Matching Autobots vs Decepticons rivals in even battles

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    Here's my effort to assign G1 'bots against their 'cons counterpart in battles that should be somewhat matched in strength and theme. The first part is easy since it's pretty clear whose rivals are whose, but later it got a little messy because the 'bots really outnumbered the 'cons, but that's where it gets interesting.

    Please forgive me if some of these don't look right to you. This is based on the official story with a heavily disproportionate emphasis on my own headcanon where some Decepticons are practically monsters with overwhelming intelligence, resources, strength, or firepower; against whom the Autobots would need to assemble a special task force just to have a chance of beating them. Enjoy!

    Leaders 1 on 1

    Optimus Prime vs Megatron

    Rodimus Prime vs Galvatron

    Ultra Magnus vs Cyclonus

    Titans and Combiners

    Fort max vs Scoponok

    Metroplex vs Trypticon

    Omega Supreme vs Devastator

    Sky Lynx vs Predaking

    Superion vs Menasor

    Defensor vs Bruticus

    Computron vs Abominus

    Specialist teams

    /Blaster and friends + Perceptor/ vs /Soundwave and friends/ (Highly technical spec ops)

    /Mirage, Bumblebee, Punch/ vs /Insecticons/ (Infiltrators vs Sabotuers)

    /Blurr, Hound, Wheelie/ vs /Reflector/ (Recons)

    /Sideswipe, Sunstreaker/ vs /Runamuck, Runabouts/ (Road warriors)

    /Cloudraker, Fastlane/ vs /Pounce, Wingspan/ (Clones)

    Triple Changers

    Springer vs Blitzwing (Elite Commandos)

    Sandstorm vs Octane :'(

    Broadside vs Astrotrain (Big bois)

    Autobots Task forces against mean 'cons

    -/Jetfire, Prowl, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, Beachcomber, Swerve/ vs /Shockwave/
    (It would be tragically wasteful to throw an army of 'bot grunts against Shockwave's tech and machination. The Autobots would instead need the brightest minds in science and tactics (and a Cliffjumper just to upset Shockwave's calculation) to work together to even have a chance.)

    -/Jazz, Iron hide, Inferno, Red Alert/ vs /Starscream/
    (Quick and cunning but not overwhelmingly powerful, Starscream should be well-matched by the tactician Jazz leading a few reliable officers.)

    -/Kup, Smokescreen, Trailbreaker, Outback, Brawn, Powerglide, Pipe, Huffer, Grapple, Hauler, Warpath, Tailgate, Seaspray/ vs /Sixshot/
    (As with Shockwave, throwing pure firepower against the one-man army would only be a waste of bot lives. Instead, constant diversionary, hit-and-run tactics, traps, tactical constructions, and extreme teamwork and tactical adaptability would be needed. Kup, with his leadership and ability to think on his feet, would lead a team of skirmishers, mechanics, and builders to battle Sixshot in a prolonged battle of attrition across various battlefields.)

    -/Elita one, Chormia, Firestar, Greenlight, Moonracer, Lancer/ vs /Skywarp, Thundercracker/
    (Special Forces vs Super soldier duo)

    -/Arcee, Bluestreak, Cosmos, Hoist, Track, Gear, Windcharger, Skids/ vs /Coneheads/
    (A squad of experienced and well-armed warriors and support crew is needed to counter the sheer speed and power of the Coneheads.)

    Really mean 'bots vs a whole army

    /Dinobots, Ratchet/ vs /Scourge and the army of Sweeps/
    (A battle of brute force and attrition. Ratchet is there for tactical advice and healing in prolonged battle.)
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    This analysis is great. The Cliffjumper part made me laugh.
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    Bumblebee vs Barricade.
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    I think the OP got the G1 counterparts pretty accurately.

    The only things I would change are:
    - Autobot flyers vs Decepticon flyers. I know in G1 the Autobots were pretty grounded in comparison to the Decepticons' air superiority, but still I think I would have Jetfire and the Aerialbots up against the Seekers.
    - Fembots vs Femcons. Send Arcee against Nightbird!
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    I tend to like the rivalries that are less straightforward and obviously evenly matched like sky lynx vs Predaking. I found it slightly cringeworthy when the Japanese headmasters show pushed hard for the really obvious sound wave vs blaster rivalry.

    Despite Omega supreme being devastators most obvious rival I do like how the dinobots also seem to have a rivalry with the combiner.

    I liked be brutal feud between Galvertron and Ultra Magnus in the old G1 marvel cartoon as it felt like Ultra Magnus was actually compelling and competent for once for continually trying desperately to overcome a nearly impossible to defeat foe on his own.

    Transformers Prime did a bit of this with arcee vs airachnid and bulkhead vs breakdown etc

    I do like petty rivalries from within factions too as the starscream vs Megatron one has often been one of the most entertaining thing in each continuity featuring lots of betrayal and side switching even if it is sometimes only played for light hearted laughs.

    I kind of wish they had done an amusing vanity fuelled zoolander style rivalry between sunstreaker and tracks or if they introduced a vain autobot character in transformers prime for them to have walk-offs or drive-offs with knockout.
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    I like the matchups, but it seems like you’re maybe not giving some of the Autobots enough credit in some instances. 8 Autobot cars against the coneheads feels like overkill, for instance. I know that Ramjet is exceptionally tough, but Thrust is notorious a coward and Dirge infamously dies easily. And Runamuck and Runabout seem like they’d pale in comparison to the Lambo bros. I’m not sure how Runamuck and Runabout are outside of the IDW comics, but they never struck me as being particularly tough whereas Sunstreaker and Sideswipe are supposed to be two of the best fighters out of the Autobot cars.

    Overall I like the list though, and this thread is a fun idea.
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    AOE Drift vs ROTF Bludgeon battle of the samurai's
  8. Mega scream

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    that's just overkill imo since most starscreams are essentially a joke.
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    Here are my thoughts on the rivals for each Commander, their top advisors, and combiner/titan:

    Optimus Prime vs Megatron
    Skyfire vs Starscrream
    Elita One vs Shockwave
    Omega Supreme vs Devastator

    Rodimus Prime vs Galvatron
    Ultra Magnus vs Cyclonus
    Kup vs Scourge
    Sky Lynx vs Predaking

    Fortress Maximus vs Scorponok
    Twincast vs Soundblaster
    Sixshot vs Quickswitch
    Chromedome vs Weirdwolf
    Brainstorm vs Mindwipe
    Hardhead vs Skullcruncher
    Computron vs Abominus

    Dai Atlus vs Overlord
    Ginrai vs Piranacon
    Getaway vs Doubledealer
    Metalhawk vs Bombburst
    Minerva vs Fangry
    Grand Maximus vs Black Zarak

    Star Saber vs Deathsaurus
    Road Caesar vs Liokaiser
    Landcross vs Dino King

    Thunderclash vs Skyquake
    Rotorstorm vs Stalker
    Pyro vs Clench
    Defensor vs Bruticus

    Countdown vs Skystalker
    Skyhammer vs Roadblock

    Emirate Xaaron vs Thunderwing
    Springer vs Bludgeon
    Rad vs Krok
    Raiden vs Monstructor (by default.. and their toys are tiny)

    Lio Prime vs Megastorm
    Slammoth vs Magmatron
    Magnaboss vs Tripredacus
    Volcanicus vs Neptune

    Fire Convoy vs Gigatron
    Magnus vs Darkside (RID Scourge)
    Mach Alert vs Skybite
    Rail Racer vs Ruination

    BM Optimus Primal vs BM (Megabolt) Megatron
    Cheetor vs Obsidian
    Botanica vs Strika