More Than Meets The Eye RPG Recruitment #2

Discussion in 'Transformers Fan Fiction' started by Galvanitro, Aug 28, 2010.

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  1. Galvanitro

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    May 17, 2010
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    Well, everyone, the players of Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye (Season 1), are close to finishing Episode 3, and are looking for new players! We'd love to have you!

    These are the current players:
    Galvanitro (Plays Megatron, Ratchet, General Marcus Wheeler, Sara Garner, Laura Walker, Captain Matt Walker and any NPC characters necessary to the story)
    Trans+Crazy (Plays Barricade)
    UnicronFTW (Plays Devastator, it's seperate parts, Lockdown, Aaron Flynn, and The Chad)
    Tf_rocks (Plays Jetfire, Air Raid, and Tai Ishiyano)
    Im_No_Hero (Plays Punch/Counterpunch, Shockwave, and Carter Maile Kodvilo)
    Titanic_X (Plays Captain Terra White, and Corporal Jenna Wilson)
    Challenger (Plays Starscream and Bumblebee)
    Tampalicious (Plays Emvy, Hot Rod, Sideburn, and Tracks)

    These Characters Are Taken and cannot be picked:

    Punch/Counter-Punch, Jetfire, Air Raid, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Megatron, Shockwave, Barricade, Lockdown, Devastator, Starscream

    These Characters were NPC'd and have some backround in the story that you'll have to check if you decide to play as one of them, but they are available:

    Optimus Prime (Classics + G3 Trailer), Springer (G1), Cliffjumper (Red/Silver Version of ROTF Bumblebee), Soundwave (G1), Ravage (G1), Laserbeak (G1), Skywarp (G1), Bludgeon (ROTF, No Research needed. All he did was hunt and kill Drift, that's it.)

    This character is dead, and cannot be picked at this time:

    Drift (Generations)

    If you want to join just reply and say what characters you want to be. While it is advised that you read all that has happened, those who don't will be provided with a summary. Joining and character selection is on a first come, first serve basis. You are allowed up to three Transformers, and four human characters (A combiner counts as two Transformers).

    If you want to have a human, please us this template for them:

    Ideas For Getting This Character Involved With The Story:

    That's everything. We will be accepting up to 6 new players. Hope to see you in the RPG!
  2. The_Ovlar

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    Nov 7, 2008
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    Hello all, I've been following along with the rpg for a few days now and you all are doing a great job and I would like to be part of it. :) 

    I would like to play Skywarp, Thundercracker and Soundwave please. Galv, I've already spoken to you behind the scenes about playing these characters so you know everything already, more or less.

    I look forwards to joining in!

    Here is some character bios for my guys. I'm changing them a bit for their normal G1 selves so I though you guys should know this.

    Function: Tactical intelligence
    Thundercracker is a member of the highly famed seekers, Starscreams band of Air Warriors. His role in the group is to plan battle strategies and tactics, trying to combine all 3 seeker's strengths and weaknesses into a capable fighting unit. However the other 2 members rarely take his council into consideration, with Starscream making his own plans up on the fly, and Skywarp just being too stupid and hot headed to follow orders, any carefully laid plan of his usually falls apart before it even begins.
    Thundercracker takes a mathematical precision to war, he would make a excellent general given the chance, though starscream would rather go offline then give up command of the seekers. He loves to pull off complicated plans that work on spilt second timing, using the precise amount of force to get the job done. He doesn’t likes to get his hands dirty, preferring to watch a battle unfold from high above, through when pressed to fight he goes about it with a cool head and knows when to attack and when to retreat.
    He has a lighter build then his two fellow seekers but he makes up for it in fire power. He can fire massive incendiary shells that have a horrific affect on any form of armour, melting right through into his enemies circuitry. He also can fire drone controlled guided missile that rarely miss their mark. In jet mode he can break the sound barrier, some flaw in his design causes a larger sonic boom then what would be expected. Instead of correcting it, Thundercraker has made it his moniker, knowing that fear can play just as big a part in battles as weapons.

    Strength_____ 3
    Speed_______ 8
    Firepower____ 8

    Function: Frontline combat.
    Teleportation can be a dangerous weapon in the right hands, even more so in Skywarp’s hands! Skywarp use his unique ability to teleport right into enemy ranks and reek as much havoc as possible before teleporting once more to do it all again. He is a brutal fighter up close and loves to watch the light fade from a dieing autobots optics. As good a fighter he is he gets little respect from the other 2 seekers, who tend to use him as an expendable distraction. Skywarp doesn’t mind though, he prefers to be the first into battle anyhow.
    While Starscream is an ego maniac, and thunder cracker is a humorless drool, Skywarp likes to take joys in the little things. From playing tricks on his fellow deceptions or squishing tiny humans, all of Skywarps “joys” tend to involve hurting things. His favorite targets are those he clearly has the advantage over, its even more fun when they are helpless. To this end he will go out of his way to attack humans and destroy as many of them as he can.
    Skywarp is a heavy set brute armed with two maces his stores on his back. His favorite tactic is crippling his prey with weapons fire and then go in for the kill with his maces. Instead of null rays like his commander, he has rapid firing pulse lasers mounted on his arms. While not being very effective against heavily armoured targets, they absolutely destroy slower enemies that cant get out of the field of fire. In jet mode he is as fast a starscream, and can fire missiles that lock onto an enemies heat signature.

