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MODDED PSP fat for sale

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by ZedzDead, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. ZedzDead

    ZedzDead decepticon sabatour

    Mar 25, 2007
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    the PSP was bought by me new from SAM's. my son hardly ever played it so i bought it back from him. i had it for awhile and while it was in my possession i managed to get it modded. this thing is amazing! i was able to play all of my old PS one games (backed up from my personal collection mind you), and some emulators. if you are reading this, and you have an interest, i'm sure i dont need to go into full detail on what the mod does as you probably already know. the reason i am selling my PSP fat is because i bought a PSP 2000 slim.

    i am selling the PSP for 140. it will come w/ the charger cable, a 1 GIG magic gate stick, and i may throw in a game or 2 (street fighter alpha 3 max or tekken dark resurrection) to sweeten the deal. if you pay 145 i will give both games. they come complete w/ box and booklets and disks of course. if you have dealt w/ me in the past, you know how well i take care of my stuff and if you havent, please read my past feedback threads from this site and a few others which i can provide links to upon request. rest assured this is a sweet PSP and a great deal. finding an unmodded PSP on ebay usually runs more than my price tag.

    i will take a trade for only the following....

    1) MP thundercracker and alternity vibrant red prime or,
    2) MP grimlock

    they do not have to be MISB, but they should be on par w/ a new one.

    those are the only 2 trades i will consider for a straight trade. i will make it worth your while w/ some extra content which i will not mention on this board but rather in private email chat. you will just have to contact me for the details. and the extra content is mainly for the trades, not buying it straight up. i hope to sell this soon to some fellow members b4 using other means like ebay. thank you for your time, zedzdead