Illustrations/Digital Models: Motion Blur Tutorial (Adobe Photoshop) - Easy Peasy for the Lazy

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    Normally, you'd have to use a pen or lasso tool to outline an object, cut it out and then "motion blur" it. Wanna do this in a quicker way? Here's a way! It's not very appropriate, but it still gets the job done.

    STEP 1


    Get an image ready, and go to Quick Mask Mode. Press 'Q' to do this.

    STEP 2


    With your BRUSH tool (Press 'B'), increase the size to about 130+ pixels (depends on how big your image is) and "colour" your object to be cut out.

    In this example, I wanna cut out the black bison, so I'm "coloring" it.

    (You may want to use an AIRBRUSH, but it is optional.)

    After "coloring" your object, it should be something like this:


    STEP 3


    Now, exit Quick Mask Mode. (Press 'Q') After that, press Ctrl+J to cut out your object.

    Now, go to Filter>Blur> Motion Blur to get started on the blurs.


    STEP 4


    Set the distance and angle you're comfortable with, then click OK.

    STEP 5


    "Drag" your new blurred image backwards a little, so the front of the original object can be seen.

    Next, decrease the opacity of the object. You can do this by clicking a box that says "Opacity" at the top-right of your tools palette:


    STEP 6

    In this example, the bison is attacking Brawl. I did not add an impact effect, so the collision isn't very clear. Anyways, according to Newton's third law, a force applied to a body has an equal and opposite reaction. So, that means Brawl would "vibrate" or "react" to the collision.

    Thus, go back to Quick Mask Mode, "color" Brawl (or could be someone else in your comic) and cut him out, the same way like earlier.


    STEP 7

    Okay, so Brawl is reacting to the collision. Add the motion blur, but now decrease the distance. If you use the "same distance" as the previous motion blur, your picture might show Brawl and the bison charging at each other instead.


    STEP 8

    Decrease the opacity and there you have it! Simple procedures to making motion blurs!


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