Merging continuity aesthetics to get a superior design

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by unicronic, Oct 29, 2012.

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    So one thing I'm interested in is figures or designs that take inspiration from two or more continuities or aesthetics to create a new and sometimes superior take on a character.

    Question is if you were to pick a character in the TF-verse that you like and essentially reformat him what two or more inspirations would you draw from in a new design?

    To give you an example of this convergence, TF Prime has done it well in a few characters:

    TFP Optimus = G1 colors meets Movie design
    TFP Ratchet = G1+Animated
    TFP Ironhide = G1+Movie
    TFP Magnus = G1+Animated+RID
    TFP Megatron = G1+Movie

    And to get the ball rolling, I'd like to see Rodimus reformatted to merge G1, Energon and Animated together. That would see Rodimus use a modernized version of his Energon vehicle mode that would look closer to Optimus' alt mode, but with the distinctive "fins" in robot mode from G1 and his signature weapon from Animated being a double barrel crossbow to give him more visual distinction.