Might Gaine's Kabaya Landcross KO

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    Well, looks like I got one of his last ones, cause I don't see them in his ebay listing anymore. :( 

    But I had so much fun with this model kit, I had to say something.

    First of all, if you're thinking about picking up a model kit from him, DO IT! I have more to say about that, but that's for his feedback thread, not the toy/kit's.

    First off, the colors on this thing are hideous. Neon orange and green. I have all the sticker sheets, but since some are really rediculous, I haven't put them on yet. I wanted to put the little guys together first, too, but that might offer a little less ugly colors and a little more interesting.

    I've never put one of these things together before... I had absolutely NO trouble assembling each of the 6 little robots: Dash, Mach, Tackle, Taker, Waver and Wing. I borrowed my girlfriend's cuticle clippers to help get the pieces off the sprues, which worked perfectly, I was able to get all sorts of spurs and excess plastic clipped off easily (not that I had to often). No other tools needed, though I'm considering super glue to hold some parts together... but it was super easy.

    The end result is pretty cool. It's not the real thing, the finished individual bots are pretty plain, but they're 1989 toys, they're not super complicated. They're made of two colors of plastic (well, three if you count the black wheels): Neon orange and neon green. Except Mach (space shuttle), who is inexplicably yellow and a green so dark it's almost black. I would have liked at least a uniform color scheme if they were all going to be weird, but oh well. Some parts ARE loose, others feel kinda oily, though the latter isn't a bad thing, they'll hold pretty decently... There is NO paint. It's all flat plastic colors. So their faces are... well, remember the lack of paint on Classic Starscream's face? It looks pretty nice compared to these guys.

    Combined mode is a LOT more interesting. There's a lot more black to break up the orange and green monotony... The weirdness of Mach's different colorscheme becomes apparent here, as each bot fits in one place... you'd think, from the way they can all interchangably combine with each other, that the combined form might be Scramble City combiner-like, but it's not (which actually becomes apparent during the assembly process). The Chest "wing" piece" doesn't fit perfectly, but everything else does. The joints on his hips, while tight enough for the smaller bot modes, either individual or dual-bot, have a hard time supporting the combined mode's weight.

    All in all, though, I got these 6 model kits for a total of $12 shipped with Might Gaine's 50% off sale, and wow, what a great deal. If I had realized how much fun I was going to have putting this (these?) guy(s) together, I'd have been HAPPY to pay full price. I certainly plan to buy more from him at some point.

    Oh yeah. Also, each bot has their own individual gun... which all combine to make Landcross's gun. It's pretty sweet. :)  Buy from Might Gaine! These kits ROCK.
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    I'm glad you liked the kit :)  It's definitely a favorite of mine. There wasn't a lot of demand for it, unfortunately, probably owing to it not being a very popular character.

    (And just so there's no confusion, this isn't the one currently in stock at my Ebay store--the kit reviewed above is a bigger model kit that is basically 1:1 scale with the original toys. Like Renidragon said, I'm sold out of them now.)