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    Okay guys and Gals, I'm moving in two weeks, and I have found some stuff peeps might want. I'm taking best offers on this, and I'm not going to wait for money, or things like that. No offense guys and gals, and normally I go out of my way to accomidate peeps, but I have till wednesday in this place, and that's it. So this stuffs got to go!

    Nintendo System and Games

    okay guys and galls, here's the deal, I've recieved my old nintendo and Nintendo game carts from my sister when we moved her, and I refound them.

    I can't guarantee if they work or not. The system is missing the cords, and has two controllers. System has looked like it has had better days, some stain on it.

    So here's the games, these look all okay, except for when noted.

    Ultimate Basketball,
    Friday the 13th,
    Little Nemo the Dream Master,
    Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest,
    Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight,
    Disney's Little Mermaid, (ink on it I think..)
    The Battle of Olympus,
    Silent Service,
    Blaster Master,
    Town & Country Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage

    The one bad shaped one: TMNT 2: The Arcade Game. This has a chunk taken out of one side, and has a crack going across from the crack. L:eek: oks like it's still playable, but other then that, it's not the best shape. If anyone wants it with the rest, it's yours.

    Also I have found:
    Cardboard Cutout of the original White Ranger. "Life Size" cut out anyway. Go Go Rangers!

    (will list them when I get to find them in the other room)

    Let me know if anyone wants this stuff. I might find some more obscure stuff too.... If I find anything, I'll let peeps know.
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    I'm interested in the minimates.