdec Tower. Here I have Autobot leader Optimus Prime and his chief medic, Rach, to-”
    “Uh, it’s Ratchet,” The medi-bot spoke up.
    “Um, yes, well, my mistake...” Hector said nervously.
    Ratchet rolled his optics in annoyance.
    The newscaster cleared his throat. “A-anyway, they are here to speak to us about the recent rumor that the Autobots are working for the Decepticons. Optimus, what do you have to say on the matter?”
    “It’s a buncha’ hooey!” Ratchet exclaimed.
    Optimus shot him a warning glance. “While the Autobots and Decepticons may be the same species and from the same planet, we are still very different,” he started. “The Decepticons couldn’t care less about the lives they destroy upon their quest for power and supremacy. We Autobots have sworn to protect all forms of life, including- no, especially, humans. We-”
    Optimus heard the sound of a rapidly approaching vehicle-
    -and saw a dark blue semi with top-mounted guns heading right for him.
    Optimus’ optics darted to the crowd of humans had gathered to hear him speak. That crowd was right between Prime and the truck.
    The truck showed no interest in stopping.
    Prime leaped over the crowd, triggering a wave of panic in the gathered humans. Once they saw the truck ram into Optimus, they quickly fled.
    Ratchet activated his magnets and tried to get a grip on the vehicle, but it escaped his grasp by blasting him with its cannons, sending the medic flying back. The vehicle sped forward as it began to change. The back section of the truck flipped under the chassis and separated into legs, while the sides extended into arms. The huge cannons swiveled onto the robot’s back as its head rose up.
    Ratchet gasped. It was one of the Decepticons that came through the Space Bridge, alright, and it was the same one the news report focused on.
    Seeing him on TV was one thing, but seeing him in person...


    Location: Planet Cybertron. 8 million Stellar Cycles ago during the Great War.

    “HIT THE DIRT!!!” Siren shouted. The Autobots scrambled for cover. Ratchet and Chromedome dove behind the wreckage of a battle machine wile Hardhead and Siren hid behind a pile of rubble.
    Suddenly, blaster fire rained down on Hardhead and Siren. The two Autobots shifted into their vehicle modes- Hardhead an assault tank, Siren a Cybertronian crime-response vehicle. They sped away as fast as they could.
    Ratchet focused his processors on the airborne Decepticons responsible for the attack. One was a gray and blue vehicle with top-mounted rotor blades, the other a brown and gray spacecraft.
    The rotor-bladed vehicle took off after Siren. Having no ground-to-air weapons, all Ratchet and Chromedome could do was helplessly watch as Siren was repeated blasted with laser fire from the Decepticon’s twin blasters. The guns charged for a moment, then each let two huge laser blasts that merged into one in mid-air. Both arched over Siren’s vehicle mode and struck the front of it.
    Siren skidded to a rough stop as his engine burst into flames. The small vehicle tried to move or transform, but was unable to do either. Ratchet shifted into his four-treaded vehicle mode and sped out toward Siren.
    “Ratchet, DON’T!” Chromedome yelled, but it did no good. Ratchet had made up his mind. It was bad enough they had knocked Pyro out; he wasn’t going to let them take out Siren, too.
    The rotored-Decepticon suddenly came back into view, pounding Siren with heavy laser fire...
    Until, with a scream that made Ratchet’s Energon flows run cold, the rest of Siren’s vehicle mode burst into flames and was engulfed in a fiery explosion.


    Ratchet snapped out of his trance. Yes, the Decepticon that had just rammed Prime was the same one from all those Stellar Cycles ago. The one that had shot Pyro in the back.
    He recalled the other robots that emerged from the Space Bridge earlier. He realized that the whole group that had attacked him that day was now here on Earth.
    Prime was right, things could always get worse.
    And they just did.
    He was suddenly knocked to the ground by a large green, gray, and yellow Decepticon covered in weaponry. The giant ‘Con was about to literally lay the smackdown on Ratchet when Arcee suddenly zoomed up in vehicle mode and transformed. Leaping into the air she pulled two blue swords out of her back and swung them at the ‘Con with all her might. The swords sunk into the Decepticon’s shoulder blade.
    The ‘Con recoiled as Arcee landed lightly next to Ratchet. Suddenly Ironhide came into view behind the Decepticon.
    “Alright, punk,” Ironhide said, cannons aimed, “Time ta’-”
    The Decepticons turned to face Ironhide. Both robots’ faces displayed surprise.
    “You?!” They both said at the same time.
    “You’re that Autobot that fought me when your group tried to foil our plans to take over the Gpii System!” the ‘Con said, “What was your name, Ironsides?”
    “Ironhide” the Autobot growled. “You’re Brawl, right?”
    “Yup,” Brawl replied, “And these are my friends, Swindle, BlastOff, and Vortex.” The three Decepticons he named joined the battle. Two harrier jets circled the area; they were obviously Starscream clones.
    “Oh, yeah?” Ironhide replied. He turned around and motioned toward several approaching Autobots. “Well, ah’ got Hot Shot, Red Alert, Brawn, Bumblebee, Bulkhea-” He was abruptly cut off by Brawl shooting at him.
    Ironhide willingly returned fire.

    Optimus struggled against Onslaught's powerful grip. The two robots were deadlocked in servo-to-servo combat, so Prime decided to tip the scales in his favor. He swung his cannons over his shoulders-
    But Onslaught was faster, activating his own back-mounted cannons. Onslaught’s powerful laser blasts completely demolished Optimus’ guns, the explosion knocking him over. Onslaught loomed over his fallen opponent... and suddenly realized that the Autobots had reinforcements that were honing in on him.
    “Enough is enough,” he growled. “Combaticons,” he leapt in the air, his backpack converting into a jetpack, “Let’s show these Autobots what we’re capable of!”
    “Yes, sir!” the other Combaticons shouted. The fliers took to the skies wile Swindle and Brawl activated their new Jump Jets. All the Combaticons except Onslaught converted into their vehicle modes.
    Onslaught's head retracted, his thighs folding into his lower legs, while his arms folded in half at the elbow. Swindle and Brawl’s vehicle forms then attached to Onslaught’s feet, the front of Brawl’s tank mode folding down so that he and Swindle were about the same length. Swindle’s vehicle back folded to be flush with his roof as Brawl’s legs folded down as if being converted to robot mode, but his thighs retracted into his legs, similar to Onslaught’s. Large toe-like blocks extended from Swindle’s bumper and Brawl’s back. In the air Vortex and BlastOff’s robot legs extended out of their vehicle modes staying latched together while their vehicle fronts then attached to Onslaught’s arms, with BlastOff latching onto the right, and Vortex onto the left. Massive gray hands extended out of both of the flier’s feet as the arms lowered into position.
    Finally, with Blastoff to his right, and Vortex to his left. A giant gray and black head rose out of the place Onslaught’s head would be. The Autobots stared in horror at the mammoth robot, standing before them as it spoke:

    To Be Continued...​


    Location: Universal Stream Sagius 911.02 Iota

    Bulkhead’s optics slowly opened as he began to wake up. He focused on the sky- but rather that a sky, it appeared to be a white-painted ceiling. Confused, he glanced around.
    His jaw nearly hit the floor. All around him were giant pieces of furniture- a couch, a coffee table, a TV- all on a huge scale.
    He suddenly spotted a Search-and-Recue helicopter above him. It swooped down before converting into the strangest robot Bulkhead had ever seen- rather than made of smooth plates of metal, he seemed to be made of jagged parts with sculpted detail. Even stranger was that he seemed to be made of PLASTIC.
    “Ah, a newcomer. Didn’t know the owner ordered any new figures.” the robot greeted, extending a hand. “Name’s Evac.”
    A million questions flew through Bulkhead’s processor. Evac, head of Elite guard Search-and-Rescue? What was he doing here? Why was everything so massive?
    Bulkhead glanced around, until he caught sight of his own arm. It, too, appeared to be constructed of plastic.
    “You OK?” Evac asked.
    Bulkhead opened him mouth to speak, but ended up fainting instead.
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    Sorry to keep you waiting (all two of you who actually read this), but I just haven't had time to upload the next part...

    But I have time now! :D 

    Wings of Horror
    Part 2

    Location: Decepticon ship Lemuria, stationed on planet Earth.

    “Sir?” Slipstream said, looking over the computer terminal in front of her “You might want to take a look at this,” she remarked as Circuit Board strode up to the computer terminal and stared over her shoulder.
    Circuit Board’s optics widened. “Onslaught? Here?” he asked as he continued watching. ”Why didn’t he tell me he was coming to Earth- and Swindle’s joined up with him?!” He exclaimed as the yellow robot came into view. “I’m going to have a word with Onslaught about thi-”
    The computer suddenly displayed the Combaticons jumping in the air, and half- transforming before coming together to form one huge robot.
    The two robots stared at the computer, mouths gaping. It took a moment for Circuit Board to find his voice.
    “Keep monitoring them. I’ll get Dragstrip and Wildrider. They’ll want to see this,” he ordered.


    Location: Detroit, Michigan.

    The Autobots stared at the monstrous Decepticon standing before them. Slowly, Bruticus reached down to his right leg, formed from Swindle, and took ahold of the Decepticon’s Scatter Blaster, wielding it like a pistol. Suddenly, other weapons covering the massive combiner engaged, giving the Autobots little time to take cover before they were peppered by everything from lasers to missiles.
    Optimus’ commlink flared to life as its owner quickly took cover behind an overturned truck. “Prime!” Over-Drive shouted over the wrist-mounted device, “What the smelt’s goin’ on over there?!”
    “A better question is what the smelt have you been doing this whole time?!” Optimus shouted back.
    “I’ve been working on my ship. And watching you guys on TV,” Over-Drive replied matter-of-factly.
    “Well maybe you could get your tailgate over here and help us fight!” Optimus roared back.
    “Sheesh. If I did that, Gylph would have to fire my ship’s laser cannon at Bruticus on her own. That wouldn’t work so hot considering operation of the thing is a two-bot job,” he sarcastically growled.
    Optimus narrowly avoided a missile. “Well, fine. J-just hurry up, alright?”
    “You got it, boss-bot!” Prime’s comlink clicked off. Optimus fired up his jetpack and took to the skies.
    Bruticus was easily twice as tall as some of the larger robots like Bulkhead. Still, Optimus was faceplate-to-faceplate with the giant in no time flat. A pannel on each of Optimus’ arms raised up and shot a steady stream of fire-******ant foam into the giant’s eyes.
    GAHHH!” Bruticus screamed, stumbling for a moment before attempting to wipe the foam from his face. On the ground below the Autobots hid from the Gestalt’s view.
    Bruticus howled with rage before firing wildly at the surrounding area.
    To the Autobots’ dismay, it actually worked.
    The gunfire was enough to drive the Autobots out of their hiding places- fast. The robots ran as fast as thier stabilizing servos could take them. When that didn’t work, they shifted into their vehicle modes and zoomed away at full speed.
    By then, Bruticus had finished clearing the foam from his optics. If the Autobots thought his aim while blinded was deadly, then his aim with sight was downright lethal.
    Bruticus will destroy you all!” the giant roared. It had become obvious by now that Bruticus’ intelligence was limited. However, he posessed enough processing power to figure out which of the Autobots he had the most chance of destroying. In no time flat, Bruticus had the slowest Autobot in his crosshairs: Brawn.
    The green offroad vehicle narrowly dodged the array of laser shots and missiles. He did, however, get blinded by the smoke from the explosions and ran straight into one of the gigantic, freshly blown potholes. Quickly, he converted back into his robot form and took off running. Unfortunately, he was not much faster running than he was driving. Soon, the smoke had cleared enough for Bruticus to see he had missed his target.
    Optimus clicked on his commlink. “Over-Drive! If you’re gonna’ do something, now would be the time!”
    “Hold on!” came the reply, “Just another,… there!” Prime’s commlink picked up the whine of heavy machinery warming up, followed by the sound of laser fire. A split-second later, a huge blue laser bolt struck Bruticus in the back. He roared in pain as he was sent tumbling to the ground.
    The Autobots slowly emerged from their hiding places to survey the wreckage.
    They were met by more blaster fire.
    “What!?” Ironhide screamed to no one in particular. Slowly, Bruticus rose out of the giant crater. Though he had little capability of showing emotion on his face, the Autobots could tell he was pretty ticked.
    Overhead, Bumblebee observed the giant in his Hyperdrive armor’s vehicle mode.
    “The blast left a nasty scorch mark,” he reported over his commlink, “But there’s no sign of actual armor damage!”
    “What in the name of Vector Sigma?!” Over-Drive exclaimed, “That’s impossible! The laser was set to full power!”
    “Then I fear we may have a problem that we can’t handle.”Optimus said, shaking his head sadly, as he again took to the skies. If he was going down, he was going down fighting.


    Location: Cybertronian ship Omnibot, stationed on Earth.

    Over-Drive stared at the computer screen in front of him, which displayed Bruticus slowly rising to his feet. He let out a long, low sigh as he heard Glyph’s awkward footsteps approaching him.
    “What now?” the blue fem-bot asked.
    Over-Drive shook his head. “I don’t know.”
    “You’re not giving up, are you?” Glyph asked in shock.
    Over-Drive rose out of his chair and and sauntered to another computer. “I... I’m just not sure what to do, Glyph.”
    Over-Drive admitting defeat? There was something Glyph never thought she’d see. “Then think of something!” she exclaimed in the loudest voice she had ever spoken in. “You’re a Cyber-Ninja! You’re a technological genius! You can’t just give up when your first plan doesn’t work, even if it is the best one you have! You can do this, Over-Drive. I know you can!” she exclaimed.
    Over-Drive stared at her a moment, surprised out her outburst. Slowly, a smile formed on his face.
    “Slaggit, you’re right, Glyph. The Autobots out there need me! Earth needs me! If the Combaticons create more of these giants, the whole universe will need me!” Over-Drive shouted, spinning around to face the blue fem-bot. “Glyph, I need a 3D model of Bruticus, stat!” he ordered, rushing to a nearby computer panel. Now wasting any time he furiously began typing on it.
    “On it!” Glyph said as she, too, plopped down on a seat in front of a monitor and began clicking her fingers on the buttons and keys.
    “Oh, Glyph?” She looked at him over her shoulder. “Thanks.”
    She responded with a smile, and then turned back to her work.


    “Status report!” Optimus shouted into his commlink.
    “Ironhide, Jazz, and Brawn are down!” Red Alert responded. “We’re going to have to focus our medical forces on them to ensure their survival.”
    Optimus sighed. “Alright. Autobots, fallback! We can’t afford to loose-”
    “NO!” Red Alert interjected, “We are unable to move the patients off the battleground! If you fall back, they’ll be wide open targets!”
    “Oh...well, in that case; Autobots, advance!” Optimus stammered.
    Shifting into vehicle mode, he flew back into the action. Bruticus was angrily swatting at Bumblebee, while the other Autobots attacked his feet. Whatever Onslaught did to their armor, Optimus thought, it worked.
    BRUTICUS WILL... DESTROY YOU!!!” the giant roared, as he managed to knock Bumblebee out of the air.
    “AAAAHHHH!!!” the little robot screamed as he plummeted to the ground and landed with a hard CRUNCH. After a moment he popped his head out of the crater. “I’m...OK...” he annonced woozily.
    Ratchet watched Bumblebee slowly crawl out of the crater. Something about it reminded him of...


    Location: Planet Cybertron. 8 million Stellar Cycles ago during the Great War.

    Ratchet watched as Hardhead slowly crawled out of a bomb crater in the ground. Sundenly, Hardhead was struck in the face by a large bolt of blaster fire, causing his head to blow apart like delicate pottery dropped on a hard floor. Ratchet turned to face the attacker; a tred-set ground assault vehicle. It rotated its missile launchers to face Ratchtet.
    Quickly, the Autobot leapt behind cover. There he found Chromedome.
    “We gotta get Pyro and bolt!” Ratchet yelled.
    “I...uh...don’t think we can do Pyro much good...” Chromedome pointed to the distance.
    Ratchet followed his gaze and saw the first Decepticon that attacked them finish off Pyro-permanently.
    “No...” Ratchet muttered under his breath.
    “You have to continue with the mission!” Chromedome persisted, “I’ll cover you!”
    “No! It’s too dangerous!” Ratchet argued.
    “You have to! You know this area better than any of us! I’ll cover you! Now GO!” Reluctantly, Ratchet converted to his vehicle mode and zoomed off at full speed. He stole a glance back at Chromedome; who was using his signature arm-mounted pipes to spew a special coating on some of the rockets the Decepticons were firing. The rockets were quickly covered in a shiny chrome coating and fell to the groung harmlessly.
    Ratchet refocused his optic sensors to the front. Sudenly, he heard a massive explosion.
    He looked behind him just in time to see Chromedome blasted to spare parts.
    “CROMED-” Ratchet caught himself. He couldn’t let the Decepticons hear him. Chromedome was right; he had to complete the mission.
    Because he was the only one left.


    Prime’s commlink clicked on. “Optimus! Come in! Do you read!?” Over-Drive asked.
    “Over-Drive, not now! Your weapon didn’t work, and unless you’re coming over here to fight-”
    “I think I know how to defeat Bruticus,” he responded, shutting Prime’s mouth.
    “Oh...” Optimus stammered. “Well, then, by all means, talk!”
    Back aboard the Omnibot, Over-Drive studied the rough 3D model of Bruticus on his computer moniter. “I’ve done some studies...and I think Bruticus’ weak spot- or rather, spots- are his knees.”
    “His KNEES?” Optimus exclaimed, surprised that such an essential joint would possibly be left unguarded.
    “Yes... when he bends his knees enough, the internal mechanics become uncovered. Whack one with your upgraded axe and he’ll lose his leg!”


    On the outside, Bruticus seemed to be a perfectly-tuned fighting machine. However, on the INSIDE, he was little more than five robots squabbling over what to do next.
    Focus on the downed Autobots and Medi-bots! Brawl and Vortex thought.
    No! We’ll get them later! Blastoff and Onslaught argued.
    Don’t hit them too hard! Swindle shouted, I want to salvage their weapons and tools!
    Quiet! The others thought back at him.
    The Combaticons were suddenly aware via BlastOff’s sensory equipment that Optimus Prime was moving in fast, laser axe drawn.
    Focus the attack on Optimus! All the Cons thought together and therefore, Bruticus thought as well. Optimus had the axe ready and aimed at the Gestalt’s head.
    Dodge Prime, quick! The thought, originating from BlastOff, shot through Bruticus’ processor. Bruticus leaned back, using his left leg, Brawl, for support.
    However, Optimus didn’t swing his weapon. Rather, he swooped down to Bruticus’ right knee.
    Each Combaticon wondered what he was doing- flooding Bruticus’ brain with possibilities. So many in fact, he was unable to think or react when Optimus attacked.
    All of the Combaticons screamed with pain and rage as Optimus Prime struck Bruticus’ right knee with the sharp blade of his axe.


    IMPACT! Stealthily, the axeblade sank into the exposed machinery on Bruticus’ knee. The shock to the giant’s combination systems was so great that, one by one, the Combaticons fell apart changing into their robot modes.
    Optimus landed in front of Onslaught and soon, the other Autobots had also surrounded the Combaticons. Each ‘Con knew they were in no condition to fight, as their systems were still shocked from the forced separation.
    With this in mind, Onslaught reached into one of the pouches on his belt and withdrew three small spheres that he quickly threw on the ground. Upon impact with the largely destroyed pavement, they exploded into a thick, black smokescreen. The Autobots charged in, but at close range, the smoke interfered with their sensors, making them incapable of tracing the Decepticons.
    By the time the smoke had cleared, the Combaticons were long gone.


    Location: Autobot Earth Base.

    “There, that should do it.” Ratchet said as he clicked shut the panel on Ironhide’s arm. The orange robot stood up and rotated his elbow.
    “Good as new. Thanks, Doc!” He noticed Ratchet was staring off into space. “...Ratchet? Ya’ OK?”
    Ratchet snapped out of his trance. “Uh? Oh...yeah, I’m fine...”
    Ironhide looked at him curiously. “OK... well, thanks for the fix.”
    “You’re welcome,” Ratchet replied as Ironhide left the room. He stared at a wall, his mind again slipping away…


    Location: Planet Cybertron. 8 million Stellar Cycles ago during the Great War.

    Ratchet kept driving until he was positive he was not being tailed. Still going at top speed, he transformed to his robot mode and skidded to a halt. He turned around to survey the battleground where his friends had done their last deeds.
    The battlefield was suddenly engulfed in constant explosions. Ratchet could barely make out what appeared to be the brown flying Decepticon from earlier bombing the place.
    “Ratchet! Field Tech Ratchet, report!” Ultra Magnus’ voice came over Ratchet’s communicator. “What’s your status?”
    Ratchet sat down behind the cover of a chunk of wall. “Decepticon fire everywhere, sir! We’re pinned down!” No, not ‘we’, Ratchet thought, There is no ‘we’ anymore. He was then knocked over by an explosion that was too close for comfort.
    A cry for help directed his attention to a hole in the ground. In a lower layer of ground was a pink and white female Cybertronian.
    “Ratchet, have you located the Intelligence Officer?” Ultra Magnus asked.
    “Affirmative, sir!” Ratchet replied, “Unfortunately, so have the Decepticons!”
    “I need her processor in one piece,” Ultra Magnus explained, “She’s carrying valuable top-secret access codes. They must not fall into Decepticon hands!”
    The transmission ended and Ratchet quickly engaged his arm-mounted magnets to provide a safe decent to the lower layer.
    “Something’s wrong, Doc,” the pink robot said, “I can’t feel my leg!” Sure enough, the ‘Bot’s left leg was broken off at the knee. Ratchet knelt down and touched the exposed knee-circuts, recieveing a mild zap.
    “OW! For starters, you’re in shock.”


    “Yo, Ratchet!” Jazz said from the doorway, “You’re gonna wanna see what’s on the tube!”
    Ratchet snapped out of his trance and growled to himself. This was the second time a run-in with a Decepticon from his past made him flashback to the time he met Arcee. Creakily, he followed Jazz into the main control room of the base, where he found the other Autobots watching yet another, news broadcast.
    “…and so, there is no longer any doubt in the minds of the people of Detroit about the trustworthiness of the Autobots. They are, and always have been, our protectors. This is reporter Lester Black, signing off.”
    The Autobots watched the screen with satisfaction. Not only had they prevented the Combaticons from destroying Detroit, but they had also mended their ties with the humans.
    It had been a rare type of day where everything had ended very well.
    Well, almost everything, Ratchet thought as he converted into his ambulance form.
    “Where’re YOU goin’?” Hot Shot asked.
    “I have some… business to take care of,” Ratchet announced before speeding out the door.


    Later, Ratchet was atop Sumdec tower, working furiously on the Space bridge control terminal.
    “Well? Can you get them back?” Isaac Sumdec asked worriedly.
    Ratchet shook his head. “I can’t even figure out where they went, much less get them back,” he replied as he typed on the Space Bridge’s computer consol. “But don’t worry. Sari and Legatron are both resourceful ‘bots, and Bulkhead is a Space Bridge expert. I’m sure they’ll be able to get back here...eventually...”
    “That’s…not exactly encouraging,” Isaac Sumdec mumbled.


    “Useless! Absolutely useless!” Swindle complained. “I didn’t get to salvage any weapons, or even get to test out my new ones! What a waste of time!”
    “Can it, Swindle!” Onslaught barked as he searched for a tool with which to fix some of the damage in Swindle’s forearm. “That wasn’t a real battle; it was a field test. And we weren’t trying to test your weapons, we were testing Bruticus.”
    “Yeah,” he scoffed, “and look how that turned out.”
    Onslaught gave Swindle a good, hard stare that was surprisingly effective considering the former robot lacked a set of eyes to stare with, instead having a glowing visor that stretched across his face. “That test was NOT a failure. What went wrong was simply a design flaw in Bruticus’ knees. We know what went wrong, so now we can fix it.”
    Swindles purple optics went wide with realization. “Fix it? So…”
    Onslaught turned back to his tools as sadistically remarked, “We’re not out of it yet.”


    Location: Universal Stream Malgus -811.21 Iota

    A large field lay in silence as a gentle wind sifted through what little grass it contained. Most of the land was taken up by burning, upturned earth and large craters.
    Suddenly, a gigantic, blue ball of energy appeared in the sky. With a cackle of energy two small beings were flung out of it, landing hard on the charred ground. After laying for a few moments in silence, Sari Sumdec groaned, and sat up.
    “Where... where are we?” she asked as she took in her surroundings. The field they were in stretched on for what seemed like forever, the only distinguishing features being a lake far off in one direction and a city in another.
    The other being, Legatron, got up and surveyed the distant city. His optics zoomed in on one particularly tall structure with a somewhat familiar design.
    “Oh, slag...” he murmured. What he saw wouldn’t make any sense to Sari- but to him, it was clear as crystal.
    There, displayed on the building, was a massive purple and black Autobot insignia.

    To Be Continued...
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    Simply amazing, mate. Simply amazing.
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    Time for a new episode, and it's a long one...

    Shattered Glass
    Part One: Mirror, Mirror

    Location: Universal Stream Malgus -811.21 Iota

    “What? What is it?” Sari questioned, looking at the massive building dominating the skyline.
    “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” Legatron replied, his gaze still fixed on the city in the distance.
    “Try me,” Sari said.
    Legatron took a deep breath then let it out slowly. “It appears that we are in a negative universe.”
    “A what?” Sari asked, cocking an eyebrow.
    “Toldja you wouldn’t believe me,” Legatron stated.
    “No, I meant I have no idea what you mean by that,” Sari responded in an annoyed tone.
    “A negative universe,” Legatron explained, “Is a universal-stream similar to that of nearby universe clusters, except that all of the universal incarnations of the inhabitants are the opposite of how they would normally be.”
    Sari stared at him with a blank expression. “You lost me at ‘universe clusters’.”
    Legatron thought for a moment, trying to come up with less complicated way of wording his explanation. “Well, it’s like-“
    “Hey, look!” Sari suddenly exclaimed, pointing into the distance.
    Legatron followed her gaze and spotted a tread-mounted Cybertronian vehicle and an Earth compact car, both an inky black in color, barely visible in the distance.
    “Hey! Bumblebee! Ironhide! Over here!” Sari exclaimed, waving her arms frantically.
    Legatron clamped a servo over her mouth. “What are you doing?! They’re not the Bumblebee and Ironhide we know! They’re- aw, slag, they’re headin’ right for us!” he exclaimed.
    In a matter of seconds, the two vehicles had reached them, transforming into a black and silver Ironhide and a reverse-colored bumblebee with a blue head.
    “Guys!” Sari exclaimed, “Boy am I glad to see y-”
    “Shut yer’ trap, freak!” Bumblebee snapped in an unusually gravelly voice.
    “Uh, yeah... be quiet!” Ironhide stammered stupidly as Bumblebee shot him a death glare.
    “Wha-” It was then that Sari realized what Legatron meant by the inhabitants being opposite. The reversed color schemes, the weird speech patterns, the red optics- Sari couldn’t believe it.
    They were in a universe of evil Autobots.
    “Yer’ commin’ wit’ us, punks!” Bumblebee spat as his arms retracted and were replaced by a pair of dark blue stingers. Following suite Ironhide pulled a pair of large ‘hammer hands’ out of his backpack.
    “Scatter!” Legatron shouted. Sari didn’t have to be told twice; she changed to her robot mode and bolted away from the towering robots.
    “Git em’!” Bumblebee ordered.
    “Duh... OK!” Ironhide replied as two silver tabs on his right forearm unlatched. He quickly swung his arm at the ground as his forearm expanded on the way down. As his hammer-hand struck the ground, a massive explosion went off, blowing an enormous crater in the ground, sending Legatron, Sari, and even Bumblebee, flying across the field.
    Bumblebee hit the ground hard. “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand fraggin’ times,” he grumbled as he sat up, “Give me some warning before you use the P.O.K.E.!!”
    “Oh... uh... sorry...” Ironhide stammered.
    Sari groaned as she struggled to sit up. A loud whoosh drew her attention to the sky, where she saw a maroon and grey fighter jet flying overhead, followed by a light gray and black harrier jet. The fighter jet quickly began firing missiles that peppered Bumblebee and Ironhide with fiery explosions, while the harrier jet landed next to Sari, cockpit opening.
    “Hop in!” The jet said in a familiar yet friendly tone. Sari jumped as hard as she could, barely grabbing ahold of the edge of the open cockpit. Hoisting herself up, she landed softly on the jet’s pilot seat. Restraints clicked around her as the window top hissed closed. With a roar, the jet took to the skies.
    Her commlink clicked. “Sari? Ya there?” Legatron’s voice said.
    “Yeah,” she whispered. She deducted that Legatron was in the other jet. “Quick question- who are these guys?”
    “Sari,” Legatron continued, “Meet Blitzwing and Thundercracker.”

    Location: Sumdec Tower.

    A purple-and-black robot of medium height sat in a large throne-like chair, resting his head on his hand, elbow propped up against the arm-rest. With his other hand he impatiently drummed his fingers against the chair’s armrest. The rest of the room he was seated in was filled with computer terminals and robots working furiously on them.
    “Optimus, sir,” a small maroon-and-yellow robot piped up.
    Optimus Prime turned in his throne to face the smaller figure. “Yes, Hot Shot?”
    “Report from Bumblebee and Ironhide ‘bout the Transwarp surge,” he reported approaching the throne and handing Optimus a purple data pad. “Apparently, there were two human-sized beings responsible. One was a green mech, and the other…” He hesitated. “Well, see for yourself.”
    Optimus stared blankly at the data-pad. His optics suddenly lit up as he read a particular sentence in the report. “...Sari Sumdec? Wearing yellow garments? ... and taken away by Decepticons?”
    Hot Shot nodded.
    “See if you can summon Sari. We need to have a word with our little friend,” Optimus said in a sadistic tone.
    Hot Shot nodded again, than left the room to carry out the order.

    Location: Decepticon Headquarters under Lake Eerie.

    A tall, light-gray and black robot with blue highlights studied some mission reports closely. Autobot activity levels were spiking again. What kind of processor-glitched plan were they executing now? And then there was the report about the sudden surge in Transwarp energy in the middle of a field outside the city- was THAT somehow linked to the Autobot uprisings? He recalled having sent Blitzwing and Thundercracker to investigate that particular case. Now he was wishing he had sent them reinforcements.
    “Megatron, sir,” the voice of the Decepticon Lockdown said over the gray robot’s com-link. “Blitzwing and Thundercracker have returned, and they’ve got... something you’ll want to see.”
    “Alright,” Megatron answered, “Send them in.”
    A few minutes later, Thundercracker and Blitzwing walked in the room with two human-sized companions at their feet.
    Megatron knelt down to get a better look at them “...Sari Sumdec? Is that really you?”
    “Yeah...” Sari stammered, “But not the Sari you know. I’m a… different Sari.”
    Megatron’s smile dropped. “Pity, I was hoping she had seen the error of her ways. But, then, who are you?”
    “We hail from a universe parallel to your own,” the other small robot, Legatron, explained.
    Thundercracker and Blitzwing attempted to restrain their laughter. They succeeded only when Megatron glared at them.
    “I have proof,” Legatron continued, “Name ANYONE here, Autobot or Decepticon, and I’ll be able to tell you what they’re like.”
    “Alright, then,” Blitzwing started, “Swindle.”
    “A merchant and charity worker who always gives an honest price,” Legatron replied.
    “How about Lockdown?” Thundercracker asked.
    “A medic, and a really good one at that,” Legatron responded.
    Blitzwing thought for a moment, then smirked. “OK, then… Shockwave.”
    Legatron glanced up at the larger robot. “You mean Longarm?”
    Blitzwing and Thundercracker’s suppressed laughter had now changed to a look of shock.
    “How did-” Thundercracker started.
    “I took what I knew from Sari’s universe,” Legatron interrupted, “and thought the opposite.”
    Sari raised an eyebrow at him referring do the other universe specifically as hers. Wasn’t it his home universe too? Unless-
    “Well...” Megatron said, “You certainly have been traveling, it would seem.”
    “Yeah, but we probably shouldn’t stay long,” Sari said.
    “How do you expect to get back? A Stellar Spanner?” Thundercracker asked.
    Sari glanced up at him, confused. “A what?”
    “A Space Bridge,” Legatron explained. “And, yes. That’s how we got here, after all, so it makes sense that that’s how we’ll get back.”
    “Then, my friends, we have a problem,” Megatron said as he stood up from his crouched position. “The Autobots are in possession of Earth’s only Stellar Spanner.”
    “They’re in possession of the entire planet,” Blitzwing murmured. Megatron shot him a look.
    “However,” Megatron started, “If you know as much about the Autobots as you know about the Decepticons, we may be able to overcome them and seize control of the Spanner.”
    In a dark corner of the room, someone scoffed. “Like that will ever happen.” Out of the shadows walked an orange and white bot with a Starscream body-type.
    Megs sighed. “What is it, Sunstorm?”
    “Even if we could capture the Stellar Spanner,” Sunstorm explained, “How in spark’s name would we send them to another universe?”
    “Critic,” Thundercracker murmured.
    “I think,” started Legatron, “That if we go back to where we came, I can scan for residual Transwarp energy and input the data in the space bridge as coordinates. Then we should be able to transport home.”
    Everyone just stared at him for a moment. “That... just might work...” Sunstorm murmured.
    “But the Autobots may likely have the area under investigation,” Blitzwing stated.
    “Well,” Megatron started, “I think I know a bot who can get us in.” He clicked his commlink on. “Soundwave, I need you to patch me through to our friend Shockwave.”

