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  1. Wollstone

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    Jul 26, 2010
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    What's your most sought after figure from all of the lines you collect? Why?

    G1: Fangry, he was my first Transformer. I think he got lost in a box of hand-me-downs passed on to my little cousins over the years. I doubt they still have any of those toys, so I'm seeking a replacement.

    BW: Basic class Rattrap. My little brother lost him years-ago. I really want to replace that little guy.... Rattrap, not my brother.

    BM: Mega class Rattrap. The Rodent is one of those characters I want every version of.

    RID: Super class Optimus Prime. He looks so freakin' epic.

    Classics/Universe/Henkei: Deluxe class Astrotrain. I love the original triple changers.

    Masterpiece: Grimlock. He's Grimlock, duh.

    Movie: Voyager class premium Blackout. Because he's freakin' Blackout.

    Animated: Voyager class Wreck-Gar. He's Wreck-Gar.

    ROTF: Deluxe class Thrust. Ooo... Ahh... Uhh... Thruuuussst.

    Generations: Deluxe class Straxusssssssss. Because he's Straxusssssssssss.

    2010: Scout class Breacher. That little guy looks awesome.

    PCC: Icepick with Chainclaw. He looks AMAZING.
  2. Shockscream

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    Mar 9, 2009
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    G1: Scorponok. Because I had a complete one as a kid and I'm buggered if I can find him now.

    G2: Megatron (the big one). Because I like it; he's cool.

    Classics/Universe/Henkei: Aveo Swerve. Because I love that little figure.

    Masterpiece: Ghost Starscream. Because Ghost Starscream's are wicked.

    Animated: Rodimus. Because he has no nose and looks pissed off because of that fact.

    Generations: It's a tie between Thunderwing and Scourge. Becaus both are cool Decepticon jet-things.

    2010: Again, a tie between Tomahawk and Terradive. Tomahawk looks wicked and Terradive has a trident.
  3. chrisr291

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    Jun 3, 2009
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    Hmm.... my list will be very short

    G1- Fortress Maximus. Seriously, of those that don't own him, who doesn't want this toy? Its amazing, huge and actually makes a decent City.

    Victory- Dinoking. He is the last of the Major Characters i want since I'm not a fan of Landcross and Road Ceasar

    thats about it, everything else hasn't been released yet.
  4. Haloid1177

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    Jun 5, 2009
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    Salt Mounds
    My list consists of only two right now: MP-04 and Classics Rodimus.
  5. Autobot Burnout

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    Sep 18, 2008
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    Oh, boy...

    G1- E-hobby Sunstorm. If we're talking parts, then it's a pair of Sixshot guns.

    RID - Any combiner other than Ruination, preferably Rail Racer

    Armada - Sideways

    Energon - Galvatron

    Cybertron - Primus

    Classics 1.0 - Optimus Prime

    Movie 2007 - Old Camaro Bee

    Animated - Shockwave

    ROTF - Legends Devestator

    Universe 2.0 - Hound w/ Ravage or the Powerglide repaint

    Generations - WfC Soundwave or Jazz

    HftD - Seaspray

    PCC - Huffer (haven't gotten around to getting him yet, he's pretty common around here, it's just justifying buying a scout w/ mini-con over a deluxe)
  6. Howling

    Howling I'M NOT A GUY!!!

    Dec 21, 2008
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    G1: Not really a figure, But Astrotrain's gun. Lost it a when I was little.

    BW: Soundwave, Because I love me some Soundwave

    BM: Battle Unicorn. The only unicorn transformer.

    RID: The Lambo twins. I love Lamborghini's

    Classics/Universe/Henkei: Again, the Lambo twins. same reason.

    Masterpiece: Grimlock. Like you said. He's grimlock

    The 3 Movie lines: The Upcoming figure of the Ferrari 458 Italia. I love that car.

    Animated: Blackout. He's Blackout. And animated

    Generations: WFC Megatron. Optimus needs an opponent.

