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    First: Holy necro thread! (But in seriousness, the thread exists, so no need to create a new one).

    Does anyone have any experience with Metal Gear model kits? I'm interested in getting the Kotobukiya 1/100 kits for Metal Gear Rex, Ray, and Sahelanthropus.

    I've seen photos of all 3 kits, ranging from minimally painted to extensively painted. What I've not seen, however, are photos of these kits that are not painted.

    The main reason I want to see them completely unpainted is because I want a realistic expectation of how much painting I'd have to do, and how much work I'd need to put in to make it look cool. Unfortunately, I only have middling painting skills. So if the kits need to be extensively painted to look good, then I might need to pass.

    Also, any general feedback? How is the build quality? Can the Sahelanthropus transform without taking it apart and putting it back together?

    Are they snap-together kits with no glue necessary? Such as Gundams?

    Or are they glue-together kits?

    For context on my painting skills: I've built plenty of Master Grade Gundams, which require next to no painting. The extent of my customization is panel lining, and using the occasional splotch of paint to make something look better, such as gunmetal gray paint on some rifles.