    Location: Longarm Major’s office.

    Typing, Cataloguing, and Sorting. This is what Longarm did all day, and it showed- everything in his office was meticulously neat and organized. He used his extending limbs to reach filing cabinets and data pads across the room. He rarely got any visitors; only the occasional secretary bot in need of a file or to clear up a scheduling issue, but even that was often done via commlink.
    Longarm was in the middle of updating his own schedule when he got a message. Upon reading it, he permanently deleted it and pressed a secret button under his desk. His windows projected holograms that, when viewed from the outside, made it look like he was hard at work on his computer. Once the holograms had been activated, his computer began to change. The screen extended upward as several additional interface controls slid out of the side of the keypad.
    Then Longarm himself changed. He grew taller and lankier. His hands morphed into three pointy fingers. His face was hidden by two sliding panels as the yellow circle on his forehead glowed. A small, lighter yellow slit formed down the middle of his new, single eye.
    A picture of Megatron appeared on the screen. He appeared to have a small, green mech sitting on his tall shoulder.
    “Megatron,” Shockwave said, “It’s been awhile. Too long, in fact. How can I serve you this fine cycle?”
    “Shockwave, good to see you again. I’m afraid I have no time to chat, however. My friend here-” he motioned to the small mech on his shoulder, “-requires entrance to the area of the recent Transwarp surge.”
    “Nice of you to cut to the point, but that will be difficult,” Shockwave reported. “The area’s been highly restricted. I’m not sure I can even get myself in.”
    “Well,” the small robot started, “Surely you could bypass some security. After all, you are head of... uh, whatever you would call your job of filing stuff. You could say you need to see the scene yourself to clear up some issues- those other ‘Bots have surely screwed up incident reports before.”
    “Hm... that’s not a half bad idea,” Shockwave said thoughtfully as he rubbed his chin. “Yea, these IDIOTS I’m forced to work with have screwed up report filings more times that I care to count. But the question remains- how would I sneak YOU in, of all things?”
    The small bot smiled. “You guys aren’t the only ones who can transform.”


    “Alright, listen up, punks!” a massive black and orange Autobot barked as his much smaller, cowering companions. “We’re here to get info! Scan for energy reserves! Find the source of that Transwarp surge! THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE EXPLOSIVES!!!”
    Jazz shrunk back as Bulkhead yelled in his face. “S-sorry, boss, I just thought-”
    “Thought!? You THOUGHT!?!?” Bulkhead roared, “I toldja tah leave the thinkin’ tah ME!!!!”
    “Y-yessir, sorry sir!” Jazz sputtered, “It won’t happen again!”
    “It had BETTER NOT!!!” Bulkhead replied.
    Jazz ran off to put away the explosives he had brought along while Bulkhead turned to survey the rest of his workers when he noticed a familiar-looking crane approaching the field.
    “Ah, greetin’s, Longarm,” Bulkhead said in a tone that sounded shockingly calm compared to the shouting he was doing moments ago.
    “Hello, Bulkhead.” Longarm replied as he rolled up to him, not even bothering to transform.
    “What brings a data clerk like you here?” Bulkhead asked curiously.
    “Oh, just need to clear up some data is all. The data regarding this incident that was collected from Bumblebee was a completely different story than the one Ironhide told.” His crane top rotated, seeming to be looking around. In reality, he was letting the small green box in his storage compartment scan the area.
    “Idiots,” Bulkhead scoffed. “Well, we think the surge’s from some Stellar Spanner malfunction somewhere, but haven’t gotten fah in ah investigation yet, so we can’t say f’ sure.”
    “Alright then,” Longarm stated. “I’ll just head back to my office and finish working this out when you get those details.”
    Bulkhead gave him and odd look. “You’re not going to investigate more now while you’re here?”
    Longarm chose his words carefully- Bulkhead had a sharp mind; Longarm would have to make his lie convincing. “Hey, I’m just a lowly data clerk. I’ll let the REAL professionals like you handle this.”
    Bulkhead beamed with pride, soaking up the praise like a sponge. “Good plan. We’ll get yah a report soon ‘s we got more data.”
    “Sounds great to me!” Longarm shouted as he turned to leave.
    Bulkhead watched Longarm vanish into the distance. He suspected that Longarm was up to something...
    Because Longarm never left his office himself to clear up a filing dispute.
    That’s what human slaves are for! Bulkhead thought to himself.


    Longarm rushed along a road, heading for Sumdec Tower. Along the way, he had to make a detour. The bridge ahead was conveniently damaged by a very recent Decepticon attack. Along the detour, he ejected a small, green box out of his cargo bay. It clanked to the ground as he rolled on. The small box then sprouted arms, legs, and a head.
    Legatron looked around until he spotted a manhole. He lifted the cover and jumped in, plunging into the darkness.
    He landed softly in the water. Only it wasn’t water; at least, not all of it. It was mixed with sludgy oil and other random chemicals.
    In his head, Legatron glanced at the map he had scanned. Being a small robot, he wasn’t very quick on foot, so Megatron said he would arrange for an “escort”. The meeting place was nearby-
    His sensors flared. An Autobot was practically on top of him. There was no time to hide. A hovercraft-looking vehicle rounded the bend.
    “Well, well,” it said in a rather proper tone, “What do we have here?” The vehicle morphed into the Autobot Seaspray. “A little runaway?” He scooped up a handful of water/oil and flung it at Legatron. The small mech easily dodged it, but Seaspray quickly threw more muck at him. This continued for a bit until Legatron decided to get an aerial advantage. He nearly activated his jetpack when he realized that the flames would ignite the oil. Instead, he shot his grapplers to the ceiling and lifted himself up. The muck-dodging continued with Legatron magnetically clinging to the ceiling, avoiding the hunks of sludge being hurled at him. Just as the small robot was about to run out of clean ceiling space to cling to, something hit Seaspray hard on the back of the head.
    The stubby Autobot toppled forward, out cold. Behind him was a tall, lanky bot with a lime green and gray coloration. He was holding a long chain weapon. His chest had a red Decepticon insignia.
    Legatron plopped onto the ground. “I take it you’re my escort?”
    The ‘Con nodded. “Name’s Oil Slick.” He converted to a four-wheeled motorcycle.
    “I’m Legatron,” the green bot said as he climbed onto Oil Slick’s seat. The motorcycled roared down the underground tunnels.


    “Yer sure ‘bout that?” Bulkhead asked the other Bot over his commlink.
    “Yup, I followed him just like you asked. He dropped somethin’ off alright,” The robot over the commlink replied. “I investigated the area. The only escape would be a hole to the sewers.”
    Bulkhead sighed. “Alright. I’ll have Seaspray investigate. Return to your work.”
    “OK,” Blurr responded over Bulkhead’s com-link. The transmission was cut and Bulkhead opened a new line. “Seaspray, come in.” Static. “Seaspray? Report!” More Static. “D*mn.” He opened yet another channel. This called for a hired hand.


    “Man, this place is a huge maze,” Legatron said.
    “Yeah, these sewers run all through underground Detroit,” Oil Slick replied.
    “What... what was Detroit like before the Autobots attacked?” Legatron asked slowly.
    Oil Slick waited a moment before answering. “Detroit was a nice place to live; no crime, good jobs, wonderful environment. Then the Autobots came, with us Decepticons in pursuit. Cybertron was in ruins. Earth has plenty of opportunity for energy creation. It wasn’t long before their tech was stolen by that mad scientist Isaac Sumdec... and it all went downhill from there...”
    They both rode in silence for a while. “There,” Oil Slick broke the silence. “That tunnel will take us to the Decepticon base.”
    “‘Alright!” Legatron said, “It’ll be good to get out of this stinkin’-”
    “AHA!” A voice cried out from somewhere in the darkness. Something whirled through the air, strait for them. Oil Slick braked hard; the object stuck in the concrete wall. Legatron examined it. It appeared to be some kind of giant throwing star.
    “Oh, no...” Legatron whispered.
    Out of the darkness walked a skinny figure. It was apparent by the wheels in his legs that the ‘he had a motorcycle alternate form. His armor was a sickly green meshed with black. Various random details on him were colored gold, maroon, silver, and red.
    “Prowl,” Legatron murmured.
    “Yeah, that’s me!” Prowl said enthusiastically, “And you’re coming with me!” He let out a mad cackle as he threw more throwing stars. Oil Slick gunned his engine and roared down the sewers. With his prey getting away from him, Prowl decided to resort to his long-range weapons. Clear red devices on his forearms, which doubled as his vehicle-mode taillights, extended forward and started firing thin yet powerful laser blasts at Oil Slick. The skinny blasts pierced through the cement walls, not one hitting their intended target.
    “Gah, hold still!” Prowl shouted angrily as he threw small grenades down the tunnel. They detonated, forcing Oil Slick to stop and convert to robot form. “Got you now,” Prowl shouted sadistically as he closed in.
    Oil Slick reached to his leg and withdrew a canister, then pulled it in half, morphing it into his chain weapon. Cracking it like a whip, he began to strafe Prowl’s frenzied lasers.
    Suddenly, Legatron jumped out of the shadows, battlemask engaged, and sliced his twin swords through Prowl’s left heel. The evil motorcycle howled in pain, giving Oil Slick an open chance to hit him with his chain weapon. As he went down, Prowl attempted to stop his fall by grabbing hold of an old, rusted pipe that ran from the floor to the ceiling. However, the ancient metal broke open under the robot’s weight.
    Gas hissed from the broken tube. Prowl, however, took little notice. Instead, he pulled another grenade out of his backpack, pulled the pin, and tossed it at Oil Slick.
    “Oh, smelt!” Legatron shouted. “Slick! GO!”
    Oil Slick got the hint, leaping forward and transforming. Legatron used his grappler to get ahold of Oil Slick’s handlebar and pull himself onto the seat as they rocketed away.
    Prowl was about to chase them when he realized why they were so panicked. He now noticed the broken gas pipe, filled with what was no doubt a highly flammable gas. He took one glance at the grenade when realization struck him.
    “Oh, sh-!” the grenade went off, igniting the gas in a spectacular explosion. Prowl was engulfed in flames in nanoseconds.


    “Hang on! We’re almost at the exit!” Oil Slick shouted, driving at top speed. Unfortunately, the mucky water was slowing him down greatly. Behind them, the oil on the water was ablaze, and the flames were catching up to them more rapidly than either Oil Slick or Legatron were comfortable with.
    “There!” Oil Slick shouted. The eyes on the goat skull design on his motorcycle front blinked, sending a wireless signal, prompting a ramp to extend down from the ceiling. Flames licking his tires, Oil Slick sped up the ramp and jumped into a lobby area, landing with a loud screech on the hard metal flooring. Mechanical extinguishers put out the bits of flame that had gotten on the ramp as it retracted.
    Megatron entered the room with Sari on his shoulder as the two newcomers assumed their robot forms.
    “Did it work?” The Decepticon leader inquired.
    Both Oil Slick and Legatron were panting hard to keep their ventilation systems going.
    “Yeah... I got... the scan...” Legatron panted. “I think I could… input it in a space bridge.”
    “Oh, there will be no need for that,” Megatron explained, “While you were gone, I brought in a Stellar Spanner expert.”
    A pink and white female robot walked up behind Megatron.
    “Meet Blackarachnia,” Megatron said.


    “Status report!” Optimus barked.
    “The sewer fire had been cut off from the North,” Cheetor said.
    “The Eastern sewer tunnels are under control,” reported Bumper.
    “West is taken care of,” Perceptor said enthusiastically.
    “The East... uh... y-you should probably see this, sir,” Blurr said. Optimus walked over to him and peered at his screen to see half of Eastern Detroit ablaze. Adding insult to injury, the eastern portion of the city was where the Autobots’ new secret weapon was contained.
    “Slaggit!” Prime roared. “Get Fire Convoy and Hot Spot on that.”
    “Already done, sir,” Blurr reported.
    “Excellent,” Optimus replied. “In the meantime, find out the cause of this fire. When I find who’s responsible- for this…”
    “Sir?” Bumper spoke up. Optimus span around to face him. “We got a lead on that fire. Apparently Bulkhead hired Prowl to go after Longarm, who had dropped something off at some random location. Well, Prowl went into the sewer systems, and we haven’t heard from him since.”
    “Hm... I see...” Optimus said. “If we ever see Prowl again, be sure to... pay him...”
    “What about the Decepticons, sir?” Blurr inquired. “They’ll more than likely attack while we’re facing this crisis.”
    Optimus thought for a moment. “A valid point; we shall send our little Omega friend, then,” Optimus said sinisterly, “To DISCOURAGE their efforts...”


    “We are ready to commence the attack on the Stellar Spanner, sir!” A cone-headed Seeker reported.
    “Thank you, Ramjet,” Megatron said as he followed the smaller Decepticon into the base’s hanger area. Once he arrived a small purple bot ran up to him.
    “Megatron, sir!” The bot said.
    “Yes, Viewfinder?” Megatron inquired.
    “Terrible news,” Viewfinder reported, “Omega Supreme is back.”


    Omega Supreme stomped trees flat as he walked along, blasting away at every rock, hill, and abandoned building in sight.
    The purpose for this seemed little more than to get the Decepticon’s attention, but it ran much deeper.
    Omega was searching- and destroying- the most likely calculated areas for the Decepticon base while still being in range of the Space Bridge. He would flush them out soon enough...
    Out of nowhere, several Decepticon planes started ambushing him. His advanced processor calculated a total of eight Seekers, plus Blitzwing and Lugnut. However, as smart as he was, he was still too slow to swat the planes, leaving him to resort to other options. Several panels of his armor lifted up and retracted, revealing an insane amount of blasters and missiles that started wildly firing at the jets.
    In the distance, Megatron, Starscream, Sari, and Legatron watched the battle.
    “Do you think they can take him?” Sari asked.
    “Honestly... no,” Megatron replied.
    “Well, how did you beat him before?” Legatron asked.
    “We didn’t.”Megatron said sadly.
    “WHAT?!” The two inter-dimensional robots exclaimed.
    “We simply went into hiding the last time Omega Supreme was deployed,” Starscream explained. “We never actually defeated him,”
    “Megatron, sir!” Someone shouted over the tall robot’s commlink.
    “What is it, Soundwave?” the Decepticon leader asked.
    “Update on that huge fire,” Soundwave reported. “The Autobots seem t’ be focusin’ on savin’ one sp’cific area. Interestin’ thing is... well, it’d be easier to show you, if you had a screen.”
    “I have a screen,” Legatron stated. The others looked at him in surprise. “What? I turn into a multi-media device.” He folded into his box-like alternate form. Some panels on his front retracted, revealing a monitor screen as he patched himself into Megatron’s commlink signal. “Alright, watcha got?” An equalizer on the bottom of the screen bounced as he spoke. Soundwave sent him the data, which the small robot quickly began downloading.
    His screen displayed a 3D picture of a section of Detroit. One building was highlighted green.
    “The green building is the one the Autobots are focusing on protecting. It is worth noting because…” Soundwave reported.
    Legatron got the hint and activated the next file. The map gained an underground view of the city that was crisscrossed with sewers, water pipes, and electric wires.
    “…There’s a large empty space directly below it.” Soundwave continued. “Suggestin’-”
    “That they are hiding something there,” Megatron finished.
    “’Zactly what we were thinkin’,” Soundwave continued, “And it’s a real large space. Big enough t’ fit, like, ten Omega Supremes!”
    “WHAT did you say?!” Legatron’s equalizer bounced wildly as he shouted.
    “I said, like, ten Omegas. You’d have to stack them on two layers, but it would fit.”
    “…Oh PRIMUS …” Legatron murmured as he converted back to robot form. “Megatron, you need to take out that facility NOW.”
    “Well, I could assemble a strike force,” Megatron said thoughtfully, “but why now?”
    “Trust me,” Legatron stated, doing some rapid calculations of the area of the space below the building.
    “Alright, but what about Omega Supreme?” Starscream spoke up. “The more troops we send to the facility, the less we have to fight him.”
    “Well, is there anything that has enough power to stop him?” Legatron asked.
    Megatron pondered a moment. “Hmmm… there are two things; The Spark of Darkness and the Magnus Hammer.”
    “’Spark of Darkness?’” Sari inquired.
    Megatron nodded. “It was forged by Unicron himself to bring life to the barren metal planet Cybertron.”
    “Unicron? So he’s good here?” Sari asked, confused.
    “No,” Legatron replied, “Unicron is a Multi-Versal singularity.”
    “Oh,” Sari said, not really understanding what he meant.
    “Unicron made the Spark of Darkness to create a race of mindless drones to do his bidding,” Megatron continued. ”We don’t know what went ‘wrong’, but we Transformers came out to be fully sentient beings.”
    “Where are these power objects?” Legatron asked.
    “The Spark of Death has been lost for all of recorded history,” Megatron stated sadly. “But the hammer is in the hands of Ultra Magnus, who is currently on Cybertron.”
    Legatron pondered this. “Do you think we could lure Ultra Magnus here?”
    “Possibly,” Megatron cocked an eyebrow, “but how are we going to-”
    “Trust me, I have a plan!” Legatron announced confidently.

    Sirens blared as Longarm gathered up a few last possessions. Dumping them in the storage unit on his back, he bolted out of his office.
    Sumdec Tower was rapidly heating up as a result of the fires. The entire building shrieked and shuddered as the blazing inferno ravaged its supports, threatening to take down the whole tower.
    Longarm ran down the corridor. No one else was in sight; he wondered if he had purposely not been informed of the impending danger.
    The ground beneath him suddenly jarred to an angle as the tower leaned. Longarm almost slipped, but managed to keep his footing. Unfortunately, it suddenly until sloped to an even steeper angle, sending Longarm hurdling through a window. Thinking fast, he extended one of his arms and grabbed hold of the window ledge. He allowed himself a quick look down; nothing but flames. Looking back up, he retracted his arm and held up his other one. When he reached the window, he extended his other arm to the roof of the tower, eventually managing to pull himself up. Quickly, he converted into his Shockwave persona.
    “Decepticon alert! Decepticon alert!” he shouted into his com-link. “I’m about to become barbecued scrap! Requesting assistance, STAT!” he shouted as the tower lurched again, causing Shockwave to nearly lose his footing.
    “This is Lugnut,” a voice said over Shockwave’s com-link. “I’m almost there!” In a matter of seconds, Shockwave saw the red bomber in the distance. He knew his cover was as good as blown, but it would be well worth it if he lived. His arms shot upward and grabbed the sides of Lugnut’s hull, and felt his magnets hold them in place. Retracting his arms, he rose into the air as Lugnut kept flying.
    “That was close,” Shockwave started, “I was sure for a cycle-” Abruptly, he felt the magnet clamps disengage. The shock caused his fingers to slip off the bomber’s sides.
    “LUUUUUUUUUUUUUGNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!” Shockwave cried as he seemingly plummeted to his doom. Lugnut quickly circled around as Shockwave quickly extended his arms yet again and clamped firmly onto Lugnut’s sides.
    “Sorry,” Lugnut apologized. “My, uh, magnets mustuv’ gotten damaged in that fight with Omega…”
    “It’s alright,” Shockwave replied, “I understand…”


    Location: Makeshift Decepticon Outpost outside Detroit

    “Signal booster ready?” Legatron shouted.
    “Affirmative!” Lockdown replied.
    “Transverse locater?” he asked.
    “Check!” Soundwave said.
    “Power cells?”
    “Fully charged!” Swindle cried.
    “We’re good to go!” Blackarachnia reported.
    “Alright,” Legatron’s chest compartment opened, revealing a green version of Sari’s old AllSpark key. “Here goes nothin’...” The key shot a beam of energy into the device his friends had thrown together, which multiplied the signal emitted by the energy and shot it toward Cybertron.
    Now all we can do, Legatron thought, is wait.


    Location: Autobot Headquarters

    Rodimus watched the fire raging outside his window intently, hands folded behind his back. He had a marvelous view of Sumdec Tower.
    Too bad that wouldn’t last much longer. With an ear-splitting metal creak, the tower crashed to the ground, its dark gray form immediately engulfed in flames.
    Rodimus shook his head. Whoever was responsible for this was going to get it, and get it GOOD. At least the Autobots had managed to save their project.
    A project that will soon take an unexpected turn, Rodimus thought to himself as he smiled evilly at his reflection in the window.



    Location: An empty street in Detroit

    With a loud clang, a manhole cover shot up into the air. A huge, scorched robot hand rose up out of the hole. Cement cracked and crumbled as the rest of the mechanical being lifted himself out of the ground.
    The robot was a lanky in build. Its armor was scorched with large chunks missing. What little color he had left was a mix of sickly green, maroon, and silver.
    They all probably think I’m dead, Prowl thought as he smiled sadistically. Well, they’re in for a nasty surprise, then...
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    Shattered Glass
    Part 2: Shattered Expectations

    Location: Earth Stellar Spanner

    The Earth Stellar Spanner was a magnificent sight to behold. The imposing structure had been constructed entirely out of Earth material, yet still functioned as well as any one made on Cybertron. Stationed in a small clearing, it allowed for even the largest objects to be Transwarped with ease.
    And if the size wasn’t imposing enough there were also the defense systems-- round-the-clock guards, multiple photon blasters, even a heavy-duty KOR-Dakk missile launcher. The Stellar Spanner was one of the most fortified places on Earth.
    Optimus Prime considered all this as Ratchet spoke.
    “It would seem az though the hackerz got in through via an installed backdoor,” Ratchet explained.
    Optimus pondered this. “Any thoughts, Rodimus?” he asked, looking over at the slightly smaller Autobot.
    “No,” Rodimus stated.
    Optimus sent him a hard glare.
    “Sir,” The goateed robot added, rolling his eyes in annoyance.
    “Sir!” Another robot, Cliffjumper, suddenly shouted in alarm, “The Spanner is powering up!”
    “WHAT?!” Optimus bellowed. Sure enough, the large teleportation device was crackling with energy. A blue sphere of Transwarp energy appeared in the Spanner’s energy field. Soon, a missile truck, a tank, a garbage truck, a pickup with a snowplow, and two A-shaped jets emerged from the crackling blue sphere. As the jets continued circling around the area as the other vehicles transformed and landed.
    Optimus quickly approached the gray, black and red missile truck robot. “Ultra Magnus,” he spat, “How dare you show your smug-ugly mug around here! Earth is my territory!”
    “I am the Emperor of Destruction, the Supreme leader of the Autobots,” Magnus countered. “All that is the Autobots’ is mine,”
    “In that case, you’re in for a nasty surprise, yessss,” Optimus replied, “Because all of my troops have pledged undying loyalty to ME!”
    His gathered troops murmured amongst themselves, clearly not recalling ever making such a vow.
    Optimus groaned in annoyance. “Well, I still have more troops than you. Seriously, though, you brought Sentinel?”
    “Hello!” Sentinel said kindly as Magnus shot him a dirty look.
    “You’re as good as gone, Magnus.” Optimus snarled. “Autobots, ATTACK!”
    After hesitating for a moment, Prime’s crew charged towards Magnus and his men. Ironhide and Brawn tag-teamed the garbage truck, Bulkhead took on Sentinel, Bumblebee and Ratchet fought the tank, while Cliffjumper attempted to blast the jets out of the air. As his forces continued their attack Optimus and Rodimus began rushing towards Ultra Magnus weapons drawn.
    However, Magnus’ crew had been trained to handle such mutiny, and within a matter of minutes, Prime’s crew was down and beaten.
    Ultra Magnus loomed over Optimus. “I could kill you now,” he hissed, tapping his fingers against the shaft of the Magnus Hammer, “But when I get what I’m here for, I’ll make you my slave. If you’re lucky, I might even give you a dignified job like a maintenance bot.” He growled, waving his hand as the Elite Guard bots converted back to their vehicle modes and drove off.
    Optimus got up, limping on a damaged leg. Ultra Magnus was going to pay for this. Even if he wasn’t the one to take him offline, knowing that the ‘Bot had bit the dust would be satisfaction enough.


    Location: Autobot warehouse.
    With the recent fire, much of Detroit had been lost. Buildings were in shambles, streets lay in ruins, and bits of broken automatons littered the city. However, according to the reports, not many Autobots had been lost.
    Then why are there no guards here? Slipstream thought as she flew toward the warehouse that was marked on her map. Sure, any guards may be hiding out near the perimeter, but they should be detectable. In the sewers, the walls were thick enough to mask an energy signal; maybe the same was true for this building.
    She considered her comrades on this mission: their “leader”, Blitzwing, Lugnut, Skywarp, and the Coneheads, Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust.
    The fliers quickly and quietly transformed and landed next to the warehouse door.
    “This thing’s gonna be nearly impossible to break without setting off the alarm-” Blitzwing said, inspecting the lock as his face changed to a jack-o-lantern-like one, “But if we could get in without a door...” he proposed, laughing hysterically.
    Catching on to what he meant, everyone looked at Skywarp. “Alright, this shouldn’t take too much energy...” The gray and black seeker commented. The entire group was then engulfed in a blue glow of Transwarp energy. Next thing they knew, they were in the building.
    Weapons drawn, the ‘Cons treaded carefully.
    “Uh, ‘ah don’t see anythin’,” Thrust said.
    A flaming mace suddenly came out of nowhere and nearly clonked Ramjet on the head. The robots focused their weapons on the attacker; a skinny, green and purple Dinobot.
    “Oh, good! I just love making making new acquaintances!” The Dinobot said in a startlingly proper tone.
    Another Dinobot with a similar color scheme walked out of the shadows. He was a large character sporting a flaming club. “Goodness, Swoop, don’t scare them away with that nasty mace of yours!” he said, using a similarly proper, yet much deeper tone.
    A third, even larger Dinobot emerged from the darkness. “Will the two of you kindly stop this constant babbling?” He was mostly black and gray, with bits of teal and orange. “I believe that these blokes are what might be called ‘uninvited guests.’ Perhaps we should show them the door.”
    “Not gonna happen, Freakazoid,” Ramjet spat.
    “’Freakazoid’? Goodness, I haven’t introduced myself yet, have I? I am Grimlock, Dinobot leader. The stocky figure here is Snarl, you’ve already met Swoop, and these…” Two more figures walked from the shadows, “...well, I believe you already know them, wot?”
    The two figures, a shorter, stocky black and silver one, and a tall, lanky, yellow and black one, emerged from the shadows, standing straight and tall.
    “It’s...” Thrust stammered, “’s th’ Constructicons...”
    The Decepticons stared in shock. The Constructicons- Mixmaster, Scrapper and Dirt Boss, had been working on a Decepticon building project long ago. However, the Autobots were soon found out about it and attacked the site. In the fight, Mixmaster and Scrapper were lost, not to be seen again.
    Until now, and it was obvious by their Autobot logos that they weren’t the bots they used to be.
    “Yes,” Grimlock said, “They are, indeed the Constructicons. Or most of them, anyway…pity we never managed to capture Dirt Boss… But that is beside the point. The current topic at hand-”
    Simultaneously, the Dinobots converted into their alternate forms.

    Location: Source of the strong energy signal on Earth

    Ultra Magnus rolled along the rough terrain easily. In fact, the only reason he adopted an Earth mode was because it was better suited for the coarse earthen environment.
    “This is the place,” the garbage truck behind him said. All of the vehicles, including the two jets, quickly converted into their robot modes.
    As they began to look around they soon came upon a small clearing, showing minimal signs of recent robot activity.
    “There’s, uh, nothing here, boss,” the tank stated.
    Magnus cringed. “Thank you for the FYI, Warpath,” he growled sarcastically.
    Out of nowhere, a sonic boom knocked them off their feet. They struggled to get up, and when they did, they found Soundwave, Lockdown, Swindle, Blackarachnia, and a giant flying head staring them down.
    “Decepticons,” Magnus grumbled, “You’ll PAY for this!” he roared, leaping up, his hammer ready.
    “Decepticons, attack!” The giant head yelled. Swindle activated his various weapons while Lockdown’s left hand morphed into a chainsaw. On the other side Warpath tackled Swindle, locking the two robots in combat. As the battle raged Soundwave, Ratbat and Laserbeak occupied themselves with the garbage truck while Blackarachnia, not being a warrior, did her best to shoot sticky webbing at the flying jet twins.
    As Lockdown continued to try and slow Ultra Magnus down he suddenly brought his chainsaw down, leaving a nasty gash on the Autobot commander’s arm.
    “Gahh!” The gray titan screamed. He was about to retaliate when Lockdown quickly brought his forearm up and shot the towering Autobot with an EMP pulse.
    However, much to Lockdown’s surprise, Ultra Magnus was not shutting down, but simply being slowed by the electromagnetic energy.
    Suddenly, and before Ultra Magnus could react, the flying head swooped down low, activating a powerful plasma cutter, and using it to lop off the Autobot’s head.
    “What? NOOO!” The disembodied head yelled, watching as the flying head activated a pair of powerful clamps and attached itself to his body.
    “It’s go time!” Legatron yelled from inside the once flying head as he used his new body to hold The Magnus Hammer in the air.
    Swindle and Warpath were still locked as both their respective weapons had little, to no, effect on the other. As the two continued blasting away at each other a sudden battle cry pulled their attention towards the source of the noise. Legatron, using Ultra Magnus’ body was running straight towards them, hammer extended. Before either could realize what was happening Legatron swung the massive hammer, crushing Warpath’s cannon, causing the energy within the collapsed barrel to build up and explode inside. The massive explosion engulfed the Autobot’s upper torso, blowing out both his back and his smashed cannon. The bluish robot fell to the ground, unconscious.
    Meanwhile, elsewhere on the battlefield, Soundwave and his buddies were plenty occupied with the garbage truck. “Nice moves, dude,” Soundwave said, “You‘re even immune to my sonic attacks.”
    “My name isn’t ‘dude’,” the robot replied angrily, “I am Wreck-Gar!”
    “Whatev’s,” the red Decepticon replied.
    Soundwave’s lacking response only managed to infuriate Wreck-Gar even more. The green garbage truck continued madly slashing with his twin arm-mounted blades. Fortunately, Soundwave was very good at dodging, and Laserbeak and Ratbat were very good at distracting.
    Nearby, however; the jet twins were also very good at dodging, as Blackarachnia was learning first hand. As the two flyers continued easily avoiding the small femme’s shots, they expertly shot their ice and electric powers at Soundwave.
    Watching the battle unfold, Legatron leapt into action, swinging the melee weapon at the flailing garbage truck. To his surprise, the powerful blow from the Magnus Hammer literally shattered his opponent, sending bits and pieces of Wreck-gar tumbling to the ground.
    Legatron looked at the hammer through the optics of the Headmaster Unit. “MAN, this thing is powerful!” he commented.
    Ultra Magnus’ head scoffed. “Junkions. Capable warriors, but one hit and they turn into more pieces of scrap than…” he paused, trying to think of a good analogy. “Aw, forget it.”
    Activating the various energy weapons on Ultra Magnus’ body, Legatron took careful aim and attempted to shoot down the jet twins.
    “Ha! Duz he ‘onestly think e’ kin’ shoot us outta’ th’ air?” the yellow twin shouted.
    “’Apparently e’ duz,” the black and purple one replied. “Whataya say? Powuhlinx?”
    “POWUHLINX!” The twins shifted and twisted until each hand formed and arm and a leg. They slammed together to for the amalgamation ironically known as Safeguard. The large robot used combined electric and ice attacks to bombard the Decepticons.
    Unfortunately for them, Ultra Magnus’ armor took little damage, and it was only a matter of seconds before Safeguard found himself being blown out of the sky.
    “Now,” Legatron started, “Wasn’t there one more of-”
    Sentinel suddenly flew out of a grove of trees and slammed his shield into Legatron’s/Magnus’ side.
    “ARGH!” Magnus’ head screamed as he felt the pain through an invisible link to his spark, “Take it easy!”
    “Oh, yes, of course, sir,” Sentinel said. He started to focus his attacks on the Headmaster latched onto his commander’s body, but it wasn’t easy to not hit the body itself. Another quick, well-placed hammer blow and Sentinel was down and out.
    Legatron walked up to Magnus’ and studied the bodiless head closely. “I’d take you offline, but that would likely mean I wouldn’t be able to continue to use your body.”
    “Slag you, spawn of a glitch!” Magnus cursed.
    Punching in a few commands Legatron made Magnus’ body pick up the decapitated head. “Catch,” he said simply before tossing the helpless cranium to Swindle.
    Magnus cursed violently, as he flew through the air. Swindle quickly opened the drawer in his stomach, using it to catch the flying head. Magnus’s profanity was cut off as he was teleported to Swindle’s personal storage dimension.
    “So…what now?” Soundwave inquired.
    “We have to get to the battle before Omega finds the base,” Legatron said as he started running to the east.
    “Uh, what are you doing?” Swindle asked.
    “I can’t transform this thing with the Headmaster Unit on it,” Legatron shouted over his shoulder.
    The other robots glanced at each other, shrugged, and took off running after him.


