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    Custom Transformer Master Piece Icestorm with bonus! | eBay

    A decepticon seeker with unusually ability to operate in and manipulate sub-zero tempatures the extreme opposite of his brother Sunstorm who's ability range in the extreme heat. Ice Storm's ability has saved him more than once from pursing Autobots, an iced over road always proves troublesome for autobots in vehicle or robot mode! Although he has unique abilities and Megatron would like to call on them more often, Ice Storm tends to come and go as he pleases, only joining in on missions he will see direct benefit from!

    I begain with a complete disassemble of the figure, cleaned every inch with alcohol to remove all residue mold release agents and then began the slow process of putting thin layers down of a primer and base coat. The figure was base coated white, with bright blue and royal blue mixtures for a good transistion of color and overall "freeze" affect and accumulated ice on leading edges, and various parts on the figure were done with sculpting apoxi for durability and realistic texture. Panel lining and detailing have been done throughout the figure to make the subtile details of the figure stand out. As a bonus I have also done the base in the same paint scheme as the figure! Alot of time and effort went into this figure, so I hope it shows. Though I have done extensive prep work to ensure a long lasting paintjob, please be aware that transformation should be limited. It is ment for an adult to add to a collection and not to be played with or transformed often.

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