Megatron's Lament

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    This is an old piece of fanfic I wrote back in 2008. I've just stumbled across it again, so I thought I'd share it here for everyone to enjoy since it's only short.

    Megatron’s Lament

    I think about my traitorous Lieutenant. Starscream. He finally got what he wanted all these eons. Taking advantage of my weakened state, I was finally gone. But, I still function. And I will return to extract my revenge. I move my finger, raising my hand up to my shattered face. Through cracked optics, the fractured image fills me with certainty that I am not yet dead. The weightlessness of space makes movement easier than onboard Astrotrain. Out here, I could take him. Out here…

    …Out here I am as good as dead. There are no star systems, no space ports. The only way to survive is on pure luck. I don’t believe in luck. Don’t believe in willing victory. It must be planned, executed perfectly. But low on power, with no propulsion, luck is all I have. I lower my arm, and fire my Fusion Cannon. Too weak to propel me anywhere. Prime made sure this would be the last time we fought. I could see it in his optics. He enjoyed the fight, knowing only he stood between me and conquest of our home planet. He would never admit it, but we are opposite sides of the same being. Both built for war. Prime may have got the final blow, but he suffered the worse damage.

    Something bumps into my back. A black shape floats above me. Skywarp. Throwing me out was not good enough for him, he had to get rid of the injured as well. Such leadership qualities will quickly get him replaced. Shockwave should deal with him once they land back home. Or Soundwave. I am surprised Soundwave made no move to stop Starscream. It seems I gravely misjudged his loyalty. Even the greatest of friends can be ready to stab you in the back when the moment comes.

    I reach out to Skywarp. His power core is already offline. His body is ripped open by blaster fire, but he may contain the one thing that could get me rescued. I check his systems, but his Power Rectifier Chip, his teleportation ability, is too badly damaged to repair. Disgusted, I let his body drift away. Even if the thing did still work, it would take up too much power. But one does not become leader of the Decepticons by giving up. I reach down, tapping my legs. No feeling at all. The thrusters in my feet will not work, but there is a chance I could ignite them, acting as a signal flare. If someone is passing, there is a chance I could be rescued.

    My legs remain motionless, unable to move them as the lower portions of my ankles explode in a blinding light. The glare fades, revealing the all-encompassing blackness. Now, I must wait. To preserve my life functions, I begin shutting down all remaining systems, such as they are. Creating a command pathway to power me back up to full strength once sign of movement is detected, I use the final moments to think about my traitorous Lieutenant. Starscream. I will eventually enter a planetary system; I will eventually get rescued by passing travellers. And then I will return and kill Starscream once and for all. For I, am Megatron.
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    Good stuff that man!