Mavel Comics Transformers Collection 1 through 80

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    As the title says 1 through 80 but I am missing 1 issue. Can't remember if its 74, 75, 76, or 77. Haven't looked at these things in ages. Just last year to make sure they were ok but before that like 10 yrs. Last year was when I realized I was missing an issue. I started collecting these in grade school stopped reading in the 40's so from there on unread. Only kept buying cause I vollect comics. Issue 1 is rough. So are 5, 10, 18, and a few others and I mean only a few upto maybe 28. The rest are mint some never even read. All bagged with back boards. Its probrably been more then 15 years they've been sitting come to think about it. I'm selling because no interest in this anymore and need the room for other collections. I also have the Headmasters 1 through 4 never read and GIJOE transformers 1 through 4 never read. I'm gonna ask 275 for all of it but will consider ALL REASONABLE offers. Will ship anywhere in North America (Canada/US). I haven't checked shipping costs yet but I just ship a PS3 to US and was 36 bucks so I'm gonna guess canada to US shipping in the 50 dollar range. Any questions better to email me at [email protected] as I don't frequent this site to often. That's not to say I'm not a transformers fan because I am this is a second collection and have many other items but just don't have the time to check the site all that often so please use the email to contact me.

    Oh. I realize being unknown to this site and buying stuff online can make people think twice so just to show I'm honest anyone who's interested may have my cell and I'd be more then happy to phone them from my home number at my expense to answer any questions.