By Generation: Metroplex's Face Disassembly ("Thilling 30")

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    This is a very simple modification that improves Hasbro's Metroplex.

    Step 1: Remove his black 'helmet' by lifting it forward, then gently unhinge the bottom from the pegs on both sides of his face.

    Step 2: Unscrew the 2 screws at the back of his head and open up the head. The red visor can also be removed.

    Step 3: Remove the face for painting.

    Below photos show the original white face (left) and after painting it silver (right). I just used a silver marker bought at an art shop:


    Wait for the paint to dry, then reverse the steps to fix back the face, head and black 'helmet'.

    Here's how the new silver face looks on him. Much better, yes? I chose not to fix back the red visor so that his eyes are visible even when his antennas are in the up position:


    . . . . with his eyes lighted up:


    I'm sure the silver won't get worn off, since his face is protected by his 'helmet', so [it] won't get touched much, if at all.

    I use a Zig Painty fine tip marker. Here’s a photo:


    Any other silver marker (e.g. Sharpie) should work. Oh, there are some areas on his cheek that my marker is too thick to paint. But after putting on his 'helmet' it is not noticeable.


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