Micromaster Sale!

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    All micromasters are $2 or less. I also dropped prices on a number of other figures, most figures are $5 or under.

    My wants/haves lists for pictures and descriptions of most items. Items w/out pictures will have them by tomorrow.

    looking to sell or trade

    Mini Seaspray $1
    Countdown Rocket $1 on hold
    Countdown Helipad $1
    Groundshaker Large Cannon $2
    Greasepit Base Missile Turret $2
    Greasepit Base Monster Truck A $2
    Greasepit Base Monster Truck B $2
    Greasepit Base Monster Truck C $2
    Greasepit Base Monster Truck D $2
    Ironworks Base Semi Cab $2
    Airwave Base Jet sold
    Flattop Transport Cannon $2
    Transport Erector Cab A $2
    Transport Erector Cab B $2
    Transport Overload Cab A $2
    Transport Overload Cab B $2
    Transport Flattop Jet A $2
    Transport Flattop Jet B $1
    Air Strike Patrol Stormcloud A $1
    Air Strike Patrol Stormcloud B $1
    Air Strike Patrol Nightflight $1
    Battle Squad Complete $12
    Construction Patrol Takedown $2
    Construction Patrol Neutro $2
    Metro Squad Slide $1
    Metro Squad Strikedown $1
    Metro Squad Roadburner $2
    Astro Squad Moonrock $2
    Constructor Squad Excavator $2
    Off Road Patrol Powertrain $2
    Off Road Patrol Tote $2
    Off Road Patrol Highjump $2
    Race Car Patrol Freewheeler $2
    Race Car Patrol Roadhandler $2
    Race Car Patrol Tailspin $2
    Race Car Patrol Swindler A $2
    Race Car Patrol Swindler B $1
    Rescue Patrol Stakeout $2
    Monster Truck Patrol Hydraulic $2
    KO Micromaster Hot Rod $2
    Dinobot Sludge launcher $3
    Buzzsaw Cassette $2
    Devastator R Fist $2
    Devastator large gun $3
    Predaking Divebomb Gun $6
    Predaking Headstrong Gun $6
    Bruticus Chest Plate $3
    Aerialbot Skydive A $1
    Aerialbot Skydive B $1
    Constructicon Hook Laser Pistol $2
    G2 Hero Prime/Euro Sureshot Rocket $2
    G2 Hero Prime/Euro Sureshot Handgun $2
    G2 Bonecrusher Handgun A $2
    G2 Bonecrusher Handgun B $2
    G2 Jazz handgun $1
    G2 Jazz missile $1
    G2 Optimus Prime Red Missile $1
    G2 Drench Gun $2
    G2 Dreadwind/Smokescreen $5
    G2 Inferno $5
    Turbomaster Rotorstorm $5
    Turbomaster Thunderclash sold
    European Predator Missile x3 sold
    Action Master Axer Red missile $2
    Action Master Jazz Turbo Board $2 on hold
    Action Master Rad Lionizer $3
    Action Master Kickoff Turbo Pack $2
    Rescue Force Drillhorn sold
    Beast Wars B'Boom instruction pack $1
    Beast Machines Buzzsaw instructions $1
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