    Strength_____ 8
    Speed_______ 9
    Firepower____ 7

    Function: Communications Officer
    (Soundwave will be nearly identical to his G1 self, so I wont bother copying something from tfWiki)

    Strength_____ 7
    Speed_______ 3
    Firepower____ 6
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  3. Galvanitro

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    May 17, 2010
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    In the year 2009, a large starship called the Nemesis crash landed on Mars. It contained several evil robots, the Decepticons. They had meant to land on Earth but their engines failed. They created a space bridge and traveled to Earth, attacking power plants, and stole energy. Only a day later, a small shuttle carrying a small squad of Autobots landed and they fought back the Decepticons for now, though who knows how long they'll stay away.

    The Autobots are consdiered heroes, and a combined human and Autobot taskforce called N.E.S.T. has been set up. The Autobots have also made friends with the town in which they saved and are currently located in. It is now 2010, and the Decepticons are gearing up for war, a war that Earth is not prepared for.

    Episode 1 Summary (Posts #2 through #159):
    The Decepticons performed a scouting mission, but the Autobots found out and chased them out of the town, capturing Drift in the process. Drift was able to escape from the Decepticons, along with doing some damage to Barricade and Megatron. At the same time, a Transformer named Lockdown appeared and was chased by the police until he was cornered by three police cars. The police attempted to arrest him when they realised that he was Transformer, and not a friendly one as he destroyed one of the police cars, and badly injured one of the higher ups, an attractive 27 year-old named Laura Walker, the older sister of Matt Walker, one of the soldiers who worked with the NEST Alliance. Lockdown then proceeded to be chased by an Autobot named Jetfire, and through the course of their fight, and bomb was dropped, blowing up a large part of the city.

    Lockdown has dissappeared however, and now the Autobots have been blamed for the attacks. The United States army came to arrest the Autobots, but with help from their new teenage allies, Sara, Chad, Paul, and Aaron, along with a distraction by Matt, the Autobots escaped. The Autobots base camp is now in a clearing in the middle of a large forest near the city. Matt Walker has been taken into custody by the army, and freeing him is near the top of the Autobot priority list as is finding Lockdown. The Decepticons on the other hand are nearing the time to begin a series of global strikes, beginning with attack San Deigo just in time for the SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con), when the city is at it's peak population level.

    Episode 2 Summary (Posts #171 through #307):
    An autobot shuttle crash landed, and was investigated by the U.S. Navy and members of the Autobot Car Team. Combined efforts of the Car Team and the shuttle team fought back an attack by the Decepticons on San Diego. The Decepticons repeatedly blew up parts of the city, and the Autobots were barely able to keep them back. And that was when the U.S. Army came. They had jets, tanks, helicoptors, hummers, humvees, jeeps, guns, soldiers, everything. They attacked both the Autobots and the Decepticons, blowing them up good. The Autobots and Decepticons began to retreat, but not before Optimus and Megatron both got captured by the Army.

    The Autobots regrouped, and after repairing themselves, are preparing to seperate into four groups to try and clear their names, and save the world, Optimus and Matt. The Decepticons on the other hand have reactivated 20 soldiers. That could hurt a bit!

    Welcome aboard, Ov, you'll be able to join in talking and playing when Episode 3 finishes. :) 
  4. Deceptikitty

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    Nov 5, 2007
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    Function: Martial Arts Warrior/Scrap Dealer
    Banzaitron is a high-ranking officer in the Decepticon Secret Service, possibly the director of the entire organization. He seems to possess a good deal of autonomy from Megatron in carrying out his actions. Banzaitron acts as the handler for Dealer, an unscrupulous Autobot who turned mercenary, selling secrets and services to the Decepticons for profit. (Credit to TFWiki)

    Strength: 8
    Intelligence: 7
    Speed: 8
    Endurance: 8
    Rank: 8
    Courage: 9
    Fireblast: 7
    Skill: 10


    Name: Ami Kagai
    Age: 17
    Occupation: Ex-Student/Banzaitron's Guide
    Getting Character Involved: Ami has grown up in the criminal underground. Her father was a high-ranking member of the Yakuza who has been recently assassinated. Ami quits her old life and finds Banzaitron, her view on her own kind fascinating him. She assists him in gathering parts to sell and has been trained to wield the katana and use small firearms by her father. She travels with Banzaitron where ever he goes and serves as a liaison on his behalf for business.
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    If you want to have a thread dedicated to only authorized people, then you are posting on the wrong forums. TFW staff are not babysitters for people's personal threads. And continually reporting people posting in these threads is akin to abuse of the report-a-post feature. Therefore, threads of this nature are no longer welcome.

    We have social group abilities for TFW Supporters. If you want a personal, invite or authorized members only RPG, then I suggest creating a group. This RPG is being closed down as we do not allow members to dictate who can and cannot post in threads.

    Do not start it up again in the public forums, use the social groups.
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