    PCC: Leadfoot w/Pinpoint. I don't really know why.
  7. Transquito

    Transquito Reach For The Light

    Dec 23, 2007
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    Generation 1: Fortress Maximus
    Choujin Masterforce: Grand Maximus (Holy grail number 1)
    Victory: Liokaiser
    Generation 2: Megatron
    Beast Wars: Transmetals Optimus Primal
    Beast Wars II: Lio Convoy
    Beast Wars Neo: Big Convoy
    Beast Machines: Blast Punch Optimus Primal
    Car Robots: Fire Convoy
    Armada: Super Base Optimus Prime
    Energon: Hot Shot (I know.. I know..)
    Cybertron: Galvatron
    Classics: Skywarp
    Movie 2007: Premium Megatron
    Animated: Rodimus Minor
    Uni 2.0: Sideswipe
    RoTF: Buster Optimus Prime
    Generations: Soundwave (Soon..)
  8. Dachande

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    Sep 17, 2008
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    South Central PA
    G1- Predacon Rampage, because it's the last figure I need to complete my original Predaking from childhood. I know he isn't the priciest figure out there, but still high on my list.
    G2- I like Cyberjets (have 20), but otherwise, nothing.
    Robot Masters - Lio Convoy. I need three more figures to complete my RM set, and he's the biggest.
    BW- Scorpinok. Had it ages ago, lost interest and sold it. It's the only main cast figure I need now.
    BW2- Gigastorm
    BWN- Break, mainly for my daughter. She loves penguins.
    BM- Noble/Savage. Had it, lost it in a move, really want it back.
    Micron Legends- Shockwave (Tidal Wave), for the Shockwave shrine.
    Cybertron- Primus, but with all the ones being sacrificed to Devastator customs, I don't think that'll happen for a reasonable price.
    TF:A- Takara Shockwave, for the Shockwave shrine.
    Generations- the new G1 Legends- bought on sight.
  9. Megatronwp38

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    Jan 25, 2006
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    Eastern Shore of VA
    Hmm, I bascially already have everything I want from past lines. I am just looking forward to new stuff at this point! If anything I am still wanting a Car Robots JRX gift set eventhough I have two sets of the domestic release. I just like those clear windows and no giant autobot symbols better.

    Also Leader Galvatron from the Cybertron line. I wish I wasn't broke when he came out!
  10. Abrogate

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    Apr 19, 2004
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    G1 - Shockwave. My favorite character, but the only version I own is a KO (a good quality, possibly vintage KO, but still a KO in non-G1 colors). I'd like to own 2, one MIB and one for display
    G2 - Hooligan, I guess. I have redecoed versions of most of the best G2 molds, but he's a fun character that I don't specifically have. Or maybe Sizzle and Jolt...

    BW - Well, there isn't a specific figure from American BW I want, but from the Beast Era as a whole, I'm kinda interested in Magmatron
    BM - Thrust. I like the Vehicons, and I have most of them in redecoed Universe forms, but he never got a redeco
    Universe 1 - The Overbite/Repugnus pack. Although, while I didn't want Nemesis Prime when he was on the shelves (already had Big Convoy), part of me wants him after reading the Club Comics

    RiD - I'm not really looking for any RiD figures, but maybe one day I'll change my mind and look for Ultra Magnus

    Armada - none. Have too much of the line as is.
    Energon - I was close to saying none, but then I remembered I don't have Omega Supreme
    Cybertron - there's actually quite a few I don't have from this line that I'm still interested in. Maybe Galvatron would be the top choice

    Alternators - there's only 3 American releases I'm missing (Rodimus, Ravage, and Rumble), I want them pretty much equally

    Classics - Gentei Wildrider... fat chance :[
    Universe 2 - I think I have all the American figures I want. Though Smokescreen and (G) Red Alert don't look as good as their Henkei counterparts, so maybe I'll add the Henkeis to my future wish list
    Generations - Darkmount, but I already have him on pre-order... so, probably Jazz next

    Movie 1 - Arcee
    ROTF - Tuner Mudflap! Er, wait. Sort of a tie between Leader Prime, Brawn, and HA Bumblebee. But Brawn is probably the one I'm most likely to actually make an effort to get
    HFTD - very excited for Terradive!

    Animated - I skipped most of the line, so if I ever decide to go play catch up, I have pretty much all of it in the want list. But Wreck-Gar is probably the one I'm most interested in (and part of me wants to see if Blurr is better than his Generations self)

    PCCs - Grimstone

    Masterpiece - Grimlock
  11. Tigertrack

    Tigertrack Back In The Game!

