MP-44 Optimus Version 3 NEW

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    MP-44 Optimus ~ $385+Shipping

    I’ve come to the realization that I’m probably never going to transform, or have the space to display this thing. So it’s up for grabs. It’s been opened for inspection ONLY and has all the original plastic sheets in the cab mode to prove it’s never been transformed.

    I’m not trying to make but what I paid, shipping is not included in the price. PM me your zip code and I can work a quote out for you. DA729DD6-23DC-4811-9534-6259BEAAFB49.jpeg 165295A7-EFE5-4CD7-ADDE-CE645BBF504E.jpeg 7AECACEB-A3CA-4A89-A848-45FBE17E5A89.jpeg 45B4267A-159F-466E-8685-4A0C717A0AE4.jpeg F54FBE7D-E20D-463B-9DC2-6C1C24830F14.jpeg 164DB833-0AA6-423B-8046-D8565BB7511A.jpeg
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