Non-TF: Micronauts Time Traveler The Last One

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    Legends say that all Time Travelers know better than to travel to the end of all things, but one daring or foolish member of their race risked to gaze on the end of times. This experience changed him. Now he is known by many names, such as the Last One, the End-of-Timer, the Final Traveler. The few who have met him say he travels on black wings made of pure entropy and wields the mighty Zodiac Scythe, an object with the immense power to age anything to the end of it's existence. No one but the Last One has even used this mighty weapon and lived.

    Order the Zodiac Scythe and Articulated Angel Wings to turn your Time Traveler figure into the Last One.

    Zodiac Scythe: Time Traveler Zodiac Scythe by mathewignash on Shapeways

    Articulated wings: Microman Articulated Angel Flight Pack by mathewignash on Shapeways

    FB_IMG_15811645387681884.jpg 710x528_23040096_12719920_1523498659.png 710x528_22894424_12719920_1551042265.png FB_IMG_15811645636590711.jpg FB_IMG_15811645466534425.jpg
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