MMPR Power Morphers for sale

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    Copied and pasted out of my thread at rangerboard, so sorry If it gets weird here and there. I figured I'd post them up here. Currently I have an offer of 170 for the 2 morphers. If anyone's interested shoot me a pm

    TL;DR version 2x Morphers (Gold and Silver), 2x Blade Blasters, 2x set of 5 Power Coins.

    I have 2 power morphers, I'm thinking for putting up for sale. The original paint has been stripped and repainted. 1x Gold 1x Silver. Both with working lights and sounds.

    I can repaint them gold or silver if you wish. Also I can repaint them to a lighter color as seen in the last photo.

    I guess I have a mix and match thing going on with the following.

    I have 2 sets of the original power coins and 2 blade blasters. Both in working condition.

    Looking to sell them more as a set. i.e. Morpher with coins and a blade blaster . I don't mind parting them out however.

    So make some offers. I might end up grabbing some reprolabels and just ebaying them.

    Trades ehh the only thing I might consider would be a one of the newer sculpts of a dragon ranger helmet or one of Buzz's daggers. If you want to throw up a trade offer I'll consider it. Primarily, I'm looking for cash. I'm in the US and I'm looking mostly for a US buyer. I do have 2 sets of the original packaging neither in mint condition. For me to ship with the packaging would take longer because I have to find a box that would fit them. And increase shipping.

    The one with the Tyranno coin has a stripped screw and needs to be soldered for sound. The lights still work. No longer for sale

    I have a set of 6 starlight power coins Dragon + the original 5. No longer for sale

    I ship priority with tracking at least in the US. I'll take Paypal or US postal money order.

    Here's my ebay feedback since I haven't really done much trading on the boards. Drop me a pm or send me a message through ebay if you don't have access to the boards.

    For a sort of color reference those are starlight coins in them.

    I can repaint them with a lighter gold. as in these 2 photos.