MP Lightning Storm 2.0

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    Custom Transformer Master Piece Lightning Storm with 3-D lightning effects!!!!!! | eBay

    I started with a MP Skywarp as the base. The tail wing section has been modified to remove hip pegs, afix straight to the leg and make a more streamline "cartoon accurate" portral of the Decepticon Seeker. The figure was completely disassembled cleaned and prepped for best paint adhesion. The lightning effects were airbrushed free hand no stencils or decals were used. I have also included some accessory lightning effects to give a more 3-D feel to the lightning effect. Next I added fine line detailing in the chest, feet , eyes, head and on the weapons as can be seen in the pictures. As a bonus the figure base has also been done in theme with free hand airbrushed lightning and some 3-D lightning effects as well. All 3-D lightning effects are removable except those on the base wich have been permantely fixed to the base. Those on the weapons and chest can be removed and wrapped around the figure in whichever way you choose (legs, arms etc.) The figure was finished off with a flat clear to protect and seal the paint job. However, please be aware that frequent transformation or rough handeling may result in paint scuffs or scratches and is therefore ment for Adult display.

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