Misc TFs + random toys for sale & free TF-related junk

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    READ FIRST: I'm based in the UK. £1 GBP is about $1.50 USD, $1.8 CDN or $2 AUD. Prices don't include shipping (charged at cost + small packaging fee). International payments by Paypal only.

    I will consider trades, but I'm not really looking for anything specifically except G1 Pretender parts. Let me know what you've got and I'll think about it.

    For sale:
    Robot Heroes Cheetor/Tankor (x1), Tigatron/Inferno (x1), Perceptor/Bombshell (x2) - £7 a set
    Boss Coffee Megatron MISB - £3
    Boss Coffee Starscream MISB - £3
    Heroes of Cybertron Spark Attack PM Optimus Prime MOSC - £2
    Movie Legends Jazz - £1 (damaged tab on underside, doesn't show in either mode)
    Movie Legends Starscream - £2
    Movie Legends Stealth Starscream - £2
    G1 Micromaster Hot House base w/ tower - £1

    Non TF:
    Robotech/Macross Super Deformed figurines set of 6 - £12 (VF-1S, 1J Hikaru/Max/Miriya, 1D, 1A)
    Superhero Squad Titanium Man & Crimson Dynamo - £1 pair
    Supernaturals Snakebite (complete bar staff) - £1
    TMNT Leonardo, Rocksteady and Sewer Surfer - £1 the lot

    Free junk:
    G1 Bugly box insert
    G1 Finback box insert
    TM Spittor/Claw Jaw packaging/inserts
    TM2 Dinobot card
    BW Airrazor, Silverbolt, TM Tarantulas, TM2 Spittor manuals
    Energon 2005 annual
    Return of Optimus Prime 1&2 VHS (UK PAL)
    Masquerade/Cosmic Rust VHS (UK PAL)