Mega SCF Victory Saber, BW Dinobot/Tarantulas giftset, Eva Revoltech for Sale

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by ProfessorSmooth, May 23, 2009.

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    I've got some more stuff to get rid of.

    First off is the Mega SCF Victory Saber (Victory Leo and Star Saber). They're in nice shape and have been combined only once. It was such a pain in the ass that I never uncombined them. All of the original pieces, packaging and paperwork are included. They'll come to you pre-combined, though, for obvious reasons.

    I'm asking $25 plus shipping.

    I've also got a fairly rare Dinobot vs Tarantulas BW giftset. I'll throw in a Takara Beast Wars Silverbolt as well.

    It's hard to price stuff like this, but I'm thinking $85 plus shipping.

    Next is a set of Evangelion Revoltech figures: All are loose and complete except for Unit 01-F, which is still MISB.

    Unit 00 (Rebuild movie version) (scope on spare shoulder mount is broken, but easily repairable)
    Unit 01 (Rebuild movie version)
    Unit 01-F (Heavy armored version)
    Unit 02 (End of Evangelion movie version)
    Ayanami Rei (original version)
    Soryhu Asuka Langley (original version)

    I'm asking $40 for the whole set plus shipping.

    If you're interested in a Beast Wars Silverbolt (Takara version) or a fairly rare Dinobot vs Tarantulas BW giftset, please shoot me an offer or they're going on Ebay.

    If you want anything, either PM me here or shoot me an Email at prof_smooth (at) yahoo (dot) com.