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    Hey guys, I'm making a big move this summer and have decided that rather than let the toys I collected in and after college languish in boxes any longer, I'd start selling them off. They deserve a better home than I've given them in recent years, anyway.

    Anything that doesn't sell here will get donated locally. All toys are loose, in Very Good condition and complete, except where noted.

    Takara GC-01 Galaxy Force Galaxy Convoy - WITH box
    Takara GC-03 Vector Prime - WITH box, modified to make back kibble a shield

    Takara Beast Wars Inferno, WITH box

    TRU Reissue G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex Armor WITH box
    TRU Reissue Skywarp
    TRU Reissue Grapple
    TRU Reissue Rodimus Prime

    Armada Powerlinx Optimus Prime
    Armada Overload

    Energon Landmine
    Energon Shockblast
    Energon Slugslinger

    Cybertron Deluxe Unicron
    Cybertron Landmine
    Cybertron Defense Scattershot

    Movie Preview Protoform Optimus Prime
    Movie Wreckage, repainted in brown/tan camo
    Movie Skorponok
    Movie Voyager Optimus Prime

    Classics Mirage
    Classics Astrotrain

    I'm not looking for any trades, but I do need the tail and sword/gun for Classics Grimlock - he's a keeper, but I can't find his accessories.

    Please PM if you're interested. Individuals looking for larger lots of figures are preferred...if you want a bunch of stuff I'll start throwing in extras to be rid of them.