Masterpiece Optimus Prime 20th ann. regular size.

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    Nov 22, 2015
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    Can anyone help me source a place (aliexpress or elsewhere) where I can buy a KO version I'm still looking for one. The 3rd ediion of this KO is sold out. I got a sore on taobao that says has one. But price incl shipping totals to $120. I'm looking for the regular sied version like the Takara/Hasbro.

    Funny story. I bought one and paid for it. But the store sent me a message I never read. 7 months later stil no Opimus Prime. So I contacted them through the Taobao chat-app. And they told me there was no free shipping on it. And the toy was sold out now.. They say they have one now. But ask for another $43 S/H. And Im not sure if it's new or secondhand.