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    Like many, I have a goal to collect as many of the different Mini-Cons/Microns as I can. I've divided the list into US and JPN as some should be easier to acquire than others. If need be, I'll buy or trade for the Transformer that the Mini-Con/Micron was partnered with. If you can help me out, please don't hesitate to e-mail or PM me w/ your offers & deals. Thanks!

    Astroscope (Energon Ultra Magnus)
    Blackout (Energon Demolishor, KB version)
    Buzzsaw (Road Wrecker)
    Comettor (Powerlinx Jetfire)
    Corona Sparkplug (Armada Optimus Prime)
    Crosswise (Armada Sideways)
    Dirt Boss (Road Assault)
    Downshift (Road Assault)
    Drill Bit (Road Wrecker)
    Dualor (Road Wrecker)
    Gunbarrel (Universe Ramjet)
    Inferno (Universe Sunstorm)
    Ironhide (Armada Terrorsaur)
    Jetstorm (Air Assault)
    Longarm (Powerlinx Red Alert)
    Longarm (Energon Prowl vs. Starscream, Sam's Club)
    Nightcruz (Energon Rapid Run)
    Nightscream (Energon Rapid Run)
    Payload (Energon Ultra Magnus)
    Ramjet (Energon Tidal Wave)
    Roadhandler (Universe Swerve)
    Rollbar (Energon Treadbolt)
    Rollout (Armada Overload)
    Rollout (Armada Costco Overload)
    Runway (Air Assault)
    Rook (Armada Sideways)
    Safeguard (Cybertron Vector Prime)
    Sky Blast (Energon Ultra Magnus)
    Sonar (Air Assault)
    Swindle (Armada Starscream)
    Terradive (Universe Ramjet)
    Thunderclash (Armada Skywarp)
    Thunderwing (Universe Ramjet)
    Zapmaster (Armada Thundercracker)

    Accel (Superlink)
    Apollo (Kabaya Change)
    Arcee (Kabaya Change)
    Arcee (X-Dimension)
    Atlas (Micron Booster 0)
    Auto (Overdrive edition)
    Bank (Kabaya Change)
    Bank (X-Dimension)
    Beacon (Micron Booster 1)
    Blitz (Micron Booster 2)
    Bomb (Night Attack edition)
    Bomb (Ultimate edition)
    Brake (Micron Booster 2)
    Bug Drone (Micron Booster 3)
    Bug General (Micron Booster 3)
    Bulge (white version, Galaxy Force Hellflame campaign)
    Caliber Mugen (Galaxy Force campaign)
    Chrome (Micron Booster 1)
    Clamp (Micron Booster 3)
    Cluster (Micron Booster 2)
    Combusta (DVD)
    Crack (Night Attack edition)
    Crack (Ultimate edition)
    Crunch (Micron Booster 1)
    Crush (Under Groove edition)
    Crush (Space Galaxy edition)
    Crystal Magnus (Micron Densetsu Magna Convoy)
    Damper (Micron Booster 2)
    Drift (Kabaya Change)
    Drift (Micron Booster 0)
    Drift (X-Dimension)
    Duster (Under Groove edition)
    Duster (Space Galaxy edition)
    Effect (Micron Booster 2)
    Falcia (DVD)
    Filter (Micron Booster 2)
    Flame (X-Dimension)
    Flat-Out (DVD)
    Float (MM-15)
    Freeboot (DVD)
    Glide (X-Dimension)
    Graviton (Galaxy Force Hellflame campaign)
    Graviton (white version)
    Grid (Micron Densetsu Starscream)
    Hover (Micron Booster 1)
    Impulsor (DVD)
    Indy (Kabaya Change)
    Indy (Micron Booster 0)
    Indy (X-Dimension)
    Inferno (Toy's Dream Project red Armada Thrust)
    Jetter (Kabaya Change)
    Jetter (Micron Booster 0)
    Jiku (Overdrive edition)
    Junk (X-Dimension)
    Kingbolt (DVD)
    Knot (MM-15)
    Lens (Micron Booster 1)
    Mach (CD single)
    Mach (Kabaya Change)
    Mach (Micron Booster 0)
    Magnus (Micron Densetsu Ultra Magnus)
    Midship (DVD)
    Megalo Gritbit (Galaxy Force campaign)
    Megalo Zapmap (Galaxy Force campaign)
    Megalo ZigZag (Galaxy Force campaign)
    Mile (Micron Booster 1)
    Mir (Kabaya Change)
    Move (Kabaya Change)
    Nitro (Overdrive edition)
    Processor (Micron Booster 2)
    Quantum (Micron Booster 1)
    Quasar (Galaxy Force Hellflame campaign)
    Quasar (white version)
    Quench (DVD)
    Recon (X-Dimension)
    Redline (DVD)
    Rod (Micron Booster 0)
    Rotor (Micron Booster 2)
    Saber (Micron Booster 2)
    Sail (MM-15)
    Screw (Superlink)
    Seeker (Micron Booster 2)
    Servo (DVD)
    Shuttler (CD single)
    Shot (Ultimate edition)
    Shuttler (Kabaya Change)
    Shuttler (Micron Booster 0)
    Solar (Micron Booster 1)
    Spike (X-Dimension)
    Spin (Kabaya Change)
    Spin (Micron Booster 0)
    Spin (X-Dimension)
    Spoil (Micron Booster 1)
    Sunburn (DVD)
    Synapse (Micron Booster 1)
    Tailslide (DVD)
    Throttle (Superlink)
    Thyristor (Micron Booster 1)
    Top Gear (DVD)
    Torque (Micron Booster 1)
    Triac (Micron Booster 2)
    Trigger (Micron Booster 3)
    Twirl (DVD)
    Wheel (Under Groove edition)
    Wheel (Space Galaxy edition)
    Wheelie (Kabaya Change)
    Wheelie (X-Dimension)
    Winch (X-Dimension)
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    oh boy lol..I would check Ebay under micron for some. A lot of those are bin's. has some dvd minicons. I would check them as well.
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    I never said my quest was going to be an easy (or cheap) one! I saw today that Amenbo still has some of the Micron Legend DVDs...definately looking into purchasing one or two...