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    Hey Everyone - I'm trying to get these figures off my hands so I can have a little extra pocket change as well as pay for some medical bills.

    I would prefer if people would like to just pick up pieces in bulk but individual works too.

    This is only shipped within the US, Paypal Only.

    Everything is sold AS SHOWN:


    Animated Voyager Optimus Prime With Axe - $20
    Animated Soundwave (Missing Laserbeak) - $5
    Prime RiD Hot Shot - $5
    Prime RiD Kup and Prime Takara Ironhide - $25 (you must buy as a set)
    Scout WFC Cliffjumper - $5
    Scout ROTF Breacher - $7
    Leader ROTF Prime - $40
    Deluxe IDW Generations Megatron - $7
    All other Movie Figures
    (DOTM Shockwave, Megatron, Sentinel Prime, and Ironhide) Bundled for $20

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