    Blitzwing struggled against the force of Mixmaster. Just as the Decepticon triple-changer thought he was going down, Lugnut slammed his shoulder into Mixmaster’s side, sending the Constructicon flying across the room, and landing, unconscious, on top of an also-out-cold Swoop.
    “Thanks,” Blitzwing said.
    “No problem,” Lugnut replied.
    The two quickly rushed to regroup with the other Decepticons, who had just finished fighting off the remaining Dinobots.
    “What now?” Dirge asked.
    Slipstream raised her arm cannon, and fired it at a nearby wall, collapsing it, and revealing a secret door.
    “Nice,” Thrust murmured as they carefully marched through the passageway into an elevator shaft. After a few moments, the door slowly hissed open…
    The Decepticons all stared in shock as they walked into the large, spacious room. In front of them were what appeared to be massive storage racks piled five high and two wide, stretching several stories upward. Each one contained an Omega Supreme in ship mode.
    But possibly the strangest part was that the coloration of the ships. All of them were the same, and seemed very familiar…
    “Weird,” Skywarp commented. “It almost looks like they patterned the colors off of Lugnut,” he noted as Slipstream tried to access a nearby computer panel.
    “Everything’s locked; I can’t get in,” she grunted, continuing to try and hack the terminal.
    An alarm suddenly began blaring.
    “What the scrap it that?!” Ramjet shouted.
    “WARNING: ENTRUDER ALERT!” an automated voice boomed over the loudspeakers
    “Oh, not good!” Blitzwing said. His inner head rotated from his large-chinned face to its ‘jack-o-lantern’ form. “Everybody run!! AHAHAHA!” he shouted before whirling around and bolting for the door, but, almost instantly, he ran into something large that sent him falling onto his back. Looking up, he saw he had run strait into-
    “Lugnut?!” Slipstream said as she rushed to Blitzwing’s side. “What the smelt are you doing?!”
    Lugnut suddenly lunged forward and snapped his left claw, lifting her into the air and converting his right arm into what appeared to be a pressure-activated explosive- a weapon that was supposed to be Autobot technology- and held it to Slipstream’s face.
    “Stopping you from derailing our plans, THAT’S what!” His main optic blinked as he sent a message to the computer consol that he femme had been trying to hack into.
    Quietly, the computer terminal sent another message to the storage racks that held the Omega Supreme clones, activating automated arms and conveyor belts that pushed one of the red and orange clones out of its container. It then expanded and shifted into its robot form. Oddly, its head resembled Lugnut’s.
    The group of Decepticons was now trapped between a traitor with a hostage and one of ten clones of the Auotobt’s most powerful weapon.

    Grimlock’s optic band flickered on, turning it a bright red color. As he brought his clawed hand to his aching head, he couldn’t help but get the feeling that, amidst the fury of battle, there was something vitally important he had somehow managed to forget.
    He twisted his neck as he heard footsteps behind him, finding Mixmaster standing behind him. The Constructicon cracked his knuckles, which sounded like a combination of stressed metal and hissing pistons. Behind Mixmaster Scrapper stood at a computer consol, working on what appeared to be, judging by the text on the screen, a self-destruct program for the entire building.
    The Dinobot’s gaze returned to Mixmaster. It was then that he noticed the Autobot insignia on the Constructicon’s chest had a fresh gash through it.
    Grimlock then remembered what that vital thing was that he had forgotten- the Constructicons were to never enter battle, as being jarred hard enough would likely deactivate the Cerebro Shells that kept them loyal to the Autobot cause.
    The Dinobot cursed under his breath as Mixmaster’s fist slammed into his face, sending him back into unconsciousness.

    Lugnut held his explosive weapon closer to Slipstream’s face. “The choice is yours, Decepticons- surrender and be captured, or your friend dies and you get captured.”
    “Don’t do it!” Slipstream shouted.
    “What do we do, boss?” Dirge whispered.
    Blitzwing hesitated. On one servo, they could save themselves and Slipstream by surrendering, but that would put them out of action, and likely be executed later. On the other servo, however; if they fought, they might escape, and Slipstream would die.
    Before Blitzwing could make a decision, the automated voice again made an announcement over the speakers.
    “Self-destruct systems activated. Please evacuate the building immediately, and have a nice day. Countdown beginning- ten…”
    All of the gathered robots looked around in shock. Using the distraction to her advantage, Slipstream kicked Lugnut in the shin, driving her sharp heel into the traitor’s armor plating. He howled in pain and rage as Slipstream attempted to free herself from his grip.
    “Nine… eight…” the voice declared.
    “Blitzwing- GO!” Slipstream shouted. Behind them, the Lugnut Supreme moved into an attack position.
    “Seven… six…” the countdown continued.
    “We’ll never make it!” Blitzwing shouted. “Unless-” he and the Coneheads turned their attention to Skywarp.
    “Five… four…”
    “I can try!” Skywarp said, knowing what they were about to suggest. He charged his internal Transwarp reserves, trying to draw enough energy to teleport the entire group.
    “Three… two…”
    “Slipstream, HURRY!” Blitzwing screamed.
    Slipstream knew she’d never be able to escape from Lugnut in time. She took one last look at Bliztwing before her friends disappeared in a flash of transwarp energy.
    Blitzwing opened his optics. Glancing around, he saw that he was on top of a hill outside the building. He also noticed that his group was missing one member.
    “SLIPSTREAM!!!” he shouted as he watched the building burn. For the longest time, the group of Decepticons stood silently, staring at the massive fireball.
    Blitzwing sunk to his knees and buried his face in his hands.
    “HEY, guys! A little help here?!” The group looked over and spotted two figures pinned under some rubble.
    “It’s the Constructicons!” Thrust exclaimed.
    Thrust, Ramjet and Skywarp moved quickly to assist the construction robots. Dirge, staying behind, placed a hand on Blitzwing’s shoulder.
    “I’m… not going to try to convince you that I can fully feel your pain… but just know that we’re here for you.” Dirge said to his friend.
    Blitzwing looked up and smiled. “Thanks.”
    Dirge offered his hand and helped Blitzwing up. “You’re welcome.”


    “SAY WHAT!?!?” Optimus yelled so loud his vocal processor almost shorted out.
    “The Omega Sentinel Warehouse has been terminated, along with the Omegas and our spy, Lugnut,” Hot Shot calmly replied.
    “You don’t seem afraid,” Optimus said, leaning forward. “And yet you know what may happen to those who diliver ill news to me.. Care to explain?”
    “I did not want to show weakness,” Hot Shot replied.
    Optimus pulled back. “Remain loyal to me, Hot Shot, and one day you will see power practically handed to you.”
    “I have some other news as well,” Hot Shot continued, seeming to take little note of the ‘promise’.
    “What is it?” the Prime questioned.
    “Ultra Magnus has been captured by the Decepticons.”
    Optimus stared at him in disbelief. “Pity, I would have liked to eliminate him myself. Oh, well, I suppose either way he’s out of our way now.
    Just then, a black and silver Cybertronian racecar slowly rolled up and transformed into Blurr.
    “Optimus, sir,” he said, “Wheeljack is ready with your... upgrade.”
    Optimus’ eyes narrowed to red slits. “Excellent...”

    Megatron’s helicopter form lead Starscream, Acid Storm and Sunstorm around Omega Supreme. Their various weapons peppered the giant in constant fire, to no apparent success. Nearby, Blackout’s helicopter mode hovered in midair.
    “In my dimension,” Sari said from Blackout’s cab. “The Decepticons felled Omega Supreme by firing at his legs...”
    We’ve tried that,” Megatron said over Blackout’s commlink.
    “But I haven’t,” Blackout replied. The large Decepticon converted to his robot form with Sari somehow endinging up in the palm of his hand. Megatron flew up and opened his cockpit. Sari hopped into the Decepticon leader’s cab as Blackout rocketed toward Omega Supreme.
    “Here goes nothing!!” Blackout shouted as he barreled toward the back of the giant Autobot’s knees. Blackout’s guns emitted a powerful burst of laser fire that arced through the air and slammed into Omega’s legs. The massive robot fell to his knees as flying Decepticons swarmed over him.
    “Why hasn’t he tried that before?” Sari inquired.
    Blackout doesn’t like violence,” Megatron answered, “His guns are mostly for show. But, in times of need, he’ll lend his strength to fighting.”
    “He kinda reminds me of my universe’ Bulkhead...” Sari trailed off.
    “Hey, is that... Ultra Magnus!?” Megatron shouted, zooming in on a spot of ground and breathed a sigh of relief. “He has a Headmaster Unit on him. That means Legatron’s plan worked...”
    “...and that Ultra Magnus was captured.” Sari finished.
    Megatron descended and touched down softly, allowing Sari to leap out of his cab before he transformed and walked up to Legatron.
    “I never thought I’d be so happy to see Ultra Magnus,” Megatron said with a smile. “I am impressed with your success.”
    “Was there ever any doubt?” Legatron replied.
    Everyone fell silent, their faces displaying awkward expressions.
    “Gee, thanks.” Legatron spat as he handed the Magnus hammer to Megatron.
    The Decepticon leader looked at him curiously. “Why are you-”
    “It is not my destiny to end this conflict,” Legatron explained, “YOU are destined to be hailed as the hero who saved this world from its oppressors. Besides,” He motioned to ‘himself’, “Ultra Magnus’ body can’t fly.”
    Megatron smiled as he clipped the Magnus Hammer onto his back. With a whoosh of rocket power, he lifted off the ground and started making his way toward the top of Omega Supreme.
    He was at the giant’s abdomen when he was suddenly barraged by blaster fire. Looking down he saw something that made his Energon flows run cold.
    His arch-enemy, Optimus Prime, flying straight towards him.
    Optimus pulled what seemed to be an upgraded version of his battle-axe out from his back. In no time he was about on top of Megatron.
    Megatron pulled out his twin swords to block Prime’s axe head. The blade sunk a few inches into the swords as the two of them started battling to the death.
    “You are but a mere distraction, Megatron!” Optimus shouted. “Ultra Magnus was captured on MY turf, therefore making ME Supreme Ruler of the Autobots! I am Optimus Magnus, and I WILL NOT LET YOU STAND IN MY WAY!”

    Location: Autobot Base.

    Rodimus listened to Optimus’ words as they echoed out of loudspeakers in the room he was in. The black and purple ‘Bot sneered as he activated some controls on the computer consol in front of him.
    Magnus? he thought, Well, then, enjoy your fifteen nanokliks of popularity...

    As Optimus fought, he was vaguely aware that Omega Supreme seemed to have stopped fighting. He dismissed this as a glitch, or the giant was making a complex calculation.
    Megatron’s face suddenly changed to that of confusion as he stared at something past Optimus. The Autobot was about to take advantage of the distraction and land a final blow when three giant fingers wrapped around him. He quickly realized that something had happened to Omega.
    “WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!” The Autobot’s warlord shouted.
    “Ah, Optimus,” a familiar voice boomed. “What a predicament you’ve gotten into now,” the voice chided as Optimus craned his neck to get a view of Omega’s face. But it wasn’t Omega’s face; over the screen was a fuzzy digital picture of the mug of Rodimus.
    “Rodimus Prime, you piece of-”
    “Now, that’s no way to treat your new Magnus. Or at least I will be-” Optimus felt Omega’s fingers tighten around him, “Once YOU’RE out of the way!”

    Rodimus cackled madly. He slowly forced Omega’s fingers to draw tighter around Optimus. The ‘Omega Overload’ control, device he had made to hack Omega Supreme was pure genius!
    Rodimus suddenly felt cold, ice cold. Deep in his spark, the icy evil he was committing was turning to a physical feeling...
    The cold feeling suddenly changed to one of sharp pain. His optics lowered to get a glance at his chest plate.
    Sticking out of his Autobot symbol was the tip of a shard of ice that he could feel ran through his body. Only one bot could have done this.
    D*mn you... Rodimus though as he slumped against the console, colors slowly fading to gunmetal gray.
    Behind him, Hot Shot sneered. As the small maroon robot walked to the computer, the ice blaster on his arm retracted.
    Optimus felt the crushing force of Omega Supreme’s fingers around his frame. Trying to fight his way out was useless. If he ever met Rodimus in the afterlife- well, he’d personally see that that traitorous scrapheap go to the pit.
    But something was… wrong, or rather, different. Omega was no longer attempting to crush him. Optimus glanced at the giant’s face; the image of Rodimus was gone- and was replaced by that of Hot Shot.
    Prime’s red optics went wide.
    “Hey, boss!” Hot Shot shouted. “Hope you don’t mind me intervening…”
    “Not at all!” Optimus replied. “Now if you’d kindly release me…”
    “Sorry, Prime, but first I’ll need some… motivation…” the maroon robot sneered
    “I believe that can be arranged,” Optimus replied. “But first things first. My flight pack is almost totaled-”
    “Say no more!” Hot Shot said enthusiastically as Omega began to transform. As he folded into a ship, he placed Optimus into a door in his side.
    Down below on the ground, ‘Ultra’ Legatron, Swindle, and Soundwave watched as Omega began to convert.
    “C’mon!” Legatron shouted as he made Magnus’ body jump onto Omega’s foot. The others followed. Omega’s foot connected into place next to his cab. Ultra Legatron used his weapons to blow a hole in the cockpit roof, allowing the Decepticons to enter the living ship.

    The mechanical arms within Omega were hard at work repairing Optimus’ jetpack. As the machine welded and reshaped the wings, Optimus heard something clunk on the roof of the ship. He thought nothing of it until part of the roof exploded in a fury of smoke. Three unseen objects clanked to the ground. Optimus attempted to move, but found he couldn’t due to the arms still clamped to his wings.
    A black fist flew from the smoke and nailed his face, badly cracking his mouth plate. The mechanical arms lost their grip on his wings as he tumbled to the floor.
    “Augh! Hot Shot! Get rid of them!” Optimus shouted. The smoke was clearing; he could see two Decepticons and Ultra Magnus’ body with a Headmaster unit on it.
    “I’m trying!” Hot Shot’s voice echoed from the ship’s loudspeakers. “But their entry damaged the targeting systems! It’s up to you!”
    “Fantastic,” Optimus muttered. He pulled out his battle axe and charged toward the robots.
    He came on the ‘Headmaster’ Magnus first, but it soon became apparent that whoever was controlling it was very skilled at blocking.
    Optimus noticed a large gash on ‘Magnus’’ arm which, unbeknownst to him, was leftover from Lockdown’s earlier attack on Ultra Magnus. Acting fast, he swung his axe full force at the wound, effectively chopping off half the robot’s lower left forearm.
    “Wow,” The person in the Headmaster said, “If that was directly connected to me, that woulda’ really hurt.”
    There was a muffled boom deep within the ship. Optimus wondered what it was, before realizing the two Decepticons he saw earlier were gone.
    The ship suddenly began to take a nosedive.
    “I see you’ve figured out our operation,” the Headmaster controller said. Suddenly, he threw himself on top of Optimus. ‘Magnus’’ hands dug into the ground as the headmaster unit disconnected from the neck hole and shot up through the hole in the roof.
    “Later, noob!” The driver shouted as the metal head vanished from view. Optimus heard metal clanking as the two Decepticon in the bowels of the ship escaped as well.
    He tried to get up, but between his wing being tangled in a mess of cables, Ultra Magnus’ body weighing him down, and his own battle damage, Optimus was trapped.
    Alarms blared as Omega Supreme went down. On a barely-functional computer screen, Optimus caught a view of the approaching ground. With that, he knew it was the end.
    “Hot Shot?” he cried.
    “Yes?” a fuzzy voice answered over the loudspeakers.
    “Enjoy your time as Magnus.” Optimus said.
    “Thank you, si-”
    The voice was cut off as Optimus felt the ship strike the ground, and the subsequent heat as it exploded.
    The headmaster unit, Soundwave, and a vehicle-mode Megatron, carrying Swindle, touched down on the ground. In the distance, a mushroom cloud materialized as Omega Supreme detonated.
    The gathered Decepticon cheered as Megatron converted to robot form. Legatron climbed out of the Headmaster unit and Sari walked up to him.
    “Nice use of the Magnus Hammer,” Legatron complimented, recalling the part of the plan in which Megatron used the hammer to destroy Omega Supreme’s engines.
    Megatron looked down to the two small beings. “Thank you. Now, I believe we owe you two a ticket home.”

    The Autobot’s Earth Stellar Spanner was currently quiet, very quiet; too quiet. The reason for this was simple.
    There was no one there.
    The Decepticons looked around curiously. It was dead silent with not a spark in sight.
    “Alright, let’s do this,” Megatron said, “But keep an optic out.”
    Quietly the gathered robots approached the Spanner. As Blackarachnia and Laserbeak went to work, Soundwave heard something in the distance.
    “Autobots, ATTACK!!!” Hot Shot yelled, springing out of nowhere and began firing piercing ice at the Decepticons. He was soon joined by several other robots, including the jet twins, Sentinel, Ratchet, Ironhide, Brawn, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead.
    The Decepticons were outnumbered, but still countered the attack. Their forces consisted of Megatron, Soundwave, Swindle, Starscream, Skywarp and Ratbat. Blackarachnia and Laserbeak were still trying to get the Stellar Spanner up and running.
    Sari and Legatron were standing by until they noticed a small, purple and white figure approaching fast.
    Sari squinted. “Is that-”
    The figure leapt into the air and landed on the platform, facing Legatron and Sari. There was no mistaking who it was. She had purple hair and wore an outfit that was a combination of purple and teal.
    “So,” the purple-haired girl spat, “You’re this alternate universe impostor I’ve heard about.”
    ‘Normal’ Sari growled as she changed to her robot mode. Mirror Sari copied this action.
    “Great, just what I need right now,” Legatron murmured, “A girl-fight.”
    Normal Sari activated her arm-blades, but to her surprise, Negative Sari copied this action, only instead of swords, she had what seemed to be laser chainsaws.
    “OK, this could be a problem,” normal Sari murmured to herself.
    The battle was furious; both competitors had intense fighting skills. Despite this, mirror Sari soon got the upper hand. She tripped normal Sari, sending her sprawling on the ground. As she was about to finish of her positive-universe counterpart Legatron intervened; swords drawn, mouth plate activated.
    “You!” Mirror Sari said, “Stay out of my way!”
    “” Legatron responded.
    Mirror Sari turned her fight to Legatron, who carefully blocked her attacks. Suddenly, mirror Sari cried out in pain as regular Sari zapped her from behind. Mirror Sari collapsed from the pain.
    “Get ready!” Blackarachnia shouted as the Stellar Spanner hummed to life. His work done, Laserbeak flew into the air to search for Soundwave.
    The Spanner slowly began to charge. Down below, the furious robot battle continued. A massive blue sphere materialized between the two towering prongs of the Stellar Spanner.
    Just as the human- sized bots were about to jump through, they heard a pained squawk. Laserbeak landed hard on the platform, unconscious, his armor scorched by lightning. Legatron could see Jetfire was swooping low to finish the bird-bot off.
    Suddenly, the Transwarp field shimmered, and then began to rapidly shrink.
    “The Spanner’s losing power!” Blackarachnia cried.
    Legatron thought fast. “Go!” He shouted to Sari. She leapt through the condensing sphere as Legatron activated his grappler. The cable wrapped around Laserbeak’s body, then began to retract. Legatron quickly used his jetpack to lift him to the Transwarp field. He pulled Laserbeak through, barely dodging the Jetfire’s deadly lightning bolts.


    Location: Universal Stream Malgus 1110.30 Iota

    Ratchet clicked some keys on the Space Bridge control panel while Isaac Sumdac watched intently.
    Suddenly, the computer emitted a repeating pinging sound.
    “I think I got them!” Ratchet said. He furiously clacked keys until the Space Bridge coughed and sputtered to life, a sign of the damage done to it by the Combaticons.
    The first figure to leap through the Transwarp field was a small human with yellow clothing, followed by a small green robot carrying what looked like a large red and white bird. They took the lift down to ground level.
    “Sari!” Professor Sumdac ran to his daughter and wrapped his arms around her. “Oh, Sari, I was so worried about you! When Ratchet and Optimus told me you disappeared through the Space Bridge, I…” he trailed off.
    “Oh, dad, you don’t have to worry so much about me. I…” She stopped as she heard a strange noise. She turned to see Legatron sticking his AllSpark key into the robot bird’s head.
    “Goodness,” Isaac Sumdac exclaimed, “Who is-”
    The bird’s blue optics snapped online as he yelped and jumped back from the others.
    “What? Where-” His optics darted around until they fell on the professor. “GAH! It’s Isaac Sumdac!” He hid behind Legatron.
    “It’s all right, Laserbeak.” Legatron patted the bird’s head. “I had to pull you through the Space Bridge so Jetfire couldn’t finish you off.”
    “Laserbeak? Jetfire? Finish off?” Ratchet scratched his head. “What the scrapmetal is going on?”
    “It’s… kind of a long story,” Legatron explained.
    Ratchet stared at him for a moment, before shaking his head, afraid to ask. He then noticed that someone was still missing. “I take it Bulkhead wasn’t with you?”
    “Bulkhead?” Sari questioned. “No. Why do you-” her blue eyes went wide. “You don’t mean…”
    “He was zapped through the Space Bridge as well,” Ratchet said sadly. “There’s no way of telling where he ended up.”
    The group sat in silence. Laserbeak hopped over to the edge of Sumdac Tower.
    “Wow, Detroit is so beautiful when it’s not ruled by Optimus Prime.”
    Ratchet cocked an eyebrow. “Will someone please tell me what he’s talking about?”

    A primarily green and orange motorcycle with a sidecar zipped through the streets of Detroit. The rider was a very skinny and heavily tattooed male, and looked to be in his mid thirties.
    The driver smirked to himself. No one had seen him enter the Stellar Spanner in his universe, and no one had seen him exit the one in this universe.
    He knew the little green robot was here, along with his friend, who had both played pivotal roles in ending the once proud empire of Optimus Prime.
    He thought back to the battle that had been taking place. He knew that neither he, nor the two small robots he had followed might ever know the outcome of the battle.
    But he didn’t care. He was in a new world. He had new armor, and a new purpose.
    Prowl rounded a corner as he considered what method of execution he should enact on his two little targets.
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    Sorry I haven't gotten around to this for so long, but UPDATE TIME!!!

    On-Road Fury

    Over-Drive panted hard in an attempt to keep his internal mechanics cool. Across the room, stood his arch-enemy, Circuit Board. The white robot’s right arm converted into a blaster weapon and fired several shots at the Autobot. Over-Drive responded by whirling around to strafe the shots. He abruptly stopped and alternated shots from his own twin back blasters.
    Circuit Board crouched to avoid the lasers, at the same time folding in on himself, taking the form of a white SUV. His squarish vehicle mode shot forward at his green opposer. Leaping into the air, Over-Drive wondered what the smelt the Stuntrons were doing at the old warehouse they were currently in. Plundering for material? Attempting to show off?
    His black fingers latched onto the metal rafters of the building’s roof. He swung around so he was going the opposite direction and came smashing down on the white vehicle.
    “Alright, ‘Con, spillit!” Over-Drive barked, “Whatcha’ doin’ here?”
    Circuit Board responded by reverting to his robot form and attempting to throw Over-Drive off, but the Autobot instead flipped over, carrying Circuit Board with him. The white robot slammed into the hard concrete ground. Over-Drive pushed him further down with his foot.
    “I said talk!” Over-Drive barked. He heard Dragstrip and Wildrider behind several large crates, likely getting ready to attack; if the other Autobots didn’t get here soon, he’d have his servos full of even more trouble.
    With surprising strength, Circuit Board leapt up and shoved Over-Drive crashing a wall. The Autobot landed into something he couldn’t see; it was too thin to be the mortar walls, and bent too easily to be a metal crate.
    Thick liquid gooshed over his frame- oil. He had slammed into some oil tanks.
    Circuit Board came barreling through the hole in the wall, hands curled into fists. Over-Drive leapt out of the way of the Decepticon’s punches.
    As Circuit Board turned around to face Over-Drive, he almost slipped. It was then that the Decepticon noticed the thick black liquid covering the floor.
    “SLAGGIT! I needed that!” He was met by a punch in the face by Over-Drive. The ‘Con recovered quickly and engaged in a fistfight with his opponent; what he lacked in skill he made of for in armor plating and strength.
    Circuit Board noted that Over-Drive wasn’t even trying to get a lock on him with energy weapons, then realized the Autobot didn’t want to risk igniting the oil he was covered in.
    Circuit Board smiled sinisterly- he WASN’T slathered in oil, and therefore didn’t have that problem. With a great heave, he nailed Over-Drive in the abdomen, converted his hand back to a blaster, and took aim.
    The next few seconds seemed to happen in slow-motion. Right as Circuit Board snapped off a shot, Over-Drive moved to the side with astounding speed. The green bot then began to leap over Circuit board, but the Decepticon’s attention wasn’t on his enemy.
    It was on the blaster bolt that was headed straight for the oil barrels.
    “OH SLA-” was all he could fit in. Right as Over-Drive clanked to the ground behind him, the bolt struck the oil barrels-
    Dragstrip and Wildrider were discussing whether or not to assist their boss when a massive explosion incinerated the wall Circuit Board had gone through. The fireball pushed the crates against them, pinning them against the wall behind them, which gave way, sending the startled robots tumbled down a steep hill. They laid on the ground for a second before narrowly avoiding being hit by the flaming crates.
    “What the slag was that?!” Wildrider shouted.
    “How should I know?!” Dragstrip countered. “Oh, man, Circuit Board!” They raced up the hill and jumped back into the warehouse.
    To their surprise, they found Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Jazz, Glyph, and Legatron there. The Autobots eyed them curiously as they attempted to put out the fire.
    The two Stuntrons looked at eachother, thinking the same thing. Both they and the Autobots had reason to put the fire out- Circuit Board was too valuable to lose.
    Dragstrip noticed a water pipe that was hidden from the Autobot’s view. He withdrew his sword and neatly slashed it. Clear liquid burst from the tube. Wildrider positioned an angled piece of a broken crate above the end of the pipe to redirect the water to the flames. Combined with Optimus’ foam, the fire was squenched in seconds.
    Dragstrip held his sword and gun ready. “Here’s the deal. We get our guy, you get yours. No one gets hurt.”
    “Alright,” Optimus agreed. Ratchet and Dragstrip walked into the next room. Over-Drive obviously had critical injuries, his mangled body in a heap.
    Next to him lay Circuit Board, colors faded to gray, stone dead.
    Dragstrip cried out in surprise. For an instant he considered ending Over-Drive as well, but a deal was a deal. He scooped up the body of his offline leader and turned to go.
    “What the-?” Wildrider said upon seeing his master’s grayed corpse.
    Dragstrip noticed the anger in his acquaintance’s optics. “Don’t do anything to the Autobots,” Dragstrip said quickly, “We need to go. NOW.” Wildrider reluctantly obeyed.
    As the Decepticon left, Legatron hurried into the other room. The roof and walls were completely demolished.
    “I can’t keep him stable!” Ratchet said.
    Legatron hurried over. His middle chest piece retracted, revealing his green version of Sari’s AllSpark key. He plugged it into Over-Drive’s exposed chest mechanics.
    “Alright, that should-” Legatron was interrupted as his key began to glow. “What the heck?” A beam of energy suddenly shot into the sky and vanished.
    After a moment of silence, Legatron asked, “Optimus, where’s the Matrix?” Optimus gave him a funny look. “Y’know, the AllSpark?”
    “Back on Cybertron. The council requested that I leave it there,” Optimus replied. “Why?”
    “I got the feeling the bots there are about to be pretty spooked…” Legatron said.


    Sentinel ‘Magnus’ tromped down the hallway. Behind him were Jetfire and Jetstorm, who had become sort-of bodyguards for him in the last few cycles. The Autobot leader smiled at the though of his new rank requiring him to have such guards at all times.
    The bulky blue robot opened a door to a poorly lit room. The faces of Perceptor, Wheeljack and Mainframe looked up from what they were doing, before the three scientists assumed saluting stances.
    “As you were,” Sentinel said. The scientists relaxed. “Status report.”
    “The AllSpark has shown no signs of change since it arrived,” Wheeljack stated. He motioned to an object hovering in a transparent blue beam on a table. It was a small orange container with silver bracket-shaped handles on either side. Inside it, a spiky blue crystal was visible. “As long as it remains in the Matrix casing, it’s harmless. However, it is still highly unstable.”
    “Exactly why is that?” Sentinel questioned
    “The AllSpark fragments have shown to be very powerful by themselves,” Perceptor stated in his very computerized voice, “However, linked together in this jagged form has united their power but does little to keep it contained.”
    “So what you’re saying is that its power cannot be properly contained in its current shape?” Sentinel inquired.
    The three scientists nodded. “It’s like if you attempt to mish-mash several power cells together with poor wiring,” Mainframe explained. “Attempting to use it for anything would result in a massive- and potentially destructive- burst of energy.”
    “Hm, I see,” Sentinel said thoughtfully. And said explosion would likely be VERY destructive. So-”
    The room shuddered. From one of the lights above came a beam of blue energy. It struck the AllSpark/Matrix, lingered for a moment, then dissipated.
    The robots stood in silence for a long moment.
    Naturally, Sentinel was the one to break said silence. “What the smelt was that!?”
    Perceptor began furiously typing on a computer consol. “Undetermined, sir.”
    “Well find out. NOW!” With that, Sentinel stormed out of the room, the door hissing shut behind him.
    After a moment, Wheeljack sighed. “There just is no pleasing that bot, is there?”

    In a matter of seconds, the beam of energy arced from Cybertron back to Earth, down through the key, and into Over-Drive’s spark chamber. Bits of his frame glowed with energy as his broken armor plating and internal mechanics healed.
    “Prowl!” Over-Drive suddenly said as he sat up. The Autobots looked at him with in surprise as he panted hard, looking at the ground.
    “What… did you say?” Ratchet asked.
    “I… I thought I saw Prowl… but I think I just saw a quick mental image of him…” he hesitated, “Probably just from- exactly what did you do to me?”
    Legatron reached over and plucked the green key from Over-Drive’s chestplate. The Autobot hadn’t even noticed it there. Legatron returned it to his chest compartment.
    “That’s it?” Over-Drive inquired. “Felt like-“
    “Actually,” Legatron started. He then described the blue beam and how he thought it was linking him to the AllSpark.
    “Wow,” Over-Drive stated simply as he rose to his feet. At loss for words, the Autobots converted to their vehicle modes and drove off, Legatron riding inside Over-Drive.
    After a few minutes, Over-Drive spoke up. “Hey, Legatron?”
    “Yeah?” the small robot answered.
    “About when I saw Prowl… well, there was something odd with him.”
    “Yeah. He had this weird helmet that looked a heck of a lot like Yoketron’s, but still different.”
    “Well, at one point he had this Samurai armor with a helmet that was kind of like Yoketron’s,” Legatron explained. “You probably just saw that.”
    “See, Legatron, that’s the thing,” Over-Drive replied, “I’ve never seen his Samurai armor before.”


    “What are we gonna do now?” Wildrider asked. “We have no leader. He’s the one with the plans. Sure, we carry them out what plans he left us with, but-”
    “Can it, Wildrider!” Dragstrip snapped. “We just need to- ah! Perfect!” Still carrying Circuit Board’s body, he began to trudge to a human structure known as a ‘gas station.’ Wildrider looked after him, shrugged, then followed.
    Dragstrip carefully set Circuit Board’s body down next to a large human vehicle Wildrider recalled as a ‘semi truck’. The deep black cab section meshed nicely with the light gray trailer. A purple and white stripe ran down said trailer.
    Dragstrip unlatched the doors on the end of the cargo area with unusual care. The trailer was empty.
    “Perfect,” Dragstrip murmured. He walked around the vehicle and opened the hood. The engine was a shiny chrome with equally reflective bronze-colored bits. Dragstrip began to rearrange some wires and cables.
    “Dude,” Wildrider persisted, “What are you doing?”
    “SHHH!” Dragstrip snapped, “We don’t want to alert the humans of our presence!” He motioned to the gas station building.
    Wildrider folded into his muscle car mode and slowly inched his way in front of the building’s oversized windows. Inside he could see the truck’s burly driver chatting with some other humans.
    Wildrider slowly reversed out of their sight, then changed back to his robot form. Turning to Dragstrip, he saw his companion was taking pieces from Circuit Board’s body and connecting them to the exposed machinery of the truck’s engine. Carefully, the yellow Decepticon picked up his fallen leader’s body and placed it in the truck’s trailer.
    “Y’know, we could build a more suitable coffin back at base,” Wildrider stated.
    “Oh, this isn’t a coffin,” Dragstrip replied. “Rather, it’s resurrection.” He pulled some cables trough the floor of the trailer and connected them to Circuit Board’s corpse. Finally, he pulled himself out of the trailer.
    “Now what?” Wildrider scoffed, arms folded.
    “Now,” Dragstrip pulled a small blue crystal out of his back compartment, “Watch the magic happen.” He flicked his wrist, sending the AllSpark fragment flying into the truck’s engine.
    The truck shuddered as life-giving energy coursed through it. A blinding glow enveloped it as the separated pieces of Circuit Board slowly fused with the truck’s engine.
    “Sheesh, if yah had one a’ those, why didn’t you just revive him?” Wildrider inquired.
    “I thought the boss would like an… upgrade…” Dragstrip sadistiacally stated.
    The glow around the truck subsided.
    Seeing the glow, the humans ran out of the building to investigate.
    The truck roared to life, its headlights clicking on. The earlier Decepticon attack on the warehouse had happened in the late evening; by now, the sun had set, meaning the humans were blinded by the semi’s headlights. The engine revved as it lurched forward.
    Crying out in panic, the man scrambled back into the gas station.
    The two Decepticons silently watched the truck. For the longest time, neither the robots nor the vehicle moved. Finally, the truck turned its cab to face the robots.
    “You have done well, my minions,” the black and purple vehicle said. Suddenly, the cab split in half as the trailer rose vertically as two square sections of it relocated. The towering monster slowly took form; truck halves into legs, trailer into body and arms. A wide head extended out of the body.
    The robot’s large mouth twisted into a grin. “Yes, you have done very well.”
    “C-Circuit Board?” Wildrider stammered.
    “No, not anymore,” the metal giant boomed, “With a new upgraded body comes a new name. Call me… Motormaster.”


