MMC convention exclusives checklist and wishlist

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    A little late night brainstorming over in the Carnifex thread (Mastermind Creations Carnifex (Overlord)) made me think it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a thread devoted to MMC con exclusives, both to discuss favorite (or least favorite) past exclusives, as well ideas, suggestions, or a wishlist for future con exclusives. MMC's really taken to using con exclusives to present something special or unique in terms of decoes, so I think the most "realistic" suggestions would be straight-up repaints in either a color scheme that's a personal favorite or that homages a lesser-known character who's unlikely to be popular enough to sustain a regular retail release. So far, the con exclusives have not had a lot in terms of remolding, unless in the case of the Queens or Anubis where they were planned for the mold from the start. But since we're not MMC and don't have budgets to worry about in our fantasy lists, wishing for a few little remolded parts here and there won't hurt a thing. ;) 

    Anyway, for reference, here's a list of exclusives MMC has done to date that I can remember. I'm including Mech Ideas and Ocular Max as well:
    • Super Mario Bluster and Trench
    • Robot Basil Z /Robot Manuel X Geminus & Apex
    • Anubis
    • Azalea Asterisk Mode
    • Azalea Stealth Assassin
    • Cynicus Asterisk Mode
    • Demonicus Prominon
    • Feral Queen & Nero Queen
    • Nero Rex
    • Roadcrane
    • Stealth Sphinx (two versions)

    Ideas for future cons:
    • Black, fire-damaged Carnifex. Even better with remolded parts: skeletal head; chest inserts with battle damage; skeletal, non-transforming leg(s) that swap out with actual leg at the hip attachment point
    • Beast Wars Tigerhawk: take torso of Tigris + legs, tail, and wings of Talon and paint it blue and white. Could use a new robot head and cat helmet.
    • Bulkhead colors for Titanika/Dicamus
    • Pharma colors for Jaegertron
    • Paris-Dakar Terraegis: not so much a new idea as much as I think it'd be great for MMC to actually make this
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