Misc Transformers , Gobots & Marvel Legends for Sale

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    PM if interested, shipping is extra, price in USD

    Fans Toys Spindrift (MP Seaspray) - loose complete $36
    XTB Ollie (MP Wheelie) - opened, complete with box $48
    Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee - opened, complete with box $55
    Unique Toys Ordin ( MP Abominus ) - opened, complete with box $360

    Non-TF Vintage Toy List for Sale:
    Super Gobot Warpath $16
    Super Gobot shuttle Spay-C $10
    Super Gobot Bugbite missing 1 tire, left back red light $6
    Super Gobot grey Porsche Baron von Joy, has gun with broken tips $8
    Gobots Blue Tank, has both guns, but one gun broken tips $5
    Gobots forklift Spoons missing front tires $6
    Gobots Blue Leader One X2 $8 each
    Gobots Rolls Royce Tux $7
    Gobots Defendor , no gun $8
    Gobots Dive Dive dark blue $4
    Gobot Waterwalk white/blue Taiwan version $4
    Moto-bot dyno drive yellow dumptruck $6
    Gobots forklift Spoons $8
    Gobots green Cy-Kill variant complete $40
    Super Gobot Future Car Psycho broken left red fin & 1 finger $2.5
    Super Gobot Porsche 928 S Herr Fiend missing back hood $4
    Gobots Road Ranger missing left arm $1.5
    Gobots grey leader One broken left shoulder $4
    Gobots Dozer no hood $4
    Gobots race car Slicks missing chest $1.5
    Gobots shuttle Spay-C missing front part $1.5
    Gobots Waterwalk white/blue Taiwan version missing tailfin $1.5
    Zybot jet $1
    Gobots Cop-Tur missing arms $1.5
    Gobots Fitor missing arms $1.5
    Gobots Jeeper Creeper broken leg $1.5
    Gobots Fly trap missing truck front $1.5
    Unknown motocycle $1.5
    Zybot black semi truck $4
    Quintel Quartz Robot Watch missing left leg $4
    Mugen Calibur small green jeep with gun, one knob broken on left shoulder $4
    Convertors beetle chest broken, missing horn, missing insect legs, has gun $2.5

    Marvel Legends Figure for Sale list:

    Marvel Legends Figures, no packagings:
    Thor MCU Avengers 1 movie $16
    Thor Odin Allfather wave $20
    Ronan MCU $16
    Nick Fury Giantman wave $19
    Captain Marvel comic version, missing unmasked head $16
    Ironfist white suit $12
    Titanium Man, no accessories $16
    Toybiz Kang $20
    Toybiz Web climbing Spider-Man's wall, missing top decoration RARE $8
    Toybiz Manwolf $8
    Sunfire no accessories $8
    Dazzler missing effect part $8
    Havok $12
    Age of Apocalypse Wolverine $8
    Toybiz X-Men Classics Red Rogue $12
    Toybiz Angel red $14
    Cottonmouth $6
    Batroc $6
    Toybiz Mandarin green suit $14
    Hydra Soldier set of 2, close mouth & open mouth variant $24
    Symbiote Spider-Man King Pin wave $12
    Red Goblin $12
    Venom, Monster Venom wave $16
    Anti-Venom $20
    Scream $14
    Poison $14
    Toybiz Venom with bendable arm base $10
    Toybiz Ultimate Rhino with base $10
    Marvel Legends SEALED in box:
    Iron Fist green suit, Dormammu wave $24
    Symbiote Spider-Man Sandman wave $19
    Silver Sable $22
    Black Cat , King Pin wave $22
    Marvel Now Captain America , Mandroid wave $36
    Scourge Merceneries of Chaos, Onslaught wave $18
    Captain America Winter Soldier Captain America with light blue shield, Mandroid wave $36
    Ronan MCU $23
    King T-chaka $24
    Marvel Legends with box, opened:
    Red Skull , the 1st 10 year $16
    Electro movie version, opened only to remove baf part $10
    Spider UK , opened only to remove baf part $12
    Adam Warlock , no baf part $12
    Malekith , no baf part $7
    Groot Toysrus exclusive, missing the 2 smaller Groots $27
    Magneto , opened only to remove baf part $18
    Gladiator , opened only to remove baf part $18
    BAF Complete Build a Figure:
    Odin Allfather (blue cape & staff & helmet head ver.) $40
    Ultimate Green Goblin $24
    Kree Sentry $36
    Juggernaut $36
    Absorbing Man $40
    Incomplete BAFs lot sets :
    Hobgolin missing small pumpkin bomb $39
    Comic Thanos missing only right leg $16
    Rhino open mouth head, torso, left arm $20
    Ultron missing right arm & right leg $12

    Individual BAF Parts, Price in picture

    01212_lgHoCnXAvLO_600x450.jpg IMG_5304.JPG IMG_5306.JPG IMG_5312.JPG Ordin.JPG
    gobots 3.JPG gobots broken.JPG gobots.JPG IMG_5204 edit.jpg IMG_5318.JPG IMG_5340.JPG IMG_5341.JPG IMG_5343.JPG IMG_5344 edit.jpg IMG_5346 edit.jpg IMG_5347 edit.jpg IMG_5349 edit.jpg non tf.JPG