Micromasters storage (and other paired teams)

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    Mar 18, 2018
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    So I normally have transformers at my desk at work but I wanted to organize my house and hobbies. I went with pluck foam because I don’t have a place to display besides work. The problem is I have been slowly recreating the original cartoon/toy line so there are waaaay too many to just dump here. Thus foam.


    I was about to cut into the foam for my Micromasters and had to check factions for those without symbols and realized it might be nice to place teams next to one another. But we all know they are far from complete at this time.

    Any thoughts on just putting them in the duos we currently have or holding them back from foam until we get more or an end to the subset?

    And then you run into the obvious issues with Barricade. Do I put him with the little guys? Or leave him separate? By extension, what about other larger characters? How would you break down organization? Gimmick? Subgroup? Largely that’s what I’ve done so far. But so many teams aren’t complete and things like the cassettes are missing members or have odd additions like TR Ramhorn and Siege Slamdance. Still unsure if I want to keep the titan masters for things that have been remade as full figures.

    Yes, I know it’s whatever my preference is but besides that answer, any thoughts?