By Generation: Mixmaster's Hand Fix

Discussion in 'Tutorials and How Tos' started by Hotwire, Jul 19, 2009.

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    [We] have seen a few customs of Mixmaster, but [we] haven't seen anyone else who fixed his hands. Well, here's a fix to make his hands more claw like:

    Step 1. Remove the two screws in his forearms.
    Step 2. Pry the arm apart (It will not open all the way)
    Step 3. Slide the finger pieces off of the peg they are on.
    Step 4. Trade the right and left thumb.
    Step 5. Slip them back onto the peg.
    Step 6. Put the screws back.

    Finished results:


    And after...


    (In the original discussion thread, there are some comments that add additional information for this modification; they are included here for additional help. ~Superquad7)

    [It] doesn't [really] effect the transformation since the fingers and thumbs are soft.

    He still transforms into vehicle mode, and he looks a lot better in robot mode.

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