    “But you saw Prowl in his armor on the news feeds! A-and at his funeral!” Legatron said.
    “Yeah, but he was faded gray,” Over-Drive replied. “I never saw his proper colors when he had his armor.”
    Legatron and Over-Drive were still discussing what Over-Drive had seen as he had been repaired by the AllSpark. They had opted to continue driving rather than return to Over-Drive’s ship immidiately.
    “Why don’t you tell Prime? Or Ratchet?” legatron questioned
    “No. This has to be kept a secret,” the car replied.
    Over-Drive hesitated. “Prowl told me.”
    Legatron optics went wide. “You heard him too?”
    “It… it was… vague,” Over-Drive stammered. “He didn’t really tell me, a thought just formed in my mind to keep it a secret. The thought seemed to be associated with Prowl.”
    “So why tell me?” Legatron inquired.
    “Part of the message was that telling you was OK.”
    “Huh. Weird.” The two were silent for awhile. Over-Drive redirected their course to take them back to his ship. “Y’know, Prowl’s ghost saved Optimus from being blown to scrap<” Legatron pointed out. “Taking this in mind, it seems he’s become one with the AllSpark, and therefore can communicate with others through it.”
    “Yeah, that would explain a lot,” Over-Drive stated simply as he rolled into his ship. Over-Drive recalled how the large vessel had been shot down by the Stuntron’s ship, the Lemuria, as the two first entered Earth’s atmosphere. Over-Drive’s ship, the Omnibot, was patterned after an Omega Sentinel’s ship mode, decorated in colors that matched those of Over-Drive himself.
    Legatron hopped out of Over-Drive’s front seat so the Autobot could transform.
    “It’s getting late,” Legatron looked out the window at the starry sky, “Think I’ll hit the hay.”
    As the tiny mech walked to the room Over-Drive had prepared for him, the tall Autobot couldn’t help but wonder why Legatron didn’t seem so surprised at his seeing Prowl. Was it that obvious? Was he really that tired?
    Or… perhaps something else?


    “Motormaster, huh?” Dragstrip stated. “Has a nice ring to it.”
    Motormaster smiled. “Yes, it does. And soon that ring will be ringing through the auditory sensors of the very Autobots who have given us so much trouble, starting with Over-Drive.”
    Dragstrip pumped his fist in the air, verbally proclaiming victory as Wildrider hooted.
    “But first… Dragstrip, do you have any more AllSpark fragments on you?” Motormaster asked.
    The yellow Stuntron withdrew two more crystals from his backpack and handed them to his leader.
    “Perfect. Stuntrons, transform!” The three robots reverted to their vehicle modes.
    They rolled down the road, with no regard for any other cars that were about in the late hour. Said vehicles were run off the road or suffered damage from being bashed aside.
    Finally, the Stuntrons came to an automotive shop. A large sign above the driveway read “Radicons Customs Car Repair and Body Shop.” Motormaster bowled through the gate that blocked the front entrance to the lot in front of the building.
    All three Stuntrons converted into their robot forms and began examining the parked vehicles. Many were beat up and worn down cars and pickups awaiting repair. Some were simply scrap used for spare parts. But what caught the robot’s attention was the row of cars lined up against the edge of the parking lot. They glistened in the streetlight’s glow, seeming almost alive already.
    Motormaster focused on them one at a time. A blue Corvette with white trim, a yellow Lamborghini with silver air intakes, a red Camaro with reflective silver stripes…
    But two vehicles on the end were what caught Motormaster’s optics. One was labeled as a 2045 Cadillac XLR. It was a maroon car with a custom spoiler and a yellow and silver stripe down the left side. The other was a white 2047 Lamborghini Countach ‘Redeux’ with an orange hood and blue trim.
    “Perfect.” Motormaster gently lifted the hoods of the two cars. Simultaneously, he dropped the two AllSpark fragments into the vehicle’s engines. Energy surged through the vehicles frames as the car’s hoods suddenly slammed shut. The vehicles were consumed by a blinding blue glow.
    The glow subsided. “Alright, my new troops,” Motormaster raised his arms dramatically, “You exist for one purpose; to serve me, your leader, Motormaster. And right not we are going to extract revenge on my long-time enemy. Now, do as I say; TRANSFORM!”
    Motormaster slowly lowered his arms, a baffled expression on his face. He leaned closer to the cars, tapping the hood of the maroon one. “Hello? Anyone in there?”
    The Lambo stirred. “Oh, y-you’re talking to us?”
    Motormaster rolled his optics. This was not a good way to start thing off. “Yes, I’m talkin’ to you, gearbrain. Now transform!”
    “What’s the point?” the other car spoke up.
    Motormaster turned to the Cadillac. “What?”
    “What’s the point?” the car repeated. “You want us to do this ‘transform’ thing so you can get revenge. But what good is revenge? We’re all gonna die eventually.”
    Motormaster pulled back. “Yes, true… but don’t you want make the most of your time while you have it?”
    The maroon car processed this. “Yeah, I guess.”
    “Alright.” Motormaster reassumed his dramatic pose. “Now, TRANSFORM!”
    This time he got results. The Lamo’s doors morphed into arms, the back split into legs, and the orange hood folded into a chestplate. A blue head with a dark red face and large red optics extended upwards.
    The Cadillac had a similar conversion. The front of the car became the chest, the wheels ended up on the wrists and legs, and the rear bumper became the back. The side windows became wing-like protrusions that stuck strait up out of the robot’s backpack. His head had a large lower jaw and a visor for eyes. Both robots were skinny in build.
    “Now, that’s more like it!” Motormaster thundered.
    The Lamo robot shrieked. “WHO ARE THEY?!” he cried, pointing to behind Motormaster.
    The brute turned to see what he saw so worried about. “Oh, they’re my original troops. The yellow one’s Dragstrip, the gray and red creep is Wildrider.”
    “Oh, good,” the white robot breathed a sigh of relief. “For a second there I thought they were enemies that were gonna attack us!”
    “Sheesh,” Dragstrip commented. “There’s no need to have a nervous breakdown.”
    “Although he seems like he might have one at any time. Maybe that should be his name,” Motormaster said, referring to the cowering white mech. “Yeah, Breakdown. Fits him well.”
    Wildrider scoffed. “If we’re naming them after their personalities, then maroon bot may as well be Dead End.”
    “Alright, that’s a good one,” Motormaster scratched his large chin.
    Wildrider looked surprised that his comment was taken seriously.
    Dragstrip had a huge smile plastered on his face. “Oh, boy! Now the Stuntrons will really be able to kick some can!”
    Motormaster turned to face him. “No, Dragstrip. The days of the Stuntrons are over.” He assumed another pose; this tme one of victory. “From this day forward, we shall be known as the Stunticons!”


    Over-Drive sat in a meditating position, optics closed, deep in thought about his vision of Prowl.
    He had known the ninja-bot in the days on his training at the Cyber-ninja Dojo. After its destruction, Over-Drive became a bit of a lone wolf, eventually being recognized for his mechanical know-how and ingenuity. This lead to him becoming a traveler, fusing various species’ technologies for non-war purposes.
    Now he was on Earth after being shot down by his long-time rivals, the Stuntrons, and meditating over an odd vision.
    How times had changed.
    Over-Drive was about to give up seeking for an answer when an odd yet vaguely familiar sensation came over him. His optics snapped open.
    To his surprise, he didn’t see the walls of his ship. Instead, he found himself standing in a misty expanse. Despite said mist, it was incredibly well-lit.
    “Where am I?” he murmured to himself.
    “In a vision,” came a reply, “Though one unlike any other you’ve experienced.”
    Despite floating, Over-Drive whirled to face the voice.
    He was shocked by what he saw. Even in the bulky armor, there was no mistaking the slender black and tan robot underneath.
    Prowl smiled, an oddity for the ninja warrior. “Indeed.”
    “What… but… you… then…” Over-Drive’s thought a moment before continuing to speak. “I’m not dead, am I?”
    Prowl laughed. “No, no. You almost were earlier, but no.”
    Earlier? Over-Droive thought, consfused. What did he mean by-
    The original vision.
    So it had been real. He had seen Prowl.
    “What’s going on?” he asked.
    “When the AllSpark repaired you, it created a link between you and itself,” Prowl explained. “You are now able to directly communicate with us.”
    “…Wow, that's-” Over-Drive stopped mid-sentence. “Wait, us?”
    “Yes, young bot.” Over-Drive faced the second voice.
    His jaw dropped. “Yoketron?”
    The white and gold Autobot nodded. “Prowl has also opened a link to the Well of AllSparks so that I may communicate with you as well.”
    A dozen questions flew through Over-Drive’s processor. But he simply asked, “Why?”
    “Something big is coming,” Prowl explained, “Something you will require further training for.”
    Over-Drive recalled his unfinished training. While Prowl’s was unfinished as well, he had gotten significantly further than Over-Drive.
    “Training? Like… Processor over matter?”
    “Yes,” Yoketron replied, “That will come in due time.”
    “One more thing,” Prowl added, “It would be very beneficial for you to train Legatron what we teach you.”
    “Legatron?” Over Drive pondered. Is that why I was allowed to tell him about my previous vision?”
    “Exactly,” Yoketron said, “But other than him, no one else must know of this.”
    “OK, then, but how do I get back here?” the green robot asked.
    “Do what you’re doing now,” Prowl explained. “It’s as simple as that.”
    Over-Drive thought about the whole situation. “Alright, when do I start?”
    Prowl grinned. “There’s no time like the present.”


    Roland and Martin waited in an alley until all the lights in the apartment building were out.
    “Alright, let’s do this!” Roland whispered. The two made their way over to the building’s main water pipe, which stuck out of the ground so it could more easily be worked on. With a wrench, they twisted a knob to turn off the water pressure. Opening the pipe, they readied the many packets of cherry water flavoring they had stashed in their backpacks.
    On the street, a semi truck thundered past, knocking into Martian’s car. “HEY!” the teenager shouted before clamping his hand over his mouth, suddenly remembering he was trying not to get caught. The semi was followed by four more vehicles of various makes and models.
    Martian stared in horror at his car. The entire back end was totaled. He swore under his breath as Roland walked up to him.
    “It’s like they say, karma’s a pain,” Roland stated. Martian shot him a death glare.


    “Ratchet? Ratchet, wake up!” Optimus’ voiced floated through Ratchet’s processor.
    The old ‘Bot groaned as he came out of statsis. “What is it, Prime?”
    “Captain Fanzone called. There are reports of several vehicles on a rampage. Two of them match the descriptions of Dragstrip and Wildrider,” Optimsu explained.
    Ratchet yawned and stretched. “Why did they have to show up at this hour?”
    “Your guess is as good as mine,” Optimus was already heading for the door. “Help me wake the others.”
    Reluctantly, Ratchet rose from his ‘bed’ and tromped out the door, grumbling all the way.


    Later, the vehicle mode Autobots patrolled the streets. They had split up into two groups; Optimus went with Over-Drive, Ratchet, Ironhide and Hot Shot uptown, while Red Alert, Glyph, Brawn, Bumblebee, Jazz and Arcee had gone downtown. Legatron and Laserbeak had opted to monitor their progress from Over-Drive’s ship.
    “So, what’s the situation exactly?” Hot Shot inquired
    “All we know is that the remaining two Stuntrons are running around town smashing anything in their path,” optimus said. “They have the company of a white and blue sportscar, a maroon Cadillac, and a black and gray semi.”
    “Drone vehicles?” Ironhide guessed.
    “Maybe,” Over-Drive said, “But we should still-“
    “GAHHHHHHHhhhhhk…” Ratchet’s cry in surprise faded as a blue beam of energy struck him. His headlights and dashboard lights went out as she slowed to a stop, seemingly offline.
    The other Autobots screeched to a halt and transformed. Behind Ratchet was a white and blue robot with an orange chest that sported a Decepticon symbol in what looked like a purple crash test sign. His right hand was missing, replaced with a red magnet-looking device.
    “So much for drones,” Ironhide stated before advancing on the ‘Con.
    The white robot shrieked in fear and ran in the other direction. The Autobots exchanged confused glances before charging after him.
    “You go,” Optimus ordered, “I’ll take care of Ratchet!”
    The others followed the cowardly ‘Con as Optimus began to inspect Ratchet’s inactive vehicle form.
    A large shadow suddenly fell over him.
    “Don’t bother calling for help,” a deep voice said. Before Optimus could react, he was knocked out by a giant fist.
    The massive figure behind him smiled sinisterly. “I’ve already blocked your communications. Not that they’d do you any good now.”
    He then morphed into a semi truck and raced after the remaining Autobots.


    The white robot kept bolting down the street. Just as the Autobots wondered why he wasn’t transforming, Hot Shot was struck from behind and slumped to the ground, unconscious. His attacker was a maroon and black robot with silver highlights, whose right wrist sported a wicked looking buzzsaw.
    Now Ironhide was mad. Very mad. Hot Shot may not have been his best friend, but after working with the young bot for stellar cycles, they had grown close. He angrily charged at the maroon Decepticon, who sidestepped him at the last moment and tripped him. The white robot then shot Ironhide with his red magnet weapon, knocking him out.
    Meanwhile, Over-Drive was locked in combat with Dragstrip and Wildrider, who had appeared from the top of a building. The three mechs furiously clashed swords, but neither side could get an edge.
    A horn blared; the black semi rocketed into the battleground, nearly flattening Over-Drive. The semi cab then split in half and the trailer whirred and clanked as it reformatted itself into a hulking robot.
    Over-Drive didn’t hesitate to attack. Activating his back-mounted jets, he hurled himself at the truck-bot, blades extended. Tall, gray, and bulky responded with a glowing purple laser blade of his own that replaced his right hand. The two robots were instantly locked in combat. Wildrider attempted to interfere at one point, but was quickly knocked out by a well-placed blow from Over-Drive’s fist.
    The bulky truck robot twisted around as if to stab with his blade, but instead nailed Over-Drive in the midsection with his elbow. Over-Drive was sent sprawling on the ground. Before he could spring to his feet, the truck robot planted his massive foot on the Autobot’s body, effectively pinning him down.
    A massive grin formed on the large robot’s face. “I bet you didn’t expect to see me so soon… or at all, for that matter.”
    Over-Drive’s optics went wide. That voice; it was slightly different, a deeper tone, but it was unmistakably-
    “Circuit Board?!”
    “It’s Motormaster now. And these,” he motioned to his troops, “Are the Stunticons.”
    Over-Drive slashed madly with his blades, damaging Motormaster’s foot. The large robot howled in pain and reflexively lifted his foot just enough for Over-Drive to escape. He resumed his brawl with Motormaster, but was getting nowhere.
    Suddenly, Motormaster tripped his opponent, then grabbed him under the arms. Over-Drive found himself pinned against Motormaster, helpless as Dragstrip beat up on him.
    “When we’re done with you, we’ll finish of your pathetic friends,” Motormaster taunted, “Starting with your little girlfriend, Glyph.”
    Something in Over-Drive snapped. His optics went wide. Glyph- she would be powerless against these brutes’ attacks, as would the knocked out Autobots around him. His faced twisted into a look of pure anger. “No…” A mouthplate that hadn’t been used in stellar cycles slid over his face. “I’ll take you all on!”
    He suddenly sprang to life. Still trapped in Motormaster’s grip, Over-Drive jumped-kicked Dragstrip in the face. The yellow and purple Stunticon’s head flung back, his neck making an awful cracking sound as he slumped to the ground. Continuing the momentum from the jump, Over-Drive landed on Motormaster’s back. Wrenching his arms free of the giant’s grasp, he attempted to bring his blades down on his opponent’s head, but was stopped by a near-miss blast of energy.
    Looking up, he saw it was from the cowardly white robot; a good death glare was all it took to get the Stunticon to retreat. However, it left Motormaster with just enough time to throw Over-Drive off his frame.
    Righting himself in midair, Over-Drive landed softly on the ground. The maroon robot charged at him, swinging his arm-mounted buzzsaw on a cable above his head. Over-Drive easily sliced said cable, took ahold of it, and swung it full-force back on the Decepticon. The saw connected with his face, leaving a nasty gash and sending him sprawling on the ground.
    Wildrider, Dragstrip, and maroon-bot were unconscious, the white coward who-knows-where by then, leaving only Motormaster.
    The two robots faced eachother before Over-Drive activated his rockets, sending him soaring. “All that new tech and ya still can’t fly.”
    Motormaster laughed. Two sections of his backpack extended; fire began spurting out of them. Slowly at first, then gaining speed, Motormaster began to lift off the ground.
    A bewildered expression came on Over-Drive’s face. “I stand corrected,” he muttered. Continuing upward, he kept an optic on his opponent. “All that bulk sure slows ya down.”
    Motormaster’s rockets increased their flame belching, speeding his ascent. His hand retraced and was replaced by a gun that vaguely resembled an exhaust pipe. Taking careful aim, he fired several shots at Over-Drive, who stealthily avoided them.
    In a matter of seconds, both robots were easily a mile above ground level. Then one and a half. Then two. That was all the distance Over-Drive needed.
    Cutting power to his thrusters, Over-Drive began to rapidly descend. Motormaster was taken off guard as the Autobot used the momentum to kick him in the face.
    Normally, a kick like that wouldn’t have felled a robot as big as Motormaster, but gravity had given Over-Drive enough speed and power to knock Motormaster over. Motormaster’s jets cut off due to his back now being parallel with the ground, but it did little good as he plummeted to the street below.
    With a smash that woke up half the city, he collided with the pavement. Over-Drive landed softly next to him, having reactivated his thrusters after kicking the brute. Motormaster’s armor was cracked and crumpled. Painfully, he lifted his head to face Over-Drive.
    The Autobot smiled triumphantly. “That’s what you get for threatening my frie- GAAHK!” Motormaster’s oversized foot connected with his abdomen, launching him backwards. Over-Drive painfully crashed into a wall and was suddenly overcome with a dizzy feeling. He realized that Motormaster had kicked him in the side hard enough to rupture one of his internal flows. Energon was not being properly sent through his body.
    Maintaining his composure, he watched Motormaster slowly get up, bark an order, scoop up Dragstrip and the maroon robot, and leave. The white robot picked up Wildrider and hurried away.
    Optics fuzzing over, Over-Drive found himself slipping into stasis…

    Slowly, Over-Drive returned to consciousness to find himself on the ground, sitting up against a building. Someone was repairing on his side; a quick glance identified them as Red Alert. On his other side was Glyph.
    He attempted to move, but was met by pain shooting through him.
    “Internal Energon flows were ruptured,” Red Alert reported immediately on realizing he was awake. “Repairs almost complete. Other damage is superficial armor damage with some minor circuit damages.”
    Over-Drive groaned as he lifted his right hand to his head. “Man, I feel like I got hit by a truck.” He processed a moment. “Oh, wait, I did.” They sat in silence as Red Alert tended to his wounds. “So, what happened to the others?”
    “Hot Shot had been knocked out,” She motioned to the Autobots, still lying on the pavement. “But your injuries were worse, so I tended to you first. Ironhide was hit with some sort of EMP blast. Optimus was also found unconscious; apparently from a blow to the head. Ratchet had been struck by an EMP blast as well, but he’ll be OK.”
    “So who were the Cons that did this?” Glyph inquired.
    Over-Drive shook his head. “Some bots I never hoped to see again.”

    The Stunticons slowly walked on the floor of Lake Erie. Coming to the entrance to their crashed ship, Motormaster activated an invisible command, triggering the door to open.
    He and Breakdown waited in the air lock as the water drained out. Once the process was complete, they trudged to the medical bay.
    Along the way the met Slipstream. She reacted with surprise. “Who are you?”
    “Didn’t expect yah to recognize me,” Motormaster grumbled as he brushed by her, Dragstrip and Dead End still slung over his shoulders.
    Slipstream’s eyes went wide. “Circuit Board? But how-”
    “I’ll explain later. By the way, the name’s Moptormaster now.” He opened the door to the medical bay.
    Standing there were the Combaticons.
    “Oh, yeah,” Slipstream muttered, “I shoulda’ mentioned we had guests.”
    Onslaught walked up to Motormaster. The Stunticon towered over him. “Ah, yes, Circuit Board- I mean, Motormaster did you said? I’ve been looking forward to seeing you.”
    Motormaster snarled.
    “I know you are unhappy to see my team here,” Onslaught started, “but I believe I have and offer you would greatly appreciate.”
    The Stunticon leader processed for a moment. “Alright, I’m listenin’.”
    “Excellent,” Onslaught replied. “Rest assured, working together will be a decision you won’t regret.”
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    Location: Earth’s moon.

    Metal clanked. Machinery whirred. Lockdown carefully attached wires and cables to the appropriate ports. He checked the blueprints again to confirm that he was connecting parts in the right position.
    A black and red bird watched him work, moving in sudden, jerky movements, much like an organic one of its kind. The bird had been the one who had ‘commissioned’ Lockdown for this project. It had found its way to Lockdown’s ship, still positioned on earth, and somehow made its way inside. Lockdown had observed that the bird appeared to use some sort of sonic control signal to deactivate his ship’s defense systems. It was the first time the Death’s Head had been infiltrated like that.
    His entrance had gotten Lockdown’s attention. Then he had given Lockdown a blue and gold box that, bizarrely enough, contained a spark. With the box were blueprints for a blocky Cybertronian body. Lockdown didn’t know what to do at first, but the bird seemed to persuade him to construct the Cybertronian body.
    Lockdown had spent awhile traveling the galaxy in search for the right parts. Now he was on Earth’s moon, in the remains of the Nemesis, trying to piece together a body from parts of the ship and totaled Starscream clones. He was surprised at his ability to build a Cybertronian body; his experience with upgrades ran deeper than he thought.
    As Lockdown fiddled with some wires, muttering to himself how much he had better get paid, he felt a vibration in the floor. The bird seemed to notice it too, judging by the way it was whipping its head around more rapidly than usual. Then it hopped off the table it was standing on and bounded to a wall.
    Lockdown followed it. Resting his hand on the wall, he could feel vibrations. Before he could theorize what it was, the wall slid to the side.
    Lockdown instinctively leapt back, engine blaster ready. Behind the wall were four Starscream clones, all inactive. There seemed to be places for three more clones, Lockdown noted, but they were not present. Clearly it was some kind of secret hold to hide a few clone bodies from whoever had destroyed the ones in the main section of the ship.
    The clones shared a uniform color scheme of Starscream’s grayish-blue and red. A mechanical arm placed a small fragment in three of the clones’ opened chest compartments. As the jet cockpits closed, their color schemes changed; the first various shades of gray with minimal dark red, the second red, light gray and black with yellow highlights, the last an optic-searing pink, neon lime green, medium blue, aqua blue and black with a gold helmet. The clones’ eyes glowed red before they sprang to life.
    “BWAHAHA!” The color-clashed one exclaimed. “Did you hear the one about the petro-rabbit who tried to cross the street? He got roadkilled! HAHAHA!”
    “Shut it!” The gray one snapped. “I don’t care about your stupid jokes!”
    The last one appeared to be examining himself in a reflective sheet of metal. “Slag, I look good…”
    “Alright, what’s going on?” Lockdown barked.
    “Hey! No one questions me!” The gray clone spat furiously before lunging at Lockdown. Quickly, the bounty hunter sidestepped the clone and tripped him. It was obvious that this clone had anger management issues. ‘Angry’ leapt back to his feet, practically foaming at the mouth. He unleashed a volley of laser blasts that Lockdown dodged professionally.
    With Lockdown batting ‘Angry’, ‘Color-clash’ telling (terrible) jokes to the robot bird, and ‘Vanity’ still examining himself, no-one noticed a ghostly mist rise out of the floor and merge with the remaining Starscream clone. It whirred to life, taking on a white, blue and red color scheme.
    “STOP!” the newest clone ordered. Everyone turned to face him. “Look, we have more important things to do than… what… ever it is you’re doing.”
    “Oh, great, ANOTHER one. What personality do you have, pray tell?” Lockdown inquired.
    “I am the-” he stopped, seemed to consider something, then continued. “The, uh, true leader! Now, fellow clones, we shall take the battle to Earth!”
    Lockdown cocked an eyebrow. Despite just coming online, this clone seemed to have some sort of plan thought up. Unless that’s just what he wanted them to think… “Hold it. If you think I’m just gonna let you go, then you’ve got another thing comin-”
    “What if I gave you some payment?” the white clone offered.
    Lockdown processed. “Whata’ ya’ have?”
    ‘Leader’ clone walked over to a wall. Placing his hand on it, he slid away a panel, revealing a secret stash of credit chips. He scooped them up and held them in front of Lockdown. “Will this do?”
    Lockdown eagerly snatched up the chips; they were almost enough to cover the costs of the parts he had gotten on his recent travels. “Alright, deal.”
    “Excellent. Clones! We’re off!” The four clones trotted out of the ship’s ruins, then transformed into Harrier jets and rocketed to Earth.
    Lockdown stood in the ‘doorway’, watching them go. There was something especially odd about the white one in particular…
    He stared at the credit chips in his hand. It was worth letting them go, without a shadow of a doubt. For now, at least.
    Something tapped his stabilizing servo; the bird was at his feet, looking impatient.
    Lockdown rolled his optics and sighed. “Alright, alright, I’m comin’…”

    Location: Decepticon ship Lemuria

    Slipstream’s thin fingers clacked on the keyboard in from of her as she examined the computer screen. The Lemuria had access to the Decepticon’s ‘base’ planet- some rock called ‘New Kaon’- and the information it held. Slipstream was soaking in the information with interest. She had been given some basic knowledge when she was created, but nothing this extensive.
    She was in the middle of reading a digital copy of ‘Venus’ magazine when she heard something odd.
    Well, what do we have here?
    Slipstream jumped- the voice seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at once.
    A bit of a cliché description, if you ask me.
    That voice; it could only be-
    Surprise! She felt a painful jolt as her optics closed. “Oh come on, you’ve taken worse hits.” She opened her eyes to see the smirking face of a white, red and blue Starscream clone.
    But that voice! The clones all had some kind of speech quirk, but this one didn’t, which meant…
    “That’s right! I’m back!” Starscrem grinned
    “Wha… but…” Slipstrem stammered, “how are you reading my thoughts?”
    Starscream chuckled. “I’m in your head. So are you.”
    Slipstream then realized she wasn’t in her living quarters anymore; she and Starscream were in some kind of black void.
    “Possession,” Starscream stated before she could ask how this was all possible. “Simply stated, my tie to the AllSpark left me as a ghost made of energy. I’m currently planning a rebellion, so I’m gathering my clones for the job.” He leaned closer to her. “And it’d help a lot if you’d be so kind as to tell me where the rest are.”
    Slipstream was about to deny when she felt another sharp mental jab. She cried out in surprise as she could literally felt Starscream searching through her thoughts.
    “Ah, here we go!” Screamer’s high-pitch voice said as the pain in the female clone’s head dulled. “Thank you for your information. Now to round up the troops…”