    Feb 8, 2010
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    Too many to list.
    G1: Starscreams Ghost followed by Fortress Maximus
    Alternators: White Jazz and Prowl
    CHUGS: All seekers
    WST: Soundwave, Megatron

    Other series I could care less about
  12. Sy-Rein

    Sy-Rein Rogue Stunticon

    Nov 26, 2003
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    Abbotsford, BC
    MP: Rodimus (of course :)  )
    Animated: Hard to say which is more wanted: Rodimus or Ironhide
    HFTD: Highbrow
    Generations: Tie between Jazz and Scourge
    G1: Fort Max (Since I just got the Seacons from BBTS)
  13. Lazerwave

    Lazerwave My Most Prized Treasure

    May 29, 2007
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    Animted Blackout: making my own Team Chaar

    Beast Wars Spittor: " " "

    Scout Insecticon: Going to pretend its Movie Waspinator

    Beast Machines large Jetstorm: Going to pretend its Movie Cyclonus

    Also there are transforming Dinosaurs that are not Transformers that I'm going to prtend its the movie Dinobots. But, I'm not going to mention what they are because someone else will try to get them before I do. Thier Mine! Mine Mine Mine!!!!
  14. Lock Cade

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    Nov 16, 2006
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    Hmm, I'm only going to list the lines that I do/want to collect from.

    G1: Got a handful of G1 wants, but the most wanted would have to be Trypticon. Why? Because I remember my brother having him, always thought he looked cool, and would very much want one of my own.

    RID: Tie between Scourge and Megabolt. Why? For Scourge, I find his alt-mode very awesome. For Megabolt... all you have to do is read the Funnies to figure out why.

    Alternators: Ravage, the Jaguar version. Why? Read the Funnies, notably Coolhand's "Out of the Dead Land," and that's why I want him.

    07 Movie: The Wonder-Fest G1 repaint of Arcee. Why? I really like those colors, and 07 Movie Arcee is my favorite.

    ROTF: The black repaint of ROTF Leader Optimus Prime that was an exclusive in Japan. Why? He's one bad-ass repaint!

    Animated: Blackout. Why? He looks awesome.
  15. Dran0n

    Dran0n miss me w/ that

    Dec 13, 2007
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    Armada: Just a Leader Prime grill, then I'm cool.

    TFM: Leader Brawl, of the Deep Desert Variety

    ROTF: Leader Jetfire

    Generations: Dirge

    Universe: Stormcloud and Droaphot (thanks to Mr. Thew), Acidstorm

    Masterpiece: U.S. Hasblo Screamer

    Animated: Blackout or Blitzving

    HTFD: (Not collecting currently, but will) LEEDAR STARSKREEM!
  16. withprecision

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    Aug 12, 2010
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    ANIMATED blitzwing, swoop, snarl and blurr
    HENKEI starscream, skywarp, thundercracker and ramjet
    GENERATIONS thrust, dirge, drift, blurr, straxus
    G1 soundwave, grimlock and shockwave
    CLASSICS grimlock and shattered glass grimlock
    MASTERPIECE grimlock
    just off the top of my head =D
  17. Grimlock_13

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    Dec 7, 2002
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    Boise, ID
    G1: The Japanese Dinocassettes. Because they're rare and "He Tell Me" they're awesome because of that.

    BW: I caught up on my BW list earlier this year. Though I still want to get the original Tigerhawk, Silverbolt and Depth Charge. The Universe 1.0 releases of the molds are starting to lose their placeholder status for me. Edit: Forgot aout X-9 Ravage. DO WANT.

    BM: The Aerial Jet Drone, mainly because I love the mold and it's the only version of it I'm missing.

    RID: I have everything I want from RiD

    Armada: Have everything I wanted to get

    Energon: Have everything I wanted to get

    Cybertron: I got everything. Literally, everything. First line I went completist on.

    Alternators: I want to replace my Hot Rod that had a factory defect. Though if I can figure out a way to fix it I'll just do that.

    Classics/Universe/Henkei: I'm still on the fence about getting Henkei Astrotrain but I loathe the random chrome on the Henkeis. I'm sure I'll cave sooner than later. I have everything else I want from it...used to have doubles of everything too but I sold most of them off.

    Masterpiece: I have all of them I want thus far. Didn't want Ultra Magnus or Greenscream. Looking forward to Rodimus Prime.

