Minor/Repaint: More Siege Seeker Customs

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    You've got the Welcoming Committee. You've got the Rainmakers. You've got the Coneheads. And now, I've OC'ed another Seeker team: the WarMongers. FYI there's a lot to digest here.

    I got inspired from an earlier post of mine, and the ensuing discussion, to take the OC Seeker I presented and make him part of a team (not sure how to post a link appropriately).

    The WarMongers are a Seeker Special Ops team. Think along the lines of the Bad Batch from the most recent Clone Wars season. The WarMongers consist of:

    WarDemon--Heavy Gunner/Team Lead
    WarHawk--Long-range Heavy Assault/Sniper
    WarBlade--Recon and Infiltration/Close Quarters Combat Specialist
    WarScream--Electronics Warfare/Special Tech

    First is WarDemon. You would have seen him on my previous post, but I made a couple minor mods to him since. He's still one-eyed, and still has the heavy gatlings from Matrix Workshops Springer kit. I added a pair of anti-personnel guns from (I think it was) Exelby's shop on Shapeways to his calf ports. IMG_4182.jpg IMG_4183.jpg IMG_4184.jpg
    Next is WarHawk, the heavy assault specialist. Bunch of different missile parts and a sniper rifle from Shapeways. The calf pods are from Punchy's Lab, the sniper rifle from Ariel's customs, the rockets from Mechvoid Arsenal, and the large missiles and the black platform from Prize Inside. I gave him some black "eye-makeup", Lobo-style, to try to differentiate his Thundercracker smirk from WarDemon's Thundercracker smirk.
    IMG_4189.jpg IMG_4190.jpg IMG_4192.jpg

    Third is WarBlade. Swords, and knee blades from Ariel's customs, "Wolverine claws" from Prize Inside, and the same turrets on his calves as WarDemon. I also tried to mold a mouthplate to hide that Thundercracker smirk. I used some of that Testor's colorshift spray for his paint job. My thought was that would act as a camouflage effect in the darkness of space, esp. given that a lot of animated depictions of Cybertron in recent years seem to give Cybertron a general purplish-black backdrop.
    IMG_4187.jpg IMG_4186.jpg IMG_4188.jpg

    Last we have WarScream. All his non-standard weapons from Ariel's customs. Swapped heads with Starscream, and I cut up an old unused Gundam kit sticker to make the eye visor (that's glare, not messed-up sticker). As the least interesting of the four parts-wise, I made up for it by giving him a tattoo paint job in a fashion similar to Movie Starscream.
    IMG_4193.jpg IMG_4194.jpg IMG_4195.jpg

    Team pic
    FullSizeR (1).jpg FullSizeR.jpg

    Now, as for altmode, as you know all the ports are clustered in the same area under the wing. You can only really choose to use one set out of the shoulder, forearm, and wing ports, and the calf ones can't be used at all because the corner of the forearm partially obscures it. So I came up with a fanmode (no idea if anyone else ever posted in the fanmodes section, and I wasn't about to search either) that essentially allows for all the ports to be used if desired. You can actually accomplish it with the stock figure, but I made an attempt to make it a little more sturdy. First you have to shave the weapon effect peg off the front of the left shoulder (needed for clearance under the wing in alt mode). Then take the forearms and basically add pegs to them, and then drill holes into the centers of the faux-nacelles in the chest panel (you can see the pegs and holes on all of them above) to accommodate these new pegs. I used some brads I have readily available. Basically on the panel of the forearm that forms the top in bot mode, drill a hole in the center of the molded groove closest to the fist. i then dremeled out the inside of the hole to essentially countersink the brad to make it flush, superglued the brad in, then trimmed the brad down.
    IMG_4159.jpg IMG_4161.jpg IMG_4164.jpg IMG_4166.jpg
    For this alt mode, the forearms are not used at all underneath the wing to lock the body together. Instead, you rotate at the shoulder so the arms are raised, bend out the shoulder blade hinge the same way for real mode, and then sort of half-collapse the forearm portion of the elbow double-joint into the forearm. Angle the forearm the same as the wing, and the peg goes into the hole drilled into the chest nacelle. this basically gives the alt mode the ability to use the calf ports, the wing hardpoint or the shoulder port (both if the weapons are small enough), and the forearm ports.
    IMG_4217.jpg IMG_4218.jpg IMG_4210.jpg IMG_4209.jpg
    I originally was going to make a port on the underside of WarHawk that would be hidden by the chest panel in bot mode, and center-mount the sniper rifle in alt mode, but the rifle was bigger than I expected and couldn't make it all fit.

    IMG_4213.jpg IMG_4214.jpg IMG_4215.jpg IMG_4216.jpg

    Here is WarScream's tattoo job. That's supposed to be some Seeker sigil on his right wing. I forget what the source material was, but it was also on movie Starscream
    IMG_4205.jpg 2a9a7ecaf48cbb4312d85b16358e5cf9.jpg
    WarScream loaded
    IMG_4204.jpg IMG_4208.jpg

    WarMongers in formation

    Hope you dig them as much as I do, and thanks for looking
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    I don't know why, but I really dig Warhawk...
    The others are great as well ;) 
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    Okay this is pretty badass
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