Masterpiece Blowout - Canada

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    May 7, 2013
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    I have a big group of Transformers I would like to sell or trade. Most were only opened to display.

    I have Masterpiece:

    Mp 8 - Grimlock, box is rough, missing bow tie
    Mp 20 - wheeljack, never opened, with coin, amazon exclusive device
    Mp 19 - smokescreen
    Mp 17 - prowl, box insert plastic damaged, with coin
    Mp 18 - streak
    Mp 21 - bumblebee, never opened
    Mp 14 - alert, with coin
    Mp 12 - lambor, with coin
    Mp 25 - tracks, never opened
    Mp 5 - Megatron
    Mp 10 - Optimus, KO

    3rd party

    Fans Toys - Quakewave
    Mastermind KM -05 Screecher
    Artfeather Bumblebee

    Commemorative series Starscream

    Will give great price if someone wants the whole lot. Please make offers. Best offer gets everything. I'm moving and I need to get rid of these pieces. I'm in the Vancouver area if someone wants to meet up.

    I will also accept trades of Masterpiece Shockwave, Hot Toys ANH Han Solo or ROTJ Boba Fett or any of the third party TFC Poseidon figures. Also, looking for Marvel statues. Let me know.