By Generation: MP-03 Starscream: Fixing That Nasty Gap In Jet Mode

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by Hook, Oct 9, 2006.

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    As seen in this thread, mx-01 archon opened up the shoulder assembly to attempt fixing the gap problem. Unfortunately, he didn't take any pictres, so I decided to venture into the realms of MP3's shoulders in an attempt to rectify the problem.

    First off, you need to remove the screw cover on Screamer's shoulder assembly. This is probably the toughest part of the project as you WILL warp/bend/deform a small piece of plastic. However, it's behind the arm, so it isn't visible in robot mode See that square right underneath the null laser? That's what yo need to remove. However, one side is less visible than the other, so your best bet would be to pry out the cover from that side.

    Next, unscrew the shoulders. See the screw head protruding? We want that piece to be flush with the plastic.

    To do so, remove the screw and spring to reveal the post. We need to remove a few milliters of plastic so that the screw can go in further.

    I used a small saw and cut off the excess plastic:

    Once reassembled, I noticed that the spring was compressed too much and prevented any arm movement. I then decided to shorten the spring like so:

    Once reassembled, gone was the gap in the racheted joint and the screw no longer protruded.

    Sadly, the gap is still there but it's less wide. I would've liked a tighter fit, but this'll have have to do for now. Compare the first pic with this one to see the difference.

    Alternately, instead of carving off the shoulder post, you can drill out a bit of the plastic inside the shoulder. You've got a bit of room to play with with the drill, as the inside of his shoulder is double walled, likes so: |o|. You've got an outer wall of plastic, which is the visible exterior of his shoulder, a screw shaft down the middle, and the inner plastic that you want to drill out.

    If you're actually able to get the screw covers off the shoulders, you can also use an exacto knife to carve out a cavity for the screw head.
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