    “Ah, it feels good to again control an army. Now bigger than ever,” Starscream added. He surveyed his group; two of his original clones were present, the egomaniac and the female. The suck-up, liar and coward had been replaced with an envious clone, a greedy one, and a warrior. That, added to his three new clones, brought the total up to eight; nine if he counted himself. He glanced behind him at the inactive body of the purple and black clone that he had located in a storage room of the Decepticon base. Once he found another AllSpark fragment, he’d have yet ANOTHER troop.
    “With my new and improved clone army, and Megatron gone, I shall destroy the Autobots and become supreme ruler of the Decepticons! AHAHAHAHAHA!”
    ““And how, pray tell, will you accomplish that?” The egomaniac asked.
    “Well if you must know, Ego,” Starscream started, “I-”
    “Thundercracker,” the blue clone interrupted.
    “My name is Thundercracker on account of my sonic boom abilities.”
    “Sonic booms?” Starscream cried. “I never gave you that power!”
    “Well, I got it!” The blue clone roared. As he lifted his right arm, two sections on each side of his forearm extended outward; they emitted a powerful sonic boom that blew leaves off trees and uprooted shrubs.
    The origional Starscrem studied the wreckage. “It seems as though your AllSpark fragments are causing you to evolve into individuals- at least physically.” He made a mental note to watch for personality changes as well. “Alright, where was I? Ah, yes, proclaiming how we shall take down the Autobots!”
    “So why are we going after them first again?” Slipstream questioned. “If you ask me, we should first gain the assistance of the other Decepticons?”
    Starscream leaned his gray face close to Slipstream’s. “Because I know that the other Cons won’t react well to me just barging in and taking over.”
    “Then why not possess them like you did with us?” The new red clone asked.
    “Already tried that,” Starscream replied, “It only works on my clones, appearently.”
    “Shaaame,” Thundercracker muttered sarcastically.
    Starscream ignored the comment. “Listen, we’re going to take down the Autobtos that took out Megatron. Then the others will see just how powerful we are and appoint me as the rightful leaders of the Decepticons!”
    For a moment, the clones just stared at him.
    “That plan SUCKS,” Acid Storm spat.
    Starscream clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth. “I grow tired of you clones’ constant back-talk. We are going to attack the Autobots after we find more fragments, and that is FINAL!”
    “Wait, find more fragments?” Slipstream questioned. “You didn’t say that before.”
    “That’s because I… j-just though of…” Starscream stammered. “It’s not important. What IS important is that I’m picking up an AllSpark signal near here- a strong one.” He raised his arms. “Seekers- Transform and rise up!”
    One by one, the clones transformed and flew toward the signal.
    Screamer smirked. “That’s more like-” he then realized that no one had picked up the body of the sparkles clone. “Hey, WAIT!” To his dismay, his clones had already shot off into the distance. Reluctantly, he picked up the clone and actiaved the rocket boosters in his legs. “Gotta do everything myself…”
    A pile of scrap and car parts was disturbed by a lanky green and purple robot. He rummaged through the wreckage, pulling out a few parts he thought might be useful. Scrapper recalled that scavenging for parts had been quite easy since that battle between that one giant yellow Autobot ship and those other giant purple Deceoticon clones of said ‘Bot.
    A stubby robot that was little more than a head with limbs walked up behind him. “Find anythin’?”
    Scrapper showed off the spoils of his ‘dig’.
    Dirt Boss investigated them carefully. “Great condition on these things. Human’s ‘ll throw way ANYTHIN’.”
    Dirt Boss suddenly heard the sound of metal groaning behind him- he leapt aside just in time to avoid getting smashed by a massive I-beam.
    “Dangit, Long Haul!” Dirt Boss shouted. “You ‘bout flattened me!”
    A bulky robot that was taller than even Scrapper looked down at the tiny robot at his feet. “Oops, sorry, boss.”
    “Hey-hey-hey, careful!” Mixmaster’s voice rang out. “You nearly stepped on all the good parts I found!”
    “Then don’t put them were they’re gonna get stepped on!” the robot Mixmaster was chastising responed. He was as tall as Mixmaster, but looked a lot stronger. His chest was formed from a bulldozer shovel and his legs were made of treads.
    “Well, where ELSE do you propose I put them, Bonecrusher?” Mixy countered.
    “Somwhere were they won’t get stepped on!” Bonecrusher shouted.
    “Wonderful logic you got there,” a third new Constructinon muttered sarcastically.
    “Didn’t ask you, Hook,” Bonecrusher spat.
    “Will you all just be quiet?” another ‘con said. “Some of us are trying to concentrate.”
    “Oh, sorry Scavenger,” Bonecrusher spat sarcastically, “I wouldn’t want to interfere with your worthlessness!” He, along with Long Haul, Mixmaster and Hook, roared with laughter.
    “Shut it, mooks!” Dirt Boss shouted. “Scavenger may not be th’ most agile, strong, large…” The stubby robot started counting on his fingers as he listed the other Constructicon’s faults. “Athletic, good lookin’, courageous, or capable of us, but he finds more good parts that th’ rest a’ yahs combined!”
    Scavenger sighed exasperateally. “Thanks, Dirt Boss.”
    The Constructicon leade didn’t pick up on his sarcasm. ‘Anytime- now back ta’ work! ALL A’ YAHS!”
    The Constructicons quickly went back to their searching for parts.
    Quietly, Scrapper moved closer top Scavenger. “Don’t bother with what them others guys says,” he muttered only loud enough for Scavenger to hear.
    Scavenger cocked an eyebrow. “What?”
    “They jus’ makin’ fun a yah’ because you’re not exactly like them,” Scrapper said. “But kid, I seen what you can do. You fix junked parts an’ make ‘em look like new. You could give those guys all the time in the world and they still wouldn’t be able to do what you can do in an hour.”
    Scavenger studied his fellow Constructicon for a long while. “Scrapper, why are you defending me?”
    Scrapper shrugged. “Dunno, just feel like I gotta. We excavators gotta sick together, y’know.”
    Scavenger considered his words, somehow thinking that they had a deeper meaning than what they seemed to at first.
    “Aw, how touching!” Bonecrusher suddenly said, looking at Scrapper and Scavenger. “They’re having a mushy heart-to heart talk!”
    Scavenger clkeched his teeth. Seeing a large brick, he picked it up. After doing a few quick calculations in his head, he flung the brick over his head without turning around.
    The large piece of concrete smaked down dead center on Bonecrusher’s head.
    Bonecrusher stood still. The other robots stared, jaws dropped.
    “Holey scrapmental!” Mixmaster said, “He didn’t even turn around and aim!”
    “Lucky shot,” Bonecrusher spat as he trudged back to his work.
    “That was amazing!” Scrapper whispered.
    “Thanks, I-” Scavenger stopped mid sentence as the excavator shovel on his back wobbled.
    “Somethin’ wrong, kid?” Scrapper asked.
    Scavenger morphed into his vehicle mode. “No, but I’m detecting something!” The sensors in his shovel honed in on the signal. “AllSpark fragnemts!” To everyone’s surprise, Scavenger pointed his scoop in the air. “What the…?”
    Looking up, the Constructicons saw a mass of jets that were all the same shape, but each a different color.
    “Hey, those kinda’ look like th’ jets that attacked the ‘Con Space Bridge!” Mixmaster stated.
    “Hey, you’re right!” Scrapper responded. “You don’t think-”
    As if right on cue, the jets swooped down and morphed into Starscream clones. They surrounded the seven Constructicons, outnumbering them by one.
    A nineth, white blue and red robot touched down, carrying to body of a tenth, which he carefully placed behind him.
    “Ah, the Constructicons,” greeted the white clone. “It’s been too long. And look, your numbers have increased.”
    Mixmaster cocked an eyebrow. “Eh, I don’ remember that ‘un.” He motioned to the white Starscream. “D’ you, Scrap?”
    Scrapper shook his head. “Nope. There WAS a white one, blue he wasn’t blue at all.”
    “Funny story,” the white Con said. “I’m actually the origional Starscream. I just had a bit of a…. cosmetic change. But more to the pint, my fellow Decepticons, I’m in need of a… favor.”
    Dirtboss approached the tall Deceptcicon. “What kind a’ favah?”
    Screamer grinned. “Well, it seems one of my troops-” he motioned to Skywarp’s offline body, “-has had his AllSpark fragment stolen.”
    “Sorry, mook,” Dirt Boss replied, “But we used up the last a’ our fragments makin’ our new friends.”
    Starscream glanced at the other Constructicons before resettling his gaze on their leader. “And may I ask just WHERE you got more shards in the first place?”
    “Couple a’ downed and dead clones a’ yers, actually.”
    Acid Storm’s eyes went wide. ‘Wait- was one white and blue, and the other yellow?”
    Slowly, Dirt Boss turned to face him. “What’s it t’ you?”
    Acid Storm’s eyes narrowed to slits. “Those were my BROTHERS.”
    The Constructicon shrugged. “Hey, they were dead and gone. Heads were completely destroyed.”
    The rainmaker’s eye twitched, but he knew it would be for nothing to attack Dirt Boss. It had been the fault of the Autobots that his brothers had died, and attacking the leader of the guys his boss was trying to deal with probably wouldn’t go over well.
    “ANYWAY,” Starscream said, “While you may not have any spare shards, I happen to know a way to extract them without killing the owner.”
    Dirt Boss stiudied Starscream carefully. “No.”
    “No,” the stubby robot repeated. “And that’s final.”
    After a moment of silence, Starscream’s face tured to one of anger. ‘Listen, you puny punk, I am Starscream, second-in-command of ALL Decepticons- you WILL do as I say!”
    “Sorry, mook, but we take ‘ah ordahs directly from Onslaught.”
    Screamer smirked. “Onslaught, hm? Well, it just so happens that I’m the direct overseer of his subgroup, the Combaticons.”
    “Doesn’t mattah,” Dirt Boss spat.
    By now, Starscream was fuming. “Listen here, shrimpy- I am Starscream, second in command of the Decpticons. And I-” he leabed closer to Dirt Boss.
    A costly mistake- the small Constructicon shot a drill-like projectile form his head to Starscream’s. The taller Decepticon roared in pain as he toppled over backwards.
    “Fool!” the yelled, “I am merely an AllSpark ghost possessing an empty body! Your Cerebro Shell cannot control me!”
    Sure enough, Dirt Boss found that he was unable to make Starscream’s body move.
    “Well, it seems you can’t move, either,” Dirt Boss observed.
    Starscream attempted to pick himself up, only to find that he could only move his mouth and optics. “Slag!”
    Dirt Boss turned to his troops. “Get ‘em!”
    The junkyard suddenly erupted into battle as Constructicon took on Seeker. Both sides had their strengths- the Seekers were skilled, could fly, and had powerful weapons and abilities, while the Cinstructicons had brute force and strong armor.
    Scavenger found himself shooting fire from his welding torch at the clone known as Thundercracker.
    “Insolent fool! No mere construction bot can hope to beat My amazing skill and agility!” Sections of his forearms extended outward, revealing his Sonic Boom cannons. He took careful aim and fired them at Scavenger.
    Unfortunately, the weponized sound not only knocked down the Constructicon, but it also shot large chunks of garbage and machinery raining on his fellow seekers.
    “Watch it, you moron!” Slipstream shouted.
    “Who are you calling a moron, woman?” Thundercracker spat back.
    “You almost took off my head with that shrapnel!”
    “Well YOU shoulnd’t have been in the way!”
    “The debris was flying EVERY way!”
    “Will you two shut it, already?!” Acid Storm shouted over their squabble. “I’m trying to fight!” He shot a steady stream of corrosive acid at Long Haul. However, the bulky robot quickly held up a large plate of metal like a shield, effectively blocking the stream. Acid Storm was about to widen his stream when eh suddenly got a vision of himself staring down the charging barrel of the weapon that had killed his brothers. Parazlyzed with feaer, he fell out of the sky. The vision slowly faded, and he found himself looking up at Dirge.
    “Dangit, Dirge watch where you’re shooting!” Acid Storm spat at the Conehead.
    “How did you shrug off the effects of my blast so fast!?” the blue and yellow clone replied. “It’s not fair- I want top get over injuries that fast, too! And I want better powers that DON’T wear off!”
    Scavenger painfully picked himself up off the ground and looked up to see several of the Seekers arguing. With them momentarily out of the battle, his fellow Constructicons were able to double-team the remaining Seekers.
    Scrapper rushed to his side, having just taken care of a clone with a very clashing color scheme. “You alright, kid?”
    “Yeah, I’m OK,” Scavenger replied as he watch the arguing clones break off and resume fighting. “And I think I may know how to take these guys down…”

    Unbeknownst to both the Seekers and the Constructicons, they were secretly being monitored by two humans hiding in the nearby bushes.
    “Hey, Fracas, check that out!” the smaller one said, pointing to Skywarp’s body.
    The other one, who was of much larger build, studied the Decepticon body carefully before smiling sinisterly. “Cancer, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
    Cancer smiled as well. “Oh heck yeah! With their giant battle going on, they probably won’t even know we were there!”
    Fracas rose from his sitting position. “I’ll get the truck.”

    “I hope this plan a’ yours works,” Scrapper said to Scavenger.
    “Based on what I’ve observed of the Seeker’s behavior, it should,” Scavenger replied.
    Scrapper nodded before running in front of a pile of scrap. Scavenger took up his position on the other side of said junk pile.
    “Hey blue-boy!” the taller Constructicon shouted to Thundercracker. “Ah bet your aim is so lousy that you couldn’t hit me when I’m standing still!”
    “You DARE mock me?!” the clone replied furiously as he charged his Sonic Boom Cannons. “Well, I’ll show YOU!”
    Meanwhile, Scavenger was drawing the fire of the female clone and the newer, gray and red one. Behind him, he heard the sound of Thundercraker charging his signature weapons.
    Just a little closer, he thought as the robots he was fighting neared him. Hearing the whine of Thundercracker’s weapons reach their peak, he shouted, “NOW, SCRAPPER!”
    Both Constructicons leapt out of the way as Thundercracker’s Sonic Boom tore through the scrap pile, showering Slipstream and the other clone in debris.
    Slipstream roared in fury. “That’s it, Thundercracker- you’re toast! I’m gonna-”
    “RAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” the gray clone roared in anger as the red-colored end of his arm cannon launched off like a missile and soared through the air at Thundercracker. “Take that!”
    However, the missile never struck Thundercracker- he dodged it at the last possible second. The missile arced through the air and struck Acid Storm, sending him flying into the ground.
    The green clone smashed down right next to the crazy color-clashed clone, who was in combat with Hook.
    “Bwahahaha! It’s raining Acid Storm!” the horribly painted clone said.
    “Hey, that was the first joke you made that actually make sense!” Hook stated.
    “You think that was funny?” the crazy Seeker replied. “Wait ‘till I tell you the one about the Seacon and the Nucleon vat!”
    Hook’s claw arm suddenly came down on the clone’s gold head, effectively knocking him out. “How about ‘no’?” the Constructicon sneered.
    Scavenger and Scrapper watched as the randomly colored clone fell to the ground.
    “It’s working,” Scavenger said, “The clones are turning against eachother!”
    Bonecrusher suddenly roared pact in his bulldozer form. Not to far above, Dirge was trailing him in jet form.
    “You! Conehead!” someone shouted. Dirge converted to his robot mode and located the source of the voice- the original Starscream, still immobilized by the Cerebro Shell in his head.
    Dirge touched down next to his leader’s body. “Why do you have to waste MY time with this? It’s MY time, and you cant have it!”
    “Shutup, you insignificant fool!” Screamer shouted. “I am you commander, now release me!”
    Dirged reached for the Creerbro Shell. “Fine, but I better get something out of this!”
    Bonecrusher suddenly reappeared in robot mode. Quickly, he snapped two Thermal Detonators off his belt and tossed them at the Conehead. The small bombs latched onto his yellow wings and started beeping rapidly.
    “Hey, these are MY wings!” Dirge spat. “Get your own you stupid-” the bombs went off, badly damaging his wings and knocking him out.
    “Oh scrap,” Starscream muttered as he realized he was next. However, before Bonecrusher could make his way over to the Seeker leader, he was blindsided by the vain clone.
    “Wonderful work, my clone!” the origional Starcream said. “Now, release me!”
    “Why would I do that?” the self-obsessed Seeker replied.
    Starscream cocked an eyebrow. “B-but didn’t you just save me so you could free me?”
    The clone scoffed. “Are you kidding? I did it because some of the shrapnel from his bombs almost scratched my paint!”
    Starscream’s left eye twitched as his clone walked away, muttering something under his breath.
    A sigh escaped the head Seeker’s mouth. “Can this get any worse?”
    As if right on cue, Thundercracker landed on top of him, having just been blown out of the sky.
    “Take that you big blue freak!” Slipstream shouted form above.
    But Starscream didn’t hear her. He was too buse focusing on how Thundercracker’s arm had jarred loose the Cerebro shell…
    Across the battlefield, Dirt Boss felt his mental hold on Starscream fading. “Aw, that ain’t good.” The puny robot turned just in time to see Starscream flying towards him at a startlingly fast speed.
    Dirt Boss braced for impact as he heard a the loud metal crash of a Seeker crashing into a Constructicon. To his surprise, he wasn’t the Constructicon- Long Haul had jumped in front of Screamer at the last possible moment, his bulky form absorbing the impact.
    Before Starscream realized what had happened, he was flung aside by the larger Constructicon. The Seeker landed hard on his back.
    Starceamed stared at the sky, groaning in pain. Suddenly, all 7 Constructicons came into his view, surrounding him.
    Thinking fast, Starscream made a hasty decision. “Well, it’s been fun boys, but I gotta blast!” His chest-mounted jet cockpit suddenly slid open, revealing-
    “It’s a bomb!” Bonecrusher shouted.
    Starscream laughed maniacally as his ghostly essence left his body and disappeared into the night. The bomb’s timer counted down at an alarmingly fast rate.
    “Bonecrusher, quick!” Scavenger leaned down to the bomb. “How do I defuse this thing?”
    Bonecrusher studied the explosive carefully. “Proximity bomb- but I can’t know how to defuse it if I don’t know specifically what type!”
    “TA-0722!” a female voice said from behind them. The Constructicons turned, surprised to see that the one who had delivered the information was Slipstream.
    The purple Seeker glared at the. “There’s no way I can out-fly that thing! If that thing goes off, we’ll ALL die!” Behind her, the other Seekers had gathered around, looks of genuine worry on their faces.
    Bonecrusher nodded. “Alright.” He pointed to a gray piece of metalk on the left side of the bomb “ Unscrew that latch, then snip the red wire underneath.”
    Scavenger nodded as he pulled a Cybertronina-scale power screwdriver from his backpack. Slowly, he unbolted the latch. By the time the latch was off, the bomb had ten seconds left.
    “Hurry!” Bonecrusher prompted. Scavenger then pulled out a small wire cutter, located the red wire, and snipped it in half.
    The bomb’s timer stopped at the Cybetronian symbol for the number ‘4’.
    Constructicon and Seeker alike breathed a heavy sigh of relief.
    “Well, that settles that,” Dirt Boss commented as he returned his Cerebro Shell to its spot in his forehead. “So how we gonna tell this to Onslaught?”
    “Honestly, I’m going to act like this whole fight never happened,” Slipstream said.
    “So where they came from?” Acid Storm asked, motioning to the three new clones.
    Slipstream shrugged. “Meh, we’ll say they came outta nowhere like you and your brothers. Now we better get going before Onslaught wonders where we went.”
    Scavenger cocked an eyebrow. “Why wouldn’t he already be wondering?”
    “Because we Seekers tend to sneak out a lot the way it is,” Slipstream explained before winking at Scavenger, to which the Constructicon stared at her, confused.
    “Hey, you can sneak out to meet us ANY time,” Mixmaster said smoothly.
    Slipstream responded with a scowl.
    “I love it when they play hard-to-get,” Mix then whispered to Bonecrusher, who responded with an uninterested grunt.
    “OH SCRAP!” the new, red clone shouted.
    “Whgat’s the matter did you scratch your inferior pain job?” Thundercracker laughed.
    “No, look!” the clone said. “Skywarp’s body is missing!”

    Location: Machination Laboratories

    An elderly scientist carefully maneuvered his mechanical right hand to place a tiny piece of machinery in place. When he did, the triangular device hummed to life. The Doctor smiled in satisfaction.
    A tall, lanky male with purple hair looked over his shoulder. “Is that the suit-power-thing you were telling us about?”
    Doctor Arkeville nodded. “Yes, Hydra. This will provide our new suits with enough energy to remain functional while attached to the transtectors.”
    “Something we had problems with in the prototypes,” Hydra commented.
    A computer panel beeped before displaying an image of Fracas and Cancer sitting in the cab of a vehicle.
    “Doc, you’ll never believe what we got!” Cancer exclaimed excitedly.
    Dr. Arkeville nodded as he pressed a button on the computer terminal, granting the two access to the building.
    Minutes later, a red pickup truck entered the workplace that the Doctor was working in, The truck was towing a flat trailer, which held a large, black and purple-colored object.
    Arkeville’s jaw dropped. “Is that…?”
    Cancer leaped out of the truck’s passenger door. “Yep, a Decepticon!”
    Dr. Arkeville’s smile spread from ear to ear. “WONDERFUL work, boys!” he walked to the offlined Seeker and studied it closely. “This, combined with Henry Masterson’s technology, will GREATLY increase our machines’ capabilities!”

    Epilogue 1

    “… then one a’ the clones- the girl one- told him what kind a’ bomb it was. Scavenger snipped the wire and the bomb stopped.”
    Dirt Boss watched the small, green figure on the viewscreen, curious what his reaction would be to the story he had just told.
    The figure nodded. “Sounds like you and you men held out nicely. I will make note of the Starscream clones- as well as Starscream himself.” The green robot began typing on his computer terminal. “You said he was in a ghost-like state?”
    Dirt Boss nodded. “He left the battle as some kinda mist. Almost seemed to… possessing the body he was in.”
    The green figure returned his gaze to the Constructicon. “Possession? Hm, that could be bad- especially if he gets wind of our not-so-little ‘projects’…”
    The stubby Constructicon nodded. “We’ll keep an eye out fer more signs a’ him.”
    On the moniter, the green robot nodded. “Good plan. Is that all you have to report?”
    Dirt Boss thought a moment. “Buyilding progress is going at its usual rate. We should have both operations completed within a few weeks at least.”
    The green robot made a note of this on his computer. “Excellent. Well, I won’t keep you any longer then.”
    “Alright than. Over and out.” The Constructicon switched off the video chat just in time to hear a loud clang in a room behind him. He quickly rushed in to see Bonecrusher next to a bent I-beam on the ground.
    “Hey, watch it, Bonecrushah! We ain’t got unlimited resources, y’know!” Bonecrusher grumbled as he attempted to straiten out the beam with his strong servos.
    Dirt Boss glanced around the massive room at the other Constructicons- they all seemed to be doing their jobs. Before he returned to the room he was previously in, he threw a glance at the Constructicons’ building project- reforming a 50-story, purple and teal robot.

    Legatron watched as the image of the Constructicon leader went blank on his monitor before saving the work log the stubby robot had just told him.
    “Are you sure working with those guys is a good idea?” Laserbeak said from behind him.
    Legatron patted the white and red bird’s head. “Trust me on this, Beaks. I know exactly what I’m doing…”

    Epilouge 2

    Lockdown carefully stidied the fruits of his labor in satisfaction.
    The red and black bird, on the other hand, clearly did not, and for good reason- the robot Lockdown had built looked more like a bipedal mess than an actual Cybertronian.
    “I know it doesn’t look much like your buddy now,” Lockdown started, “But these parts are made from freshly protoformed clone bodies. Which means when I insert his spark…”
    Lockdown kneeled down and interted the blue and gold spark container into the robot’s chest. Almost instantly, the body beagn to reshape itself into a blocky blue and gold robot.
    The robot’s triangular red optics flashed as it spoke: “I am Soundwave….”
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    I'm in the process of writing the next episode- its about half done. :D  I just took a break from writing over the summer.

    Glad to see at least someone is still interested in this project, though.
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    Thanks. :D  I thought it'd be funny if slipstream winked at the one Constructicon who wouldn't get it. :lol 

    Anyway, for anyone still reading this, sorry about the delay, but this next chapter is REALLY long, and I've been really busy in school lately.

    So, without further ado...

    Pride and Pretenders

    "G-2," Sari said.
    "Hah, hah! Miss!" Bumblebee pumped a fist in the air.
    "Dangit," Sari muttered as she placed a peg on her game board.
    "So, remind me again what this is?" Hot Shot asked. "Some kind of sea-combat training?"
    "No, silly," Sari laughed, "It's a strategy game. You guess where coordinates on the board where you think your enemy has a ship hidden, and they tell you if they actually have a ship there or not."
    Hot Shot nodded. "But why do you need to blow up the entire ship? If you hit it dead center, the metal structure would probably give way and the entire thing would rip in half."
    "Nerd," Bumblebee murmured under his breath.
    "What did you call me?!" the blue and yellow Autobot snapped.
    "I called you a 'nerd'," Bumblebee proclaimed.
    Hot Shot pointed an accusatory finger. "I have no idea what that means, but you're gonna regret that, bug!"
    Bumblebee activated a battle-grade stinger, which crackled ominously. "Bring it on, Not-Shot!"
    Right as the two were about to begin exchanging physical blows, an alarm started.
    “It wasn’t me!” Bumblebee and Hot Shot said in perfect unison as the alarm continued to blare. Quickly, the Autobots rushed to the main control room, where they found the others waiting for them.
    “Prime!” Sari started. “What’s the situation?”
    “We just picked up the energy signal of a Decepticon vessel entering Earth’s atmosphere,” Optimus explained. “Over-Drive is trying to calculate its landing coordinates.”
    Sari glanced at the computer screen. Displayed on it was Over-Drive back at his base.
    “Getting a visual on the ship,” the green Autobot reported. "Coming into focus..." His optic grew wide as his jaw dropped slightly. "It can't be..."
    “What is it?” Red Alert inquired.
    It was a moment before Over-drive answered. “Jazz?”
    “Uh, yeah?” the white Autobot replied.
    Over-Drive brought up a picture of the Decepticon ship on the Autobot’s computer screen. “Is this what I think it is?”
    Jazz studied the image closely. “The Thunderwing…” he said softly.
    “That’s what I was afraid of,” Over-Drive said, a look of worry on his face.
    “What?” Optimus asked.
    Over-Drive sighed. “Where you find the Thunderwing…”
    “You’ll find Bludgeon,” Jazz finished.


    A slender yet heavily armored Decepticon watched out the window of the Thunderwing, staring at the planet below. Oh, how he hated organic worlds. His life-long quest had led him to more than a few of them, which only intensified his feelings. They were always so green and full of strange life- not that he necessarily hated either one of those attributes, but you know what they say about too much of a good thing.
    “Bludgeon, sir,” a voice said from behind him.
    He turned to see a bulky blue and gray robot entering the room. “What is it, Bomb-Burst?”
    “I have readied specs of Earth vehicles for our disguises,” Bomb-Burst reported.
    Bludgeon’s skull-like face twisted into a grin. “Good, good.” Sharp orange fingers clinked together menacingly. "All according to plans..."

    “Bludgeon?” Ironhide repeated the name Over-Drive has spoken. “Who’s Bludgeon?”
    “Bludgeon was an ol’ student in th’ Cyber-Ninja Corps,” Jazz answered.
    “Wait, he was an AUTOBOT?” Brawn asked, surprised.
    Over-Drive nodded. “Bludgeon was one of the best warriors Yoketron had. However, he always had a bit of malice in him. Yoketron saw this, and how it grew with his training.”
    “Yoketron refused t’ finish trainin’ Bludgeon unless he let go of his bad vibes,” Jazz explained. “But Bludgeon refused- said his anger ‘n such made him stronger.”
    “Yoketron then kicked him out of the Cyber-Ninja Corps,” Over-Drive continued. “Ever since, he vowed vengeance on all Cyber-Ninjas- hunting them down and picking them off, one by one.”
    “And now he’s here fo’ us,” Jazz concluded.
    “Well, that’s not happening,” Optimus announced. “We’re going to stand together and make Bludgeon pay for his crimes.”
    “Sorry, Optimus,” Over-Drive replied. “But Jazz and I need to take him on our own.”
    “What? Why?!” Optimus questioned.
    “B’cause we KNOW Bludgeon,” Jazz explained. “We know his moves, strategies, an’ personality, an’ he’s got plenty of all of ‘em. Too dangerous fo’ you t’ tackle.”
    "Besides," Over-Drive cut in, "He's here for us. There's not a chance in the Pit we're putting you guys in harm's way."
    “Well, we’re not just going to SIT HERE and yet you bots walk into potential doom!” Optimus retorted.
    “Never said you had to do that,” Over-Drive said. “Bludgeon has two goons- Bomb-Burst and Iguanus. They’ll give us enough trouble that we’ll need backup.”
    Optimus nodded. “Alright. How soon can you get the landing coordinates?”
    Over-Drive checked his computer. “It should be just a min-”
    The image of Over-Drive suddenly vanished, replaced by static.
    “Ratchet, what’s going on?!” Optimus asked.
    The medi-bot clicked a few commands on the computer. “Signal’s jammed. Probably the work of those ‘Cons.”
    “Huh, Bludgeon’s not usually th’ one t’ resort t’ signal jammin’,” Jazz commented.
    "Well, for what it’s worth, it looks like more than just your communicators are offline," Sari stated, her cell phone displayed zero bars.
    “TV isn’t working either,” Hot Shot said.
    “NOOOOOO!” Bumblebee cried in an over-dramatic way. “But NASCAR is on in an hour!”
    Ratchet cocked an eyebrow. "Hot Shot, exactly WHY are you at the TV?"
    The blue mech stood silent for a moment before speaking. "Uh... Because?"
    “If I didn’t know any better,” Sari said, “I’d almost say this was Soundwave’s work."
    No one responded.
    Sari gulped. “You don’t think…”
    “We never found out what happened after his bird-bot stole that last piece of him," Ratchet said.
    “Regardless of who’s responsible for this, we have to get to Over-Drive so he can tell us where the Decepticon ship is,” Optimus said. “Autobots- transform and roll out!”
    The Autobots complied, changing into their vehicle modes. Sari hitched a ride with Bumblebee, as usual.
    "So, you think we’re gonna get to kick some can?" Bumblebee asked excitedly.
    "Dunno," Sari replied, "But I get the feeling it's gonna be one of those days..."


    "Guys? Hello?" Over-Drive attempted to reset the wireless connection on his computer... only to find that there was no connection. "That's weird..."
    "Hey, O-D!" Legatron zipped into the room via his jetpack, Laserbeak close behind.
    "Not now, Legatron. I have to find out what's wrong with my computer's wireless connection," the Autobot replied, turning back to the consol.
    "But it's about the connection problem!" the smaller robot exclaimed. "It's not just your computer; the whole city's in a communication blackout!"
    Over-Drive blinked in surprise. "What? How?"
    Legatron pointed a thumb at Laserbeak. "Beaks here recognizes the jamming frequency. Still can't break through it, though."
    "Wait, wait, wait," Over-Drive interjected, "If negative Laserbeak recognizes the frequency, then probably means..."
    "They planned it all out," Laserbeak explained. "The Decepticons on Earth set up the jamming field so we couldn't track the ship."
    Over-Drive smirked. "Well, if failed in that regard." He pointed to a set of coordinates on his computer screen. "You two go find Optimus and give him the coordinates- I'm going ahead to scout out the ship."
    Legatron nodded as he and Laserbeak shot out the door. Over-Drive checked his computer one last time before leaving- still no connection.
    This was going to be an interesting day.
    Seconds after he left, Glyph appeared from the back of the ship, yawning sleepily.
    She then realized that there was no one there. "I have got to stop recharging for so long..."


    Optimus was leading his Autobots down the streets of Detroit- well, most of his Autobots. Bumblebee seemed content with using his jetpack as a replacement for road travel.
    Suddenly, a boxy blue SUV raced in front of him, ignoring a stop sign. Optimus skidded to a halt, barely avoiding a collision with the offending vehicle as it raced off.
    "That was Soundwave!" Ratchet exclaimed.
    "That's the second time you've mentioned that 'Soundwave' dude, and I still don't know who you're talking about," Hot Shot spoke up.
    "Didn't you read the reports that Optimus' crew gave us?" Red Alert questioned.
    "Of course not!" the yellow and blue sportscar replied. "Who has time for that?"
    "Alright, 'Bots, new plan!" Optimus announced. "Jazz, Red Alert, and Bumblebee continue to Over-Drive's ship. The rest of us will take care of Soundwave."
    Quickly, the group split up in compliance with Optimus' orders. Optimus lead his half of the team perusing Soundwave through the crowded streets of Detroit, an act made slightly easier by him and Ratchet activating their sirens. The blue-and-teal SUV winded through the bustling streets before swinging around to face the Autobots.
    One by one, the Bots assumed their robot forms and drew their weapons. Soundwave seemed content with remaining in his vehicle mode.
    "Alright, Soundwave. We can do this the easy way..." Prime shifted his axe in his servos, "Or the hard way."
    A screeching mechanical cry then tore through the air. The Autobots looked up to see Soundwave's minions, Laserbeak and Ratbat, along with four other mechanical birds and an orange robo-bat.
    "Since when has he had so many pets?" Ratchet muttered as he attempted to use his magnets to apprehend the flying freaks. However, one of the birds- a white and black one that seemed to be more slender than the others- responded with a screeching cry that scrambled Ratchet's circuits.
    Seeing the medi-bot clutch his cranium in pain, Ironhide decided it was his turn to act, firing several shots at the mechanical critters. One of them, a black and yellow bird, swopped down and sliced one of his cannons with spikes hidden under its wing.
    Hot Shot activated his welding torches, sending twin streams of fire at the flock. To his surprise, the orange and red bird responded with its own beam of flame originating from hidden flamethrowers in its back. Before Hot Shot could even think about changing his tactics a black and gray mechanical cat tackled him. The feline snarled and clawed at his face.
    "Woo! Go Ravage!"
    "You got game, kitty-bot!"
    Optimus paused briefly from swinging his axe at the two bat-bots to glance at the origin of the voices- two eight-foot robots, the bulkier one a red color, and the skinnier one being blue and gold. They were no doubt more henchmen of Soundwave.
    Optimus stole another glance, this time at Soundwave himself. The blue robot was still just sitting there in his vehicular mode, mocking him, watching as his numerous minions overcame his enemies.
    It was going to be one of those days.


    "Wow, the clouds look so amazing from up here," Sari said from her spot in Bumblebee's driver seat. Thanks to the Autobot's jet pack, he was flying at about cloud level. The cotton ball-like constructs surrounded them, almost entirely obscuring their vision.
    But not so much that they didn't see the two other fliers headed right for them.
    Bumblebee yelped in surprise as she slammed on his brakes, activating thrusters on the front of his jetpack, bringing him to a dead stop. Sari felt herself being thrown forward and caught by her seat belt. Through the windshield she could see the slightly shaken forms of Legatron and Laserbeak staring at her.
    "Guys, Soundwave's back!" Legatron exclaimed. "He's the one causing the communications blackout!"
    Sari rolled down Bumblebee's window. "Yeah, we kinda figured that out already. Optimus and the others are kicking his can right now."
    For a moment, Legatron only hovered in mid-air. "Oh." He turned to Laserbeak. "Beaks, you go on and find them- chances are they could use your help."
    The bird-bot nodded before disappearing into the cloudy abyss.
    "Over-Drive has the Cons' ship tracked down, and he went ahead to investigate," Legatron explained.
    "Then what are we idling for?" Bumblebee questioned. "Lead the way!"
    Legatron nodded before he and the flying Autobot disappeared into the white wonderland.


    Things were actually starting to go better for Optimus. Him and the others had managed to take out most of Soundwave's crazy minions, leaving only the red and black bird and the two humanoid robots still conscious.
    "Hey, Rumbles, think they could use a hand?" the blue robot asked his 'brother'.
    Rumble clapped his servos together. "Bro, I think they could use a LOT of help!" With that, the bulkier red robot's arms morphed into a twin set of piston-like piledrivers. Literally leaping into action, he slammed his weapons into the ground. In a split second, they retracted two feet, before slamming into the concrete once again. He repeated this rapid action several times, causing a miniature earthquake under the feet of his foes.
    They Autobots soon found it very difficult to keep their balance. Hot Shot fell on top of Brawn, knocking the smaller robot onto the pavement. Ironhide tried to open fire on the miniscule mech responsible for the inconvinience, but found aiming to be next to impossible. Thinking fast, Optimus activated his jetpack- something he hadn't been able to do before, due to the immediate sky being clogged with robot birds and bats trying to claw his optics out of his head. Optimus carefully aimed his back-mounted blasters-
    “Oh, no you don’t!” Spying the danger his brother was in, the blue robot, Frenzy, decided it was his time to act. He took a deep breath to cool his internal systems for his attack before letting out an ear-piercing sonic scream that was so powerful it blurred the lightwaves in its wake. The feral scream scrambled Optimus’ circuits, causing him to fall out of the sky and land on the pavement with a sickening CRUNCH.
    “Prime! NO!” Ratchet said as she tried to crawl from Rumble’s shockwaves. However, a familiar black and red foot stomped down in front of his face.
    “Hey there, Medi-bot,” Lockdown smirked. “Long time no see.”


    Bludgeon examined his armor. Thanks to his holographic Pretender technology, his once-yellow armor was now a deep green color that contrasted nicely with his bright orange. He glanced at his troops- Iguanus had gone from a hot pinkish color to purple, dark red and black, while Bomb-Burst had made the change from blue to an off white and red. These changes would allow them to not only adapt the forms of the Earth vehicles they had scanned, but also mimic the color schemes, making the disguise all the more effective.
    Seeing his henchmen were ready, Bludgeon nodded. “Now, then, let’s find out what these fools see in this horrid organic planet, shall we?”
    “Oh, yes!” Bomb-Burst sneered. “Let the hunt begin!”
    Iguanus cocked his arm- mounted blasters. "Wouldn't mind a little thrill, myself." His optics focused on his arm. "Dang, I make these colors look good..."
    Bludgeon nodded. Over time he had grown accustomed to his comrades' personality flaws, as well as figuring out how to use said quirks to his advantage.
    Leaping toward the exit door, the armored, skeleton-like robot switched into his new alternate form. All of his remaining orange armor was tucked away inside his body as he folded in on himself, taking the shape of a dark green tank.
    Iguanus was the next one to convert, his shoulder pads turning into wheel covers and his chest morphing into a windscreen. After mass shifting a considerable amount, he had taken on the size and shape of a high-tech motorbike.
    Finally, Bomb-Burst followed suit. His head and arms retracted into his torso while his legs clamped over his sides. V-tol engines whirred to life in a soft whisper as the newly formed hovercraft took to the air.
    The three vehicles emerged from the ship, which had landed a few miles away from the human city known as Detroit- a hot spot for Autobot activity on the planet.
    Bludgeon and Iguanus soon found a long, flat strip of hardened rock that neither Cybertronian could believe was actually this planet's version of a road. Iguanus zigzagged through the traffic with expert precision- though his lack of a driver gave away his disguise pretty quickly. Bludgeon, meanwhile, stormed down the highway as fast as his tank treads could carry him, knocking over several vehicles unfortunate enough to be in his way.
    “HA! This feels amazing!” Iguanus announced as he slipped between two large trucks with only inches of clearance.
    A green earth car suddenly appeared out of nowhere and rammed into the purple and black motorcycle, knocking him over. He struggled to get up without transforming, only managing to turn his front wheel in a futile gesture.
    Bludgeon noticed this, and took aim at the car- literally. An explosion echoed across the landscape as a bolt of laser fire erupted from his turret.
    The car, however, avoided the blast with impossible accuracy- no, not IMPOSSIBLE accuracy...
    “Cyber-Ninja accuracy,” Bludgeon muttered to himself. “Over-Drive.” With that, me morphed back into his robot form and drew his sword before leaping into the air. He came down fast, blade aimed at its green target.
    Acting fast, the sportscar shifted into reverse, narrowly dodging the silver blade that threatened to slice his cockpit in half. He swung around in a sharp ninety-degree turn, before shifting into drive and roaring away from the offending Decepticon.
    "Fool, there is no escape!" Bludgeon shouted as he began running after the car, knowing his tank form would be far too slow to catch him.
    But his blade wouldn't.


