Mech fans toys- Sharkticons MF 26

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    Well i just got in the new Mech fans toys Sharkticons MF26. Here's the box art first. 1504980661461170193085.jpg 1504980661461170193085.jpg 1504980752829331698556.jpg Its a three pack. 1504980896407463486966.jpg They are customs gnaws 2 are metallic and one translucent. 1504981122981470633283.jpg They come with antennas and with a nicer blaster. 1504981467384208398501.jpg They have a hand swivel that the Hasbro does not. Colors are way darker and has much more paint aps.The shoulder pins are a bit iffi im going to send these to the guy I get my customs from and have him put in better pins. But what can u do. 15049823353851562785973.jpg Shark mode. They have these super small and super delicate antenas, they come with one extra for each shark. 1504982502454590419974.jpg Yes my hands are super big and the antenna is really small and fragile. But it looks great. 15049827036251628804278.jpg Yup those anttena look nice. Well thes cost 25 bucks , the wait 2 weeks. I think for the price there ok to display if u give these to a kid the antenna and shoulder joints are gona bust. Hope u had fun watching and reading. And mind u this is my first review, hopefully not the last. 15049831457441765139953.jpg For Reding this review we find u guilty, to the pit with u hahahahaha.

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