By Generation: MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks - Loose Knee/Leg Fix

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by Jarrod, Nov 22, 2015.

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    Here's what I did to fix Tracks' wobbly knee ratchets. Yeah, I know most ratchets have a little "give" in between teeth, but this was definitely more than he should have had. After opening up his legs, it was obvious the little grey blocks (especially in the left leg) had a lot more play than they should.

    To open up the leg, remove this screw here. Its the only one:


    Now, you'll need to flex the outer panel just a bit, to open the leg. The plastic flexes quite easily though, and did not cause any stress marks are adverse effects whatsoever:


    Bend the knee back a bit, so you have space to swing the outer leg panel forward as shown, to get to the inside of the leg:


    Add in a thin piece of styrene (I used .25mm) or folded piece of paper underneath the grey block with the tooth. It just needs a tiny bit of extra resistance:


    Reassemble everything, and your knee ratchets should be nice and firm now, with no wobbliness.

    (A few other members have a little bit of helpful information to add to what Jarrod has graciously provided here. See below! ~Superquad7)

    David Hingtgen adds:

    "Pro Tip: For those in the US doing Jarrod's knee fix, styrene strip is usually sold in inches, not millimeters. .010in is equal to .25mm (luckily .010 is quite common at most any model train/kit hobby shop).

    I just fixed both of the knees; .188 strips (width-wise) fits well."

    * * * *

    ZEGR has a before and after segment below:

    "Here's a video of the original problem:


    Direct link here: MOV_0018_zpswjlh6grj.mp4 Video by ZeGR | Photobucket

    After Jarrod's fix, they are perfect now!":


    Direct link here: MOV_0018_zpszvftgnfp.mp4 Video by ZeGR | Photobucket

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