    "I don't get it," Sari complained, "Where are the Decepticons?"
    "Well, we sure know here they WERE," Bumblebee remarked, studying the wreckage and traffic jam that had formed on the highway below that Legatron had gone to investigate.
    "Well, I know THAT," Sari replied, "But knowing where they were who-knows-how-long-ago isn't going to-" She suddenly perked up as her eyes glowed slightly. "LOOK OUT!"
    Bumblebee quickly banked to the right, narrowly avoiding a thick, powerful laser blast from behind.
    Stealing a glance into the rearview mirror, Sari saw the newcomer- a bulky, white and red hovercraft.
    "Well, looks like we found the Decepticons," Bumblebee muttered.
    "Worse," Sari replied as she watched a gunbarrel mounted on the bottom of the hovercraft glow red. "I think THEY found US."


    Red Alert's commlink beeped, followed by the sound of Bumblebee's high-pitched voice. "Guys, we got a Con on our tail!"
    "Bumblebee, do NOT engage!" Red Alert warned.
    The sound of a pulsing laser blast could be heard over the communications line. "It's a bit late for that."
    The female ambulance Autobot was about to respond when something landed on her roof. An engine revving could be heard, followed by the sound of screeching tires. A driverless, black and purple motorcycle flew from the top of her vehicle mode and landed on the street in front of her, accelerating quickly.
    "Come an' get me!" the Decepticon taunted as his small form accelerated at an alarming rate.
    A white sportscar with red and blue stripes pulled up next to her. "We got this!" Jazz announced confidently.
    "Jazz!" the small voice of Legatron shouted from above. "Over-Drive lead Bludgeon to the south, away from the city. From the sounds of things he might need some help."
    "Righteous," the cool car responded. "Think you can handle things here, RA?"
    Red Alert focused on the motorcycle that she had kept in her sights the whole time. "I'll be fine," she simply stated.
    As Jazz disappeared from view, Legatron flew closer to the ambulance.
    "And what do you want?"
    Legatron's right hand shifted into a blaster he landed softly on Red Alert's roof. "Only to help."
    Red Alert thought about protesting, but then realized that she'd probably need all the help she could get. "Ok, then. Hang on tight!" With that, she began to accelerate after the Decepticon.


    Over-Drive had managed to lead Bludgeon a considerable distance from any human civilization before the skull-faced samurai had caught up with him. Ironically, they were now battling in what was left of the warehouse that Over-Drive had last fought Circuit Board in before in before the Con died and came back as Motormaster.
    Ah, bitter sweet irony, the green Autobot thought as his blades clashed against Bludgeon's. The Decepticon wasn't holding back at all- his sole purpose was to totally annihilate Over-Drive.
    Bludgeon pulled back his blade before lashing out to the right, only to have Over-Drive block him. He tried again from the left- same result. Drawing back again, Bludgeon faked high but aimed low. Quick reflexes were the only thing that prevented Over-Drive from having a katana stabbed in his thigh.
    "Does it really have to end like this?" Over-Drive asked. "I mean, you and I were good buddies back at the dojo."
    "That was old, weak Bludgeon," the samurai snapped. "He was the first Cyber-Ninja I killed, and he's not coming back." His empty eyes narrowed. "New and Improved Bludgeon is here to stay."
    Briefly fueled by anger, Over-Drive charged his opponent, nearly cutting off the Con's arm at the elbow.
    "You've improved since we last met," Bludgeon admitted as he executed a complex sword-spinning move he had learned so long ago.
    "The last time we met was a training session before you went nuts," Over-Drive replied, narrowly avoiding being skewered by his opponent’s rapidly spinning sword. "I was holding back."
    Bludgeon laughed- a sound that grated against Over-Drive's audio receptors like gravel scraping against sheet metal. "Holding back? You wish!" He twirled his sword before striking, resulting in a nasty gash in his enemy's right arm.
    "Well, I know I was holding back, but I'm not so sure YOU were," Over-Drive taunted. "And as I recall-" he momentarily paused to avoid being impaled. "As I recall, I won that training match. You know what that means?" The look that appeared on Over-Drive's face could almost pass as sinister. "I'm better than you."
    Bludgeon screamed with rage as he moved in for another strike. To Over-Drive's surprise, rather than attempt another sword strike the samurai switched into his tank mode and bombarded him with laser fire. Unprepared for such an attack, Over-Drive was hit squarely in the chest and was sent crashing into a wall.
    Groaning in pain, the valiant Autobot tried to get up, but stopped when he found the cold steel point of Bludgeon's sword hovering inches away from his face.


    Ironhide crashed in a heap on top of Hot Shot and Brawn. A tall, lean shadow fell over the tangled mess of robots.
    “All too easy,” Lockdown mocked as his left arm morphed into a chainsaw. “Now comes my favorite part...”
    A magnetic field suddenly tugged at his limbs, preventing him from ending the Autobots.
    A smirk crossed Lockdown’s face. "Can’t keep a good medi-bot down, can yah?” Lockdown said sarcastically.
    “I’ve seen and heard a lot of horrible things in my days,” Ratchet spat. “Primus forbid I see ano-”
    The red and white Autobot suddenly crashed to the ground as the bulky robot form of Soundwave rammed into him.
    “You shall not interfere,” the blue and gold Decepticon announced.
    “HEY!” Lockdown and Soundwave turned to see Optimus shakily getting to his feet. “If you think you can treat my Autobots like that, you got another thing coming!”
    Soundwave and Lockdown exchanged glances. Then Lockdown burst out laughing. "And what are YOU going to do about it?"
    "Optimus!" The four robots (including a damaged Ratchet) looked up to see a red and white robot bird swoop down to Prime.
    "Laserbeak!" Optimus exclaimed. "Boy, am I glad to see you!"
    Soundwave's head tilted to the side as he glanced to his own version of Laserbeak. "Impossible. How did you gain access to my Recordicon Bird design?"
    Heroic Laserbeak narrowed his eyes at the blue and gold Decepticon. "So you're evil Soundwave, huh?"
    "I think their bird has a screw loose," Lockdown muttered.
    "And evil Lockdown," good-guy-Beak continued. "You look better in white and red." He then flew into the air and shifted into his guitar mode, which Optimus caught. "Though you'll look even worse when WE'RE done with you!"
    Optimus strummed the guitar cords, sending waves of weaponized sound slamming into the Decepticons.
    "Laserbeak- MY Laserbeak- deploy," Soundwave ordered. "Operation: sonic attack." Obediently, evil Laserbeak morphed into a guitar and landed in Soundwave's servos.
    "Go, Soundwave!"
    "You got this, boss!" Rumble and Frenzy cheered from their new place on the top of a nearby building, where they had a great view of all the action.
    Soundwave nodded as he strummed his own guitar, pummeling Optimus with blasts of sound.
    Optimus returned fire, having a sense of déjà vu from the last time he fought Soundwave. The red and blue robots were locked in musical combat, sending melodic yet deadly soundwaves directed at the other.
    From their vantage point atop the building, Rumble and Frenzy began seeing something strange.
    "Hey, bro, you see that?" the blue robot asked, pointing to the space between the two duel robots.
    Rumble studied the area carefully until he noticed what appeared to be a buildup of sound energy forming where the continuous streams of weaponized sound met. "Yeah, I see it. That suppose ta happen?"
    Before Frenzy could respond, the buildup of sound exploded, throwing Optimus and Soundwave into the buildings behind them.
    The two humanoid Recordicons stood their ground as waves of energy threatened to knock them over.
    "Nope, don't think that was intentional," Frenzy muttered.
    Down below, Optimus struggled to get up once again. "L-Laserbeak?"
    He heard a groan beside him and turned to see the bird-bot laying next to him, still in guitar mode. "Yeah, Prime?"
    "What just happened?" the firetruck robot questioned.
    "It's pretty simple, really," Laserbeak started. "His sound frequencies are the exact opposite of mine, so they when they were mixed, they reacted negatively to eachother."
    The sound of a whirring chainsaw suddenly broke the silence. The Autobot looked up to see Lockdown charging him, chainsaw aimed at his head.
    Wasting no time, Optimus snatched up the living guitar next to him. As he did, he noticed one of Laserbeak's knobs twist, changing the setting from 'attack' to 'control'. Trusting that the negative universe bird-bot knew what he was doing, Optimus attacked.
    The energy waves struck Lockdown dead on. However, they didn't knock him over. Rather, Laserbeak's control functions began taking over whatever they could- in this case, Lockdown's many 'upgrades.'
    "What the frag?!" Lockdown exclaimed as his chainsaw suddenly deactivated. Meanwhile, his bolo cannons, quick-hardening cement spray, arm-mounted engine blaster (his replacement for the EMP) and smoke bombs went haywire. He attempted to gain control of his upgrades to no avail.
    Finally accepting defeat, he threw one last dirty look at Optimus before carefully aiming his malfunctioning smoke bombs at the ground, causing him to be engulfed in a black smokescreen. By the time the thick cloud dispersed, he was long gone.
    Optimus breathed a heavy sigh of relief before hearing the sound of moving metal. Turning his head he saw Soundwave gathering up his fallen minions.
    "Oh, no," Optimus shouted at the Decepticon. "You're not getting away as easily as your bounty-hunting friend!"
    Before he could follow up with another attack, however, a powerful blow struck him from behind, as though he had been hit by a speeding truck. The Autobot caught himself mid-fall, landing on his palms.
    "Now's our chance!" Rumble exclaimed, piledrivers still active from his attack. "Run!"
    Soundwave nodded as he helped Ravage to carry one of the bird-bots. "This will not be the last you see of me, Optimus Prime," he droned before disappearing into an alleyway.
    Optimus groaned as he stood up. His armor was cracked and beaten, with his internal mechanics visible in some places.
    Hearing a familiar chk-chk-chk, he saw negative Laserbeak clunkily morph into his bird mode, then collapse.
    "That... was really something..." the bird-bot panted.
    Prime nodded as he half walked, half limped to his damaged friends. A quick check of vital signs confirmed they were alive.
    "So... what now?" Laserbeak inquired.
    "We find the others," Optimus replied, "and hope things are going well for them."


    Bludgeon inched his sword closer to Over-Drive's neck. "Well? Anything to say."
    The Autobot fell silent for several moments before speaking. "Yeah." He smirked. "Duck."
    The samurai Decepticon cocked an eyebrow and was about to question the obviously insane Autobot when a pair of laser nunchucks clocked him the face. He stumbled, giving Over-Drive just enough time to haul aft out of there.
    When Bludgeon regained his composure he found himself faceplate-to-faceplate with not only Over-Drive, but another robot as well.
    "Ah, Jazz," he rumbled, "I was wondering if you' show up."
    Smiling confidently, the second Cyber-ninja wielded his remaining set of nunchucks. "Bludgeon. Been while since I got to practice with a training dummy."
    Bludgeon growled, making a mental note to NEVER give his prisoners time for last words ever again. In an instant he was rushing the Autobots, sword extended.
    He started by thrusting his foot into Over-Drive's already damaged torso. Jazz swung his nunchucks will full force, but they swished through open air uselessly as Bludgeon ducked. The samurai Decepticon then lunged at Jazz, tackling him. The Autobot was caught off guard and dropped his nunchucks, but managed to push himself away from Bludgeon as they both crashed into the floor.
    Seeing this, Over-Drive advanced on Bludgeon, only to receive a nasty sword gash on his chest.
    Taking advantage of the distraction, Jazz attempted to retrieve his weapon-
    Searing pain shot through his arm. The white Autobot turned to see Bludgeon's smaller dagger stuck in his shoulder.
    Bludgeon smirked, still standing in a post-throwing position as he watched Jazz try to get up, only to be crippled by the pain.
    "Looks like I win, fools," Bludgeon spat as he held his katana above Over-Drive's partially exposed Spark Chamber. "Once and for all-"
    The entire building suddenly shook as the sound of laser blasts came from above.
    "You're not getting away THAT easily!" a voice outside announced.
    "Bumblebee?" Jazz and Over-Drive muttered at the same time.
    "Funny, I was just about to say the same thing!" another voice rang out.
    "Bomb-Burst?" Bludgeon said, eyebrow raised.
    Another explosion rocked the warehouse, causing several metal beams to become dislodged from their place in the ceiling. They clanked against eachother, sending a shower of sparks falling on the three robots.
    It was the that Jazz noticed the leaking oil tanks... and the flames that had appeared near them.
    "Oh slag." He tried to get up, but the pain in his arm kept him from moving.
    Bludgeon glanced back at him- a costly move, as Over-Drive took advantage of the distraction to ram into Bludgeon, sending him stumbling into the oil tanks. Thick black liquid was soon splotched over the Decepticon's armor.
    Fighting the pains from their injuries, Over-Drive and Jazz bolted for the door.
    Bludgeon tried to stand, but slipped in the slippery lubricant. "Fools! You cannot escape-"
    It was then that he noticed the fire.


    Legatron panted hard. Iguanus had lead him and Red Alert on a high-speed chase though the outskirts of Detroit while Bomb-Burst had pursued Bumblebee through the skies.
    A massive BOOM drew the small robot's attention to a warehouse in the distance. His optics zoomed in on two figures that were thrown from the exploding building.
    "Oh, man! Red Alert!" He looked at the white and red ambulance as he pointed in the distance. "Jazz and Over-Drive need medical help, NOW!"
    The boxy vehicle broke off from her chase. "I'm on it!" Sirens blaring, she rocketed into the distance.
    Her tires screeched as she swung around a final corner before shifting into robot mode. She saw the Cyber-ninjas, and they needed help alright.
    "Help O-D first," Jazz said. "The worst thing I got is a sword in the shoulder."
    Red Alert nodded as she began to inspect Over-Drive's damages. Jazz was right- the green Autobot needed serious medical attention.
    Legatron touched down softly next to the injured Autobots. "I'd offer some of my AllSpark energy, but I don't have enough to share right now or I'll force myself into a dangerous stasis lock."
    Over-Drive nodded and was about to respond when the sounds of Cybertronians transforming could be heard nearby.
    The Autobots turned to see Iguanus and Bomb-Burst, both very armed and very angry.
    "Well, lookie what we got here, big guy." Iguanus cocked his blasters. "A couple a' hurt Autobots responsible for our boss' demise."
    Bomb-Burst palmed his axe, scowling furiously. "You are SO dead," he spat.
    A speeding firetruck suddenly came up behind them. It transformed into a familiar-looking robot before bowling over the two Decepticons.
    "Beat it!" Optimus barked, brandishing his battle axe.
    The Pretenders stood their ground at first, but then came to the realization that this was the same Autobot who had bested Megatron THREE times, if the legends were to be believed. With this in mind, they saw fit to execute a tactical retreat.
    Optimus' battle mask retracted, revealing a confident smile that turned to one of worry when he saw the damaged conditions of his friends.
    "Don't worry, they'll be fine," Red Alert assured.
    Optimus nodded in reply. "Good. Ratchet's taking care of the others, so they-"
    "Darn it, Jazz, hold still!" Legatron's small voice said. Jazz had managed to pull the dagger out of his shoulder, allowing Legatron to begin repairs. The larger bot, however, wasn't turning out to be the best patient.
    "Are you authorized to perform medical operations on soldiers?" Red Alert questioned.
    The small green mech shrugged. "How else am I going to get field experience?" His attention was then focused on something in the burning remains of the warehouse that Optimus had moved to extinguish. "Hey, what's that?"
    Optimus followed his gaze to a beat-up piece of metal. Carefully, he picked it up, revealing it to be a familiar-looking helmet.
    "Looks like Bludgeon may be gone fo' good this time," Jazz admitted sadly before flinching again at Legatron's repair efforts.
    Over-Drive sighed deeply. "I had hoped we could help him realize the error of his ways..."
    "If you ask me," Legatron started, "He was too far gone when he started hunting down other Cyber-Ninjas."
    After a moment of consideration, both Over-Drive and Jazz nodded sadly.


    Epilogue 1

    "...and we haven't been able to pick up his energy signal since then," Bomb-Burst finished.
    The video-chat image of Blastoff nodded. "Pity. His martial arts expertise would have made him an invaluable asset. Plus, I was hoping to get the old team back together."
    Bomb-Burst cocked a metal eyebrow. "What team? He wasn't a Combaticon, was he?"
    "Oh, no, no," the brown Con shook his head. "I meant from before I became a Combaticon... or a Decepticon, for that matter."
    The Pretender's eyes widened as everything clicked into place. "You were one of the bots that was with Bludgeon when he attacked the Cyber-Ninja Dojo."
    Blastoff smirked. "One in a team of four. Ironically, one of the other members is standing right behind you."
    Bomb-Burst glanced behind him at Lockdown. "I see..." He turned back to the screen. "So, are we clear to join your little plans?"
    "Oh, most certainly, yes," the Combaticon replied. "We need all the help we can get..."


    Epilogue 2

    Even though the flames had long been extinguished, Thick, black smoke billowed from the smoldering crater that had once been a warehouse. It wasn't the first time that the building had suffered damage due to giant robots blowing up oil, but this time the explosion had leveled the entire structure rather than just destroy a chunk of it.
    A severely damaged hand reached out of the wreckage. Grabbing ahold of the ground, it pulled the rest of the robot up from the crater.
    Deep circuit wounds covered the three-story mechanoid's green and orange armor- or what was left of it. The robot's face was mostly destroyed, the entire jaw section being blown off, leaving only dangling wires. Its skull-like head was bare, showing off the damage it had received in the blow.
    The mech struggled to remember where he was, what he was, or even WHO he was. Alas, the cranial damage he had received had dealt a fatal blow to his memory.
    But not all of it. There was something left- a thought, a mission, a goal...
    He clenched a fist, not even noticing that is was missing a half of a finger. Cracked optics squinted as a damaged voice processor whirred to life, emitting a crackling voice laced with static.
    "DesKKKtroy... Cyber-NinjKKKas..."
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    Call of the Mild

    "Back it up! A little more!"

    The driver of a dump truck complied with the orders of the foreman, carefully easing the massive yellow construction vehicle up to a sizable hole in the ground. Nearby, an excavator was clearing the last remnants of unwanted rubble from the same hole. As it was late into the night, a large number of lights had been placed around the construction site.

    A loud, shrill whistle blew, echoing through the nearby forest.

    The workers almost literally dropped what they were doing and headed for the trailer that had been reserved for break times.

    As the driver if the excavator hopped out of the vehicle and jogged to the trailer, a bit of unexcavated rubble slid further down into the hole. This action caused a reflective metal surface to be revealed.

    With a hiss, the disturbed object forced itself open, shoving the remaining clumps of dirt and rubble off of its hull.

    A pair of glowing red eyes slit open, piercing the darkness, as a large shape leapt out of the pod and scaled the pit.

    Meanwhile, the construction workers were enjoying their break, which consisted kostly of chatting and eating sandwiches.


    "What the heck was that?" a burly worker nicknamed Sparkplug asked as a metallic crash sounded outside. "Did you guy forget to turn off the equipment again?"


    The workers jumped back as the next noise came from something crashing against the trailer.

    "What’s it?" The dumptruck driver wondered. "A bear?"

    Three silver metallic claws suddenly stuck through the wall with a sickening crunch. The lights dimmed significantly.

    "I kinda doubt that!" Another worker replied as the wall was torn down by the beast.


    "So, whatta' we got this time?" Bumblebee asked as his car form rolled over a rough country road in the dead of night.

    "Construction workers reporting that they were attacked by some kind of metal beast with large claws," Glyph said, driving behind him.

    "Sounds like bunch of scrap to me," Bumblebee replied, swerving to avoid a pothole.

    "Apparently the others thought so, too," Sari commented, recalling how Bumblebee and Glyph were the only Autbots sent on the mission.

    After a few minutes of silence, the two cars rolled up to the construction site in question.

    "What were you saying about it being a hoax?" Sari asked Bee sarcastically. The construction site was a disaster- bits of broken machinery laid all over the land while a half-shredded excavator teetered over the edge of a deep pit. Nearby, a dump truck with flat tires and shattered windows sat in a miserable heap.

    Sari stepped out of Bumblebee, allowing the Autobot to transform.

    Glyph, meanwhile, opened her trunk and carefully dumped out several bits of mobile equipment. One of the devices suddenly sprang to life- a familiar green and gray box morphed into a five-foot robot.

    Legatron stretched his arms. "Augh, remind me never to go on a road trip in my alt mode again."

    Glyph shifted to her robot form and looked at Legatron in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

    "I stowed away in your scanning equipment," Legatron explained, rolling his neck. "Things were too dull back at base. Couldn't find any good internet videos."

    Sari approached the slightly shorter bot. "Well, as long as you're here, you might as well make yourself useful and help us track down this... thing we're after."

    Legatron beamed. "Waaay ahead of you! I've been scanning for strange energy readings the whole way here!" He changed back into his stereo-like multimedia device and opened up a screen, which displayed a beeping radar.

    "I thought I heard a weird beeping noise," Glyph muttered, noting the sound the smaller robot's scanner was making.

    "Well, have you picked up anything?" Bumblebee inquired, tapping his foot impatiently.

    "Not a thing!" Legatron replied with too much enthusiasm as he reverted to his robot mode.

    "Oh, thank goodness you're here!" A burly construction worker said as he approached the robots.

    "Yup, got here fast as we could!" Legatron said as he shook the builder's hand. "I'm Legatron, and this is Bumblebee, Gylph and Sari Sumdec."

    "Ron Witwikey," the worker introduced himself, "But my friends call me Sparkplug, seeing how I used to be a mechanic."

    Sari snickered, recalling her robot dog that hadte same name.

    "Pleasure to make your aquaintace, Sparkplug," Legatron said. "Now, what exactly happened here?"

    Sparkplug took a breath befor speaking. "It started right after the break whistle blew. We went into the trailer, then heardthis wierd crash. Then something pounded against the door and started shredding the wall!"

    "Shredding metal?" Glyph repeated. "I don't recall reading about any Earth wildlife living in this area that is capable of THAT."

    "So the thing started shredding the wall," Sparkplug continued, "but then it just left!"

    "Just... Left?" Sari tilted her head slightly.

    Sparkplug nodded. "Just ran off. Into the forest, I think."

    "Sounds like it's a bit of a coward," Bumblebee mused

    "Did you see what it looked like at all?" Legatron inquired.

    Sparkplug scratched his head. "Not really. It had three silver claws on at least one of its feet. Definitely four legs, based on the picture."

    Legatron perked up. "Picture?"

    "Oh, yeah! One of my buddies snapped a really bad picture on his cell."

    The green robot clasped his hands together. "Well then, Sparkplug, let's have a word with your friend.


    "Wow, he wasn't kidding about the claws," Sari muttered as she examined the shredded section of wall inside the trailer. "Looks like the creature was nearly throughh the wall when it turned tail and fled."

    A few feet away, Sparkplug's friend held up his mobile phone. "It was pretty dark, and the thing was behind some equipment, and I didn't have the flash on," he said as he held the picture up to Legatron. "But you can just make out a cat-like shape."

    Legatron squinted hard at the grainy picture. Blue beams suddenly shot out of his eyes and swept over the photo, startling the worker. The green mech the converted to his multimedia device form and engaged his screen.

    "Ok, I think I can sharpen some of the details and bring out some of the colors..." Legatron muttered as the picture on his screen slowly came into focus. Though still obscured by the equipment, they could see the quadrupedal creature was primarily orange with yellow highlights and blue legs. A large tail jutted out of its back, sporting fur-like spikes.

    "What is it?" the worker asked, astonished.

    "Some kind of robotic jaguar, I think," Legatron reported. "Possibly Cybertronian in origin, though it is a bit on the small side."

    "So are you," Sari joked.

    "Shut it," Legatron replied. "At least I didn't skip eight years of my life using an upgrade."

    "Oh, touchè," the techo-organic female replied as she refocused on the shredded wall.

    "So, it that thing's on the loose," Sparkplug spoke up, "then we should get out of here as soon as possible!"

    Sar looked up from the wall. "No good. I think that thing slashed the tires of your cars.”

    “How do you know?” Sparkplug asked

    Sari simply pointed to the destroyed wall section- specifically, a piece of tire rubber that was lodged in the shards.

    “Oh,” Sparkplug stated.

    Legatron reverted to his robot form “Whatever this thing is, we’d better find it before things get even more out of hand. Glyph and Bee should stay here and keep investigating- and be ready if that thing comes back. Sari and i will go into the forest and try to hunt down the beast.”

    “Who put YOU in charge?” Sari snapped at him.

    “And why wouldn’t I go into the forest?” Bumblebee said from outside.

    “One,” Legatron started, “I took charge. Deal with it.”

    Sari folded her arms and sighed in annoyance, but otherwise didn’t bother arguing.

    “Two,” the green mech continued, “judging by the picture, that thing is about the size of a tiger or so, and would be able to fit into small places that a big ol' car like you couldn't."

    Bumblebee had no response, due to being shocked at the thought of not being small enough for a mission.

    "Anyway, if you think I'm going to venture in some dark, creeoy forest in the dead of night with a killer robot jaguar on the loose, you have another thing coming," Sari stated.

    "What's the matter? Scared of the dark?" Legatron taunted as h walked out the door. "You really DID jump from age eight to sixteen, didn't you?"

    "Oh, you did NOT just go there!" Sari leapt up and stomped out the door of the trailer with a little more force than necessary.

    The green mech shrugged as he walked to the edge of the construction site. "Well, what kind of teenager is scared of the dark?"

    "Well, at least I've actually lived for several years!" Sari retorted as she followed Legatron. "You said you were brought online by an AllSpark fragment. That gives you, what, a YEAR at most? You have NO room to talk about acting one's age!"

    "True," Legatron conceded as he stepped deeper into the underbrush. "But you have to admit, I’m pretty clever for being so young.”

    Sari ducked under a low-hanging branch. “How so?”

    “Well, I did manage to trick you into following me into the forest.”

    Sari stopped dead in her tracks, only now fully realizing that she had ventured into the forest after Legatron.

    The green mech, never looking back, chuckled to himself as he trudged on.

    Sighing in annoyance, Sari chased after him.


    “So, what are we looking for, exactly?” Bumblebee asked.

    “For the hundredth time, Bee,” Glyph replied, left eye twitching slightly, “anything that might be connected with the robot jaguar thing!” She hadn’t had to work with Bumblebee alone during a mission before, and Glyph was counting her blessings. The yellow speedster was obnoxious enough to get eve her normally timid shell to crack.

    “Hey, what’s this?” Bumblebee said, pointing to the large, freshly-dug pit in the ground.

    “It’s called a ‘hole’, Bumblebee,” Glyph replied, obviously at the end of her rope.

    “Yeah, I know that,” Bee rolled his eyes. “But what’s the metal pod thing at the bottom?”

    Curious, Glyph hurried over to where he was pointing and peered into the pit.

    “Fascinating.” Carefully, she slid down the pit. It was only a foot taller than she was, so she was at the bottom in seconds.

    Glyph knelt down next to the pod. It was small- only as long as a canoe, and about twice as wide. Making sure not to cause a mini landslide, she dug the pod entirely out of the dirt.

    “Bumblebee, find a rope so we can get this thing out of this pit,” Glyph said.

    “Way ahead of you!” Bee replied, already holding a rope and lowered one end down to the fem-bot below.

    Glyph carefully tied the rope around the pod and gave Bumblebee a thumbs-up,

    Bee nodded and changed into his car mode, leaving his left door in arm mode. With this he tied the rope around his rear bumper and gunned his engine. Slowly but surely, the pod lifted off the dirt ground.

    Finally, the pod slipped over the edge of the chasm.

    “Got it!” Bumblebee exclaimed.

    “Great!” came Glyph’s reply. “Now... can you throw the rope back down?”

    “Throw the rope down?” The right side of Bumblebee’s windshield lifted slightly, as if he was cocking an eyebrow in vehicle mode. “Why would I do that?”

    “Because,” Glyph squeaked, “I kinda got myself stuck down here...”


    “Man, this place is creepy,” Sari shivered.

    “Aw, it’s not THAT bad.” Legatron waved a servo dismissively.

    “Easy for you to say!” the techno-organic snapped. “You’re covered in sheets of titanium! Even if I convert to my robot mode, I don’t have as much armor as you!”

    Legatron processed this for a moment before responding. “Was that a fat joke?”

    “Are you kidding?” Sari laughed. “You’re almost as skinny as I am.”

    “An now you’re just complimenting yourself.” Legatron rolled his optics. “Classy.”

    “No, I mean- wait!” Sari thrust one of her arms in front of the shorter green mech. “Do you hear something?”

    Legatron focused his audio receptors. A faint rustling surfaced above the breeze, mixed with a bit of...

    With an eerie metallic howl, a massive orange shape leapt from the underbrush.

    “DUCK!” Legatron yelled as he and Sari hit the ground, the creature sailing over their heads.

    The two leapt up and whipped around to find it facing them.

    “Wolf,” Legatron muttered.

    “Pardon?” Sari questioned.

    “It’s a wolf, not a jaguar,” Legatron explained. "Atleast, judging by the shape of its head."

    “I’m more worried about the Decepticon tattoo on its head than its head's shape!” the techno-organic female hissed.

    Upon hearing the word ‘Decepticon’, the wolf perked up. With a growl, it lunged at the two human-sized robots.

    Acting fast they leapt to the side, engaging their weapons. legatron’s arms morphed into blasters while blue blades extended out of Sari’s arms as she fully transformed into her robot form.

    “Remind me again when you got your weapons back?” Legatron asked as a mouthplate slid over his face.

    “I’ve been practicing, and I think I won’t lose control of them anymore,” Sari replied.

    “You ‘think’?” Legatron repeated worriedly. Before he could continue, the wolf span around and lunged at him.

    The green mech raised his blaster-arm and snapped a few shots off at the wolf’s face. Howling in pain, the wolf drew back slightly before jumping forward, swiping a clawed paw at Legatron. The green robot cried out in pain and surprise as the claw brushed against his face, leaving a gash on his mouthplate.

    Sari took the opportunity to lunge at the beast, blades aimed for its head. However, the wolf was fast enough to evade her maneuvers and leap a few yards away.

    Legatron and Sari stood shoulder-to-shoulder, weapons pointed at their opponent.

    “So, any ideas?” Legatron asked.

    “I thought YOU were the clever one,” Sari sarcastically snapped.

    “Not the time!” Legatron replied as the wolf-bot sprang at them. With simultaneous yelps of surprise, the two teenage robots split, Sari to the right, legatron to the left.

    Unfortunately for Legatron, the bad wolf decided to go left after him. The green mech was caught by surprise as the orange wolf pounced on him and forced him to the ground. To Legatron’s surprise, it made the very intelligent move of pinning his gun-arms to the ground.

    The wolf’s metal snout lowered to Legatron’s mouthplate-covered face. The creature brandished its teeth, saliva-like oil dripping onto the green robot’s face.

    Unfortunately for the wolf, it had forgotten that Legatron had not ventured into the woods alone. A massive blue energy hammer slammed into it’s side, sending it hurtling off of Legatron and onto the ground.

    Sari raised her hammer again, breathing heavily. “Get lost,” she snarled.

    Knowing it was beaten, the wolf scampered to its feet and disappeared into the forest.

    Still breathing heavily, Sari dis-engaged her hammer and changed back into her human form. Turning to Legatron, she held out her hand.

    “Th-thanks,” a shaky and scratched Legatron said as he accepted her hand and pulled himself up.

    “You alright?” Sari asked, her voice now very concerned.

    “Fine,” Legatron replied as he wiped the robo-wolf spit from his face. “Uh, can I have my hand back?”

    Sari tilted her head in confusion before she realized she was still holding his hand. Blushing madly, she released her grip on Legatron’s servo.

    “Thanks,” the green mech said with a smirk. “Now, let’s head back to the others. I think the others are going to want to hear about our little encounter.”


    “So, what is it?” Bumblebee said as he examined the pod.