    Movie: Have everything I wanted to get.

    Animated: None.

    ROTF: Have everything I wanted to get.

    Generations: All.

    2010: I'm eagerly awaiting Hailstorm, Breacher, Terradive and Tomahawk.

    PCC: I'll pick up the 2-packs. But I haven't been too impressed with what I've got so far, the 5-packs aren't that good at all.
  18. brr-icy

    brr-icy MP Collector

    Feb 7, 2008
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    dinocassettes, mp grimlock and tc, all of generations, that is all
  19. QmTablit

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    Nov 7, 2008
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    I only really collect one full line, being Henkei, aside from whatever Optimus/Convoy or Starscream figures and merchandise suit my fancy. And Mighty Muggs too, I guess, though I think I have all of them.

    Henkei: Can't name one specifically, just the figures I plan on getting, but haven't just yet: Sunstreaker, Prowl, Smokescreen, Streak, Skyfire, and Elector Disruptor Rijie. I guess there's Wildrider too, but that's one I don't imagine ever getting.

    Of my Optimus/Convoy collection: THS-02 is the one off the top of my head that I want, as well as an actual Encore Convoy to replace my Hasbro 25th Optimus Prime, and then MP-01 to replace my Hasbro release DVD Prime. HoC/SCF as well.

    For my Starscream collection: WST is the one sticking out to me of something I don't have that I want, other than maybe a SCF to go along with the HoC I already have.
  20. Stune

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    Feb 28, 2009
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    G1- Abominus - I love the G1 Combiners, lots of character and honestly still some of the best combiners this side of RiD.
    G2- Dreadwing/Smokescreen- I love the colors on the mold, but I've wanted it since I saw it in RiD packaging.
    Beast Wars- Megatron- I tore this thing apart when I had a fascination with screwdrivers when I was a kid =P.
    Transmetal- Waspinator- He looks really cool =D
    Transmetal 2- Dinobot. He lived a warrior, died a hero.
    BWII-Galvatron- In the words of my favorite youtube reviewer, it's "The phallus of the devil!"
    BW Neo- All of It. Literally. Cheating I know but if I did have to pick just one of these batshit G2 evoking molds, it'd be of course the famous Unicron prototype =D
    RiD- Optimus Prime- Oh man, this hole in my collection is killing me.
    Armada- Tidal Wave- He's huge!
    Energon- Scorponok- Beastie, lots of relevance to the g1 Character, one of the wackier molds in Energon.
    Cybertron- Metroplex- He's massive!
    Universe- Micromaster Rail Racer- Consider it a Trainbot fascination, I think he looks cool, and shares a name with one of my favorite transformers, and he's really, really obscure.
    Classics- Jetfire
    Universe 2.0- I would say Cyclonus, but I'll be getting him pretty soon, so All of the Legends and Minicon figures.
    Alternators/BT- Shockblast- Ummm, Shockwave as a car!? Come on.
    Henkei- Crystal Convoy. I don't own this mold. So why not have a Crystal version of it?
    Movie 1- Incinerator. The only Movie 1 mold that didn't get repainted into something I'd want.
    ROTF- Human Alliance Barricade-
    HFTD- Human Alliance Jazz/Lugnut (Depending on the line)- I love BB, and these two seem to be the only ones that reflect not only his size, but wealth of features, transformation, paint and character.
    Generations- Lugnut (Depending on the line)/Perceptor- Animated Movie always has my vote, and Perceptor is personal fav of mine.
    Powercore Combiners- Dinobawts. He looks AWESOME
    Masterpiece- Rodimus Prime. If the rumors are true, we have a true successor to Animated Shockwave for Robot to Robot transformations.
    Label- Blaster/Tigatron Der
    WST- Shockwave. For my RiD Ruination to be able to have a Shockwave =D.
    Animated- Wingblade Prime Armor. I have the voyager mold, and he needs a new weapon so I can display my Deluxe earth mode prime alone =D. I also want Blackout, and Hydrodive. Unique mold completion ftw!
    Third Party- Of stuff that's been released, Defender, I'm a wreckers fan. Between the rest, if Protector turns out to be cool he'll probably be my first Third Party Purchase, however if I ever get a windfall of cash, this new Devastator will be the first representation of the character in my collection.