By Generation: Masterpiece Grimlock Leg/Tail Chrome Care

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    This is important info for those that don't want to damage their toy. If you don't [do this], you will scratch the chrome on the tail. [It's an] easy fix - just a tiny piece of scotch tape over a screw.

    For a long term solution, anything soft that covers the screw head would work. Maybe a drop of glue or something to cover the screw's metal [would do the trick].

    robot-japan - MP-08 GRIMLOCK.

    Gold from Robot-Japan posts: "It seems the Grimlock is not without its flaws.

    [The] images [are] from an HK forum. [The] parts of Grimy's tail seem to scratch easily, but thankfully it's easily preventable with application of Magic Tape before you close the parts in:





    Thanks to Gasha over at the PTK forums for the head's up. Also, thanks to the folks over at Toysdaily.


    (Fosterlager and process add to the discussion below. ~Superquad7)

    Fosterlager says: "There's one screw that touches Grim's tail piece in robot mode. Cover it and you're golden.

    Here's a look:"


    process says: "If you want a permanent solution, do this:

    Take out the screws. Use a file, and sand each screw head down, but not so far that you won't be able to screw them back into the legs. Then, once they're screwed back in, paint over them with clear nail polish, or something else that will dry smooth and not be abrasive.

    Whatever you do, you need to remove/cover up the sharp edges and corners on the Phillips head slot."

    (Original source discussion: ~Superquad7)

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