    “A stasis pod, designed for long-distance space travel,” Glyph said as she examined the pod’s onboard computer.

    “So, whatever that wolf thing is,” Bumblebee started, “Someone wanted it FAR away from them.”

    “Pretty much,” Glyph replied. "Hang on, I think I can access the onboard computer..."

    Bumblebee tapped his foot impatiently for a few minutes until his comlink beeped. "Yo, wassup?" He greeted.

    "What's up," Sari's voice spoke, "Is that we just about got mauled by a Decepticon jaguar-"

    "Wolf," Legatron's voice said in the background.

    "Whatever! The techno-organic teenager exclaimed. "We're banged up, but otherwise OK."

    "Alright, just get back to the construction site," Bee replied. "We found the pod that the thing came in, and Glyph is trying to see what she can find out from it."

    "Got it," Sari said. "Over and out."

    "Oh, my..." Glyph said as Bee deactivated his comlink.

    "What? What is it?" Bee asked, his wheels twitching in anticipation.

    Glyph stared at the computer screen in surprise. "Call for backup. If the Decepticons get aholdof this computer terminal, it could be bad. REALLY bad..."


    The return trip through the woods wasn't much different from the first trek- same creepy trees, same eerie noises, and one of the two teenage robots was a bit freaked out by it all.

    The only thing different was which robot was the scared one.

    "Legatron, are you... shivering?" Sari asked.

    The slightly vibrating mech gulped. "Sh-shivering? Naw, it's just... Uh, battle fluid! Yeah, that's it. It's like robot adrenaline. Makes me jumpy."

    "Battle fluid?" Sari raised an eyebrow. "In all my time with robots- and AS a robot- I've NEVER heard of that." She smirked. "Admit it. You're scared."

    "Scared? Naw!" Legatron waved his hand, ying to look casual. "I'm not scared a bit-"

    A rustling sound echoed through a grove of nearby bushes. Yelping, Legatron jumped in surprise and pointed an arm-gun at the bushes.

    Sari burst out laughing. "Not scared? Not even of the wind in the bushes?"

    Before Legatron could reply, Sari stepped on a fallen tree branch, breaking it with a loud snap. She jumped at this, activating one of her arm-mounted swords.

    After a moment of silence followed.

    "Maybe we're BOTH a bit paranoid," Sari admitted, blushing slightly.

    "And maybe we should both keep our weapon systems activated, just in case?" Legatron half-whimpered.

    "Good plan," Sari squeaked, no longer able to maintain her brave face. “I mean, it COULD pop out of the trees at any second.”

    “Sure could,” Legatron agreed, before adding, “Do you feel hot air on our backs?”

    “Yeah,” Sari replied, “And something smells like oil.”

    They both stopped in their tracks and listened to the barely audible sounds of the robot wolf stalking them.

    “Run?” Legatron offered.

    “Yup,” Sari agreed before they bolted for the construction site, the wolf on their tails.


    "What's so important about the pod?" Bumblebee inquired.

    "It says here that the creature in question was created by the Decepticon 'Scientist' Flatline," Glyph replied as she scrolled through the mini-computer's files.

    “Why the sarcasm?” Bee inquired.

    “Flatline was known for his grotesque experiments on living Cybertronians.” Glyph shuddered. “He was obsessed with creating the ultimate warrior. Rumor has it he was the one who came up with the first combiner technology, which is likely what the Combaticons stole.”

    “Yeesh, sounds freaky,” Bee agreed. “So, what exactly is this little critter? And for that matter, what’s the big deal if the Cons get it?”

    “This ‘little critter’, as you call it, is experiment D-86, codenamed ‘Monzo’. And it’s not the wolf we have to worry about the Decepticons getting- it’s this pod.” Glyph extended a slender gold finger towards the computer screen. “Most of Flatline’s experiments were lost to time or hidden away by Autobots and Decepticons alike. There’s no telling what information of his is hidden deep in this thing’s core. Not to mention the fact that it could possibly be used to track down other lost projects.”

    “Yup, that sounds important,” the yellow robot replied. “But one thing at a time. What else does it say about the wolf-bot?”

    Glyph returned her attention to the computer monitor. “Let’s see if I can find his weaknesses... ”


    Bee and Glyph whirled around to see legatron and Sari bolting out of the grove of trees.

    “What the heck are you running fro-?” Bee started before the wolf-bot erupted from the forest. “Oh. Slag.”

    Sari and Legatron ran up to their larger Autobot friends before turning to face the wolf, weapons drawn.

    Smirking, Bumblebee retracted his hands and replaced them with his twin electro-stingers. “He’s not so big. Between the four of us, we can totally take him out!”

    The wolf responded with a howl before leaping at the gathered robots. With cries of panic, they scattered, causing the wolf to sail past them...

    ...and land on top of the pod, destroying the computer.

    “Please tell me you figured out its weakness,” Bumblebee pleaded.

    Glyph responded with a whimper.

    Bee gulped. “I was afraid of that.”

    “Guess we’re just gonna have to wing it!” Legatron said before engaging his jetpack and adding, “That sounded WAY funnier in my processor.” He then took to the skies, raining small laser blasts on the wolf from his arm-blasters.

    Sari, Bumbebee and Glyph followed his example, engaging their various weapons and battle masks before opening fire on the wolf-bot.

    Bumblebee’s stringer-shots struck the ground around the wolf, causing it to yelp in fear. Sari found this to be a curiosity- it hadn’t shown any signs of fear before.

    “Don’t like that, huh?” the yellow Autobot taunted, using his heel-mounted wheels to roll closer to the creature and get a better shot.

    “We should surround it and overwhelm it!” Glyph said, doing her best to keep a steady stream of electric blasts trained on the wolf.

    “Good idea!” Sari replied, moving to the wolf’s left.

    “Sounds like a plan!” Legatron shouted before gliding to the creature’s right side.

    “Got it!” Bumblebee said, closing in on their opponent.

    The mecha-wolf, which had been carefully avoiding his enemies’ blasts, now found himself being pelted by their fire. Deciding to switch his tactics, it then leapt at the nearest opponent.

    “GAH! HELP!” Bumblebee screamed as the wolf landed on him, knocking him over and pinning him to the ground.

    “Bumblebee! Hang on!” Sari screamed as she swung her blades at the orange wolf.

    The orange-clad creature howled in pain as Sari’s swords sunk into its armor. It then leapt off of Bumblebee and bolted.

    “You alright, Bee?” Sari asked, concerned.

    “Other than the fact that I need new paint, yeah,” the yellow Autobot replied. “man, and my new coat was so sparkly in the light-”

    It suddenly got significantly darker.

    “What the heck, man?!” the yellow-gold Autobot exclaimed, convinced that whoever had knocked out the power had done it out of spite for him.

    “The wolf is going for the lighting fixtures!” Glyph said as the orange wolf shredded a power cable, causing another set of lights to wink out.

    Sari noted with curiosity that the wolf seemed afraid of the electrical sparks that erupted from the power cord it had cut.

    “Why would it do that?!” Bee wondered aloud, moving into a position between the wolf and one of the remaining lights.

    “It can probably see in the dark pretty well and thinks we can’t,” Legatron concluded. “Which means this thing is a LOT smarter than we thought...”

    The wolf started approaching Bumblebee, gnashing its teeth and clawing the ground.

    Bumblebee opened fire, laying down bolts of electricity at its paws. Again, Sari noticed how the wolf seemed to be afraid of the electrical bolts.

    Then it hit her. “Guys, I think this thing’s weakness is electrical sparks!”

    After a moment of consideration, Glyph spoke up. “I think you may be right!”

    “On it!” Legatron said, bolting for a mass of tangled and half-shredded cables.

    The wolf slowly continued to prowl closer to Bee, earning more electrical blasts from the Bumblebee. It suddenly faked to the left, causing the Autobot to shift his aim. Taking advantage of this, the mecha-wolf then bolted to the right before pouncing on Bumblebee.

    “AUGH!” Bumblebee exclaimed. “GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!”

    “Bee!” Sari exclaimed as she rushed to help her friend, only to be swept aside by the wolf.

    “Glyph!” Legatron yelled to the fem-bot before throwing her the end of an electrical cable. “Zap this with your stingers!”

    Glyph clumsily caught the wire, then shocked it with her stingers.

    The electrical pulse shot down the cable and into the generator that Legatron had been attaching a variety of wires and cables to. The generator lit up as the energy coursed through its systems.

    “Is it supposed to do that?!” Glyph exclaimed worriedly.

    Legatron then took ahold of a metal rod that was wired to the generator and pointed it at the wolf before answering. “Yup. Hey, wolfy!”

    The wolf ceased its struggle with Bumblebee and looked back towards the smaller mech.

    “Surprise,” Legatron stated simply as a massive bolt of electrical energy then gathered in the metal pole before arcing through the air in a surprisingly straight line.

    The Decepticon wolf yelped in fear and leapt off of Bumblebee as the electrical beam sailed past it. However, Legatron quickly adjusted his aim so that the energy bolt struck the wolf.

    The orange robot let out an agonizing howl as the electricity coursed through its mechanical veins. To the surprise of the Autobots, the wolf began to change. It stood up on its hind legs while its front legs rotated so they set on its back. Its neck area then morphed into a humanoid arm, the wolf head and back forming the right arm. A blue-faced head then extended from its shoulders, still crying out in agony.

    Surprised, Legatron cut the power, stopping the electrical onslaught.

    Exhausted from the pain, the now-humanoid wolf-bot collapsed.

    The Autobots cautiously approached, weapons still drawn. The wolf-bot was lying on the ground, its optics dark.

    Its eyes suddenly popped open, glowing a blood red. A set of diamond shaped pupil glanced around, surveying the Autobots.

    “Hurt me, why you?” it said in a growly voice. The tone was not an accusing one; rather, it was one of genuine curiosity.

    “Uh, what?” Bee asked, thoroughly confused.

    “Why you hurt me, I asked!” the robot repeated.

    “He seems to be talking with the subjects and predicates of his sentences switched,” Glyph observed.

    “Pretty blue bot say what?” the Decepticon asked. Glyph seemed to blush slightly from the complement.

    “She means you switch the beginnings and endings of your sentences,” Sari explained.

    The wolf began getting up. “Not talk backwards, I do! But answer my question, you did not! Hurt Weirdwolf, why?”

    “Weirdwolf?” Glyph asked. “I thought your name was Monzo.”

    “Name Monzo, was,” Weirdwolf explained. “When Mini-Con, I was. Kidnap me and change me, Flatline did.” He lifted his right hand, which was his wolf-mode head. “Ugly tattoo on my head, he put. Other head, I mean. Other head, hello,” he rambled, seeming to want to start a conversation with his wolf-head.

    “So, you’re not really a Decepticon?” Sari inquired.

    Weirdwolf shudder. “Decepticons, no like. Autobots either,” he scowled. “Hurt me, you did!”

    “Sorry about that,” Glyph apologised. “But in all fairness, you WERE attacking us.”

    “Attack you, wolf did?” Weirdwolf asked, sounding genuinely surprised. “Bad wolf, bad!” he said, chastising his wolf head, which seemed to made a sad face.

    “But... you’re...” Bumblebee stuttered.

    “Just forget it, Bee,” Legatron suggested. “It’s not worth the headache. Though I think now we know why Flatline shipped him off to another planet.”

    “So what do we do about him?” Sari asked.

    Before she could receive an answer, the sound of jet engines roared above them. A green harrier jet and an undersized brown space shuttle appear from over the treeline.

    “Decepticons!” Glyph shouted, recognizing Blastoff.

    “Hold on a klik, is that the acid-rain spitting Starscream clone?” Bumblebee asked. “I thought they were all dead!”

    Both of the flying vehicles converted into bipedal robots and landed with a mighty CRUNCH.

    “The yellow bug is partially correct,” the green Starscream clone spat. “You killed my brothers- I am all that remains of the Rainmakers. And I wish to take my REVENGE!”

    “Easy there, Acid Storm,” Blastoff replied. “We’re here for the energy signal source.”

    “Never take me alive, you will!” Weirdwolf barked.

    “Thank you so much for revealing yourself.” Blastoff sneered as he loomed over the smaller robots. “You aren’t the smartest mech, are you?”

    The Combaticon then whipped out his sword, causing the Autobots and Weirdwolf to leap back in fear. Acid Storm followed Blastoff’s example and aimed his own weapons.

    Bumblebee was the first to fire, peppering the Decepticons with burning electrical pulses. Glyph quickly followed his example.

    Blastoff span his sword in a circular motion so rapidly it acted as a shield, absorbing the electric blasts. He then whipped out a hand-held blaster and began rapidly firing at the Autobots, catching Bumblebee in the chest and Glyph in the shoulder.

    “NO!” Sari screamed as the Autobots hit the ground.

    “And now we’ll be taking...” Acid Storm glanced around. “Uh... where’s the wolf thing?”

    Blastoff’s optics widened. “You LOST it?!”

    “It couldn’t have gone far!” the Rainmaker replied.

    The Decepticon’s scanners suddenly dinged.

    “What in the Pit?!” Blastoff said as she checked his perimeter scanners. “TEN Autobots inbound?!”

    “They must’ve been following us or something!” Acid Storm concluded.

    Blastoff glanced around before noticing the broken remains of what looked like a small stasis pod.

    “Close enough,” the Combaticon stated before swooping down and snatching up the pod. “Let’s bolt!” he ordered Acid storm before the two robots converted into their vehicle forms and rocketed away.

    Bumblebee and Glyph struggled to sit up as three familiar vehicles came into view and morphed into Brawn, Ironhide and Ratchet.

    “Easy there, kid,” Ratchet said as he began examining Bumblebee’s wounds.

    “Only three? I thought rocket-head said there were TEN of you guys!”

    Ratchet held up a small device. “Signal beacon the ‘Cons used to dupe us awhile ago. I adjusted it slightly to make it project seven signals to fake them out.”

    “What about the pod?” Legatron asked Glyph. Do you think they’ll be able to get any information out of it?”

    “I don’t know,” the femme responded as she kept a servo clamped over her damaged shoulder. “It looked pretty banged up, but it’s entirely possible for them to extract the circuitry and get information from that...”

    “And what about Weirdwolf?” Sari inquired. “Were’d you put him?

    Legatron whipped around to face her. “What?! I thought you were hiding him!”

    Both of the human-sized beings slowly turned to face the forest, which was dark and ominous as ever.

    “...scrap,” ther said in perfect synchronization.

    “What you guys talking about?” Brawn asked.

    “Long story short,” Sari replied, “We’re going on a wolf hunt.”


    Three days later...

    A tiny, green metal form arced through the air before landing in front of a red and blue two-story robot. Another form, a human female clad in yellow clothing.

    “Any luck?” Optimus asked.

    Legatron shook his head sadly. “Not the slightest sign.”

    The Prime sighed. “I think it may be time to give up.”

    “Give up?!” Sari exclaimed. “Optimus, why in the pit should we give up when Weirdwolf is still out there?!”

    “Legatron, we’ve done all we can,” Optimus said sadly. “We’ll keep an optic out, but by now it’s highly likely that Weirdwolf has either gone beyond our range of scanning and searching... or...”

    “Or the ‘Cons got him already,” the miniscule mech sadly concluded.

    Optimus nodded somberly. “And from your reports, it sounds as if he wasn’t keen on being a Decepticon.” The Prime looked to the skies at the blazing sun. “He might have made a good ally...”


    Three days earlier...

    A sleek, orange form slipped expertly through the foliage, never so much as getting close to hitting one of the many trees.

    Weirdwolf, now in his wolf form again, picked up speed as he heard the sounds of the battle behind him. he was a bit sad to leave the Autobots- they had only hurt him out of self-defense, he now realised- but he couldn’t risk being captured by the Decepticons again.

    He shuddered as memories of his time as a Decepticon science fair project rushed back into his head. Shaking the horrible flashback out of his head, he continued running until he saw the perfect cover- a small cave. Eagerly, he cleared the rest of the distance between himself and the refuge with a mighty leap...

    But he never touched the ground. Weirdwolf cried out in surprise as he found himself suspended in the air. He tried desperately to move, only to find he was stuck in a criss-cross pattern of sticky purple rope.

    The orange mecha-wolf whimpered as a massive black, purple and gold spider that dwarfed even him crawled out of the cave.

    “Well, what have we here?” The spider cooed in a feminine voice literally dripping with venom. “It seems we’ve caught ourselves a stray mutt...”

    Weirdwolf’s ears folded back. We? As in, more than one?!

    Sure enough, another massive spider appeared from the cave, this one mostly a deep navy blue with purple limbs and gold accents. Its multiple green optics neyed Weirdwolf with interest.

    “Another beast-former?” It asked in a masculine voice. “Very interesting...”

    “OoOoOoOh! Wazzpinator wantzz to zzee!” A buzzing voice came from the cave. Seconds later, a massive green wasp buzzed out of the entrance.

    Simultaneously, the three creatures morphed into bipedal robots.

    “This one will make a fine addition to our Predacon army,” the female said. “Don’t you agree, Tarantulas?”

    The male spider robot chuckled. “Indeed, Blackarachnia. A fine addition, indeed...”
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    Well............that went well for Monzo!!! :lol 
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    Here's the next part!


    In a dense grove of trees just outside Detroit, a white Lamborghini with blue trim slowly pulled into a clearing. Despite it being the dead of night, light still glistened off its sleek paintjob. Its engine suddenly cut as its headlights shut off...

    Then, with a mechanical shriek, the car unfolded and stood up, changing into a two-story, bipedal robot.

    Breakdown gulped as he examined the dark trees in front of him. His optics whipped around at even the tiniest of noises.

    “WELP, nothing here!” He said, grinning nervously to himself. “Guess the scanners were wrong; there is definitely NOTHING here-”

    His optics suddenly widened. There was no detectable sound nor visible movement in the landscape that one might think would cause such a reaction. Rather, something deep in Breakdown’s spark told him that there was, in fact, something here. Something to be VERY afraid of.

    Raising a hand to his comlink, he spoke. “Onslaught, this is Breakdown. I-I don’t SEE anything, but there’s DEFINITELY something here! Do you read me?!”


    Metal teeth chattering, Breakdown slowly started backing away from the darkness of the forest. The thought to transform didn't even occur to him- he was was too engrossed by the returning feeling in his spark.

    Breakdown shrieked as a massive shape suddenly burst from the trees and hovered in the air. From the cowardly Stunticon’s perspective, the figure was hovering right in front of the full moon, the light from the orbiting body making the shape appear only as a silhouette.

    Despite this, Breakdown was able to recognize the shape of the object immediately.

    “Starscream?!” he squealed. “B-b-but you’re DEAD!”

    In actuality, it could have been any one of Starscream’s many clones, but Breakdown was too busy focusing in the fact that it was swooping down at him to focus on this.

    The sound of lasers firing tore through the clearing, followed by a small explosion, someone crying out in pain and fright, and a very large object hitting the ground.



    An orange Autobot lifted his arm and charged his plasma cannon. Squinting, he focused on a circular wooden red target before issuing a mental prompt for his cannon to fire.

    A bolt of energized plasma burst from the barrel of the weapon and hurdled through the air before striking the target dead center, reducing it to splinters.

    “YEE-HAW!” the robot cheered, pumping a fist in victory.

    “Nice shot, Ironhide,” Optimus complemented, walking into the makeshift training facility that was built into an old warehouse, provided by Isaac Sumdac.

    “Thanks, boss-bot!” Ironhide replied.

    Optimus nodded. “But don’t you think you might be going a bit... overboard?”

    Ironhide whipped around in surprise at the sudden change in the conversation’s topic. “Whuh- WHAT?”

    “Well you HAVE spent the last four straight megacycles in the training facility,” Optimus pointed out.

    “But Prahm!” Ironhide started. “Th’ Decepticon’s ‘re getting tougher! You saw what happened with Bruticus!”

    “I know, Ironhide, and you’re right, we DO need to be prepared for another inevitable combiner attack,” Optimus replied, shuddering slightly at the thought of an upgraded Bruticus wreaking havoc on Detroit. “But you don't have the spend every minute of your time on Earth training.”

    Ironhide clenched his fists and ground his teeth in anger. “Prahm, I respect what y’all and yer crew have done- I mean, you captured MEGATRON- but unlike you I jus’ can't relax knowing that there are ‘Cons out there, buildin’ up arms an’ such. It’s not what Rodimus would’ve wanted,” he added under his breath.

    The Prime nodded. “I understand completely. It must be hard for you to have you leader in such a critical state, then immediately be thrown into action again without him.”

    Ironhide fell silent as he idly examined his arm-mounted cannons.

    “Say, when did you say you got those cannons again?” Optimus asked, raising an eyebrow.

    “Uh, right as I got to Earth,” Ironhide replied. “Legatron gave them to me.”

    “I see...” Optimus muttered, obviously deep in thought.

    Hit pondering was suddenly interrupted by his comlink flaring to life. “PRIME!” Ratchet’s voice said. “Get to a screen NOW!”

    “What screen, Ratchet?” Optimus asked, confused.

    “ANY screen with a connection to human television!”

    Optimus suddenly turned around and converted to his vehicle mode, activating a new feature in his jetpack that allowed it his wings to fold up against the sides of his vehicle. Ironhide followed close behind, transforming into his own pickup-truck mode.

    The two Autobots used their enhanced speed to exit the facility and merge onto the streets of Detroit. They started looking for a store with screens in its window display, but soon realized a much better option- a large blimp overhead with a screen.

    Ironhide and Optimus resumed their robot forms, starring at the sky in shock as they saw that the blimp’s screen was displaying a Decepticon logo. But it wasn’t just any Decepticon logo.

    “Oh no,” Optimus muttered, noting the three slanted stripes on each side of the insignia. The wings of horror.

    The logo of the Combaticons.

    After a few more seconds of the still image of the logo, the picture changed to that of a familiar, visor’d and mouth-plate’d head.

    “Greetings, human scum,” the deep voice boomed over seemingly every speaker in the city. “I am Onslaught, temporary leader of the Decepticons.” His visor narrowed slightly. “Five of your rotational cycles ago, a comrade of mine went missing.” The image changed to that of a white and blue robot with an orange chest and a red face, who Optimus recognized as one of the Stunticons. “I have no doubt that the Autobots are behind his disappearance.”

    “You didn't tell me about this!” Ironhide exclaimed angrily.

    “Because it’s not true!” Optimus insisted. “I have no idea what Onslaught is talking about!”

    “Me and my men will meet with the Autobots in the City Park in two meagcycles,” Onslaught continued. “If my comrade is not returned then, we will tear this city apart until we find him,” the Decepticon explained, his voice becoming extremely threatening in the last phrase. “Again, two Meagcycles. I suggest you humans do the best to ENCOURAGE your Autobot ‘protectors’ to comply.”

    The transmission suddenly flickered, briefly showing the Combaticon logo before cutting out altogether. The advertisement that was previously on the blimp’s screen re-appeared.

    “Prahm,” Ironhide started slowly, “We better get back tah base before a crowd a’ angry humans gathers.”

    “Good idea,” Optimus agreed, noticing how some passing humans were already giving them dirty looks. The two Autobots then shifted back into their vehicle forms before revving their engines and heading down the street to their base.


    A group of humans watched as the Decepticon’s pirated signal terminated.

    After a moment of silence one of them, an elderly man whose right arm and top of his head were robotic opened up a video communication channel. A blacked-out silhouette appeared on the screen.

    “I take it as though you have seen the message from the Decepticons, boss?” the partially robotic man asked.

    The black blob nodded and spoke in a modified voice. “Indeed I have, Doctor Arkeville. Kind of hard NOT too, since it was being broadcasted on every screen and speaker in Detroit.”

    The part-metal Doctor nodded. “That makes things all the easier for us. We just let the Autobots and Decepticons destroy eachother, then take on the few that remain.”

    “Oh, on the contrary, Doctor,” the boss replied. “Both the Decepticons AND the Autobots are currently in a bad spot with the public. By taking them BOTH out now, we make ourselves look all the more like heroes.”

    Arkeville’s confused frown changed to a smile. “Brilliant, my master. I will deploy the drones immediately.”

    “Excellent,” the boos replied. “Oh, and make sure to keep property damage at a minimum. Remember- we’re doing the public a FAVOR.”

    Arkeville nodded as the transmission cut out before turning to the other humans. There were three of them- a tall, lanky male with purple hair and pointy glasses, a bulky male wearing gray and black clothing, and a short kid with a red headband and odd purple clothes.

    “Ready the drones, as well as your personal crafts,” Arkeville ordered. “We will strike when the Autobot-Decepticon meetup inevitably goes sour.”

    The three humans nodded in understanding before going about their tasks. Whole they did this, Arkeville walked to a large observation window. “Soon, very soon,” he muttered to himself. “Soon we will be the world’s protectors. We will be the heroes. We will be the ones with the power behind the politicians and generals. And from these humble beginnings...”

    He gazed through the window upon an army of red, blue, white and yellow Lamborghinis.

    “The Machination Empire will rise!”


    Five Hours/Two Mega-cycles Later...

    Brawl tapped his foot impatiently. Patience was not one of his strong suits. At all. At the moment he was counting the number of things that he would rather be doing... though he was having a bit of difficulty remembering what came after seven.

    “Time’s about up,” Blastoff pointed out, glancing at his internal chronometer.

    “Indeed it is,” Onslaught replied. “Combaticons, if the Autobots do not show up in five cycles, you are clear to-”

    “I see them!” Vortex interrupted from his position hovering several hundred feet above the group. “No, wait, those are normal cars. Wait, I take that back, they are Autobots. No, wait-”

    “Make up your mind!” Onslaught boomed.

    A convoy of familiar vehicles pulled into the park and converted into even more familiar looking robots. The group consisted of Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Brawn, Hot Shot and Ratchet.

    “Nope, that's definitely them!” Vortex concluded, lowering to the ground and assuming his robot form.

    “Thank you for the insight,” Onslaught deadpanned before turning to the Autobots. “Now, shall we get down to business?”

    “Yeah, um, about that...” Bumblebee muttered.

    “We don’t have your friend,” Brawn stated.

    Swindle cocked an eyebrow. “Say what now?”

    “Until your message, we knew nothing of the disappearance of the Stunticon,” Optimus reported.

    “Is that so?” Onslaught questioned, obviously not convinced.

    “Yeah!” Hot Shot interjected. “We got no idea where what’s-his-name is!”

    “Well, isn't that a SHAME,” Onslaught sarcastically spat. “Because if Breakdown is not returned in, oh, say, two cycles, me and my men here will just have to find him... through ANY means necessary.”

    Optimus held up his hands defensively. “Easy there. If you promise not to cause any damage or harm to the city, we’ll help you find him.”

    “W-we’ll WHUT?” Ironhide stammered.

    Onslaught laughed. “And what good would that do? You’ll just conveniently ‘avoid’ looking in the place where you’ve hid him... or possibly lead us right to him and end this ordeal.”

    “How many times do we have t’ tell you?” Ratchet spat. “We don't have yer dang robot!”

    “Then who does?” Blastoff replied. “The humans?”

    “Actually, that is a distinct possibility,” Optimus informed them.

    Tired of laughing, Onslaught scoffed this time. “Even a coward like Breakdown wouldn't be so easily captured by humans.”

    “There are humans with Cybertronian technology!” Optimus insisted. “Please, if you’ll just let me explain-”

    “I’m afraid there isn’t time for that anymore,” the Combaticon leader interrupted.

    “Why not?” Bumblebee inquired.
    Onslaught assumed a defensive position. “Because your two cycles are up. Combaticons, merge into Bruti-!”

    He was suddenly cut off by the sound of a gunning engine.

    “Breakdown?!” Onslaught cried in surprise as a familiar white Lamborghini pulled up to the park.

    “Looks like it,” Blastoff said, “But why did he change his color scheme?”

    “What do you mean?” Onslaught inquired, still focusing on the white Lambo.

    “What do you mean ‘what do you mean’?” Vortex asked. “He’s red now!”

    “Are you colorblind?” Swindle asked. “He’s yellow!”

    “Looks pretty blue to me,” Brawl reported.

    “I’m with green and ugly,” Bumblebee agreed, looking behind the group of Autobots. “He’s blue.”

    A thought occurred to Onslaught. A quick glance around confirmed his suspicions.

    “There’s a whole army of them!” He exclaimed as many more sleek Lamos of the same four colors pulled up to the park... and simultaneously transformed into robots that resembled Breakdown, but with new heads.

    “What the scrap?!” Onslaught exclaimed as the Combaticons were surrounded by the strange ‘clones’. He activated his comlink. “Motormaster, are you seeing this?!”

    The sound of laser blasts came over the comlink. “Seeing it? We’re smack dab in the middle of them!”

    “Scrapmetal,” Onslaught swore as he realized that the remaining Stunticons wouldn't be able to provide them with backup as he had planned.


    The Autobots and Decepticons turned to face the new voice. Standing on top of a building were what appeared to be three humans wearing familiar looking helmets and what seemed to be robot suits, save for a large bulky one, who only wore a helmet.

    Optimus glanced at the Lambo robot’s heads, then back at the human’s garbs. “The heads, the helmets- they’re using the Headmaster’s technology!”

    “Right you are, fire-bot!” The smallest of the humans spat. “Unfortunately, my older brother himself was unable to join us at the moment, so we’re making do without him! I am Cancer Masterson, the Headmaster Junior!”

    “I am Hydra Chokon,” the tallest and skinniest of the humans announced.

    “Francis Tangent,” the third and bulkiest of the humans announced. “Call me Fracas.”

    “Wow, these guy are like protoforms,” Ironhide noted, noting how young they sounded.

    “Silence robot scum!” Cancer ordered. “We are the Masterforce! Pledged to cleanse Earth of you robot scum!”

    “You said ‘robot scum’ twice,” Hydra muttered.

    “Shut up,” Cancer whispered back.

    “And you plan to destroy us with these knockoffs of Breakdown, who you’ve obviously kidnapped?” Onslaught inquired.

    “Yes, using them,” Cancer smirked, “And THESE!”

    Suddenly, three massive metal objects emerged from behind the building. One was a harrier jet, not unlike that of the Seeker’s alternate modes. The second one was what seemed to be a blue and magenta Lambo. The third was a ten foot tall, silver and black robot.

    Before the Autobots or Decepticons could ask any questions about these new machines, the two humans with robot-suits leapt into the air. Hydra folded into a box shape that plugged into the top of the jet, prompting it to change into a Seeker-esque robot. ‘Fracas’ then hopped into the gray ten-foot robot, which morphed into an over-sized missile launcher for Hydra to wield. Cancer’s mode of transport was the pink and blue version of the Breakdown clones that changed into a headless robot. His suit then chamgedinto a head that resembled the head of the suit itself which plugged onto the bot’s empty neck port.

    “Headmaster Drones, ATTACK!” Cancer shouted, his voice heavily modulated by the robot suit.

    The Breakdown clones then sprang into action, their right arms morphing into blasters. and firing on both the Autobots and Decepticons.

    “Combaticons, counter-attack!” Onslaught ordered, prompting his troops to draw their own weapons and return fire on the clones.

    “Autobots, protect the city!” Optimus ordered, drawing his axe and sinking it into the chestplate of one of the clones. The other Autobots followed suit, activating their own weapons and tools and blasting away at the clones.

    Onslaught brought his hand to his comlink. “Seekers, requesting immediate aerial strike, NOW!”

    Seconds later, the whine of multiple jet engines sounded, followed by several harrier jets flying by overhead, raining missiles down on the clones.

    “GAH!” Hot Shot cried as one of the Seeker’s missiles almost took off his head. “Hey, watch it, buddy!”

    Meanwhile, Onslaught continued to blast away at the Breakdown clones, his heavy weaponry only taking a few shots to fell one. However, their sheer numbers were starting to drive him back.

    Cautiously, the Decepticon general backed away from the clones until he bumped into something. Stealing a glance behind him, he found an equally-as-oppressed Optimus Prime fighting another set of clones with his own shoulder-mounted blasters.

    “Well, Optimus Prime, it seems as though we have a common foe,” Onslaught stated.

    “Indeed,” Optimus said. He didn't like what he was about to do, but he knew it was the best for both Detroit and his Autobots.

    “I suppose this may call for a truce,” the Combaticon said, echoing Optimus’ thoughts. “Temporarily of course.”

    “I’m inclined to agree,” Optimus said. “Got any ideas?”

    “Always,” Onslaught stated. “Have some of your Autobots team up with the Stunticons to locate the source of these clones; chances are that’s also where they’re holding Breakdown.”

    Optimus nodded before reaching for his comlink. “Attention all Autobots; a temporary alliance has been formed with the Decepticons. Over-Drive, Ratchet, Brawn, Bumblebee and Jazz, meet the Stunticons at Sumdac Tower to find out where the clones are coming from.”

    Simultaneously, Onslaught tapped his own communicator. “Decepticons, this is Onslaught. A truce has been made with the Autobots to rid ourselves of these clones. Do NOT under any circumstances fire on an Autobot for the duration of this battle. Stunticons, Optimus is sending a group of Autobots to meet you at Sumdac tower to track the source of the clones ”

    After this, Onslaught gave another order. “Combaticons, regroup so we can combine!” He then turned to optimus. “I know you won't like this, but you have to help me get to my men so we can form Bruticus.”

    Reluctantly, Optimus nodded as he slashed at a red clone. “Alright, then, let’s MOVE!”


