MISB Complete Series DVD Transformers: G1, Voltron, Energon, Armada, Cybertron, Batman, Ranma 1/2

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    Hi Folks,

    I have the following Complete Series DVD sets available along with other viewed misc DVDs. Please email me directly at tecromdesigns@yahoo.com if interested. I'm located in Garden Grove, California for local Pick-up. Ships within Continental US Only Exclude HI & AK

    New/Unopened or Noted

    MISB Transformers Collection: Generation One, Energon, Armada & Cybertron $250 Pick-up OR $275 Shipped
    MISB Voltron Tin Boxsets $120 Pick-up OR $140 Shipped
    MISB & Opened Ranma 1/2 All 7 Seasons & OVA Movies $260 Pick-up OR $290 Shipped
    MISB The Batman Season 1-4 BUT (Batman Vs Dracula Opened) $75 Pick-Up OR $95 Shipped

    Opened M.A.S.K Complete Series with Rare Racing Series Episodes $70 Pick-up Or $90 Shipped
    Opened Robotech Complete Series, Macross II & Macross Plus $120 Pick-Up OR $150 Shipped
    Opened Transformers: The Movie & G.I. Joe the Movie Free w/ MISB TF Sets Above

    Opened Pal Region 2 DVDs
    Battle of the Planets Complete Series $110 Pick-Up OR $130 Shipped
    90's Iron Man & Avengers Complete Series $50 Pick-up OR $65 Shipped

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