Megatron/Galvatron movie designs ranked worst to best

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    From worst to best:

    Transformium is stupid, and this mode is just too generic and has zero car kibble on him. However if they make a Studio Series figure I still might bite.
    Not that great, but I do kind of like his design. May or may not buy a new SS toy of him, really considering that MPM.
    He's a mean looking sumbitch, love the claw gun. Tank mode is meh, ultimately.
    Love the new sleek styling, the jet mode is pretty swish, too. That axe sword means serious business. Plus, he has an arm cannon!
    Maybe it's just the Mad Max fan in me, but Mackatron just oozes villainy, appearance wise. Shame he was physically the weakest of the bunch since he was so beaten and tired by that point. Definitely want his SS leader class figure.
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    Here's my ranking order of Megatron designs, best to worst

    TLK - I like the styling and the spiky helmet, as well as the axe sword and fusion cannon. One of the few redeeming elements of that movie. One of the few redeeming elements of that film.
    TF1 - I'm in the minority here, but I do sort of like the design; especially on the jet mode, which looks pretty cool. The flail is pretty badass looking, too.
    DOTM - I do like Mackatron, because mostly the poncho and the shotgun; the truck mode is cool also. Looks very Duel.
    ROTF - The claw gun is rad; however, the tank mode looks a bit... dumb.
    AOE - It just looks shite; Transformium is a dumb concept and I didn't like how he molecularly turned into his alt-mode. That was easily the worst concept AOE introduced.
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    1. TLK - Best

    It's probably a coincidence (with the whole knight-theme), but this one ended up fitting Megatron's character the best IMO. Heavily armored, big fusion cannon on the right arm, cool Ganondorf sword, Head shaped like battle helmet, Cybertronian jet that actually looks good. Only downsides are, robot mode gives zero indications of what he turns into, so he kinda just looks like an evil robot knight rather than a Transformer. I think the colors are too dark also, it makes everything blend together. The face reminds me too much of Ivan Ooze.

    2. ROTF

    The movie design that fits Megatron second best. The fragmented armor plates are larger, and designed in a way that suggests muscle groups on a living creature rather than totally random, thin metal shards everywhere. The tank mode is one of the Bayverse's best, very strong and imposing. The cannon arm with the extending blade is pretty cool also. But I'm not a huge fan of the asymmetry, the "big fiddler crab arm and puny arm" thing. I'd prefer if he just had normal arms.


    I used to absolutely hate this design, but it's grown on me over the years. The head is the best aspect, a big improvement over the concept version. Vaguely suggests the G1 shape, but is different while still looking regal and menacing. He has good humanoid proportions and is capable of agile movement, with a nice silhouette. I like how the wings compress into the back to form shoulder blades. The big issue with it is the detail, I think they tried too hard to make it look alien/organic and so he's completely covered with weirdly shaped metal bits that look fragile and lack any kind of visual logic.

    The fiddly spider hands and the "put your arms together" fusion cannon always looked stupid to me, along with the jet mode. The idea of the Cybertronian jet grew on me, but the film design looks like some weird alien squid. I can enjoy 2007 Megs as something zany and unique, but TLK's jet is superior in every way.

    4. DOTM

    DOTM is the point in the films when Megatron went from being an intimidating leader to a goon who was easily beaten and no longer taken seriously as the main adversary, (who only stays around because he's the best selling Decepticon toy) and the design reflects this. He literally looks like he's cobbled together from junkyard parts (the chains and cowl DO NOT help) the shotgun is silly, and he walks around with a giant hole in his head? WHY??

    I don't really dig the Mad Max truck thing either, The grill blades are tacky, it's a shitty disguise, and what possible reason would Megatron have for giving up the ability to fly? I don't loathe it like some designs, but it feels like the "broken down Mad Max" theme was imposed on the character without considering if it actually made sense. I do like the grabber claws on the right arm though.

    5. AOE -Worst

    With Galvatron they gave up any pretense of making a design that looks like it could transform, and the robot suffers heavily for it. He's extremely generic, his head is a massive downgrade, and overall looks unfinished. Nothing about his design says "main villain", the KSI Boss looks more important than he does. When the trailer came out, I thought this was an incomplete drone (other people did too) and it's easy to see why. It's just a heap of randomly curved metal and vulnerable-looking tubes.

    He represents some of the worst aspects of Bayverse design, there's nothing iconic or cool that gives this Galvatron it's own identity - other than the big glowing grinder hole in his chest. I get the feeling this was meant to mock the reactor core of Gypsy Danger - I could be wrong, but if that is the case, it's stupid.

    Only positives I can say, this was the first design that gave him normal human hands (which should have been there to begin with) and the truck mode is pretty slick. But I feel some sort of futuristic/experimental military vehicle fits the character of Galvatron better, and the film's plot would have easily allowed for this.
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    Hmm kinda hard, some of them are really close being good but always missed the mark for me, except for Galvatron, he is straight trash.
    TF1 - I like his silhoutte, but his overall body is a mess. His head is the best part of him, his arms while spindly do look kinda cool. I also like how he formed his fusion cannon.
    ROTF - Decent, digging his tank treads feet. Head looks okay, but prefer the TF1 version. His arms proportion is funny, although I like his lobster arm.
    DOTM - Some days I like his design, some days I don’t. Idk why.
    TLK - He looks good, he looks fresh and strong and definitely gave a more menacing aura, but I just hate the knight/medieval armor looks. Love the arm cannon and his face plate.

    All in all, use TLK body as the basis, give it some alt mode kibbles and give him his crown back, the TF1 headgear and he’ll be the best design, in my eyes at least.
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