    A small convoy of vehicles pulled up to Sumdac Tower, before converting into a squad of five Autobots. Seconds later, another group of vehicles, this one only four strong, appeared, transforming into the four remaining Stunticons.

    Over-Drive walked up to the leader of the other group. Narrowing his optics and folding his arms across his chest, he muttered, “Motormaster.”

    The towering gray and black mech snarled. “Over-Drive.”

    “Look, I don’t like this any more than you do,” the green Autobot sneered, “But we need to work together if we’re going to pull through this.”

    Motormaster burst out laughing. “Oh, PLEASE, Autobot. Me and my Stunticons are more than capable of taking out these stupid clones.”

    The sound of Lambo engines foretold the approach of more clones.

    “Looks like you're going to be able to prove that claim,” Over-Drive stated as the clones came into view. “OK, listen up, bots! I need to get just ONE of those things offline for study so we can find where these things are coming from!”

    “Why didn’t you tell us that BEFORE we left the discarded pile of these things to meet you here?!” Wildrider blurted.

    “Because he COULDN’T have,” Brawn pointed out.

    Wildrider considered that before realising that, indeed, Over-Drive would have had no easy way of contacting them before. “Huh. Good point.”

    Before any more conversation could be initiated, the clones reached them and transformed, drawing their weapons and opening fire on the Cybertronians.

    The Autobots and Stunticons went to work, blasting and slashing at the Breakdown clones.

    Haphazardly whipping around his sword, Wildrider soon managed to decapitate one of the drones. “Hey boss, will just a head of one of these things be good?”

    “Don't see why not!” Motormaster replied, using his exhaust-port looking blaster to fend off a group of yellow clones.

    “Endy, CATCH!” Wildrider shouted, tossing the decapitated head to Dead End. The gloomy Stunticon paused what he was doing- striking a red clone with his buzzsaw- to catch the head. He was about to throw it to Motormaster when the head suddenly changed, wiggled out of his grip, and landed on his shoulder.

    “Huh?!” Dead End cried in surprise as a miniature robot blasted him in the face, knocking him out and sending him plummeting to the ground.

    Seeing this, Ratchet and Drag strip hurried over to the fallen Decepticon. The tiny robot turned to them and began firing tiny shots that stung the Cybertronians’ armor when they hit.

    Dragstrip raised his arm in front of his face in an attempt to shield his optics from the shots being fired. “What in the AllSpark IS that thing?!”

    “Looks like the drone heads can turn into tiny robots!” Ratchet replied, also shielding his face with his arms. “Makes enough sense, seeing how they look like tiny Headmaster Units.”

    “Tiny whats?” Dragstrip questioned.

    “Long story,” Ratchet answered as he picked up the miniscule mech with one of his magnets, preventing it from shooting. “Point is, it’s going to make studying these things a LOT harder!”

    Suddenly, the parts of several destroyed drones that were scattered about began to stir. Blue energy cracked between them, drawing them together. The dismembered parts then fused themselves together to form a complete, though headless and mis-matched, drone body.

    Ratchet and Drag Strip stared at it in shock as the Headmaster robot broke free of the medic’s magnetic grip before sailing in the air, converting back into a head, and landing on the body’s empty neck socket, reanimating the robot.

    Dragstrip flinched. “That might make study a bit difficult as well...”


    A blue harrier jet rushed by a group of Breakdown clones, the sonic boom literally knocking them off of their feet.

    Thundercracker whipped around and laughed as he surveyed the destruction he had caused. His cackling died down as he realized that one of the drones was about to land on a long yellow ground vehicle full of small humans.

    Acting fast, the Seeker gunned his thrusters and shot towards the falling drone, catching it a nanosecond before it made contact with the vehicle.

    Thundercracker turned to the vehicle. “Are you all unharmed?”

    Nervously, the school bus driver poked his head out of the window and nodded.

    The Seeker sighed in relief.

    “What are you DOING?”

    The blue bot whipped around to see Slipstream landing behind him.

    Realizing she had witnessed the whole thing, he desperately tried to think of an excuse. “Uh, well, I- OUCH!”

    His fumbled explanation was cut short by the head of the drone he was still holding literally launching itself off of the clone body and smacking into his face. The head then shifted into a small robot and started firing tiny laser blasts at his face.

    “OWOWOW!” Thundercracker yelped, attempting to return fire on the tiny mech. However, it scampered away from his blasts.

    It suddenly blew apart, its dismembered limbs clattering over the pavement. Thundercracker looked up to see Slipstream, her arm-mounted blaster pointed down at the diminutive robot.

    “Seriously?” she deadpanned.

    Thundercracker was about to respond when he suddenly pointed past her and shouted “Heads up!”

    Slipstream whirled around just in time to see a clone, seemingly made up of random bits and pieces of other clones, about to shoot her. She expertly dodged the blast before returning fire, striking the robot in the chest.

    The two Seekers then took to the skies, where they saw several other patchwork drones being formed from parts of the broken ones.

    “Well slag,” Thundercracker muttered. “What do we do now?”

    “Simple,” Slipstream smirked. “Shoot them into MORE pieces!” she announced before jetting away.

    “I could have thought of that,” Thundercracker muttered, “After all, I AM the most superior clone... I think...”


    Over-Drive sighed in relief. “Finally.”

    Motormaster nodded. “I almost never thought we’d get to study one of these things. ALMOST.”

    They, along with Ratchet, looked down at the large table of assorted Breakdown clone parts, which were clamped down in order to prevent them from re-forming. The tiny robot that used to be the clone’s head had been decapitated, but it regardless was also clamped down in order to prevent any other potential reanimation. They were deep in Sumdac tower, in the private chamber that once held the head of Megatron himself.

    Energy suddenly began sparking between a few of the parts in a futile attempt to reconnect them.

    Ratchet, his magnification-eye activated, leaned close to the parts. “Definitely human materials. Should be nowhere NEAR as durable as they are.”

    “I’m guessing this strange energy is to blame,” Over-Drive said. “But what is it? It acts like AllSpark energy, but how could that be?”

    “Breakdown was animated by an AllSpark shard,” Motormaster pointed out. “If they have him for cloning, they might have found a way to charge the clones with his fragment.”

    “Oh, so THAT’S where your new troops came from,” Over-Drive interjected.

    Motormaster growled threateningly in reply.

    “Not the time!” Ratchet interjected.

    “What on Earth is going on here?!” A worried voice suddenly said. The three robots looked to the doorway to the lab to see Isaac Sumdac himself, with Sari standing next to him. “There are robots fighting all around the city, and-” He gasped as he noticed Motormaster. “What is HE doing here?! Why do you Autobots keep bringing Decepticons into my lab?!”

    “Didn’t you inform them of our situation?” Over-Drive asked, glancing at Ratchet.

    “I thought YOU did!” Ratchet retorted.

    “Like the relic-bot said, we don't have time for this!” Motormaster interjected.

    “Who are you calling a relic?!” Ratchet screamed back.

    “ENOUGH!” Over-Drive shouted, having lost his temper several times over by now. “Look, Sumdacs, all Cybertronians in the city are being attacked by these random drones, and we’ve made an alliance to figure out what makes them tick, and how to STOP them from... uh, ticking.”

    “Alright, as long as you have things under control,” the professor replied, glaring at Motormaster. “Still, I do not like the idea of HIM being in my lab.”

    “Me neither,” Sari muttered.

    “Believe me, I know what what you mean,” Over-Drive agreed, earning a snarl from Motormaster.

    “Quit your babbling and take a look at this!” Ratchet had returned to the oversized table and was poking around in the Headmaster drone’s head with a surgical prod. “The circuitry here is hard-wired into a modified comlink.”

    “Meaning...” the professor prodded.

    “MEANING the robots, while capable of individual control, are being given primary directives by an outside source,” Ratchet explained.

    “Well sure, the guys we saw in the park,” Over-Drive pointed out.

    “Maybe,” Motormaster scratched his large chin in contemplation. “Though they COULD also be receiving orders from another source...”

    “Like the main base of operations of whoever built these things!” Over-Drive realized.

    “Well, if we need to track a wireless signal,” Motormaster started, reaching for his comlink, “Then I know just the bot for the job...”


    Optimus banked left, then right, trying to avoid the large laser blasts being shot at him. He had been in the air for almost a full fifteen minutes, making good use of the aerial advantage he had over the Breakdown clones.

    Now, however, he was caught in a mid-air battle with one of the human-driven robots. Actually, there were two of them, he realized as he recalled that the large blaster being wielded by the jet-robot was another being.

    Optimus suddenly started jetting towards the two robots, swinging his axe furiously. Having no melee weapons, the jet robot was forced to instead dodge the attacks.

    “Not bad,” Optimus admitted. ”One might almost think you were a natural-born Cybertronian.”

    “I’ve had practice,” the jet robot, who Optimus now remembered as Hydra, replied as he pointed the gun-bot at the Autobot and fired.

    The Prime lunged to the left, but regardless, the laser grazed the top of his right wing, taking out a large chunk of it.

    “Firepower’s not that bad, either,” he admitted. “But why do you need to hold a gun when your suit has some built into the arms?”

    “None of your business!” Hydra exclaimed, firing a clumsily-aimed shot that optimus dodged easily.

    Down below, Ironhide, Arcee, Red Alert and Hot Shot were caught up in a similar battle against several ‘patchwork’ drones and the human-controlled robot known as Cancer. Their efforts were greatly assisted by the presence of the now-formed bruticus, who was easily smashing through several drones at a time.

    “Looks like you’re running out of troops!” Hot Shot taunted, firing blasts of flame from his welding torches at Cancer.

    The human-controlled-robot leapt back to avoid being scorched by the flames.

    “Ha! Plenty more where they came from!” the pink and blue car-bot replied.

    Hydra suddenly swooped down close enough for those on the ground to hear him. “Actually, we ARE running a bit low in this area...”

    “Well THEY don't need to hear that!” Cancer replied before sighing as he noticed Bruticus maul five drones at once. “OK, remember that thing the Doc told us to do in case of emergencies?”

    “Uh, yeah?” Hydra replied, narrowly avoiding a volley of laser blasts from Optimus.

    “I think we might need to do it!” Cancer finished as the Autobots trashed the remaining drones and began advancing on him.

    “OK, send the signal on three!” Hydra said. “One, two- AUGH!” His countdown was cut short by Optimus ramming into him. “THREE!” He suddenly shouted.

    A blue pulse briefly appeared on the two robot’s heads, another one visible on the top of the Targetmaster’s Gun mode.

    At first, nothing happened. Bruticus started slowly walking over to Cancer and Hydra, intending to-.

    Suddenly, the broken clone pieces, which had been oddly inactive, started pulling themselves together. However, rather than forming an army of patchwork drones, they began to combine into one form. Slowly it took shape, forming a massive bipedal robot taller than even Bruticus.

    Optimus stared in awe at the massive metal being. the sound of rocket engines met his audio receptors- he turned to see Cancer and Hydra, still holding the Targetmaster, making a break for it.

    Optimus returned his attention to the drone-monster, who was now grappling with Bruticus. Noting how much the Decepticon combiner was struggling, he sighed and clutched his axe with both hands.

    “This just keeps getting better...”


    Soundwave looked over the deactivated drone body, analyzing the inside of its head.

    “I will not be able to jam their command signals,” he droned in his monotone voice.

    This was met with a series of groans from Motormaster, Ratchet, Over-Drive, and Isaac Sumdac, while Sari muttered something about Soundwave being useless.

    “The good news is,” Soundwave continued, ”I will be able to track down the source of the signals.

    “Then by all means, lead the way!” Motormaster replied.

    “And get out of my Tower,” Isaac sumdac muttered just loud enough for Sari to hear, though he wouldn't be surprised if Soundwave had sensitive enough audio sensors to have heard him as well.

    The blocky blue Decepticon’s screen-chest changed from a faction logo to a map of Detroit. A red dot pulsed over one area.

    “That’s one of my old robotics factories!” Isaac Sumdac realized after looking at the map for a few seconds.

    “An assembly plant?” Motormaster pondered. “That certainly explains how they were able to crank out an army of clones in only five days.”

    “F-five days?” Over-Drive stuttered. “Breakdown’s been gone for that long?!”

    “Yeah, we weren’t going to bother looking that much, what with him being a miserable coward who’s no good in battle,” the massive Decepticon growled, “But Onslaught insisted we needed him for project- uh, his... AllSpark fragment.”

    “Hello?!” Sari spoke up. “Earth to Auto- I mean, robots?! Still an army of drones outside!”

    “I agree,” Ratchet said, “Quit idling and let’s go already!”

    “Alright, alright, sheesh,” Motormaster muttered.

    Over-Drive nodded. “OK, Let’s transform and roll out!”

    The two Decepticons stared at him blankly.

    Over-drive shrugged. “You get the idea.”

    “Yeah, let’s go!” Sari exclaimed.

    “No can do, Sari,” Ratchet shook his head. “These punks are after us. We’re not risking you.”

    “WHAT?!” Sari exclaimed. “Not this scrap again! I’ve proved myself in battle before! Remember the space rock creature thing or Wierdwolf?!”

    “The Rock Lord was when you had full access to your powers,” Ratchet explained, “And as you are well aware, you’re only starting to regain control of your upgrades. Not to mention Wierdwolf was only one small bot. This is a whole ARMY of drones.”

    “Just shut up and get over here, relic,” Motormaster said from his place on the large lift they had used to get to the top levels of the tower.

    “I’m not a relic!” Ratchet shouted before turning back to Sar. “Please, just stay here where you're safe.”

    Sari didn’t have a chance to respond before Ratchet ran over to the lift, which then started to lower.


    Bomb-Burst scratched his chin with his sharp fingers as he studied a digital map of Detroit.

    “All Autobots and Decepticons leaving Sumdac Tower,” he reported. “And the drones are following.”

    “Remind me what the point of this is again?” Iguanus complained.

    “Yeah! Why aren't we out there helpin’ Soundwave?!” Rumble questioned from his place next to the other Recordicons.

    “I have to ask the same thing,” Lockdown spoke up. “I didn't join this outfit to watch screens all day.”

    “We’re monitoring the locations of our comrade's- and temporary comrade’s- energy signals,” Bomb-Burst explained for what felt like the hundredth time. In fact, it was only the third. “That way if any of them run into trouble-”

    “We can send assistance immediately,” Frenzy finished.

    Bomb-Burst whirled around in his chair and glared down at the tiny Decepticon. “If you knew what I was going to say, Rumble, why did you ask?!”

    “I didn't ask,” the blue robot replied before pointing to his brother. “HE did. And I’m Frenzy, not Rumble. Rumble is red, Frenzy is blue! RIRFIB! Remember that!”

    Bomb-Burst gritted his teeth before turning back to the computer. When he did, he noticed something odd.

    “There’s a strange energy signal heading for the group that’s on-route to the factory!” he exclaimed. ‘“It’s being tailed by a squad of drones! Warn them now!”

    “Roger that!” Frenzy replied before shifting into a small speaker and activating his comlink.


    “Soundwave! Come in!” a voice said over the blue and gold Decepticon’s comlink.

    “I read you loud and clear, Frenzy,” he replied.

    “Some kind of weird energy signal heading your way, with a bunch of drone friends!” the Recordicon’s voice said.

    Before Soundwave could respond, an orange-cabbed garbage truck appeared from around a corner and started heading straight for the group.

    “Incoming!” the truck shouted, slamming on it’s breaks.

    The group of vehicle-mode robots also braked hard, thankfully avoiding the screeching-to-a-halt garbage truck.

    A group of patchwork Lambos suddenly appeared from around the same corner.

    “You gotta help me!” the garbage truck shouted as it converted into a tall orange robot with a boxy head. “These garbage cars are attacking me!”

    “Wreck-Gar!” Ratchet greeted as he and other vehicles assumed their robot forms. “I wondered if they'd go after you, too.”

    The garbage bot nodded before noticing Soundwave. “Look out, it’s the mind-control guy!”
    “It’s alright!” Ratchet explained. “The ‘garbage cars’ are attacking his men, too, so we’ve made an alliance to stop them.”

    Before Wreck-Gar could respond, the Lambos from in front and behind had closed in, surrounding them.

    “Well, this sucks,” Motormaster mumbled.

    “You cool cats keep headin’ to the plant,” Jazz said, whipping out his laser-nunchucks. “We’ll deal with things back here.”

    “Alright,” Motormaster conceded. “Dragstrip and Dead End, stay here and hold them off. Wildrider, with me.”

    “Brawn, Bumblebee, stay here with Jazz,” Over-Drive said. “Ratchet and Wreck-Gar, with us.”

    “This would have been a lot easier if I had my jetpack!” Bumblebee whined as he and the other remaining robots blasted an opening for the ones who were continuing.

    “Too bad you blew out the engines,” Brawn smirked.

    “How was I to know it couldn’t go over a hundred and fifty miles per hour?!” Bumblebee retorted.

    “Pretty sure they mentioned the limits once or twice,” Jazz muttered in reply. He then whirled around to face a drone that was advancing on him, but to his surprised it was blasted from behind and fell over.

    Wildrider stood triumphantly, his blaster emitting a wisp of smoke. “You owe me, Autobot!”

    Jazz suddenly threw one of his nunchucks at the maroon and gray Decepticon. However, rather than hit him, they decapitated another drone that was sneaking up behind him.

    Wildrider stared at the downed drone for a moment before looking at Jazz. “I’d say that makes us even.”


    Several vehicles screeched to a halt outside of a large assembly plant before changing into their robot modes.

    “This is the place,” Soundwave informed them.

    “Doesn’t look like a Sumdac Systems plant to me,” Ratchet muttered, pointing to a large logo on the building. It was a yellow diamond-shaped logo with an angular letter ‘M’ in the middle.

    “According to human databases, this facility is owned by an ‘Abraham Dante’, and was purchased from Sumdac Systems during the time when Porter C. Powell was CEO.”

    “Who’s Abraham Dante?” Wreck-Gar asked, voicing the question on everyone’s mind, but only because he had no idea what Soundwave was talking about.

    “Unknown,” Soundwave responded. “All records of him are very lacking. I can say that he runs a company known as Machination, whose logo matches the one on that building. The company is newly-formed and is supposedly working on a ‘secret project’ that they say will ‘Change the world as we know it’.”

    “By wiping out all Cybertronians on the planet,” Wildrider guessed. “So, how do we get in? Knock and say ‘please may we destroy your life’s work’?” he asked, before chuckling madly at his ‘humor’.

    “How ‘bout knock the walls IN?!” Motormaster said before charging at the building and barreling through the doors, knocking them off their hinges.

    “Right! Knock them in!” Wreck-Gar cheered as he followed the large gray and black mech through the new hole in the wall.

    The other robots exchanged glances before shrugging, then following their allies.

    Inside the facility they found a large assembly line that was rapidly building a fleet of familiar-looking cars. The rate at which they were being built was astounding- the machinery moved as fast as some ninja-bots.

    Motormaster let out a long, low whistle. “Gotta hand it to the humans behind this operation; this is quite the efficient assembly line.”

    “That’s for sure,” Ratchet remarked. “No wonder they were able to construct an army in just a few days.”

    “Nice toys,” Wildrider mocked as he pulled out his blaster. “Be a shame if something happened to them!”

    The revving of familiar-sounding engines suddenly met their audio receptors as more Lambos came into view. However, unlike the other ones they had fought, these ones were orange with yellow trim.

    “Great, more drones,” Over-Drive muttered.

    “Judging by the unique coloration, it seems as though these drones are more ‘elite’ than the others,” Soundwave pointed out.

    “That would explain why there’s only a few of them,” Motormaster agreed. “We may require backup. Send for the others.”

    “I’m afraid it’ll be too late by the time they arrive,” a human voice said. Looking up on a scaffolding that hung above the assembly line, the robots saw a human with what seemed to be a partially metal head and right hand.

    “And who the crank are YOU?” Motormaster inquired.

    “Doctor Arkeville, head of Machinition Enterprises,” he introduced with a sarcastic bow.

    “Incorrect;” Soundwave stated. “Information shows that one Abraham Dante is head of this company.”

    “Mister Dante takes care of the business matters,” the human explained. “I’m the one behind the science aspect.”

    “And likely the mastermind behind all of this,” Ratchet spat.

    Arkeville scratched his chin. “‘Mastermind’? Yes, I like the sound of that, especially considering how my subordinates’ codenames all contain ‘master’ as well. Speaking of which, have you had the chance to meet them yet?”

    The three human-driven robots suddenly appeared from within the facility, striking battle-ready poses.

    “Though I’m sure you’ve met at least ONE of them before,” the Doctor continued.

    Another robot then came into view. This one was a duplicate of Hydra, but in a pink and blue color scheme with a more familiar-looking head.

    “Miss me, noobs?!” Henry Masterson shouted from within the unit.

    “And who is this nut exactly?” Motomaster inquired.

    “Trouble,” Ratchet muttered, holding up his magnets, ready for battle. “BIG trouble...”


    Dragstrip ducked to avoid a laser blast from a nearby clone before raising his own blaster and firing. His shot struck his mindless opponent square in the neck, instantly decapitating it.

    Knowing that this wasn’t enough, he then focused his attention on shooting the still-falling Headmaster unit.

    His attempts were interrupted by another clone sneaking up behind him and grabbing onto his arms, preventing him from moving. Dragstrip was about to initiate some kind of awesome cyber-ninja kick (that in reality likely would not have turned out as well as he thought) when the decapitated drone suddenly sprouted a pair of tiny rocket boosters and whooshed over to him.

    “What the slag?!” the yellow Stunticon exclaimed as the floating head emitted a laser that circled around his neck. Dragstrip then felt himself falling... only it wasn't his whole body falling. Rather, it was just his head.

    “OAF!” The Decepticon grunted as his decapitated cranium hit the ground. He looked back up to see the drone that had been holding him back off as the head latched itself onto his shoulders, before twisting his body around and pointing his own gun at his face.

    “AHHHHHH!” the Stunticon screamed like a little protoform as he was sure he was about to be obliterated.

    The sound of wheels screeching against pavement met Dragstrip’s audio receptors as he suddenly felt himself lifted up and carried away in one smooth motion. Looking up, he saw a small yellow and black Autobot.

    “What’s up, short stuff?” the Autobot mocked as he avoided shot from Dragstrip’s hijacked form.

    “Just my luck,” the Stunticon muttered as he was jostled around in the Autobot’s grip. “Saved by Honeybee, of all bots...”

    “It’s BUMBLEBEE!” the small bot shouted,glaring down at the Decepticon head he was carrying. “And it you want your body back, I suggest you cut the insults!”

    “I hate today,” Dragstrip muttered under his breath.


    Over-Drive found himself flying backwards through the air, only to be stopped by a painful impact with a hard cement wall.

    Debris raining down on him, the injured Autobot looked up to see Cancer looming over him, arm-cannon aimed for his head.

    “Any last words, robot scum?”

    After a moment of contemplation, Over-Drive responded. “Yeah. If you guys hate robots so much, why are you dressed up like them?”

    Rather than give a legible answer, Cancer instead shriek in rage as he prepared to blast Over-Drive’s head off.

    “NO! Not yet!” Doctor Arkeville’s voice came over his comlink. “I want them to see something first...”

    Grumbling, Cancer grabbed Over-Drive by the head and yanked him, turning him in a different direction and slapping a pair of mechanical handcuffs on him. Over-Drive felt his body become unresponsive- the humans had built their own take on Stasis Cuffs.

    Glancing around, Over-Drive saw the other Autobots and Decepticons had been captured as well, and were being forced to face in the same direction.

    “I thought, before your termination, you might like to see the secret to my success,” Arkeville gloated.

    “We already know,” Soundwave droned. “You have captured the Stunticon known as ‘Breakdown’ and copied his frame and technology for your army.”

    The partially-metal human chuckled. “Oh, it goes FAR deeper than that, my metal friend...”

    With that, he held up a remote and pressed a button. The wall behind him shifted before sliding out of the way, revealing something behind it.

    “You monster,” Wildrider muttered.

    “By the AllSpark,” Ratchet swore.

    “Ewwww, gross!” Wreck-Gar said, his face scrunching up in disgust.

    Behind the wall was breakdown, strapped to a slightly inclined table. His limbs were clamped into an X-shape. A strange-looking helmet was placed over his head, part if it extending over his right optic. His facial expression was one of fear... though it oddly seemed to be more along the lines of mild fright, rather than the sheer terror one might have expected form such a coward.

    “Help... me...” he muttered.

    “H-he’s CONSCIOUS?!” Motormaster stuttered.

    “You know something’s bad when even a Con frowns on it,” Over-Drive remarked.

    “You see, your little white friend has been rooted deeper in my drone army than you think,” Arkeville started. “The control signal for the drones is routed through his head before being sent off to its recipients, translating it into a special signal comparable to the robot equivalent of human brainwaves.”

    “That is why I could not interfere with the signal,” Soundwave realized. “I can only control signals such as those if the receiving robot has undergone my reprogramming.”

    “That’s what I figured,” Arkeville smirked. .

    “Breakdown, listen!” Motormaster shouted to the previously-missing Stunticon. “You have to snap out of it! Gain control! That’s an order soldier!”

    “I... can’t...” Breakdown replied in a hushed, monotone voice, as if he didn't have the energy to speak louder.

    “He’s right,” Arkeville nodded. “I made sure that he was unable to send any signals of his own through the drone’s controls.Face it, robots- you’ve lost. And when we destroy you, your bitter and destructive war will end, and we will be hailed as heroes!”

    “THAT’S what this is all about?!” Motormaster screamed. “A popularity contest?!”

    “Oh, it’s MUCH more than that,” Arkeville chuckled. “It’s... wait, what’s going on?”

    Behind him Breakdown seemed to be struggling with something.

    Arkeville shook his head. “It won’t do you any good. You can’t take control of the drones.”

    Breakdown ignored him. “Must... obery... orders...”

    A surge of blue energy suddenly shot through Breakdown, traveling up the helmet he was attached to.

    “What is this?!” Arkeville shouted in surprise.

    Hydra suddenly whipped around, his blasters aimed at one of the elite Headmaster drones. In a single blast, he decapitated it.

    “Hydra, what are you doing?!” Arkeville screamed as the Powermaster blasted two more of the drones.

    “He is receiving commands via his comlink,” Soundwave stated.

    Ratchet cocked an eyebrow.“That’s physically possible?”

    “Apparently,” Soundwave responded. “They seem to share some sort of link.”

    “Of course,” Motormaster realized. “The AllSpark fragment that Breakdown uses belonged to the Coward Starscream-”

    “Skywarp,” Wildrider corrected.

    “Whatever,” Motormaster continued. “When we pulled the fragment out of Skywarp, he died. His life force must not have been transferred out of the fragment and into his body-”

    “Meaning that Breakdown has Skywarps’ personality,” Over-Drive concluded.

    Motormaster nodded as she watched the Breakdown-controlled Hydra slag some more of the drones, disabling Cancer and Fracas as well. “And I dare bet that jet body was build out of Skywarp, after his body mysteriously went missing.”

    “That’s enough outta you, lame-o!” Henry master son shouted as he directed his Hydra-copy Headmaster body to counterattack.

    However, rather than meet his attack, Breakdown instead directed Hydra to blast the ‘Stasis-Cuffs’ off the other robots.

    Motormaster and the others loomed over the remaining robot.

    the Headmaster chuckled nervously. “Um... parlay?”

    “Sounds good!” Wreck-Gar said, pulling some party streamers and confetti out of his backpack and blowing an over-sized party horn.

    The others stared at him blankly as the confetti slowly landed on their frames.

    “What?” the garbage-bot inquired. “Not enough confetti?”

    Grumbling, Motormaster socked the Headmaster unit off of the robot body before going over to Breakdown and tearing off the clamps and helmet holding him down.

    “That otta’ stop them,” he said as he smashed the helmet between his oversized palms.

    Sure enough, all around the city, the headmaster drones shut off, falling to the ground harmlessly.

    Watching the drone behemoth fall, Optimus cheered. Meanwhile, Bruticus separated into the Combaticons, who nodded in approval of how well the Gestalt had fared in its second test.

    A group of drones that had Bumblebee cornered suddenly dropped dead.

    “Wow, I’m even better than I thought!” Bumblebee exclaimed.

    “Just put my head back on my body,” Dragstrip grumbled.

    Back at the Machinition plant, the robots were making short work of the assembly line.

    “He’s undegone a bit of shock,” Ratchet said after examining Breakdown, “But he’ll be fine in time... physically, at least. He may have a bit of psychological issues, but that’s not exactly my area of expertise.”

    “I see,” Motormaster replied. “Wildrider, Dragstrip, get him back to base.”

    “Yes, sir!” The two Stunticons saluted.

    “Oh, and Dragstrip?” the towering Stunticon continued.

    “Yes, sir?” Dragstrip replied.

    “What happened to your neckline? it looks like somebody welded over it.”

    The yellow Stunticon’s right eye twitched slightly as he simply replied, “Long story.”

    “We searched every inch of the place,” Frenzy said to Soundwave a short distance away.

    “And no sign of that Arkeville guy,” Rumble finished

    “Hey, why weren't those guys here earlier to help us?” Ratchet inquired, noticing the two small Recordicons.

    “WE had to hang back at the base doing nothing!” Rumble complained. “It was BO-RING!”

    The sound of a large vacuum cleaner suddenly met their audio receptors. They looked to the left to see Wreck-Gar cleaning up the broken drones, humming a rather catchy tune as he did so.

    “Seems like the cleaning up part’s gonna be easier than we thought,” Over-Drive pointed out.

    “‘We’?” HA!” Motormaster laughed. “I never intended to help you clean up this city.”

    “Kinda figured that,” the green Autobot grumbled. “That aside, we made a pretty good team back there.”

    “I guess,” Motormaster admitted as he continued to smash some machinery. “But next time we meet, we’re back to killing eachother!”

    “Agreed,” Over-Drive muttered.

    “You can’t do this to us! We’re the Masterforce! PUT ME DOWN!” Henry Masterson shouted as he was force into the back of a police car by Captain Fanzone.

    “Don’t worry, you’ll have PLENTY of time to talk to your little friends behind bars,” the Captain said as she shut the squad car door. “Alright, let’s get these degenerates back to Blackwater, pronto!”

    “Uh, sir?” one of the officers started. “The main Highway to Blackwater is closed because of those offline droned blocking the road. We’ll have to take the long way around.”

    Fanzone sighed as he rolled his eyes. “This is why I hate machines!”

    Every one of the Decepticons suddenly stopped what they were doing to glare at the human.

    “Uh... h-human machines... I mean...” he stuttered before swiftly hopping into his beat-up squad car and leading to other officers away.

    “When we take over this city,” Motormaster whispered to Soundwave, “Make sure that human dies.”
    The blue and gold Decepticon nodded. “Acknowledged.”

    “Y’know, there’ still one thing that bugs me about all this,” Ratchet stated as me magnetically piled up some broken machinery.

    “What’s that?” Over-Drive inquired.

    “Who’s Abraham Dante?”

    The room fell silent.


    “Whew, that was SOME fight,” Mixmaster stated, throwing a patchwork Headmaster drone onto a LARGE pile of other drone pieces. “I think I need a stasis nap... maybe a shot of oil also.”

    “How did they even find us here?” Scavenger questioned. “I mean, not even some of the DECEPTICONS know where our personal base is!”

    “Why cares?” Bonecrusher grumbled. “Point is we slagged ‘em good.”

    “Yeah, and they slagged more than a bit of our stuff,” Scrapper pointed out, waving a hand around at all of the broken tools and equipment.

    “That may be true,” a five-foot-tall green mech said as he descended from an unknown spot up above, followed by a red and white Recordicon bird. “But on the bright side, we may have just found a solution to our shortage of material...”

    “I don’t get it,” Long Haul stated after a moment.

    “He means we use th’ broken drones as material, yah dipstick!” Mixmaster replied.

    “OH! That’s really smart, Legatron!” Long haul said.

    “Thank you,” the five-foot robot replied. “And even better, the streets of Detroit are currently LITTERED with more of these things.”

    Hook grinned. “Instant unlimited materials.”

    “Alright you bums, heres d’ plan!” Dirt Boss said, walking out from behind one of the drone-part piles. “Hook, Long Haul, Scrapper an’ Scavenger, get out there and get more a’ them drone parts. As many as you can carry!”

    “You got it, boss!” Scavenger said as he and the other Three Selected Constructicons switched to their vehicle modes and drove towards a large elevator shaft.

    “The rest a’ yas, keep cleanin’ up this mess!”

    “Awww, but I’m exhausted!” Mixmaster complained.

    “Quit yer whining an’ get to it!” Dirt Boss shouted. “Unless you want me tah MAKE yas do it!” He threatened, the Cerebro Shell launcher in his forehead spinning.

    “No, no, that’s fine!” Mixmaster held up his servos in defense. “Getting to work, right now!”

    “Good,” the stumpy robot said before turning to Legatron and the Negative Universe Laserbeak. “Have you heard back from the orange mook yet?”

    “Wreck-gar?” Legatron replied. “Yeah. He’s in town, cleaning- or rather, GATHERING up more drone parts...”

    Dirt Boss flashed an evil grin. “Excellent. With this much material, we'll be back on schedule with our little project.”

    Legatron smiled in a similar way. “And when we’re finished, those ‘Bots won’t know what hit em!”