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    Million Publishing Runamuck

    So having done Runabout as a Japanese exclusive that sold out so quickly it was untrue, it couldn't get worse for Runamuck's availability ...... could it?

    Yup. He and a repaint of Powerglide as Dogfight were offered as the mail away exclusives for the Japanese Generations 2015 book. There's been a number of these and they are never cheap, generally going for about $90-$100 per offering from BBTS. I've been tempted by several but the only one I have is Shouki who was offered by HLJ sometime after the book's release.

    Fortunately I got lucky in this pair: I paid for them in early June and the cost was significantly cheaper than I'd estimated then I dodged customs on the package containing them and the Titans Return Legends Wave 2.

    Runamuck is Runabout with the black plastic recast in white. The eyes are the only paint ops that stay red with the windows turning black and the other highlights becoming yellow. Decepticon symbols are in exactly the same place and the same size. He comes with an Adventures sticker on his chest/rear window but, like his brother, that didn't stay on long on mine!

    I like him but he's not setting my world on fire. I certainly wouldn't want to leave a toy this white in direct sunlight! Like Adventures Runabout I feel the solid colour could have done with being broken up, like it was for the TFCC version. I don't have a red upper legs, back & spoiler frame for Runabout but the temptation to swap parts with Rodimus is very great with this one.

    Future Repaints

    As I've said above, I would very much like to see both Runamuck and Runabout redone with the upper legs, body and spoiler taking the secondary colours from the original toys, orange and red respectively.

    It feels odd asking for this one but I think this toy would work as a Bumblebee, in a similar way to the Classics/Legends of Cybertron version. We've not had a Bumblebee in Combiner Wars and it would go nicely with Optimus Prime in a similar way to how Minicon Sparkplug (Micron Bumblebee in Japan) does with Armada Optimus Prime.

    It would be nice to see the Legends Triggerbots completed with an Orange & Black repaint of Blackjack as Backstreet.


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    I honestly don't understand why they did that, breaking up a duo like that is just irritating.

    I actually love Runabout, even more then I thought I would before it came out. However, I just repurposed Blackjack as Runamuck (Given that the prototype for Runamuck is grey) and I can live with that.